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REAL NEWS Sept 26 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 25, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 26, 2012



Breaking : CorpGov Lied – Chem-Sprayed Civilians in the 1960’s



From Urban Survival

By George Ure – September 25, 2012

Think the chem-trail crowd is wrong? 

New research being unveiled today says that indeed, the Army spray unknowing civilian populations with dangerous chemicals from 1945 to 1970.

The research paper is publicly available here and here’s the summary:


This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition,

and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri, conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953–1954, and 1963–1965.

The military-sponsored studies targeted a segregated, high-density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided.

Examination of the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and the St. Louis aerosol studies, reveal their connections to each other, and to a much larger military project that secretly tested humans,

both alive and deceased, in an effort to understand the effects of weaponized radiation.

Through this case study, the author explores how a large number of participants inside an organization will willingly participate in organizational acts that are harmful to others,

and how large numbers of outsiders, who may or may not be victims of organizational activities, are unable to determine illegal or harmful activity by an organization.

The author explains how ethical and observational lapses are engineered by the organization through several specific mechanisms,

in an effort to disable critical analysis, and prevent both internal and external dissent of harmful organizational actions.

Through studying the process of complex organizational deviance, we can develop public policies that protect the public’s right to know,

and construct checks and methods to minimize the chance of covert projects that are contrary to societal norms.”

 The report says officials looked at multiple cities for testing but “Of those, St. Louis and Minneapolis were selected as they both met the desired summer temperature range”.

So comes now the question when government officials say “Trust us!”  Should we? 

Or is this a pretty conclusive case of “Fool me once, shame on me…”?

Hats off to the I-Team at KSDK TV for being all over this…  Viral time…








Spanish Protests Devolve Into Riots



From International Business Times

BY Eleazar David Meléndez | September 25 2012 4:54 PM

Anti-government protests in Madrid Tuesday devolved into riots, after groups of tactical police charged and beat an agitated crowd.

Spanish media reported dozens of arrests and scores of serious injuries, not a surprising result given the images of bloody confrontation being broadcast out of Madrid.

At around 9 p.m. local time, some 30 minutes before the protest permit demonstrators had been granted to rally in the vicinity of the national Congress was set to expire, violent skirmishes broke out between police and protesters.

Firing rubber bullets into the crowd and charging with tactical batons, the large contingent of 1,300 riot, or antidisturbios officers seemed at times to be as much attempting to push back the rally as to trying to avoid being overwhelmed by the protesters, who numbered in the thousands.

It was a bloody exclamation point on a tense, all-day rally — denominated as the #25S demonstrations to “surround the Congress and rescue democracy” — that saw plenty of arrests earlier in the day.

About an hour after the initial charges, police had cleared out most of the area immediately near the national palace, but were still engaged in shoving matches on the outskirsts of Madrid’s Plaza Neptuno, where most congregated.

Under the watchful eye of the mythical Greek god of the sea and being observed by thousands around the world via live webcast, protesters chanted “The people united, will never be defeated,”

“You call it democracy, but it’s not” and “Being police, I’d be ashamed of that.”

Holding up banners and placards, close to 10 p.m. local time, the protesters began chanting “These are our weapons. These are our weapons.”

(PHOTO: Reuters) Spanish riot police charge at protesters during Tuesday’s anti-government protests in Madrid.








FBI Agents Craft Their Own Terror Plots


{XANIEL’S NOTE :  THE F.B.I., Ladies and Gentlemen, utterly corrupt, brain dead, and useless.

In short, they are GOD’s little joke to the U.S. of A. !!

The only terrorists, (not counting themselves of course),

that they’ve ever found, are the ones they themselves had created, set-up and arrested.

( Sometimes with the help of the C.I.A./Israeli Mossad : [meaning the underwear bomber,

where an agent, (C.I.A.?/Mossad?), got him, (the so-called bomber),  pass security and on to the plane in front of wittinesss] )

We can retire all other criminals and terrorists now, cause we have the F.B.I., who does the job of both.

This is yet another example of planting weeds just so they can pull them. What a bunch of want-to-be heroes.

Is anybody even taking these people seriously anymore?? Do they even know the difference between  justice and corruption?

More importantly, how do they even manage to keep their jobs? …questions, questions…}~~~Xaniel777


FBI agents craft their own terror plots

From Alexander Higgins Blog

 Posted by  – September 24, 2012

Turns out the foiled Chicago terror plot involving a 17-year-old would be terrorist was another FBI concocted entrapment case.

A week and a half ago, two young men plotted a terrorist attack outside a bar in Chicago – and it turns out the plot was mostly put out together by the FBI.

The two men were reportedly encouraged for months and months by undercover agents, who eventually supplied them with a fake bomb.

The 17-year-old is now facing life in prison for pushing the trigger of the fake bomb.

Trevor Aaronson, the author of “Terror Factory,” joins us for the broader implications to the story.

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From INTIFADA – Voice of Palestine

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson – September 25, 2012

I. The Israel Lobby and How it Operates

Much is being made of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s involvement in the on-going American presidential campaign. 

His public stance has been characterized as an Israeli effort to  openly…topple [President] Obama.” 

The truth is that the only thing unusual about this meddling is its open and advertised nature. 

In a more discreet fashion, Zionist pressure bordering on blackmail and bribery goes on every day.  

I have written elsewhere about this corrupting process that I call lobbification.“ 

In brief, this is how it operates:

Step One:  A lobbyist, in this case someone from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), approaches Congresspersons or Senators. 

At some point in time that means every single one of them has been approached:  all 435 voting members of Congress and every one of the 100 voting members of the Senate.  Party affiliation is not an issue here.  

Step Two:  The lobbyist offers to organize financial campaign assistance, positive media coverage, briefings on situations in the Middle East, trips to Israel, etc. 

Step Three: All that is asked in return is that the recipient consistently vote in a pro-Israel way. 

In other words, AIPAC wants the politician to surrender a part of his or her mind to the lobby — that part that might exercise critical and considered judgment on issues pertaining to Israel.  

Step Four: There are several unspoken, but publicly acknowledged, consequences of turning down this offer, or alternatively,  managing to get elected on your own and then voting the wrong way.  

1. If you say no, the same offer will be made to your opponent both at the primary and general election levels. 

2. If you are elected and vote against Israel,  AIPAC  will do all it can, sooner or later, to see you defeated. It has a good record of turning such people out of office. 

Step Five:  If you sign up for this Faustian bargain and are elected, the lobby becomes your permanent partner. 

It is a constant presence.  Its agents are always hovering about,   rating your performance, letting you know they are there. 

Prove yourself reliable and they will underwrite you for life. 

II. The President and Red Lines

President Obama made this bargain as solidly as have most other politicians in Washington. 

You can witness him affirming and reaffirming this deal in front of AIPAC conventions, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly,  on those rare occasions when he addresses the press, and whenever else he feels it is politically necessary. 

He was even willing to debase his own national party convention to make a point of his loyalty to the Israel lobby. 

Yet all this has proven insufficient.  The issue over which Obama has fallen short is Iran. 
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu (the deus ex machina of the Israel lobby) insists that Iran is preparing to build nuclear weapons and,  taking that assumption on faith, their nuclear energy program should be stopped or placed under international control. 

It should be noted that, back in 2002, Netanyahu incorrectly made the same charge against Iraq and that today, just as in 2002, there is no real evidence for his assertion about Iran’s aims. 

All U.S. intelligence agencies agree that the Iranians are not presently developing nuclear weapons. 

Nonetheless, Netanyahu, who appears prone to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to other people’s nuclear programs, demands that Washington set “red lines”  for Tehran which, if crossed, would trigger U.S. military action.

In other words, on the basis of unsupported Zionist fears, the Israeli government is trying to maneuver the United States into yet another Middle East war. 

To his credit, President Obama has refused to comply with the demand for “red lines.”

The standard retribution practiced by the Israel lobby against a recalcitrant American politician is to try to get him or her kicked out of office.  Usually this is done in a low-key way and most Americans don’t even know it is happening. 

But this time the act of revenge, driven by an egocentric and bellicose Israeli Prime Minister,  is being carried out in full public view. 

Here are some of the ways Netanyahu is doing this:

1. Netanyahu has joined Mitt Romney in accusing Barack Obama of being too easy on Iran and too unresponsive to an ally, Israel.

2. Netanyahu has acquiesced in the use of his image and words in a blatantly false and distorted media campaign that accuses Obama of being “cozy” with the Society of Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Netanyahu has asserted that Obama has “no moral right” to pressure Israel not to attack Iran. 

What the Prime Minister leaves out is that such an attack would constitute aggression under international law and violate treaties to which both the U.S. and Israel are signatories.  

Under these circumstances it would be immoral if President Obama did not pressure Israel to hold its fire. 

4. When accused of interfering in the presidential elections, Netanyahu has replied, “This is not an electoral issue….I think there is a common interest of all Americans of all persuasions to stop Iran.” 

The bit about this not being “electoral” is clearly disingenuous. 

If Netanyahu wants to hold an opinion about alleged common interests that is fine. 

However, if as the head of a foreign government, he publicly and repeatedly asserts that opinion in ways that aid one candidate for president over another, he has certainly made both himself and his opinion, an “electoral issue.” 

III. Conclusion 

There is speculation that, if Mr. Obama is reelected, then Prime Minister Netanyahu’s indiscreet behavior might result in a sea change in U.S.-Israeli relations.” 

Unfortunately this  is highly unlikely. 

The system of “lobbification” is solidly in place at the national political level. 

When it comes to Israel,  only two things are likely to change it:

1. Meaningful campaign finance reform that would free politicians from their present reliance on lobby affiliated contributions.  

2. The Israel-American connection becomes a voting issue such that continued blind support for Israel hurts a politician’s chance of election.   

Neither of these possibilities seem to be on the horizon:

It is the way the U.S. political system is run that makes politicians so vulnerable to  lobby power.

The fact that there are some lobbies out there that have decent and humane goals is not sufficient to justify a system that otherwise does so much damage. 

For instance, under the present circumstances it is impossible to define the national interest in an objective way. 

As it stands, the national interest is replaced by the parochial interests of lobbies that are successful at suborning Congress and the White House–Zionists pushing support for a racist and expansionist foreign power,

Cuban-Americans carrying on a 53 year old vendetta against the government in Havana, the NRA striving to protect the right of every American to own a submachine gun, and the like. 

In large part it comes down to money and how it is used manipulate leaders and parties. 

There is something age-old about this situation. 

It was the Roman Senator and master rhetorician Cicero (108 to 43 BCE) who said  “Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit.” Translated as: “No fortification is such that it cannot be subdued with money.”  

That is still the rule by which lobbyists live.

Lawrence Davidson
Professor of History
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383-2133

Blog:  www.tothepointanalyses.com


DR. LAWRENCE DAVIDSON is professor of Middle East history at West Chester University in West Chester, PA, and the author of America’s Palestine: Popular and Official Perceptions from Balfour to Israeli Statehood (University of Florida Press, 2001), Islamic Fundamentalism (Greenwood Press, 2003), and Foreign Policy, Inc.: Privatizing American National Interest (University of Kentuck Press, 2009).








Which star system did YOU originate from?



Which star system did YOU originate from? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

From in5d.com

Which star system did YOU originally come from?

The following describes traits and characteristics of specific star systems.

To find out your starseed markings, check out this link: How to find your starseed markings

Also, check this one out, too! Starseeds and Our Human Origins

The following is from Jo Amidon’s book, Where Are You Really From?

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Vega as their planetary origin are self sufficient, independent, proud and strong willed.

There is an outer smooth energy and appearance of strength and capability.

Those from Vega tend to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, they may be trivia “collectors” for information concerning their areas of interest.

They have a variety of talents and capabilities, are quite creative and often have an ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression.

They may be artists, designers, inventors, architects or in current times may work more closely with creativity through new or expanding technologies.

Their methods of working with technology will differ from many, as it is based more on “feeling” than on intellectual understanding.

They do well at beginning projects, but less well at completing them.

There may be lessons to aid Vegans in learning self discipline and will power or they may surround themselves with others who are supportive and will aid in the completion of projects and ideas.

Those from Vega are travelers who seek variety, challenge and understanding of the many questions they have within.

They may become bored easily.

They tend to analyze, question and doubt all which they do not understand, does not meet their belief system or simply does not “feel” right.

Although quite willing to learn, change and grow, Vegans need understanding to occur on an inner level to allow opening within for change to occur.

This understanding will not be of a practical, logical nature. It will be an inner comprehension that will be more a “feeling” that leads to “knowing” instead of a technical understanding.

Most from Vega have a strong sense of responsibility, nurturing and caring.

They may find fulfillment in working with children, those who are ill or in need of care and support.

At times however, they may be overly responsible for others, and may need to remind themselves of the importance of teaching responsibility, as well as being responsible.

They may need to work with developing a stronger sense of feeling the integrity of others, as they may find themselves taken advantage of due to their caring nature.

They may find others attracted to their understanding energy, and may be approached in many situations by others wishing to share personal problems.

It should be noted that few from Vega are themselves willing to share personal details with others, unless trust is first established.

Vegans have healing abilities, and may have an affinity for stones and crystals.

Many from Vega work in caring for others in the area of health care, either physical, mental, as teachers or in areas which allow freedom of creative expression.

They have a strong need for time alone, privacy, and freedom from restrictions.

It is important that they be shown appreciation for what is done for others.

Those in personal relationships with Vegans may at times be in need of more attention, and may feel somewhat neglected, due to their many interests and areas of focus.

They may become so involved with caring for others, that they neglect personal needs and personal relationships.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time.

It is very difficult to change the mind of one from Sirius, but once they have become convinced that a new “path” is more appropriate, they become totally focused on the new, and release the old quickly.

Sirians have strong beliefs, ideals and personal integrity.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return.

They become hurt and disillusioned when these expectations are not met.

Sirians do not share the inner personal self with others easily, and may have difficulty sharing emotions and expressing feelings and needs.

To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized.

Sirians may have difficulty in relationships and friendships when they expect to be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with the others involved.

It is important to work with sharing expectations, ideals, communicating needs and desires to avoid being hurt and disillusioned.

This often occurs as a result of lack of communication or lack of mutual understanding and clarity in relationships.

Those from Sirius tend to be future oriented, and do not enjoy focusing on the past.

They may become defensive if forced to focus on the past by others.

This is due to the fact that past pain and emotion is held within, denied and repressed rather than being dealt with at the time of occurrence.

Due to this there may be large amounts of old emotion in need of being dealt with and released.

Sirians do not enjoy confrontations or open expressions of anger but if forced into an argument will defend themselves and their beliefs fiercely.

This is particularly true if honor of themselves or loved ones is involved.

One of the lessons many Sirians have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the importance of releasing old pain, forgiving self and others, and moving on.

Sirians have a very unique and strong sense of humor, which often is only seen when they are with those they trust and feel at ease with. Sirians may be considered dreamers by some.

This is due to their active, vivid inner life.

This can cause forgetfulness and a tendency to not notice trivial third dimensional things in the present.

They may at times appear to be uninterested, or inattentive, but in actuality they are simply somewhere else.

They may not realize that others are unaware of their inner activity.

Although they appear very calm, quiet and reserved on the surface, there is much activity within.

As children, Sirians may often be thought to have learning disorders or thought to have problems with their attention span.

This is due to the attraction of the inner world, which is often more interesting than that which is taught in Earth schools.

They do best in learning when visual methods of teaching are used, and they are allowed hands on types of learning with freedom to move around and explore.

These are children who benefit greatly from alternative schools, the are very intelligent but strong enough within to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not be required to learn about it.

Those from Sirius have a deep connection to the Earth and energies of nature.

Many Sirians have had numerous lives as American Indians and maintain close ties and memories of these lives.

They are very visual, both in their ability to see things which others do not, and in their manner of learning.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Pvila as their planetary origin have strong personalities, strong abilities and much pride.

There is a strong sense of humor and desire to be the focus of attention.

These are often “class clown” or “life of the party” types.

There may be a tendency to go too far with teasing and humor, sometimes at the expense of others.

This is not done with any intention to hurt, simply from a tendency to become “carried away” with impulses of the moment.

There is need to learn compassion and gentleness in dealing with others.

Pvilans carry an aura of power which may give others the impression that they are unbending and unapproachable.

This can be unsettling, especially to those who are insecure or have low self-esteem.

At times others may have trouble understanding and coping with Pvilans, as they can come across as a bit overbearing.

It may be necessary to work with modifying behavior patterns, and softening the approach used in interactions with others,

It is good for others to look beyond the forceful exterior, this allows the kindness within to be seen.

When this is done, it will be found that Pvilans are very caring, and will do much to help those they feel are true friends and are deserving of their aid.

At times they may do too much for friends, and may need to step back and allow others their learning experiences.

Those close to Pvilans, will find them to be very loyal, devoted friends who easily overlook the shortcomings and flaws of friends.

They may be very quick to judge or label these same shortcomings or flaws in others who are not yet considered friends.

It is helpful for Pvilans to learn to step back and detach from “self”, as they tend to become so engrossed in their personal life that they may exclude others.

This can be a problem in personal relationships, as others may feel neglected when this occurs.

One of the lessons many from Pvila have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the control of ego and learning to balance care for others with care for personal needs.

There is a drive to collect information, details, knowledge and a desire to explore and understand everything.

Pvilans possess a “photographic” type of memory.

There is an ability to retain what has been learned, for future reference, in graphic detail.

Pvilans make good lecturers, authors, or may work with technical or scientific knowledge.

They not only love collecting knowledge but also sharing it with others.

They have many possible careers, and may have several active careers at once, as they do not like to limit themselves.

They are usually knowledgeable on many different subjects and ask many questions in seeking information and details.

They may feel frustration or intolerance with others who do not seek to learn and understand with the same diligence.

It is good for Pvilans to work with developing tolerance and understanding of those who do not share their thirst for knowledge.

Pvilans are very determined and focused upon whatever their path may be at any time.

This path may change frequently, as they move from one pathway to another with ease.

To others, it may appear as if they have difficulty in making decisions, or maintaining a focus.

This is not true, they simply have the ability to maintain a number of focuses at once with changing levels of priority.

Areas of interest will come and go as the desire for new knowledge leads them to seek ever onward.

In relationships, those from Pvila need respect and freedom.

They should seek those whose personal power and security is strong, so they will not be intimidated.

Pvilans must have time alone to reconnect and find peace within.

There is a strong need for privacy and quiet times.

They balance well with others who share this need for freedom and privacy.

There is often an attraction to those who have softer energies, yet it is important that they be with others of equal intelligence, as this creates the challenge and excitement Pvilans so enjoy.

This allows energy balancing, yet maintains the intellectual stimulation that is so important for Pvilans.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Pleiades as their planetary origin are sensitive, loving and kind.

There is a deep, abiding desire for peace and happiness for all.

If one from Pleiades were asked what do you want out of life? They would likely say, “to be happy.”

Pleiadeans have a pleasant smooth energy which others enjoy being near.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?They are emotional and loving, but tend to repress much due to their desire to please others.

They are sensitive and react quickly to criticism.

Pleiadeans tend to sacrifice personal needs and wants while attempting to please others.

This may cause inner resentment.

Rather than expressing resentment or anger openly, Pleiadeans may instead use passive aggressive behavior in hopes that their feelings will be noticed and responded to without the need for discussion.

They must learn to realize others whom they seek to please would usually prefer to hear their feelings and needs.

Pleiadeans can become physically ill in situations where there is anger, open tension or arguments around them, as they absorb emotions of others in an unconscious effort to mediate and smooth situations.

The tendency to repress their own emotions, and the emotions absorbed from others can form energy blockages if not released over a period of time. This can lead to eventual physical illness.

A large part of the learning experience for Pleiadeans is to learn to allow others to experience what they have chosen, and not become personally involved.

They will learn to be aware of their desire to make others happy and realize that one can only be responsible for ones personal happiness and self development.

They must learn to allow others to be responsible for themselves, their growth and learning situations.

They must learn that they cannot decide when others are happy, or what others need to be happy, and instead focus on creating their own happiness.

As true responsibility is accepted for self and personal happiness, they will flourish and the physical body will respond with radiance.

Pleiadeans must work to develop communication skills on a third dimensional level and also to develop self-esteem.

It is important for them to reclaim personal power, learn to communicate freely and become strong within.

At times, it may appear to others that Pleiadeans are overly reserved and distant.

This is due to their tendency to criticize their thoughts to the point of not sharing them and the self esteem problems many Pleiadeans have.

Often they feel that their thoughts are not “worth” sharing and must work in this area also.

Those from Pleiades may develop patterns of using various third dimensional pursuits as temporary escapes from reality, or false aids in building communication ability and confidence.

This could be ventures into drugs or drinking, creating sexual or romantic dramas, or simply escaping into other realities through reading, television or movies.

Pleiadeans release through crying.

Due to their tendency to repress emotions, this may build to a point where releasing must occur.

This may result in crying which appears as an overreaction to current situations.

Instead, it is a releasing of much more than the current situation.

Due to the communication issues which are worked with, many Pleiadeans experience various types of releasing in the throat chakra area, such as crying.

This could also be frequent physical problems or speech difficulty, such as hoarseness, coughing, or tightness in the throat chakra.

This will no longer occur when confidence and free communication of emotions and needs are learned and used in daily life.

These can be used as signs to look within at what is not being communicated that needs to be.

Pleiadeans are very strong on faith and trust.

They have a strong sense of purpose from childhood, a feeling of knowing there is a God connection, purpose and plan, even in their darkest hour.

There is an inner desire to seek spiritual answers and to find their connection to the God Force.

As they begin to seek and learn, growth begins.

As they begin to realize the God connection and to love themselves as the perfect beings that all are, many of the old feelings, emotions and self doubts fade.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Orion as their planetary origin have strong personalities, ideals and beliefs. Orion’s may be recognized by the many questions they ask!

There is a strong drive to understand the reasons and inner meanings of all things.

They tend to analyze people and events in their need to understand.

This may be frustrating to those around them, as this may create feelings of being scrutinized.

This is due to the tendency of most Orions to operate on a mental level, rather than a feeling level.

This is not due to a lack of feeling, it is simply the primary mode of operation for an Orion.

Orions want others to respect their opinions and may argue to gain respect and convince others of the validity of their opinions.

They must learn to balance the drive to understand, with sensitivity to the needs of others.

The mature Orion has learned that in explaining their views and opinions, having them accepted as valid and considered by others is what they seek, and it is not necessary to have others be in agreement.

Orions have a deep inner thirst for knowledge and may be frustrated with those who do not share this thirst.

There is interest a wide variety of fields.

It will be obvious when conversing with an Orion that either a subject holds great interest for them, and they are quite knowledgeable, or there is no interest at all and know almost nothing of that area.

There is strong skepticism and difficulty in accepting new beliefs without thorough evidence and proof of validity.

This is due to their mental and intellectual focus, and need to ‘make sense’ of things logically before accepting them.

Orions tend to be critical of others, and of themselves.

This is because Orions expect and seek perfection.

They have a keen eye for details and notice things which others do not.

They tend to point out these things to others, if they feel these are things in need of attention or correction.

This can be upsetting to those not accustomed to Orion energy, and may be taken as personal criticism.

It is good to realize that Orions are very sensitive to balance, and may feel physically upset or ill in situations where there is imbalance.

This creates their need to correct imbalance when it is sensed.

It can be emotional imbalance that is sensed in others, or in themselves, or outer physical imbalance.

Orions need beauty and balanced flow of energy in their surroundings to feel their best on all levels.

In relationships and in dealing with emotions, Orions react to emotions intellectually and may surprise others by their reactions.

The drive to understand is much stronger than the emotional reaction.

It is very important for them to understand the reasons behind a situation, to aid in their ability to accept and understand.

In an emotional situation, a typical Orion response is to ask questions, although the quieter Orions may do this within.

This does not mean they do not feel or care, simply that they must seek understanding.

Orions are often uncomfortable with emotional situations unless they know those involved well enough to feel free to ask the questions within.

By honoring this need, communication can be built in relationships with Orions.

If their need to question, or understand emotion is not allowed, they will develop patterns of repressing emotions, or exploring them only on an inner level.

Those from Orion need privacy and time alone to recharge, learn and develop the flow within.

They learn best alone or in small groups, and do not feel comfortable in large classroom settings.

There is a high energy level, which combined with the questioning nature, makes Orions intolerant of classroom learning, when they feel teaching is not done well, or is not meaningful.

Many Orions make excellent teachers, due to their ability to see many details, and “angles” of presenting information, to make learning more interesting for the student.

Orions enjoy making others laugh.

There is a strong sense of humor and desire to tease and play.

Others may notice that the change from playfulness to being critical can occur quickly.

There is strong communication with spirit, and psychic ability.

As Orions grow on a spiritual pathway, they find their largest challenge to be that of developing higher levels of trust and faith.

This is due to many aspects of spirituality that must be accepted simply on faith.

Orions are deeply ingrained with the need to question, seek proof, answers, and logical understanding before accepting beliefs.

This can create difficulty and an inner struggle for many Orions, as they learn to combine the technical mind with the spiritual self.

However, it is these same qualities which make Orions important collectors of information and knowledge which can be shared with others.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Maldeck as their planetary origin have strong, steady personalities.

They are determined and focused in their beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be.

It may be difficult to for someone to convince one from Maldeck of the validity of new beliefs, as there are always many questions that must be answered to their comfort before accepting new possibilities.

They often have deep leadership abilities, although these may be quietly expressed.

Those from Maldeck are very intelligent, technically minded and detail oriented.

They are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas.

They may have several careers, or one career with strong interests outside the field they chose for career.

They seek to understand what is below the surface of people, things and events.

Due to this, they seldom accept simple explanations or easy answers.

They tend to analyze events, experiences and interactions with people and believe there is always more than what is apparent on a surface level.

Those from Maldeck are individuals who usually will know quite a bit about any subject that may be brought up in conversation.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?They are reserved, and may appear to be distant or hard to approach to those they do not know well.

They are cautious and skeptical about whom and what they trust with their innermost selves.

If one is accepted as a friend or in an intimate relationship, they are very loving, honorable and trustworthy companions.

They are disappointed in relationships if others do not return these qualities equally.

They expect from others what they themselves are willing to give.

It is often surprising to others to find such deeply felt beliefs, opinions and emotions in one who appears on the surface this quiet and reserved.

Only with those they trust fully do they open themselves emotionally, but when this trust is present they are very capable of, and enjoy sharing themselves on all levels.

Maldeckeans love challenges, mysteries and the unknown or unexplainable.

They are often fascinated with “magic” and the use of energy to create and manifest.

They often have an early interest in astronomy, the planets and exploring the universe.

They may love tales such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Magician and others of that era.

The desire for honor, integrity, loyalty and service of common goals is strong.

They may long for historical times when the defense of these ideals was a common daily activity.

Those time periods on Earth were favored by Maldeckeans, who may feel frustrated by much in this current time on Earth.

In relationships Maldeckeans are strongly supportive and understanding of partners, providing their partner is equally open to sharing themselves fully, and discussing all elements of their needs and desires.

Once mutual understanding is achieved, there is a willingness to do whatever is needed to help those they love achieve their goals and dreams.

It should be understood that because of the Maldeck questioning nature, it might take many discussions for this to occur.

Maldeckeans have a strong loyalty and little problem with commitment, whether it is to a relationship, friendship, career or ideal.

They do expect the same in return and will be quickly disillusioned if this is not so.

This would be one of the rare occasions when a Maldeck temper might be seen.

Maldeck was a planet which was on the other side of Mars.

It no longer exists, and current remains of the planet are what appears to be an asteroid belt.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Arcturus as their planetary origin have strong personalities, a deep inner strength and a ‘knowing’ within.

On the surface, they appear strong, capable and powerful.

There is a feeling from childhood of having an important purpose in life, although there is not usually knowledge of what that might be.

There is a searching for this purpose, which often leads to spiritual exploration.

If this purpose is not found, there may be an inner feeling of dissatisfaction or unhappiness without understanding of the cause of this.

Arcturians are very creative.

Many Arcturians are writers, artists, designers or use their abilities to create in some way.

Arcturians are often good public speakers, have a good sense of timing and humor, the “life of the party.”

They enjoy making others laugh.

They are loving and like to travel.

They may tend to get bored easily and seek new experiences to avoid boredom.

If they do get “bored” they may create dramas—just to stir things up or create excitement.

This can show up in a tendency to create big problems out of little ones, to drag out situations, or dramatize situations to get attention.

Arcturians may seem hard to get close to or distant at times.

They do not have many close, intimate personal friends, but have many “casual” friends.

If an Arcturian accepts you as a close personal friend, and shares themselves with you on an inner level, know that you have been carefully considered prior to being “accepted.”

Arcturians attract people: Complete strangers are drawn to the Arcturian energy and magnetism.

They are good advice givers, and their aura makes it appear to others that they are strong and complete.

Others may be surprised to find that Arcturians have problems and feelings just like everyone else.

There is often a wide circle of acquaintances that depend upon their Arcturian friends for advice and guidance.

Although willing to listen and give advice, Arcturians may be impatient with those not willing to put forth needed effort or are not really “trying” to accomplish what they seek.

There is impatience with “whiners”.

Those who seek advice but are not willing to use the advice they are given may lose their Arcturian mentor when this is realized.

Arcturians have much energy, either physical and mental.

They may jump from one place to another or from one subject to another.

They normally do not like sitting still and being quiet, but need to feel that they are accomplishing something.

They tend to be enthusiastic and optimistic. When their energy is focused and used well, there is little they cannot accomplish.

When it is scattered and without focus, there will be many projects begun, with few completed.

In love relationships, Arcturians need personal freedom.

They feel trapped in relationships that are restricting.

They need time alone, time with friends, and to be able to do this without guilt or explanations.

There is need for understanding that freedom should apply to all involved– the treatment they need for themselves should be extended to others.

Arcturians are not comfortable with expressing their deepest emotions, and tend to react to situations that stir deep emotions by creating diversions.

Of their emotions, they are most comfortable with expressing anger, and humor.

They may create arguments, begin story telling (Arcturians are great story tellers!), try to create laughter, or have a sudden urge to ‘do something’ to avoid openly discussing their emotions.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Apollonians love to learn and add to their many talents.

There is often interest in taking varied classes and developing many abilities.

There is a deep questioning nature to Apollonians that leads them on a search for answers and fulfillment.

This may result in a number of careers or interests in a lifetime as they seek to constantly add to their repertoire of knowledge.

They may at times feel somewhat like “sponges” as they soak up many different bits of knowledge.

They may appear to others like “professional students”, or give the appearance of being unable to make up their minds as to what they wish to do.

This is not the case.

It is simply that Apollonians do not allow themselves to be limited to any one role, or definition of who and what they are.

Any attempt by others to limit them or label them is very strongly and instantly resisted.

This is one instance where the normally calm Apollonians will show a dramatic reaction.

There may be situations where the Apollonian may feel that others are making attempts to limit, restrict or label them…regardless of the truth, if a situation creates this feeling, there will be a strong reaction.

There is a deep desire to be self-sufficient and avoid the need to depend on others, financially or emotionally.

They may need to remind themselves at times to enjoy life and take time for pleasure, as they tend to be rather serious.

This can be very obvious if they are focused on a pathway of learning or achievement.

It should be noted that even the rare Apollonian who chooses a pathway of pleasure seeking and play rather than serious learning, will be just as deeply and fully focused on that pathway.

Many from Apollonia have work to do as Earth healers and feel a deep connection to the Earth and her needs.

There is early recognition of energy fields, auras, spirit friends or angels, which leads them to be drawn to spiritual learning as a means of finding answers and explanations.

These abilities with energy may lead them to do healing work at some point in their lives, either with the planet, animals or people.

There is often an attraction to children and desire to help children and those who are helpless or in need.

This could be as a parent, teacher, counselor, or simply an interested friend.

There is a strong ability to empathize with others and use that ability to help others to heal and release emotional pain and fears.

There is a strong love of beauty and nature.

Apollonians often rely on the beauty and peace of nature to heal themselves and find peace within.

There is a strong sense of intuition and spiritual connectedness.

Those from Apollonia may have often considered themselves exotic or taken pleasure in being “different.”

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those with an Andromeda planetary origin seek freedom.

There is a deep inner thirst and drive that leads them to search for this feeling of freedom.

They may change jobs, homes or relationships in their search.

At some point, they will realize that the freedom they seek, and the feelings they often have of being trapped are not due to their actual circumstances.

The true freedom they seek comes only from within.

It is found only by developing self love, and the inner spiritual self.

The mature Andromedan has realized this, and works with this knowledge to create a reality that allows these needs to be honored, while continuing to grow in other areas.

Andromedans must work with issues of self-confidence and love.

These areas may be obvious in their need for development, or they may be disguised.

When self love and confidence are developed, the inner freedom and spiritual connectedness will be found within…where it has always been, if the trust and faith in self were present to allow it to be seen.

As this develops, the connection between self and God becomes strong.

This allows past life memories to flow, and many old talents begin to awaken to be used once again.

Many Andromedans discover they have much to offer others on a spiritual pathway and become known as teachers and healers.

The Andromedan tendency to be self-critical may lead them to expect others to be critical of them.

They are often surprised at finding how well they are liked by others!

Outwardly, many Andromedan are confident, capable, and outgoing with well developed abilities to communicate with others.

They are very good at keeping the inner fears, doubts and insecurities inside and presenting a very different ‘face’ to the outside world.

They may be well suited to teaching, health care or careers which involve traveling.

Some learn to combine the attraction to drama with writing or acting, and express themselves in those ways.

Andromedans enjoy travel and thrive on experiencing many types of realities.

They enjoy excitement, activity, and variety.

They may have early desires to visit past life homes, shown as desires to visit certain places or interest in certain areas or time periods without understanding why.

They may enjoy driving fast, or flying in airplanes, as this stimulates subconscious memories of ‘home’.

Andromedans tend to create dramatic learning scenarios for themselves, due to their tendency to be self-critical and not take themselves seriously.

Through learning to ‘notice’ smaller growth opportunities and lessons, they will begin to avoid creating larger dramas.

Andromedans have healing and communication abilities which are often felt early in childhood.

These are often ignored or discouraged by family members, and must later be retrieved.

Andromedans are sensitive, caring individuals who have much compassion and ability to put themselves in another’s position and truly empathize.

There is a desire to work with healing the physical, emotional, or psychic pains of mankind.

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From the author, Jo Amidon: All of the information on planetary origins is taken from my book, Where Are You Really From?” Copyright 1996.

In the book, each chapter includes the information given here, plus more personality characteristics, bits of ‘history’ on each, and lists of plants, animals and stones whose DNA originates from each of these planetary groups. The book was not in print for several years an updated book is now available.

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