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REAL NEWS Oct. 07 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on October 6, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : October 07, 2012



Ron Paul: “What I Fear The Most Is a False Flag”

Paul goes on to say,” …Something Happening Where One of Our Ships Goes Down,

Or … a Plane Goes Down, And of Course It HAD To Be The Iranians, You Know, For Sure, For Certain”



From Washington’s Blog

Posted on October 6, 2012

Will a False Flag Be the Start of An Iran War?

Ron Paul said recently :

What I fear the most is a false flag – something happening where one of our ships goes down, or there a plane goes down, and of course it HAD to be the Iranians, you know, for sure, for certain.

(Paul previously warned of a “Gulf of Tonkin type incident” in Iran.)

Paul joins numerous other high-level government officials who have warned that a false flag may be launched against Iran to start a war:

  • The highly influential Brookings Institution wrote a report in 2009 called “Which Path to Persia?” which states (pages 84-85):

It would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them.

Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be.

Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it.

(One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.)

  • A number of very high-level former intelligence officers – including several that personally briefed presidents every day on matters of national security – stated that better communications between the U.S. and Iran were needed to “reduce the danger of … covert, false-flag attack”

  • One of America’s top constitutional and military law experts – Jonathan Turley – writes:

Many critics have argued that there is a concerted effort to push the United States into a war with Iran by supporters of Israel.

Patrick Clawson, director of research for the highly influential pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) think tank, seemed intent to prove those rumors true this week in comments as a luncheon on “How to Build US-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout.”

Clawson casually discusses how to create a false flag operation to push the U.S. into war to overcome any reluctance by the public.

We have been discussing how many leaders like Senator Joe Lieberman had begun to use the same rhetoric that led to the last two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the suggest timing of an attack has been tied to the presidential election.

In his remarks, Clawson helpfully lists a series of historical events used to push the country into war like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that gave us the Vietnam War.

Clawson expressed his frustration in acknowledging that it is [v]ery hard for me to see how the United States President can get us to war with Iran.”

However, there is hope. Clawson explains that the “traditional way” to get the country into a war is through false flags or manufactured incidents where Americans are killed.

Thus, he observes, “we are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians, we could get nastier about it. So, if in fact the Iranians aren’t going to compromise, it would be best if somebody else started the war.”

The fact that one of the leading analysis for the WINEP would feel comfortable in making such comments is itself quite chilling.

It indicates that such discussions have become sufficiently regular that it has creeped into public discussion.

It is a measure of the secret pressure building to push this country into a third major war despite our crippling economic conditions and losses in military personnel.

The assumption in Washington is that neither Romney nor Obama could oppose such a war.

Even if Obama does not publicly support Israel, the assumption is that political allies of Israel in Washington can guarantee that we would offer extensive military loans and intelligence.

Even if there is a delay in such military loans and support, the assumption is that Israel can go to war with the understanding that the United States will cover a significant portion of the costs.

Moreover, in his remarkably candid remarks, Clawson shows how the U.S. can easily be forced into direct combat by pushing Iran to simply kill some Americans or sink a few of our ships.

Then members would be clamoring for revenge.

Notably, the Israelis have been ratcheting up the war rhetoric in pushing Iran, which predictably has now reserved the right to engage in a preemptive strike not just against Israeli but U.S. interests. We would then, again, find ourselves in a war without any public debate or collective decision.

While Clawson adds a passing caveat that he is not advocating such an approach, his remarks are clearly designed to show how the group can get the United States into a war for Israel if only we can get Iran to kill some of our citizens or soldiers.

Those people are of course expendable props in Clawson’s realpolitik.

By the way, Clawson has been enlisted to give his insightful analysis at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

He is also a member of the National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies.

The World Bank connection is particularly interesting given the history with Paul Wolfowitz who pushed the U.S. into two disastrous wars in the Bush Administration and was rewarded with being made the head of the World Bank.

It is the callous disconnect that is most chilling in these remarks.

Thousands of U.S. soldiers have died or have been crippled for life in these wars that have left the country near bankruptcy (and increasingly hostile “allies” in Afghanistan and Iraq).

Those casualties and costs, however, appear immaterial in the discussion of supporting Israel in a war against Iran.

And false flags have long been planned against Syria








Why is the US government planning for ‘mass fatalities’ ?



Why is the US government planning for 'mass fatalities' ?

From Sovereign Man

 on OCTOBER 5, 2012

Santiago, Chile

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Late last week, a bill HR 6566 was introduced on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it.

The bill is entitled the “Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act,” and its stated purpose is “[to] amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning…”

Hmmmm. Homeland Security. FEMA. Sounds like a fun party.

The bill was introduced a week ago, but it took the US Government Printing Office until this morning to actually make the text available to the public.

It turns out that my week long wait was for nothing. The bill itself is just a handful of paragraphs that merely reiterates the title… that the cracker jack team over at FEMA should be prepared to respond to mass fatalities in the United States,and to account for religious burial differences.

This is just one of those things that makes the stomach turn: the people who brought us the National Defense Authorization Act (authorizing the detention of US citizens on US soil) now deem it prudent to prepare for mass fatalities on US soil…

Moreover, they’re outsourcing it to one of the most failed government agencies in history.

FEMA, as you may recall, is the same organization that couldn’t get bottles of water delivered to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina… and held up hundreds of seasoned volunteer emergency service workers from entering the city for several days of mandatory sexual harassment training.

I doubt a Soviet boot factory could have botched the job more miserably than that.

I can’t wait to see these guys in charge of whatever ‘mass fatality’ event the government is preparing for.

It boggles the mind that this agency still exists… and more importantly, why with so many other problems to deal with, ‘mass fatalities’ is even a topic of discussion at the Capitol.

Whether well-intentioned or not, this strange little bill is yet another telling indication of how the political elite thinks.

At best, they’re incompetent and out of touch. At worst, they’re dangerous and sociopathic.

Either way, this ought to be a reminder of what representative democracy really means in the Land of the Free today… and why it’s so important to take control of your freedom.

These people are not the solution. 

They’re the problem.

The real solutions lie within.

If you’re not free, you can get free.

It just takes a little bit of effort, a reshuffling of priorities, and some rational thinking. More to follow.











From InvestmentWatch

October 05, 2012

GAS DOOM:  DIESEL OFFICIALLY HIT $6.00 in California… Watch nation come to screeching halt!

Diesel SHOULD be cheaper. It is less refined than Gasoline.

You can take crude oil… heat it and Diesel will “come out” of the sludge all on it’s own.

Watch the truckers who keep this nation in motion stop dead in their tracks.

I know supply and demand… but no deliveries will make fuel even more expensive.

No word yet… from any media… but $6.00/ Gallon for Diesel means truckers will have to pay extra money for the privilege of delivering fuel and good.

As in they will actually pay out of pocket for each mile versus make money for each mile.

Also, understand that loads often have pre-negotiated pricing. Added fuel costs aren’t figured in that price.

Gas Crisis: Tweets from around the U.S. ” long lines at gas stations right now!” Panic buying! Fights!

Check this out, our country is acting like a crack addict.


From ABC News: Soaring gas prices across California have forced some station owners to shut off their pumps while people change their driving habits or, in some cases, avoid driving all together.

A gallon of regular gas was $5.69 Thursday in Calabasas, while a gallon of super costs $5.89 with cash and $5.99 with credit. 

Such prices are causing pain at the pump for many drivers who might see an 11-cent increase by later this morning, which means some could be paying more than $6 a gallon.


California Gas Crisis Is Be Spreading To Other States

(CBS News) Many California drivers are running on empty, and the problem could be spreading to other states. Gas prices have jumped all week — the fastest rise in many years.

And some gas stations don’t have any fuel to sell at all. Low supplies are leading to high frustration.

For many Californians, driving is as natural as breathing and gasoline is the motorists’ lifeblood.

That’s why seeing closed stations is more than frustrating — it’s almost unbelievable.

Some of the state’s gas stations have been forced to close their pumps, and the ones that are open, are charging prices that can only be described one way — an arm and a leg.

That’s why at discount gasoline outlets like Costco, motorists are lining up to fill their tanks.

**ALL VALERO stations halt GAS SALES in CA!!!

**Gas prices in Oakland, Yikes! The photo speaks for itself.

**Gas Prices Spike as Wholesale Supplies Dwindle

**Wholesale Gasoline Shortage In California Causes Gas Stations To Shut Down: Hoarding Next?

California’s Gas Price Nightmare Could Last For Weeks


California drivers may have to wait until November to see any relief at the pump, analysts say.

The state’s gas prices surged 17 cents last night and have spiked 36 cents in the past week.

A confluence of factors have caused Golden State gas prices to jump, including refinery outages and pipeline disruptions.

But the most persistent driver has been the government’s mandate that summer blend gasoline be sold through Oct. 31, AAA analyst Avery Ash told us by phone.

Wholesalers have begun petitioning the EPA for waivers to switch to winter blends for some early relief, he said.

Without that relief, prices could top the state’s 2008 record of $4.61 early next week.


Gas Prices Go Up, Consumer Frustration Also Goes Up

What goes up, must come down. But in the meantime, consumers try to cope.

Southern Californians are paying the highest prices in the nation currently. And experts say that pain at the pump will last a little while longer.

One station in Calabasas is charging the highest rate in LA County — nearly $6 for a gallon.

Reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, Amanda Burden went to the station and called it a virtual ghost town.

She said cars peeled in but peeled right out when they saw the sign for $5.79 a gallon for regular.

Said one customer, “I can’t believe this! $5.79 a gallon? Oh my God!”

Said another, “Crap! I’ve never seen it so high. This is unbelievable.”








Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become The Centerpiece Of U.S.Foreign Policy

This is an oldy (over Two years) but a goody


{XANIEL’S NOTE : … here’s the ‘ Xaniel Plan for Population Control ‘ :

GET RID OF THE 1%(one percent) and all their idiot minions, THAT SHOULD BALANCE THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD !! 

YEA ME, I solved the ‘ Made-Up by The Elite ‘ population crisis !}~~~Xaniel777


From Save The Environment

By Michael, on February 1st, 2010

During remarks that she made for the 15th Anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the launch of a new program that according to Clinton will now become the centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy. 

This new program is known as the Global Health Initiative, and it is being incredibly well-funded at a time when the U.S. government is drowning in debt. 

According to Clinton, 63 billion dollars will be spent by the U.S. to prevent pregnancies and to improve “family planning” services around the globe over the next six years. 

In other words, the new centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy is all about eugenics and population control.

The following is an excerpt from Clinton’s remarks….

In addition to new funding, we’ve launched a new program that will be the centerpiece of our foreign policy, the Global Health Initiative, which commits us to spending $63 billion over six years to improve global health by investing in efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality, prevent millions of unintended pregnancies, and avert millions of new HIV infections, among other goals. This initiative will employ a new approach to fighting disease and promoting health.

You see, whenever the global elite want to launch another new eugenics operation, they announce it as a great “humanitarian program” that will save millions of lives. 

But their real goal is to control the population and prevent millions of lives from being born.

This was also reflected in Clinton’s remarks about the United Nations Population Fund. 

The United Nations Population Fund has been promoting abortion, forced sterilization and radical population control measures around the globe for decades, and Hillary Clinton was super excited to talk about how the U.S. government recently renewed funding for that organization….

This year, the United States renewed funding of reproductive health care through the United Nations Population Fund, and more funding is on the way. (Applause.)

The U.S. Congress recently appropriated more than $648 million in foreign assistance to family planning and reproductive health programs worldwide. That’s the largest allocation in more than a decade – since we last had a Democratic president, I might add. (Applause.)

So what exactly is so bad about the United Nations Population Fund?

Not only does the United Nations Population Fund support and fund the forced abortion and infanticide of China’s “one child” program, they also promote abortion, forced sterilization and brutal eugenics programs throughout the developing world.

To learn much more about the United Nations Population Fund, please watch the four short videos below. 

They will leave you absolutely stunned….

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLkw01UaUes&feature=related

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISj1d9lNi-E&feature=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V8oWHAh_yo&feature=related

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myITaeV3Q2o&feature=related

The truth is that the United Nations Population Fund always has been and always will be about eugenics.

And thanks to Barack Obama, it is being funded with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

But that wasn’t enough for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, so they have launched this new Global Health Initiative which will now be the “centerpiece” of U.S. foreign policy.

63 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars will be spent over the next six years to promote abortion, sterilization and “family planning” around the globe.

Sadly enough, there are people who are actually convinced that they will save the environment by reducing the population. 

They think that while promoting abortion and sterilization may not be the most pleasant thing to do, it must be done for the good of the planet.

Of course they are dead wrong, but the “true believers” do not understand this. 

All they know is that they have to keep all of the brown and black women in other countries from having babies so that we can save the planet.

We live in a world that is becoming more evil all the time. 

Every person on this planet has a fundamental right to have as many children as they want, but the truth is that this right is being stripped away from an increasing number of people.

We live at a time when even our most fundamental liberties as human beings are under attack. 

Let us hope that America wakes up and starts saying “no” to these kinds of policies.








The Political System in the US Has Collapsed – Paul Craig Roberts




Both of them are politically stupid, both have insulted the U.S. Citizens with their very existence,

 and both are equally ‘ Israel’s Bitch ‘ !! 

A good argument for ‘ NOT VOTING ‘ for either. }~~~Xaniel777


Published on Oct 6, 2012 by 

A snippet from a longer interview

Corporate campaign contributions dictate the elections

Wars are a product of the Neocon philosophy – with a declaration of the end of history

which means there is only the United States system, it therefore has the right and the

responsibility to impose its hegemony over the world.

The wars started in the Middle East to please Israel.









Homeland Security: Preparing for Massive Civil War



From Veterans Today

Posted by  – October 06, 2012

by Paul Joseph Watson and Alexander Higgins (with Jim Fetzer)

The discovery by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (3 October 2012) that, “Despite reviewing 13 months’ worth of reporting originating from fusion centers from April 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010, the Subcommittee investigation could identify no reporting which uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could it identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot” means that there is no evidence of the existence of any domestic terrorist threat. 

On that basis, it is rational to infer (with high probability) that there is no domestic terrorist threat.

We also know that there are 300 or more FEMA camps distributed around the country. 

We know that Congress has authorized 30,000 drones to conduct surveillance on the American people.

We know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had requisitioned 1.5 billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow-point ammunition, which is not even permissible for use in warfare under the Geneva Conventions.

Since DHS does not conduct operations abroad, it is rational to infer (with virtual certainty) that DHS must be acquiring that massive stock of ammo for use in the United States.

And we now learn that Congress is in the process of passing H.R. 6566, “The Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act”, which was posted on the govtrack.us website FEMA To Mobilize For “Mass Fatality Planning” (5 October 2012), mandating federal agency to respond to “funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries” being “overwhelmed” in the aftermath of a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis.

It was posted this after having been approved by the House on 28 September 2012. 

Not to make an obvious point, but there is no domestic terrorist threat and no conceivable natural disaster could possibly justify this dramatic authorization for coping with staggering numbers of bodies.

You don’t have to have spent 35 years teaching logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning to put together the following premises and draw the obvious conclusion:

(1) The US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (3 October 2012) has established that there is no domestic terrorist threat;

(2) There are 300 or more FEMA camps distributed around the country and we know that Congress has authorized 30,000 drones for domestic surveillance;

(3) Since there is no domestic terrorist threat, the domestic surveillance and those FEMA camps are not intended to survey terrorists or to imprison terrorists;

(4) Since those drones and FEMA camps are either intended to survey terrorists or US citizens, it follows that, since they are not for terrorists, they are for US citizens;

(5) DHS has acquired more than 1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow-point ammunition, which is not even permissible in warfare under the Geneva Conventions;

YouTube – Veterans Today –


(5) Since DHS does not conduct operations abroad, it has been acquired for domestic consumption and, since there are not terrorists, it must be for US citizens;

(6) Congress is planning for funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries being “overwhelmed” from a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis; but,

(7) there is no domestic terrorist threat and no conceivable natural disaster would justify this dramatic authorization for coping with staggering numbers of bodies.

Conclusion:  The United States is planning for massive civil war, involving massive casualties  with the citizens of the United States.  Consider the evidence. 

There is no way around it. 

That’s what’s happening.

What can be done? 

Stock up on arms and ammunition. 

Prepare for a siege with emergency food supplies and medical necessities.  This is an election year. 

Demand of your senators and congressmen:  WTF?

FEMA To Mobilize For “Mass Fatality Planning”

Bill mandates federal agency to respond to “funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries” being “over- whelmed”

Paul Joseph Watson
October 5, 2012

The United States Congress has passed a bill which mandates the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to prepare for “mass fatality planning” and funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries being “overwhelmed” in the aftermath of a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis.

The bill, H. R. 6566 or the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, was posted on the govtrack.us website this morning having been approved by the House on September 28.

The legislation amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to direct FEMA to “provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.” Noting the necessity for emergency preparedness in relation to terror attacks, natural disasters and man-made disasters, the bill instructs FEMA to be sensitive to the fact that Jews and Muslims require bodies to be buried within 48 hours of death.

“Funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries could be overwhelmed should mass fatalities arise from a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster,” states the legislation.

Should the bill be given the green light by the Senate, the full amended text to the Homeland Security Act will state:

“Preparedness for Mass Fatalities- In carrying out this section, the Administrator shall provide guidance to and coordinate with appropriate individuals, including representatives from different communities, private sector businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious organizations, to prepare for and respond to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster that results in mass fatalities.”

“This is just one of those things that makes the stomach turn: the people who brought us the National Defense Authorization Act (authorizing the detention of US citizens on US soil) now deem it prudent to prepare for mass fatalities on US soil,” writes Simon Black.

FEMA, as you may recall, is the same organization that couldn’t get bottles of water delivered to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina… and held up hundreds of seasoned volunteer emergency service workers from entering the city for several days of mandatory sexual harassment training.”

The legislation will only serve to stoke more paranoia that the federal government is preparing for mass civil unrest that could lead to a declaration of martial law and require lethal force to be used, as it was during Hurricane Katrina when police were ordered to shoot looters.

The Department of Homeland Security has been arming itself to the teeth over the course of the last six months, purchasing ammunition in jaw-dropping quantities.

As we reported last month, following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the DHS has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers.

#Anonymous: We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War

Posted by Alexander Higgins – October 5, 2012

The hacker group Anonymous has put out a video warning with a sobering message: ‘We are are preparing for a massive civil war’

Recent massive ammo purchases by US domestic agencies, Obama’s Executive Order to prepare for martial law and recent anti-protests laws all point to one thing.

The US Department of Homeland Security and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office have placed a massive order for ammunition.

The two departments are asking for 450 million rounds of bullets to be delivered in a time-frame of five years.

The contractor, Alliant Techsystems, was awarded the contract and will produce .40 caliber high-performance bullets to the agencies.

The order has many wondering why would DHS and ICE need so many bullets.

David Seaman, journalist and host of the DL Show, helps us answer why the order was placed.

YouTube – Veterans Today –


But that is only the start. See the following links for a more complete picture.

Prepare For Martial Law! Executive Order Issued By Obama

DHS Ammunition Purchases Approach 1.5 Billion Rounds For The Year

Why Did The DHS Just Order 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammunition?

Feds Buying Up All Surplus Ammo, Ordering Stores To Cease Sales?

The USDA and US Fish and Wildlife Order Massive Amounts Of Ammo

DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo

Why Did The DHS Just Order 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammunition?

Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders Citing Backlog Of 1 Million Orders In Q1

What Are The MiliPolice Planning On Doing With These Heavily Armored Vehicles?

Coming To An Occupy Near You — The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun

Pentagon Deploying 20,000 Troops Within The United States To Prepare For Civil Unrest In Event Of Economic Collapse

Ammo? What Ammo? : DHS Takes Unprecedented Step of Redacting Mass Ammunition Purchase

Martial Law: Corporate Media Hints At Military Plans To Take On The American People During Domestic Civil Unrest

US Army Preparing To Crush #OccupyWallStreet

House Passes “Trespass Bill” That Makes Protests Illegal

US Army Orders Riot Gear To Prepare For Domestic Civil Unrest

US Army Conducts Domestic Civil Disturbance and Mock Riot Drills

Military Job Video: Internment Specialist – Concentration Camp Guards In USA

Leaked Army Manual Reveals US Based War On Terror Concentration Camps

Feds Using NDAA To Silence Journalists Critical Of Government

Corporate Media Silent On Lawsuit Over NDAA Being Used To Silence Journalists

Americans Can Be Indefinitely Detained: #NDAA Supported By Court

Journalist Under #NDAA Detention For Exposing Civilian Drone Murders

US Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Question Mainstream Ideologies

Journalist Targeted With #NDAA Detention For Campaign Finance Reform Advocacy

Media Blackout As Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar

Vets Being Round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

Obama Defies Federal Court Ban On NDAA Indefinite Detention

CNN Exposed! Caught Running State Sponsored Propaganda As Real News

NDAA Trojan Unleashed – Massive Military Drone Deployment In U.S. Airspace

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