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REAL NEWS Nov.29 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 28, 2012

The Occasional REAL NEWS in ‘ MY NOW OCCASIONAL ‘ attempt to awaken the Sheeple : November 29, 2012



AIPAC, decapitators inside US government: Intelligence analyst

Is Obama signing a  new law to kick out all Zionist agents from Congress, Military and The White House,

or is this just a bigger power grab ?

Xaniel wants to know and I’m sure you do too !!


From the Trenches World Report

Posted on November 25, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr

Press TV

At the time of this writing, while on Air Force One, President Barack Obama issued a press release that has been utterly ignored by the Western Press.~~(AS USUAL !!)~~~Xaniel777

The president has openly announced a move against violent plotters inside the US government and espionage agents. He does not use the terms “AIPAC” or “the Israel lobby” but it is highly unlikely he could be referring to anything else.

In fact, we can think of no other group.

I was privately briefed on some of the reasons behind this document.

On what is known, not “surmised,” I will explain:

There is, currently, within the US military, the Executive branch of government and among extremist “power brokers” in America an active plot to “alter” America’s form of government through “decapitation.”

Let me be clear. Where the memo, printed in full below, refers to “violent”, it means “assassination” of many top leaders in America including but not limited to the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and others.

The plot makes use of the resources of major private defense contractors and their intelligence and special operations personnel.

There has been active recruiting that has been noted and is why the memo was released and why many members of the military have been subjected to investigation.

The Benghazi attack was planned and financed by this group.

Many writers in the alternative media have noted much of what is going on but not all.

Some have shown access to very knowledgeable sources.

Behind the plotters are drug cartels that have penetrated the US government, former lobbyists who were moved into government during the Bush (43) administration and now are suspected of being involved in a coup attempt.

There is no direct evidence tying any foreign government to this plot though most are “fanatically” aligned with the militant Likudists in Israel under Netanyahu’s regime.

The President’s text below, unedited:

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
November 21, 2012

Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

Memorandum for the heads of executive departments and agencies

Subject: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.

The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs. These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.

The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.

Barack Obama

A very real threat to world stability

To some, at a glance, this might actually sound like a response to leaks within the CIA and White House except for some extraordinary language.

Please make very special note of the following:

“…to deter, detect and mitigate actions by employees who may present a threat to national security…These threats include…violent acts against the Government and the Nation…”

Please note that they refer to “violent acts” and speak of both the “government” and “nation.”

By “government,” they are indicting, with no “wiggle room,” assassination plots.

By “nation,” they may well be referring to false flag terrorism that may well include use of weapons of mass destruction.

Britain was subject to such a threat during the London Olympics, one that would never have been successfully overcome without the help of journalists who put themselves at great risk.


The US government has had a twelve-year moratorium against arrest and prosecution of spies within our government and military other than those who can be tied to China.

The most famous Chinese “spy” was Wen Lee Ho, a nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Labs. He was arrested in 1999, held in solitary confinement for a year and then released.

In order to get an accurate picture I phoned two friends, one a senior FBI counter-intelligence operative and the other a very senior US Army intelligence officer.

The question I put before them, while eating breakfast, was:

“Please list the nations that represent the greatest threat of espionage against the United States and, which nations, in order, are believed to represent the “penetration threat” that President Obama is referring to.”

From the FBI, their appraisal not intended for the “pop culture” media:

“Our greatest direct threat is Israel and the Israel lobby. They have systematically penetrated every aspect of government and the military and, if they cannot get documents from those branches, friends in congress will give them access to anything that branch has available.

After that is India, with every research facility at risk from RAW (Indian Intelligence) penetration and then Cuba, Mexico and Turkey.

The primary end users of this intelligence, the “clients,” are Russia and China.”

From the US Army:

“I agree with Israel and the rest but we have not had Turkey on our radar. The obvious end users are, of course, Russia and China based on capability.

The issue I have is how a presidential press release, an extraordinary and almost “draconian” document has gone without an uproar from congress and wide press coverage.

Who has the power to suppress reporting on something like this, though, I know that you will say it is Israel, I would want proof.

Though there has been no official notification of this, I am of the impression that we now consider any mention of Israeli spying to be highly classified.

Only Russia and China are officially listed, entirely out of concern not to offend lobbyists whose feelings outweigh real issues of national security.”

Then I turn on my television, hour after hour of TV shows about espionage and terrorism. Both American and British TV are the same.

All spies are from Iran and Pakistan; nations that our actual intelligence agencies indicate represent no espionage threat to speak of.

In fact, in my two Saturday morning phone interviews, which can, of course, be confirmed by Homeland Security who has tapped my phones, I have reflected with great accuracy.

Thus, we ask you to read what President Obama really did not say “between the lines,” the message is quite clear.

We do not see a roundup of AIPAC spies, not like in the early days of the Bush administration although Attorney General John Ashcroft quashed that investigation.

What we are seeing is a hunt for traitors within the American government and military, some of which is working its way onto the news.

The question of the moment, however, is this:

How can a President of the United States announce that the government is infiltrated with terrorists and spies and no newspaper, television network or other form of media notices?






Presidential memo on insider threats: Why now?

Obama waits in a tent before a rally at the Rochester Commons in NH, August 2012.

Obama waits in a tent before a rally at the Rochester Commons in NH, August 2012.
Credits: Callie Shell via DailyKOS

From examiner.com


On the day before Thanksgiving with little or no media attention, President Obama wrote a memorandum, which is an unofficial directive, to the “heads of executive departments and agencies” that addresses “insider threats.”

While the corporate media has largely ignored this memo, there has recently been much speculation in alternative media as to why Obama felt the need to address insider threats at this time.

The subject heading of the memo is National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs.”

It is short enough to reprint in its entirety:

This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security.

These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.

The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs.

These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.

The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.


Much of the speculation regarding this memo is a result of the brevity and ambiguous wording.

For example, what exactly defines an “insider threat” and why are “violent acts against the Government or the Nation” mentioned?

Recent events raise even more questions.

After a closer look at some of the theories regarding why Obama felt the need to write this now, readers can draw their own conclusions.

Stifling whistleblowers

This memo obviously urges an expansion of powers granted to the Insider Threat Task Force that was created by an executive order in October 2011, ten months after Army Private Bradley Manning retrieved roughly 250,000 diplomatic cables from a government computer and turned them over to Wikileaks.

Bradley Manning is facing hearings this week that could lead to him being imprisoned for life, after already being imprisoned is solitary confinement since May 2010.

If that is not enough of a deterrent for whistleblowers in the military, what is?

Jesselyn Radack, writing for the DailyKOS, correctly points out that this memo “serves to reinforce the Obama administration’s woeful confusion of whistleblowing with espionage [and]…is completely redundant as agencies already have internal policies on classified information and secrecy agreements.”

Radack continues to advance the theory that the memo is meant to stifle whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, Thomas Drake and John Kiriakou.

Yet she once again correctly notes that “the memo equates disclosure of classified information with ‘violent acts against the government’ and ‘espionage,’ a certainly inapt and chilling comparison considering that…an employee taking violent acts to overthrow the government or conducting espionage…is a rare occurrence whereas classified information appears on the front pages of national newspapers daily.”

In fact, the New York Times pointed out last year that anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent of classified documents could safely be made public.

Kevin Gosztola, who has been following the Bradley Manning case, appeared on RT with a similar assessment (see video). “During the clip, I point out the policy is extraneous as it is already official policy for national security agency employees to not release classified information without proper authorization. This adds another layer of procedures meant to chill speech and whistleblowing.”

Gosztala takes it one step further when writes, “it is an indication that the Obama administration, which prosecuted more whistleblowers or leakers in the past four years under the Espionage Act than any other previous administration, has a disposition against the free flow of information.”

It is quite possible that Obama wrote the memo with Manning’s case and other whistleblowers in mind, yet many speculate that there is much more to it.

Obviously, none of these whistleblowers were plotting violent acts against the nation and it is a safe assumption that a President who is an ex-constitutional law professor can make a distinction between whistleblowing, espionage and violent acts against the nation.

Expansion of executive powers

Beginning with the Bush administration, there has been a rapid expansion of executive powers in government and the Obama administration has continued that trend with unprecedented bills such as the National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) and the Federal Restricted Building and Grounds Improvement Act (HR 347).

It is a legitimate concern that the insider threat memo is a directive authorizing a further expansion of executive powers.

David Hagmann, writing for the Canada Free Press, makes some good points when he interprets Obama’s memo in a broader perspective.

Like others, he points out the ambiguity in the wording and acknowledges that it could just be geared at stopping leaks.

Hagmann, however, takes note of a key word in the memo.

The word is “centrally,” and when it is considered in the context of Obama’s agenda seen being implemented over the last four years, it is chilling:

The key to understanding this memorandum is to understand that we are witnessing the greatest consolidation of power and control under the Executive branch of the government in recent U.S. history.

This process creates a closed system of surveillance that cannot be easily penetrated by other branches of…government.

Accordingly, it becomes a self-policing network that has the ability to silence critics and individuals opposing a particular agenda or activity, even if such dissent is lawful…it gives Barack Hussein Obama the ability to redefine what constitutes a threat to the government, including treason. 

It is he, not laws enacted by congress or the workings of the judicial branch, who will now determine who and what constitutes an ‘insider threat.’

It is the very essence of ‘Big Brother’ within the government itself. Everyone needs to wake up and understand exactly what’s happening not only in the U.S., but across the world. We are witnessing the consolidation of power that historically precedes a war for absolute control.

Hagmann’s analysis encompasses the stifling of whistleblowers and takes it a step further to the stifling of any dissent within government agencies.

Like Gosztala and Radack, he acknowledges the ambiguity in the wording.

Unlike both, however, he fails to mention that the mechanisms for stifling whistleblowers and any form of dissent were already in place before this memo was written.

So, the question still remains, why would Obama feel the need to write this memo now?

Real insider threats

The words “violent acts against the government or the nation” have rang the alarm bells of several writers who have covered this memo.

Most seem to think they are out of context with the insider threats vaguely described in the memo. But that may not be the case.

President Obama may be beginning to feel threatened by not only people within his administration, but also by people in this country.

One context to put that into is that President Obama has received more death threats than any President in U.S. history.

At least two blogs have referenced Secret Service sources that say death threats to the President have increased by over 400 percent since Obama took office in 2008 and amount to about 30 per day.

That’s 43,830 death threats for his first four years alone.

Of course, that is impossible to verify because the media and not even the President is made aware of all threats against him.

As the Secret Service says, “the sheer number would be overwhelming and, frankly, distracting.”

Combined with the recent shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the spike in gun sales after the election, and many who have signed petitions for secession, the words “violent acts” and “insider threats” make more sense.

Some writers, such as Gordon Duff writing for Press TV, have gone as far as to claim that Obama’s memo may be a preemptive response to an Israeli assassination attempt or an effort by AIPAC-backed groups to overthrow the U.S. government.

Whether or not real threats of violence are from domestic insiders or foreign infiltrators, they cannot sit well with any President regardless of party affiliation.

As usual, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

The question then becomes, in between what?

A simple silencing of whistleblowers or preventative measures against an assassination and/or overthrow of the U.S. government?

Neither one seems good for Americans right now.


White House web site (whitehouse.gov)

Text of Memo (pdf)


fas.org – Executive Order 13587

Mother Jones




New York Times


14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012

NDAA (S.1867) pdf

opencongress.org (HR 347)

Canada Free Press


Petitions from 50 states to secede from the U.S.

Press TV


, Madison Independent Examiner

Gregory Patin earned a B.A. in political science from U.W. – Madison and a M.S. in management from Colorado Technical University. He is currently a free lance writer residing in Madison, WI who considers himself politically independent.




Gun BAN APPROVED by UN & Signed by Obama

From InvestmentWatch

November 27th, 2012

Second presidential debate: Assault weapons ban


Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out


Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips



UN APPROVAL: http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs//2012/dc3389.doc.htm SIGNED BY OBAMA


Black Friday Gun Sales Hit New Record High

Black Friday gun sales hit an all time record high last week with demand for new firearms so overwhelming that it caused outages at the FBI background check center on two separate occasions.

Fueled by fears that the Obama administration will go after gun rights during a lame duck term, the FBI reported 154,873 background check requests on Friday – a 20 per cent increase on last year’s record total of 129,166 checks.

The number of guns sold could actually be double or more that figure because only one background check is recorded per sale even if buyers purchase multiple firearms.

“With the recent election, some people are making buying decisions just in case something (new law) happens,” Don Gallardo, manager of Shooter’s World in Phoenix, told USA Today.





PLO Rejects US Demand to Prohibit War Crimes Charges Against Israel

The US pushed Palestine to add a clause in UN bid barring war crimes charges against Israel. What are they afraid of?




From AntiWar.com

by John Glaser, November 27, 2012

The Palestinians have refused demands from Washington that it soften the wording of the proposed United Nations resolution regarding the recognition of a Palestinian state.

According to Haaretz, “the push did not succeed because the Palestinians refused to add a clause to the draft that would prevent them from filing criminal charges against Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.”

Israel, backed by the US, has objected to the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) bid at the UN, claiming formal recognition of Palestine needs to happen through negotiations, instead of happening unilaterally at the UN.

But the the defunct peace process has proven over the decades to be a scheme to provide Israel with more time to colonize and annex additional Palestinian land.

Israel does not want a Palestinian state on the internationally recognized borders of pre-1967.

They don’t want a state at all.

Part of the reason is ideological: Zionists have intended to gain permanent sovereignty over the West Bank since the establishment of Israel.

But another reason is more immediate: if Palestine is a state, that means it can bring Israel to court for war crimes.

A secret State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks revealed that one of the primary reasons behind Israeli objections to Palestinian statehood is that lack of statehood keeps Palestinian territories outside the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The US-Israeli effort to get the PLO to include a clause prohibiting Palestine from bringing Israel to court for war crimes is revealing: if they truly believed Israel hadn’t committed war crimes, such an effort wouldn’t be necessary.

Last 5 posts by John Glaser :




Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage



From SABBAH Report

by Lawrence Davidson on 11/28/2012

Genocidal Yearnings :

Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

Some History :

By the middle of the 19th century the multi-ethnic empire was on its way out as the dominant political paradigm in Europe.

Replacing it was the nation-state, a political form which allowed the concentration of ethnic groups within their own political borders.

This in turn formed cultural and “racial” incubators for us (superior) vs. them (inferior) nationalism that would underpin most of the West’s future wars.

Many of these nation states were also imperial powers expanding across the globe and, of course, their state-based chauvinistic outlook went with them.

 was born in this milieu of nationalism and imperialism, both of which left an indelible mark on the character and ambitions of the Israeli state.

The conviction of Theodor Herzl, modern Zionism’s founding father, was that the centuries of anti-Semitism were proof positive that Europe’s  could not be assimilated into mainstream Western society.

They could only be safe if they possessed a nation state of their own.

This conviction also reflected the European imperial sentiments of the day. 

The founders of modern Zionism were both  and Europeans, and (as such) had acquired the West’s cultural sense of superiority in relation to non-Europeans.

This sense of superiority would play an important role when a deal (the Balfour Declaration) was struck in 1917 between the  and the British Government.

The deal stipulated that, in exchange for Zionist support for the British war effort (World  I was in progress), the British would (assuming victory) help create a  national home” in .

It was no oversight that neither side in this bargain gave much thought to the Palestinian native population. 

Years later, beginning in 1945 (at the end of World War II), the British were forced to officially give up the imperial point of view.

They came out of this war with a population burdened by extraordinary high war taxes.

Retaining the empire would keep those taxes high and so the British voter elected politicians who would transform the empire into a commonwealth, granting independence to just about all the Britain’s overseas territories.

One of those territories was Palestine.

It is interesting to note that in other colonies, where large numbers of Europeans resided, the era following World War II saw their eventual evacuation as power shifted over to the natives. 

Kenya and Algeria are examples which show that this process was hard and bloody, but it happened.

And when it did happen, the official imperial mind set was defeated.

That does not mean that all Europeans (or Westerners) saw the light and ceased to be racists, but that their governments eventually saw the necessity to stop acting that way. 

Some Consequences :

Unfortunately, in the case of Palestine, this process of de-colonization never occurred.

In this case the European colonists did not want the imperial mother country to stay and protect them.

They wanted them out so they could set up shop on their own.

They got their chance after the British evacuated in 1947. 

Soon thereafter, the Zionists began executing a prepared plan to conquer the “Holy Land” and chase away or subjugate the native population.

And what of that imperial point of view which saw the European as superior and the native as inferior?

This became institutionalized in the practices of the new Israeli state.

That made  one of the very few (the other being apartheid South Africa) self-identified “Western” nation states to continue to implement old-style imperial policies: they discriminated against the Palestinian population in every way imaginable, pushed them into enclosed areas of concentration and sought to control their lives in great detail. 

If one wants to know what this meant for the evolving character of Israel’s citizenry who now would live out the colonial drama as an imperial power in their own right, one might take a look at a book by Sven Lindqvist entitled Exterminate All The Brutes (New Press 1996).

This work convincingly shows that lording it over often resisting native peoples, debasing and humiliating them, regularly killing or otherwise punishing them when they protest, leads the colonials to develop genocidal yearnings.

There is evidence that the Zionists who created and now sustain Israel suffer from this process.

For a long time Israeli government officials tried genocide via a thought experiment.

They went about asserting that the Palestinians did not exist.

The most famous case of this was , who on June 15, 1969 claimed that “there were no such thing as Palestinians ….They do not exist.”

One of the reasons she gave for this opinion was that the Arabs of Palestine never had their own nation state. 

Sponsored by:

Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

Buy Palestine T-Shirt from Sabbah Store

See more Palestine T-Shirts

Others took a different approach by denying not so much the existence of Palestinians, but rather their humanity.

At various times and in various contexts, usually in response to acts of resistance against , Israeli leaders have referred to the Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs” (); “grasshoppers” (Yitzhaq Shamir); “crocodiles” (); and “cockroaches” ()

Of course, these sentiments were not confined to the Israeli leadership.

They soon pervaded most of the Zionist population because the old imperial superiority-inferiority propaganda had become a core element of their basic education.

The Israelis have taught their children the imperial point of view, augmented it with biased media reporting, labeled the inevitable resistance offered by the Palestinians as anti-Semitism and took it as proof of the need to suppress and control this population of “Others.”

And, from the Zionist standpoint, this entire process has worked remarkably well.

Today all but a handful of Israeli Jews dislike  and fear the people they conquered and displaced.

They wish they would go away.

And, when their resistance gets just a bit too much to bear, they are now quite willing to see them put out of the way.

Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

Thus, during the latest round of resistance rocket fire from  and the vengeful killing that came from the Israeli side, we heard the following:

“We must blow  back to the Middle Ages destroying all the infrastructure including roads and water” (, present Deputy Prime Minister);

“There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing….We need to flatten entire neighborhoods…flatten all of Gaza” (journalist  in the Jerusalem Post);

“There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down…kill the Gazans without thought or mercy.” (, member of the );

Gaza should be “bombed so hard the population has to flee into Egypt” (, present Minister of Transportation);

Gaza should be “wiped clean with bombs” (, present Minister of Home Front Defense);

Israeli  must “learn from the Syrians how to slaughter the enemy” (prominent Israeli  );

and then finally there were the numerous, spontaneous demonstrations of ordinary Israeli citizens, both in the north and south of the country, where could be heard chants and shouts such as “They don’t deserve to live. They need to die. May your children die. Kick out all the Arabs.” 

Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage

If it wasn’t for the fact that the outside world was watching, there can be little doubt that the famed Israeli armed forces would have been tempted to do all that these ministers, clerics and citizens wished.

After Prime Minister  agreed to a cease fire, a group of Israeli soldiers showed their frustration by using their bodies to spell out (in Hebrew) the words “Bibi Loser” (Bibi is a nickname for Netanyahu).

It was a pre-arranged photo-op and the picture can now easily be found on the web.

What seems to really irk the Israeli citizenry is not that Bibi killed and maimed too many innocent Palestinian civilians, but rather that he did not kill and maim enough of them to grant Israelis “safety and security.” 


Conclusion :

Throughout history it has been standard operating procedure to demonize those you fight and demote to inferior status those you conquer.

But as Lindqvist’s work shows, there was something different about the way Europeans went about this business.

The deeply racist outlook that underlay modern imperialism made it particularly perverse.

Now that apartheid South Africa is no more, the Israelis are the last surviving heirs to that dreadful heritage.

So much for a “light unto the nations.”

That proposition has quite failed.

Wherever the Israelis and their Zionist cohorts are leading us, it is not into the light, it is to someplace very very dark.

Article by Lawrence Davidson | © | Sabbah Reporthttp://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=15667


About Lawrence Davidson

Lawrence Davidson is professor of history at West Chester University. He is the author of numerous books, including Islamic Fundamentalism and America’s Palestine: Popular and Official Perceptions from Balfour to Israeli Statehood.




Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty Cover Up – (2) Full Documentaries



From Charleston Voice

Posted by Charleston Voice – November 25, 2012

Originally Published by Charleston Voice, 06.08.12

Israel attacks America to cover-up its War Crimes

Due to the fact that the entire mainstream media (MSM) is owned by the Israeli Zionists, the American public is not aware that Israel is the biggest threat to American national security, and many believe that Israel is in fact at war with America and has colonized and occupied it just like the Palestine.

The apartheid state of Israel’s unprovoked attack on The USS Liberty, the assassination of a true human rights & peace activist, the honorable Rachel Corrie are just a few examples of Israel’s war against America.

Would the US allow its citizens to be attacked and killed by a foreign power and then cover up the facts?

It would – and it has.

On June 8th, 1967, the Israeli military attacked and attempted to sink the USS Liberty as she sailed under a US flag in international waters.

Thirty-four US servicemen were killed and 171 injured by a well-coordinated, multi-wave assault which included the use of napalm.

The Israeli military called the attack a “tragic mistake” and then-President Lyndon Johnson agreed it was nothing more.

Sailors who were aboard the ship were warned not to disclose the facts of what happened that day under penalty of court martial – or worse.

Sinking Liberty: Who will write the final chapter on Israel’s 1967 confrontation with the U.S. Navy?

Excellent Related YouTube (1 hr.): “Documentary on the USS Liberty: Dead in the Water”

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REAL NEWS Nov.20 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 20, 2012

The Occasional REAL NEWS in ‘ MY NOW OCCASIONAL ‘ attempt to awaken the Sheeple : November 20, 2012


Occupy World Government

…or how i learned to stop worrying, and joined the largest SOC (Self Organizing Collective), on the planet….


{XANIEL’S NOTE :  WARNING : Some Profanity, but of which I find appropriate, all things considered ! }~~~Xaniel777  


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – November 20, 2012

With respect……the f#ckers** are out to get your ass.

They want you tipping your hat, bending your knee, and averting your eyes when they pass. They want you abjectly servile.

They are not content with merely stealing your life’s work and energy, they want you quivering in slavish gratitude for your chains.

Or they want you dead.

Either way works for them. In their collective vision, you are their resource.

You are as owned by them as are their oil fields, their silver mines, their rail lines, their nuke plants, their newspapers, their corporations, their politicians, their governments, their military, in short…their planet.

Face it, to the power elite, there is only the difference in the number of legs and teats between you and the rest of the grazing herd on their farm.

They sheer you daily, so what makes you think they wont take you when they harvest the rest of the sheep?

They will take you. They own you.

In fact, they state explicitly that they own your body, soul, and the product of your life in dozens of ways daily.

It starts from the minute that they convince your ignorant parents (not their fault, they were ‘schooled’, and not educated, and are likely sheep themselves) to ‘register’ your birth.

The claim of need is that you are not a ‘person’ until documented, and would not be able to receive ‘service’ from ‘your government’.

If you really wish to educate yourself to what the registration of your ‘live birth’ means to them, and less importantly to you (as you are truly less important than you think to your life, at least to them), please visit the Frank O’Collins link off the main halfpasthuman page.

The ‘elites’, aka the f#ckers**, have stated repeatedly over the last few decades that they are going to push the planet into a “new world order”.

From the f#ckers viewpoint, the need for the NWO is obvious… to better manage their herds.

We have seen this push towards New World Order as a work in progress these last 200 years, with the creation of the EU as a microcosmic fractal of the work as a whole.

The ‘elites’ have bribed, beaten, killed, mashed, squeezed, displaced, shoved, shoveled, buried, twisted, threatened, lied, hoaxed, manipulated the former ‘sovereign states’ of Europe into the super state of the EU.

In short they have fucked 350 million people for the needs of the few ‘royals’, or ‘elites’ at the top.

And how well has this worked out for us regular humans?

Ok, so what is a poor bald guy to do?

Once he has shaken off the wool suit they slip on you at birth in the hospital, and tossed away the sheep goggles placed on us by the school system, then what?

You may have awakened to discover you are a human, but in looking around, you find that you stand naked and alone in the midst of a huge planet wide sheeple farm.

Well, time to educate yourself, and to learn to face the universe in your new status as a self actualizing, self responsible, self governing human being.

Once you transition via the education, and the attitude change from sheeple to human, you will find that you are not alone.

In fact, you are so not alone, that the self declaring, awake human population of this planet is over 1 million people and growing by the minute.

And these are just those humans who have reached the stage of being ‘official’ about declaring their rights and position on this planet.

As have i. Yes, i have finally, after decades in the sheeple farm, and a few dozen years as a human, have decided that there is a real point to being ‘official’ about my status.

Mostly i don’t give a crap about documents. This attitude comes from being defined by too many documents as a military brat.

Your life was defined by your ‘201 file’ which followed you, and was your ‘permanent record’.

Oh, the horror of it should some officialdom person threaten to ‘post a report in your 201’!

It was all just too much, so naturally, as a young sheep i rebelled, and adopted a screw documentation attitude that persisted for a number of decades.

That has now changed.

The change came about due to the current state of the planet, the rise of openly fascists and abusive behavior by government/corporations, and my thinking of just what the hell to do about it all?

So, after thinking deep into the issues for a whole lot of years (ok, so i am slow witted…), i came to the conclusion that THE expression of the problem is coming through the ‘nation state’.

Being an aikidoka***, i recognize the limitations inherent in contention/combat and choose to not engage my enemies (the f#ckers who use nation-states to abuse humans and the planet) on their terms….as that is only a way to lose.

So, thinking about it a lot more, i came to the conclusion that my best response is to follow the words of genius, and take Buckminster Fuller’s admonition to heart: don’t bother to fight them, invent the system that replaces them.

It makes sense to me.

You see, i had come to the conclusion that the way to defeat the New World Order and their One World Government was to employ a strategy i have used to good effect in the past in our linguistics work, that is, to ‘get there ahead of them’.

At that point i started doing research into the various forms of language around my ideas to replace the f#ckers, and was nearly instantly rewarded with discovering that i was indeed a slow witted fellow, and that millions of people had already built my solution.

That is, the largest self organizing collective on the planet already existed, and it was devoted to ‘self sovereign individuals collectively creating their world government’.

They have done it.

A vegetarian**** warrior in 1948 reached the same series of conclusions that i had, and started working then to create world government composed of self proclaimed world citizens as a meta-government for the planet.

It already exists.

Self declared (like all nation states, kingdoms, fiefdoms, and theocracies), the world government of world citizens is a valid approach to self sovereign status in the last days of the nation states.

And it really kicks the ‘authority’ out from under all the f#ckers.

What is the ‘Queen of England’ to me? Nothing, but a criminal.

i am a citizen of the world, and a participating member of the world government…she is merely a badly dressed old pedophile hiding behind a tradition built on lies to steal and steal and steal.

Her ‘realm’ is limited to specific spaces that she claims to own (about 1/6th of all of earth) and her specific claims of ownership of the people who submit to being her property.

My claim is to the planet earth, our world, and all places upon it.

The hell of it is, ‘they’, the ‘f#ckers’, not realizing the import of their actions, and thinking that they were merely throwing words at the annoying human rights claims,

provided the ‘authority’, and ‘legitimacy’ for the world government of self declaring world citizens in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s with a series of United Nations Declarations on Human Rights.

From 1948 until today, the f#ckers supra-state organization, the United Nations (note that this is the UNION of Nation-State-controllers, and does nothing for humans), have affirmed that their power to govern originates with, and is controlled by the contract BETWEEN people…..not nations.

ALL government originates as a contract between individuals.

The f#ckers come along later as self proclaimed ‘kings’, ‘queens’, and ‘popes’ with an agenda to seize the power of government for themselves.

They use various tools including ‘banking (money lent for interest that can never be repaid is a zionist weapon invention),

‘schooling’ (we teach you what we want you to think),

‘political system’ (a class of human endeavor which favors consummate liars, and other forms of psychopathy in which the goal is the control of the masses for the benefit of the few – the politicians and their masters),

and ‘religion’ (a class of human activity in which mind control is exerted to the point that the participants lives are dominated by a fear of an invisible, off-world alien named ‘god’ that demands endless repetition of mind control rituals).


{Xaniel’s Note : Clif refers to the Advance Life Forms that came to our planet eons ago and were seen as ‘ gods ‘. He is not saying that there is no ‘ GOD ‘ , or more to the point, the source and energy of ‘ALL’ things visible and invisible that make up us and our universe that many refer to  ‘ AS THE ONE TRUE GOD ‘ !}~~Xaniel777


But know this….at the core of the f#ckers power is a single expression of human activity…..documents.

When the realization struck me that they, the bastard bankster child molester politicians and their masters have made all their tools of control dependent on a single expression of human activity,

i.e. the recording of words, on paper and electronically, i saw the path clearly as though shown a vision by that off-world fictional creation of the f#ckers that they call ‘god’.

Yes, the slap upside my head rang my empty skull like a bell, and when it settled down, what remained was the clear vision to the control of the world…..documents.

At first, before my research, i had thought i would have to bust my butt creating a huge infrastructure to insist on my human rights to declare myself above and beyond the nation state.

That is, as a living, breathing, blood pumping human, it is up to me to declare my sovereign status, and then to act upon that declaration.

However, in order to control the ‘f#cker-factor’ of life, it would become necessary for me to have the ability to remove myself from the ‘f#ckers’ documentation machine.

Obviously the easiest way was to supercede their documents with my own…

…as it is also obvious that their claims (via documents) are in NO way more valid than my own claims via documents.

That is true. There is no ‘authority’ on earth other than humans (at the moment).

So no claim by any human, or group of humans, is in any way more valid than any other claim…

…this kicks the piss out of the ‘divine right of kings’ from which the ‘nation-state’ attempts to ‘inherit’ their authority…

…usually cited in the western world as the chain of documents that began with the magna carta (i refuse to capitalize it according to the f#ckers rules….this is my document, not theirs).

This document, the magna carta, is held as the core ‘legal’ authority for the basis of statehood.

And again, it stakes its claim to authority on the ‘divine right of kings’ which is a claim, by a human, that an off-world alien named ‘god’ is the ‘ultimate authority’,

and that further, this off-world alien told them (when no one else was around of course) that they were to be proxy for ‘god’ here on earth.

So until this ‘god’ shows up here on earth to support the claim of either kings or nation states, i am saying bullshit to the whole claim of authority, and striking out on my own….

….well, thanks to the World Service Authority, i am hardly on my own.

A great hero to humans everywhere, the previously mentioned vegetarian warrior, a man named Garry Davis, gave me, and all world citizens, a great gift.

He dedicated his life to creating and nurturing a space for the World Government of World Citizens to birth itself.

Now is the time that we can all repay him for his dedication through our actions as competent world citizens building our world government.

Garry Davis did not create the organization, it arose on its own. As it should. Organically, and structured by common law (see the O’Collins link off the main halfpasthuman page), the World Government of World Citizens is the new order of the world.

It is just NOT what the f#ckers have in mind when they use say NWO.

But they don’t matter any more….the f#ckers i mean.

Now we are off creating the system that will replace them as they thrash around in their death throes.

Yes, they are still dangerous, and need to be treated with the respect one would give to a mentally unstable, dying animal, but we need not concern ourselves with the future of the f#ckers as they have none.

All the regular humans, the world citizens, yet self declared or not, are going to be very very busy inventing our new future.

It is not up to me to educate you about World Citizen status, and what it can mean for your life, after all, a competent citizen takes care of their own education as a part of their responsibility to the rest of the world citizens.

You don’t have to accept the responsibility of world citizen status.

You can put the woolies suit back on along with the sheep goggles, and munch the provided fodder contentedly until you are harvested.

If you want to work, that is to join others in the World Government SOC* working to change your life, planet and future, the route of world citizen is a path that will work, individually and collectively.

You begin this work here at the World Service Authority.

As with any work i undertake, a certain thoroughness and intensity is involved. As a world citizen, i consider it my duty to be informed.

So i have purchased and read all of Garry Davis’ books from the site, as well as doing my own research on the contents proffered by the books. It was worth the effort.

Satisfied that all is as stated, i have applied for my World Citizen documentation, including ID card, and Passport.

Now, for the squeamish among you, note that you need not renounce any allegiance to any nation state.

It is not necessary. As a world citizen, you merely are declaring your allegiance to yourself as sovereign over your life.

The other world citizens and their work are there to make the process easier.

The ‘charge’ for this was paid by Garry Davis with his life’s actions.

As a world citizen, i will be providing my documents when i deem a request is valid.

These documents will identify me as a world citizen, resident in the local republic of Washington State.

i am not distancing myself from my local environment, in fact, by becoming a world citizen, it has made me closer to my local concerns by virtue of removing any thoughts for the demands of THE UNITED STATES (a corporation created in 1871 illegally by the Forty-First Congress).

 Further, it is not only my concerns and thoughts that are removed, but also the ability of THE UNITED STATES corporation to intrude on my life.

Some small fees for copying and overhead do apply.

For those with the resources, the World Service Authority offers a 15 year, gold embossed passport for donations to the World Fund that is used by the World Service Authority to hand out documentation to distressed, stateless humans globally (at least half will be children and women).

This is a noble effort.

And self serving…..you see, every time that a World Service Authority document is accepted anywhere on the planet for any reason, all world citizens benefit.

Each of us, in our individual actions for our own interests, strengthens all other world citizens collectively.

By way of encouraging those who read these words to pursue this course of research for their lives, i have obtained a few of the ‘i am a world citizen’ pins…

…these are the counterpart to the ubiquitous ‘flag pins’ of the politicians and minions (they use them as symbols to say that they are on your side which, of course, is bullshit).

For the first 7/seven world citizens who send me either their ID number, or passport number from the issued World Service Authority documents, Cathy and i will write a note, sign, and date it, and include it along with the pin.

For some reason, some humans are impressed by us (cathy and i), thus put value on our scribbles.

So be it, and i will use that as a method to accelerate YOUR interest in the whole subject of World Citizen status.

For the first 7/seven world citizens who get back to us with your newly issued documents, we will provide autographs, and ‘i am a world citizen’ pins.

Not that these trinkets matter. The real benefit is success at succession.

Note that there are more registered world citizens than 95 nation-states can claim as their population.

This is real ‘power to the people’.

Welcome, world citizens……


* SOC = self organizing collective

** f#ckers = globalist elite banksters and their politician/priest =pedophile minions

***aikidoka = someone who practices the principles of aikido, the way of peace.

**** vegetarian warriors = the toughest of the tough, not only warriors, but so disciplined as to impose their will on their own bodies and life. Now that is tough. Examples include the samurai.

Copyright 2012, all rights reserved. No copying without attribution and links. Fair use explicitly supported with attribution.








Slavery By Consent · Understanding The Human Farm


Posted on Nov 12, 2012 by 

Published on Aug 12, 2012 by ASimpleEquation

In 2010, the Bushwackk Channel on YouTube created a presentation called “Slavery by Consent” that succinctly outlined the deception used to enslave humanity by the global criminal class.

It was a powerful statement documenting the crimes of our ruling classes which I thought was great, but could be better.

I spent 2 weeks in the Summer of 2010 adding information to the documentary, subtitling parts in the movie that were over driven by music making them difficult to hear and creating an even more informative documentary highlighting the nature and history of our enslavement,

the absurdity of an all-powerful governing (controlling) class to a free human race and the philosophy of liberty which we all need to adopt if we are to ever be a free species on this planet living in balance with the natural world.

I renamed the documentary, “Slavery by Consent: Understanding the Human Farm & Breaking Free of the Invisible Prison for Your Mind,” put the expanded video onto DVD and gave it out to many people who watched it and finally began to awaken to reality because of the message and soft approach to the information.

A few days ago, I decided to update it once more and upload it to YouTube since I am now able to do it in one full and uninterrupted file and share it with the rest of the world.

Below is a listing of the chapter titles and the times at which they begin.

Thanks go out to Bushwackk for the initial and inspiring presentation,

Stefan Molyneux for his deeply philosophical insight and common sense,

Daniel Taylor of OldThinkerNews.com,

The International Society for Individual Liberty,

Ken Schoolland and Kerry Pearson for their tireless efforts in educating the world and promoting the ideals of freedom and individual liberty and Alex Jones for exposing the crimes and modus operandi of the elitist ruling class for 17 years and counting.

Slowly, the world awakens from the nightmare of debt slavery and illegitimate authority imposed on us for nearly 6000 years which has violated the natural, universal laws made to govern us and our interaction with each other and all other species on this planet by the Creator of the universe… 

Enjoy. =)

Chapter Titles

01. 00:00:00 Introduction: Does Slavery Still Exist?
02. 00:07:40 Law: The Purpose of Certificates
03. 00:12:31 All ‘Capital’: We Are Merely Assets
04. 00:22:31 Human Chattel: The Money Sold Abroad Is YOU
05. 00:27:53 The Sin: We Were Captured at Birth
06. 00:36:46 Modern Slavery: History of The Human Farm
07. 00:49:16 Usury: In Whose Interest?
08. 00:56:54 Government & The Corporation: Unholy Alliance of Fascism
09. 01:05:45 Phase 3: War and Media Control
10. 01:15:57 True Freedom: The Philosophy of Liberty
11. 01:23:59 Humanity Held Captive: The Story of Your Enslavement
12. 01:37:10 Perception vs. Reality: Plato’s Allegory of The Cave
13. 01:45:03 Be The Change You Want To See: The Love Police (w/ Subtitles)
14: 01:54:47 Reason vs. Superstition: Statism is Dead
15. 01:58:02 Breaking Free: I Do Not Consent
16: 02:08:23 Globalist Agenda: The Scientific Dictatorship & The Future of Humanity
17: 02:14:32 Non-Conformity: The Peaceful Revolution

*** Copyright Disclaimer *** Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.








In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bio terrorism (Full Version)

From Underground Documentaries

This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bio terrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead.

It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations.

He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bio terror; the “War on Terrorism” used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history—the “War on Cancer;”

the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flus; the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions.

Every viewer is encouraged to reproduce and distribute copies to others.

Donations to Tetrahedron Films to cover costs and produce more films like this are greatly appreciated online at http://www.inlieswetrust.com or by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787.

You can screen the film on behalf of local charities.








Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold


From Charleston Voice

Monday, November 19, 2012

Posted by Charleston Voice

Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold

All the buzz in the aftermath of the last election is that secession is in the air.

Despite the improbable prospects that the globalists, that control the federal government, would allow the upstart masses to leave the dominion of Disunion States, it is promising that the country builds critical mass for dissolution. 
 Secession in this day is not your call to arms in the defense of home.

Honest Abe’s version of despotism caused many politicians to “Wave the bloody shirt”, but today’s crop of brave leaders just asks you to sign a petition to beg for a cordial severance.

Just imagine the response from the unprincipled governmental career class.

The re-education FEMA facilities are ready to become today’s Camp Douglas detention centers.

The League of the South list Ten Reasons For Secession and offers this assessment.

“What is behind this increasing support for secession and independence? Perhaps the answer is this: hard reality has finally trumped the myth of a sacred, indivisible union. In other words, many citizens are beginning to see the hand writing on the wall, and the message is alarming.”

Notwithstanding, the sentiments of the Old South, the contemporary motivation to reject the arrogant and oppressive dictates of the central government is taking hold for a myriad of reasons.

One of the stronger reasons appears in the article, Pluralism Leaves No Other Option – LIBERTY Demands Secession

“It is absolutely crucial to view the concept of America not as a country, and certainly not as a government.

The uniqueness in the notion of the 1776 revolution lies within the shot heard round the world. Equity – adjudication of the inadequate common law, supplant natural law with chancery courts.

“Equity follows the law” is the claim, but the practice is that the law becomes arbitrary, that which men desire.

Secession is the moral course. Yes, you will reply that the government will never allow such a wild proposal.

Surely, you would be correct, the nature of the federal system is to control people, and would not give up the power to dominate citizens.

But, that evaluation does not dispel the validity of the ethical case.

So much for the prospect of Liberty in a free society.”

Set aside the fear of federal retribution and coercive retaliation.

Is it justified to seek dissolution of the failed empire that has long ago buried the essence of a constitutional republic?

The great departed Joseph Sobran in Secession, Anyone?, urges you to search your conscience and be true to your immortal soul. 

“A few readers think I’m writing with tongue in cheek when I propose secession.

Well, though I see the humor of it, I’m not exactly joking.

I know it’s unlikely to happen, for the time being, but the idea has value as a thought-experiment.

It can help free our minds of the illusion that the present political status quo was, and is, “inevitable.”

How would such a movement proceed?

The essay, Representation, Secession and Taxation, illustrates unbearable circumstances and practical steps to ratchet up populace pressure.

As discontent rises and practical solutions evaporate, that dirty historic sentiment begins to bubble to the surface, SECESSION

Russell D. Longcore provides a standard, when secession is a vital and justified option that many would accept. 

“Secession should be solemnly deliberated by the elected representatives and the state citizens.

Secession should be initiated at the moment that any state reaches the point at which it will no longer accept the despotic tyranny and laws coming from the US Federal Government in Washington, DC.

Or, secession should be initiated upon a collapse of the Dollar, or the imposition by Washington DC of martial law in the event of social upheaval.”

Charleston Mercury, December 1860

The initiative, Petitions to secede are filed for 23 states since election, as previously reported by the Washington Times explains the procedure.

“The White House may have to take the requests seriously. According to the website, any petition receiving 25,000 online “signatures” on the “We the People” page within 30 days of posting will receive a review by the appropriate executive department and a response from a White House staffer. 

As of Monday, the Texas petition had already exceeded the 25,000-signature threshold, and the Louisiana petition was fast approaching the cutoff with more than 18,000 signatures.

Most of the petitions were posted online Nov. 10, which means they have until Dec. 10 to qualify for a response.”

A further update appears on U.S. Citizens In Over 40 States File Petitions For Secession, which also lists the states and the proposed response.

“The Obama administration explains on the website,

“If a petition meets the signature goal within the designated period, the White House will respond to that petition in a timely fashion.”


Continued>> Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold








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REAL NEWS Nov.11 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 10, 2012




Just-In : Obama Is Formally And Criminally Charged With Treason, By The U.S. Military, Again!

From Before It’s News

 November 8, 2012


“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”.

-Sir Winston Churchill  speaking  on 9 November 1942

The latest formal criminal complaint naming OBAMA in TREASON was filed this morning at 1131 hours local (11: 31 a.m. EST).

The TREASON complaint is copied below for your convenience.

Now, as is assiduously, urgently importuned since 17 March 2009 it is going to take a very large number of people, acting in groups and in a coordinated way, to advance this formal criminal complaint naming OBAMA in TREASON so as to take effect. Individuals must file individual complaints in the same way this complaint was administered. Then the individual complaints must be collected up and submitted in mass everywhere possible across the United States. OBAMA can and must be removed from his residence in the White House as a common thug, punk street wise criminal. I’m not talking impeachment, I’m talkin’ ’bout OBAMA being taken down as any other accused felon. It can be accomplished if enough people get behind the effort in a way that soars over any gathering or group action before. FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE! DO IT NOW!



Thursday, 8 November 2012 – 70th Anniversary OPERATION TORCH – World War II Northwest Africa – Casablanca

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III United States Navy Retired


  • Robert Swan Mueller, III, Director – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington D.C. (ORIGINAL)

  • The Foreman of the two sitting Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee via William C. Killian, U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Easter District


                       OF TREASON

1. OBAMA represents a clear and present danger to U.S. national security, to the U.S. Constitution and to our Republican form of government. OBAMA IS A FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY! OBAMA is working assiduously to destroy America! No document record exists showing Barack Hussein OBAMA to be a United States citizen.

2. OBAMA paid money and aided and abetted Al-Qaeda members and groups that attacked Americans on U.S. territory in Benghazi, Libya on 11 and 12 September 2012. Al-Qaeda is the jihadist terrorist organization that attacked the United States on 11 September 2001.

3. Pro-jihadist and Islamist OBAMA personally denied frantic cries for help from Americans in mortal danger throughout a 7-hour attack by approximately 150 heavily armed known jihadists. OBAMA watched four Americans die in real time. OBAMA is allowing our enemies to slaughter our servicemen piecemeal at the same time ordering our troops to disarm.

4. OBAMA lies to the American people about his TREASON with every opportunity. OBAMA is lying to the American people about the 11-12 September attack in Benghazi, Libya in a cover story intended to protect OBAMA from facing a criminal prosecution and conviction.

5. OBAMA is personally responsible for OBAMA  the 6 August 2011 shoot-down of an Army CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. 17 Navy SEALS died. All 5 men of the Chinook crew died. 3 Air Force special tactics airmen died. 5 men of a Navy support force died. OBAMA and his gang of outlaws lie to the America people about that.

6. In commission of TREASON In commission OBAMA is engaged in purchasing and supplying guns, heavy weapons, high-powered munitions and explosives to foreign aggressors—AMERICA’S ENEMIES—around the globe. OBAMA has and continues to ship weapons from Libya to Syria through Turkey. Some weapons may be being directly shipped to Syria. Christopher Stevens was OBAMA’s point man of this operation when Stevens was murdered in Benghazi during the attack of 11-12 September 2012. In this TREASON OBAMA is arming America’s enemies: Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood connected Syrian rebels.

7. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA provides safe-haven and sanctuary to those bent on the destruction of the United States, its people, and its form of government. OBAMA encourages, facilitates and arms our enemies to carry out a WAR on the United States from enemy bases set up in the homeland and around the globe. OBAMA aids and abets these known enemy forces to establish and strike from strongholds OBAMA allows established on American soil.

8. OBAMA refuses to pledge his allegiance to the United States.OBAMA conspires with leaders of countries, groups and organizations bent upon the destruction of America. By so doing OBAMA engages in TREASON against the United States in every aspect of TREASON.

9. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA  broke into and occupies the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling and deceit. OBAMA is an undocumented illegal alien and spy. Posing as an imposter president and commander-in-chief OBAMA strips civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors—command racketeers such as Martin Dempsey—are free in the exercise of an extra-military government intent upon the destruction of our Republican, constitutional form of governance. There are dozens of senior military commanders no more obedient to the United States Constitution than is OBAMA.

10. OBAMA  is joined in his TREASON by a raft of civilian criminal assistants too numerous to name in this submission. I leave it to the Grand Jury, in the conduct of an independent, autonomous, and unfettered investigation, to assign specificity and particularity to the list of OBAMA’S co-conspiring outlaws.

11. OBAMA is  a FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY, an infiltrator, a traitor and a spy. OBAMA installed and operates a government that rivals and competes with our U.S. Constitution. OBAMA operates government not found in our United States Constitution. If not arrested OBAMA will continue to commit TREASON. OBAMA is emboldened now and more dangerous to this country’s survival as a constitutional Republic than any other threat the United States faces in the world.

12.  We come now to this reckoning: I accuse Barack Hussein OBAMA of TREASON. I accuse OBAMA’S military-political criminal   assistants of TREASON. Their criminal mischief is recognized as TREASON in pure form. I expose and identify OBAMA and his criminal associates as TRAITORS (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Susan Rice, David Petraeus and Martin Dempsey but a few).

13.  It needs be said out loud and relentlessly: OBAMA is aiding and abetting America’s enemies. OBAMA is lying to the American people in every regard going to OBAMA’S TREASONOUNS escapades. OBAMA IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

14. This submission renews and extends all previous filings naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON dating from 17 March 2009. The list of ACTS of OBAMA’S TREASON found in this formal criminal complaint is not exhaustive. Far from it.

15.  My sworn duty is to stand against everything OBAMA stands for. The  FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY OBAMA IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! HE IS NOT MY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!

     “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Obedient to my oath to the United States Constitution in submission of this criminal complaint for TREASON I remain stead fast and,



Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired


Distribution wide 

Sworn and issued before me


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Treason: Benghazi Revelations Could Sink Obama









America enters “Post-Democracy”


“On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama offered the nation “real change” from the policies of George Bush.

Once elected, the President continued and expanded “endless war”; endless Gitmo, endless violations of civil liberties; unlawful attacks on Constitutional guarantees;

domination of government branches by the executive; endless bail-outs of banks; a seamless and totalitarian government-corporate spying and surveillance system sweeping all Americans;

initiated state-sponsored extrajudicial assassination programs;

further enriched billionaires; and now has placed on the alter for slaughter Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and entitlements.

Mr. Obama’s coming “Grand Bargain” with the GOP is nothing more than a well-orchestrated stage play that any theatre critic would pan for lack of realism.”


Claire Rivero makes a very good point :

Between the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the NDAA,

the United States of America has become a post-Constitutional republic,

where every citizen can now be considered guilty until proven innocent,

indefinitely detained, and extrajudically assassinated without due process.

In light of these developments, 

please don’t expect the horrific drone attacks perpetrated against Afghanis, Yemenites,

and Pakistanis are going to stay in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan.

And if you think that I am being hysterically, ridiculously paranoid to make such as statement,

please consider the following:

Police drones that will see into your house coming soon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Yfr140hB1qM obama3w

From Global Research News

Global Research, November 10, 2012

by Michael T Bucci

In many states, November 6 was a good day for blue and identity politics, but said nothing about big national issues of war vs. peace; Wall Street vs. Main Street; Constitutional rights vs. restrictions; Democracy vs. Oligarchy.

It said nothing because nothing was said about these issues by either candidate for President or by the media.

The debate was over degrees of pain to inflict through austerity, to inflict on other nations through expanding wars, on how to insure future funding of the military machine unleashed abroad and soon, no doubt, to be used at home.

Your Street, Your Constitution, Your Civil Liberties, Your Democracy are not subjects for debate any longer – or for mentioning.

We are entering post-Democracy.

American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate put 2012 voter turnout at 57.5% of all eligible voters, compared to 62.3% who voted in 2008 and 60.4% who cast ballots in 2004. In 2000, the turnout rate was 54.2%.

Some analysts claimed 2012 turnout numbers were lower.

Viewed another way, approximately 90 million eligible voters did not vote.

“This is one of those rare elections in which turnout in every state in the nation went down,” said Center Director, Curtis Gans.

On the other side of the geopolitical chessboard, PressTV presented slightly lower numbers, “Latest figures show that 117 million Americans, less than 50 percent of the eligible voters, have taken part in the presidential polls,” claimed the wire service.

Whatever the final figure, when voter absenteeism reaches 50%, Democracy is naught and Oligarchy (or plutocracy) is entrenched.

Once lost, it would require another Revolutionary War to regain.

Yet, many voters, already discouraged, were urged to “stay home” by fringe writers at politically connected web sites.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama offered the nation “real change” from the policies of George Bush.

Once elected, the President continued and expanded “endless war”; endless Gitmo, endless violations of civil liberties;

unlawful attacks on Constitutional guarantees; domination of government branches by the executive; endless bail-outs of banks;

a seamless and totalitarian government-corporate spying and surveillance system sweeping all Americans;

initiated state-sponsored extrajudicial assassination programs; further enriched billionaires;

and now has placed on the alter for slaughter Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and entitlements.

Mr. Obama’s coming “Grand Bargain” with the GOP is nothing more than a well-orchestrated stage play that any theatre critic would pan for lack of realism.

Its authors reach back to Paul Ryan, a declared enemy of human welfare and social services spending and proponent of Ayn Rand Libertarianism, though he champions his religious credentials and theocratic leanings.

But for an audience wearing rose-colored glasses or drinking toxins from polarized news venues that only report news favorable to one Party or another, the stage setting for this battle over deficit reduction will look real and the acting convincing.

But the faux-battle might not last long. Recent political history has shown that the fastest scripts – like the Patriot Act – can be made law overnight given the right combination of threats, enemies, fears, collusion and plain old lies.

(Nor would anyone want to delay this premeditated plan hatched months ago by the bipartisan back-room “Gang of Eight”, and already agreed to by both political parties, and have it ruin Thanksgiving dinner or impact Christmas sales. I expect it to be finalized with the speed of a Karl Rove “surge”.)

President Obama is often accused of taking away with one hand a thing most valued, and returning a fig leaf to the loser with the other hand.

I wish to correct this: President Obama, a center-Right closet Republican, every bit a loyal neocon and neoliberal, isn’t throwing fig leaves.

BARACK OBAMA IS THE FIG LEAF thrown to the people by forces that constitute and control this nation’s finance, wealth, government, multinationals and military.

Mr. Obama’s performance for them in his first four years was remarkable. (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.)

Austerity programs (a.k.a.”structural adjustments”) in the US will be, no doubt, like those imposed on EU periphery countries and the UK (resulting in gradually increasing civil unrest, further economic decline, and losses to Democracy).

Under the smokescreen of deficit reductions, America’s own home-grown “troika” – Wall Street/Corporate America/Pentagon – will continue to mount an Oligarchy – an anathema to Democracy.

President Obama and those now in Congress have not served to stop the forward movement of this threat.

Dems/Libs/Progs remain blinded by Mr. Obama while the multitudinous Right-to-ultra-Right cells and parties have reasons to silently cheer a coming system offering them an even greater portion of the national wealth pie.

President Obama will fail to protect seniors, the disabled, the poor and the unemployed, while shielding Wall Street from prosecution, enriching billionaires, expanding wars and enlarging the security state at home.

The Dems/Libs/Progs long-ago abandoned their anti-Bush positions to blindly support the very same Bush/Cheney policies and actions when authorized by President Obama.


Open for debate is whether the President is and has been acting :

1) with intentional deceit;

2) from manipulation;

3) blinded by naiveté, self-interest or narcissism;

4) other;

5) a combination.

Nonetheless, had Barack Obama been George W. Bush, he would have been impeached.

Instead, the President radicalized the entire nation to the Right!

This will be his legacy.

There can be no up without a down; no hot without a cold; no Right without a Left.

To date, the Left in America has been made invisible by government and media suppression, yet it exists.

In its apparent absence, the Right has transformed a middle-Right politician named Barack Obama into a Socialist (suggesting a rewrite of all dictionaries and textbooks and the invention of another name for a Socialist).

The RGB color palette shown on TV, Netflix and computer screens across America consists of one primary-color only, instead of three: RED.

Were the full color-spectrum revealed, the American political illusion called a two-party system (Left and Right) would immediately dissolve.

Measured against any other time or period in its history, America is thoroughly right-wing today.

What does the future hold?

For many states like Maine that has voted to turn its legislature from solid red to solid blue overnight and isolate its Tea Party Governor in the process, a hope is to return to rational and civilized government.

For the nation: more of the status quo — triply amplified, triply contentious, triply chaotic and triply combative.

America’s eleven-year love affair with interfering with, invading and occupying sovereign nations will come home now.

America, itself, will become “occupied”.

The great laws of Karma, of the Christian sowing and reaping, of the secularist “What goes around comes around,” will yet be seen as valid, and acknowledged.

In less than ten years, there will be a new America, a better America.

But she must first go through the fire.

 Michael T Bucci is a retired public relations executive from New Jersey presently residing in New England. His essays have appeared at The Market Oracle. He is the author of nine books on practical spirituality including White Book: Cerithous.







Proof: Obama Is Coming for Your Guns


From the Trenches World Report

Posted on November 9, 2012 by Smilardog


While ignorant Obamanoids can’t get past “their” victory in re-electing the president they identify with, our Constitutional republic is quickly crumbling under a second term authoritarian no longer restricted by the prospect of facing another election.

The Obama Administration has openly announced their intent to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban that was “law” for ten years, but this time Dianne Feinstein and the gun-grabbing liberals aren’t just restricting new weapons & ammo purchases, but seeking legislation to require arms be turned in and private sales be barred.

Simultaneously, the Obama Administration is helping to revive the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which will undermine the sovereignty of the 2nd Amendment by putting international control over the flow of weapons and civilian ownership, inevitably affecting gun rights inside the U.S. particularly in border zones.

This is not speculation, this is not hyperbole, this is not myth– but the admitted plan now underway.

We must awaken to this authoritarian control measure and stop it through political pressure before it is too late.

Get this special report, featuring research by Alex Jones and Infowars reporters David Knight and Aaron Dykes, out to everyone you know!

Obama Calls for Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/10/obama-calls-for-renewal-of-assau…

Globalists Pull Out All Stops to Grab Guns After Obama Victory http://www.infowars.com/globalists-pull-out-all-stops-to-grab-guns-after-obam…

Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/turn-them-over-feinstein-moves-to-ban-all-assault-rifles-high-capacity-magazines-and-pistol-grips_11072012

After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/07/us-arms-treaty-un-idUSBRE8A627J2012…

Senator Feinstein looking to introduce new assault weapons ban http://www.examiner.com/article/senator-feinstein-looking-to-introduce-new-as…

U.N. Celebrates Obama Re-election by Pushing Global Gun Control, says Second Amendment Foundation http://www.infowars.com/u-n-celebrates-obama-re-election-by-pushing-global-gu…

Hours After Reelection, Obama Green Lights UN Gun Grab http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/item/13586-hours-after-re-election-obama…








From Fantasy To Fact: Four Ways The Fake Media Creates A False Reality


From the Trenches World Report

Posted on November 9, 2012 by Smilardog

The Excavator

The mainstream media has abused its power.

The global alternative media is demanding accountability.

1. Hyper-attention On A Particular Event, Issue, and Mantra.

The mainstream media exclusively focuses on a single story line about an event or an issue, which has the effect of marginalizing other points of view that are equally valid, if not more so.

Narratives, not facts and objective data, have taken center stage in the aspiring journalist’s mind.

Journalists and editors who oversee the making of the news play the same role as screenwriters in the film making process.

Their power stems from the fact that the public looks at news as “real,” whereas they know movies are totally fake.

But news in the United States and the West is the farthest thing from being real.

Journalists who are in the service of the U.S. intelligence community and other government intelligence agencies are messengers for power.

Their job is to repeat government narratives and government mantras.

For example, Al-Qaeda is a mantra, not an international terror organization that is at war with America.

Read, “Al Qaeda And Human Consciousness: Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda. . . . An Incessant And Repetitive Public Discourse,” by Prof Michel Chossudovsky.

The “Arab Spring” is another mantra that Washington has used to fulfill its foreign policy objectives in the Middle East.

The latest mantra that the mainstream media is using in a domestic context is the “fiscal cliff.”

Media messengers for the tyrannical establishment do not discuss how the Federal Reserve’s private money machine, Wall Street bailouts, and the military-industrial complex’s wars have caused the skyrocketing of U.S. debt.

They just keep repeating “fiscal cliff,” and then offer bipartisan solutions that will benefit the banksters in power while destroying the living standards of middle class taxpayers and workers.

By focusing on the “fiscal cliff,” rather than the Grand Canyon of Deception that is the unconstitutional Federal Reserve system, the mainstream media legitimizes the looting and pillaging of the American people by the transnational banksters.

2. Production of Fake News Reports.

War propaganda is not a new feature of warfare, but the modern Western mass media has taken this art to its highest technological development.

What the AmericanIsraeli, and Western media accomplished on the day of September 11, 2001, is simply astonishing.

9/11 was a riveting Hollywood production, from start to finish, from morning to nightfall.

It made Hitler’s propaganda team weep from the beyond.

But the official 9/11 story is just one example of how news is manufactured by the government in tandem with the press.

Examples abound in Syria.

Propaganda stations like CNN, Al Jazeera, and BBC have reported on fake massacres by the Syrian government, made up the size of anti-Assad protests, and generally exaggerated the intensity of the hatred for Assad within Syria.

We cannot rely on the official number of the people who have died in the conflict because the malicious media routinely makes up figures and repeats them until they become accredited as facts.

Up to now, the Western media has painted a very rosy picture of the anti-Assad “rebels” who are foreign-funded Jihadist terrorists, while minimizing the suffering and needless deaths of Assad’s supporters like Syrian-Palestinian actor Mohamad Rafea.

We can clearly see that the revolution in Syria is an imagined revolution and not a real revolution.

The Arab Spring is not like an organic plague that spreads from country to country.

The U.S., Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia transported the Arab Spring into Syria, and it met resistance from the politically aware Syrian people and the powerful Syrian state.

This is natural because there was never a demand for a violent Jihadi revolution in Syria.

The anti-government sentiments in Syria never reached the level of despair, unlike in Egypt, Bahrain, and other countries in the region.

3. Omission of Facts and Alternative Opinions.

Since the mainstream media operates in a politically constructed universe, facts that contradict the word of the U.S. government are suppressed.

The integrity of the fake universe is preserved at the cost of destroying the real universe.

Those who have a different opinion of events that transformed America like 9/11 and the 2008 bankster bailout are ridiculed as crazy.

When you express alternative opinions that conflict with the official narratives of the U.S. government you are accused of being paranoid, conspiracy theorizing, aiding Al-Qaeda, and drumming up fear for ratings.

To learn more about how media propaganda against dissent works, read, “The Propaganda Battlefield: Militants Abroad, Conspiracy Theorists At Home.”

Canceling out reality may work for a while, but it has the last word.

It is getting harder for the mainstream media to ridicule independent investigators as conspiracy theorists for pointing out that the U.S. and its dictatorial allies are sponsoring Jihadi terrorism against Syria.

Even mainline journalists are beginning to admit it.

How can they not? It is pretty tough to cover-up reality.

There are videos of Jihadist mercenaries mass executing civilians and the Western media spin machine is powerless in the face of this kind of explosive evidence.

They will just look foolish if they say mass executions by anti-government terrorists isn’t happening and that all the blame for the crisis in Syria falls on Assad’s shoulders.

4.  Mass Indoctrination of The Public Through Myth and Ritual.

The example of the 9/11 ritual proves that we think mythically, not rationally.

It is easy for a totalitarian government with vast media resources to condition the public and put it under a spell indefinitely.

The trouble arises with the arrival of a competing narrative, one that is actually based on scientific facts as opposed to propaganda.

But a sustained media campaign to brainwash the public in combination with the trauma of terror can effectively keep the public under the government’s spell for a very long time.

Read, “Seven Ways Events Like 7/7 Empower Socialized Warfare,” to learn about the effectiveness of false flag terrorism.

Also, read, “7 Reasons Washington’s Grand Counter-Terrorism Myths Persist In The Face of Evidence.”

What is it about mass public rituals that galvanize political leaders and embolden them to take radical action that otherwise would not be accepted by the majority of the public?

They are trigger events that create mass panic and chaos, resulting in greater government power over the minds of spellbound citizens.

Martin S. Day, author of the book, ‘The Many Meanings of Myth,’ says there are six sociological purposes of cultural and social rituals, and you can read them here.

When an entire civilization is emotionally and intellectually invested in a particular myth, it is nearly impossible to divorce the civilization from the myth. How has the 9/11 myth benefited Western civilization?

In terms of war, the West has been politically able to wage aggression against numerous innocent countries in the Middle East by holding up the 9/11 myth to the rest of the world as a moral justification for its war crimes.

But America and the West has also been destroyed because of the 9/11 myth and the illegitimate global war on terrorism.

Economically, politically, morally, intellectually, and spiritually, Western governments are reaching the point of bankruptcy.









Mind Control: America’s Secret War (Full Version)


From Underground Documentaries


September 16, 2012 at 7:52 pm 

This is something that is a holdover of the Nazi era and is STILL ongoing.

I am a victim and one of the commentators is correct, there are multitudes of american citizens who are being used as involuntary guinea pigs for military developing weapons, like electromagnetic frequency weapons, that utilize the Microwave hearing or frey effect.

Type in any of these terms in any search engine and you will read about the greatest crime against humanity being perpetrated by the US govt (amongst others) hiding in plain sight: voice to skull, psychotronics, remote neural monitoring, synthetic emotions & organized gang stalking.







On January 20th, 2013…The People Rise!



From freewillobjector

Would you be willing to do a silent 30 minute protest on Inauguration Day. Stop working.

Stop shopping, do not take out money from the bank, do not buy anything, walk out of class, and stand at ease for 30 minutes inside or outside, with no explanation.

Just a half hour of your time to let your government know, that if they do not stop what they are currently doing, at our expense, we WILL stop complying for at least 30 minutes.

On the 31st minute, go back to work, class, shop, whatever you were doing.

See how the media decides to tell you, the motives for what you just did.

See them struggle to explain to themselves and their corporate owners, why THE PEOPLE did something like that on Inauguration Day, of all days.

Let it sink in that our criminal government does NOT represent US, and that we KNOW.

And that until it does, WE, the PEOPLE will have NO confidence IN it, and will REFUSE to submit, and hand over OUR authority TO it!

All we are asking is for 30 minutes of your time, to deliver a wake up call that WE, THE PEOPLE will NOT be ruled against our will,

we will NOT be forced to pay back criminals (Wall ST.) who already stole our wealth, and kept it for themselves (bailouts), and those who enabled them (President & Congress).

And WE will NOT stand for ANY of it anymore!

We will object, we will show our concern, and our thirst for justice. And if they do not listen, we will come back and do it again. At a time of our choosing.

For an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month….

until those in power realize that WE have the POWER to STOP commerce, STOP participating with the system, until it chooses to serve it’s rightful, sovereign MASTERS… WE, the American PEOPLE!

Do you have half an hour to show our criminal government, their enablers on Wall St., the multinational banking industry,

our corrupt for profit legal system, our medical military industrial complex, our militarized police state (cops and soldiers) the unwitting agents of the bankers themselves,

(who oppress sovereign peoples in foreign lands in our name to secure new markets for their cronies, and launder their profits back through those same bankers,

where multinational, war mongering military contractors and corporations who have the legal protections and exemptions of people, like GE  who gets to pay NO taxes,

while OURS are raised and Austerity programs are put in place to eliminate essential services the government exists to provide through contract),

our thought formers and controllers in education and in the media, people of faith and atheists alike, people of all ages, and all races,

and nationalities, that this country belongs TO WE, THE PEOPLE

and exists for WE, THE PEOPLE, 

and that ANY time the government seizes property, be it a business, wages, savings, your right to contract,

your right to freely associate and speak freely, your right to assemble to demand a redress of grievances from those elected to represent YOU, and enact YOUR will, and preserve YOUR rights…

You WILL exercise YOUR right and DUTY to alter or abolish ANY government when it no longer preserves protects, and defends these natural rights, that are given to you by birthright,

and can NOT be eviscerated, limited, curtailed, marginalized or conveniently forgotten to serve ANY interests outside of that specifically demanded By WE, the PEOPLE…

This is NOT about party.

This is NOT about those who earned their wealth by the fruits of their own labor.

This is NOT about seizing the wealth and property of anyone, and giving it to others.

This is about those who have abused their authority to provide basic protection through law, create and distribute money throughout the economy, invest the people’s money wisely,

took the people’s income and promised that it would be returned to them, not stolen, gambled or depreciated to the point that the money became worth less,

and effectively “worthless” while it was sitting in coffers and kept from it’s rightful owner, the people, and the American people specifically, and in the vaults of the bankers themselves & their cronies, both here in America, and overseas.

Will you stand up for the middle class who have become the working poor?

Will you stand up for the working poor and the unemployed, who are struggling to stay in their homes, and have nowhere to go?

Will you stand up for the homeless, who like you, once had everything you have today, and now are left abandoned, abused, assaulted, humiliated and destroyed?

And will only be able to control their righteous anger for so long…

Until they rise up, fight back in order to survive, and then YOU may be the next one to lose your right to liberty, to use your property, your right to even HAVE property,

and the right to be left alone, as long as YOU do not steal, commit violence, abuse or fraud against a fellow human being, because of decree from our unresponsive, and rogue treasonous, criminal government?

Will you ultimately wait until you HAVE to result to lie, to cheat,  to steal,  and even to kill, in order to preserve whatever you have left, once this begins…

Do you think that you are safe now, and will continue to be so?

Do you think that the government who failed to protect you from the events of 911, and stop the Wall St. bankers from collapsing, through willful negligence to conduct oversight, as long as they got a cut of your money, and money created in your name,

for YOUR welfare, is really going to save you from the rest of us… Did they save the brokers at Bear Stearns and Enron?

How did they treat the whistle-blowers at Enron, the 911 Commission members and family members,  who spoke out against the commission report, that was directed by the Executive Director of the Bush transition team at the White House?

How did they treat the first responders who were first told that the air was safe to breathe and were ordered to clean up, in spite of the fatal risks, that they were told, by  their own government,  were lies.

How many of them died and were buried before they were compensated?

Did that compensation adequately pay them for their medical bills, their lost wages, and human suffering.

Did they save the soldiers during the first Gulf War from dangerous experimental vaccines that attacked their bodies to the point that they went from combat soldiers to permanently disabled,

and that their wives and children would be disabled too, just like the children in NYC after 911, and that some infants, innocent children would be made to suffer and exist with horrific birth defects,

and that these exposures continue for soldiers and civilians in the Middle East, up to this very day.

And for their trouble were DENIED benefits and compensation from their ever loving government…

Or on the condition that they cannot sue those who were responsible and irresponsible to the point of massive loss of human life and property were incurred because of their (in)actions…

If we can’t have our voice heard, our right to free speech respected, to assemble in public without being subjected to state sponsored violence, assault, sexual assault or humiliation, and exposed to lethal doses of radiation when we travel,

without our right to speak to our government in private respected and to be heard, our right to keep private our financial information, our medical information, to practice the tenets of our faith in peace, without government harassment or intrusion,

to educate our children as we see fit, to publish what we want, to act and proclaim our beliefs and share them in a non violent manner, and dissent, and dissent peacefully, then we have no options left but to withdraw consent.

And find our strength in numbers, and in each other.

If no one wants to be our advocates then we have to be our own.

If  we have no one left to depend on to protect our rights, and ensure our liberty, and to be safe and secure, then WE must be those people ourselves, who will protect ourselves.

No exceptions, no exclusions.

Do you have 30 minutes on a random day for just that, small gesture, with huge consequences…

And those consequences, well… rest assured, your calls will be answered, your voice will be listened to, and they must concede their agenda, or at least a part of it, to accomplish yours.

In short, you get your power back. 

How long depends on how willing you are to resist.

And to not comply. Until our demands are met.

We are going to lose everything if we continue to be obedient to the disobedient, and comply with those who refuse to do so, in our name…

The time has come to turn the tables, and flip the scales in the balance of power so that we may be preserved, and the guilty may finally be made to suffer the just consequences of their treasonous actions, and criminal associations.

If we are to preserve what we have left, and ensure a future for our children that is worth living, and does justice to them, and our responsibility to them and to each other, we must start NOW!!!

The future belongs to us, as soon as we decide that it truly begins with US and US alone…

Half of you already resisted the programming and the call to participate in the most recent selection… I mean “election.” 

That’s a start. But it’s not enough.

We need the rest of you to come along and join us as we fight to preserve if not what we were promised, merely what we have left…

It is in everyone’s self interests to have a system that maintains and preserves order, justly and civilly and rationally. Politics is the antithesis OF that principle.

We must abandon it, forsake it, mock it, and destroy it, as long as this corrupt version of it, robs us of what is rightfully ours,

and shreds the notion of peaceful coexistence and autonomy, as along as force, violence, fraud, theft and abuse are not undertaken by ANY man or collection of men.

If we cannot alter, we must abolish this corrupt “For Sale” commoditized version of our political system, into something that is BY the People, FOR the People, and emanates FROM the People…

Do you have 30 minutes of your time, this Inauguration Day to show our government that it truly belongs to US, and exists for US,

and that if it does NOT align with our interests and preserves OUR natural rights, then it will become unenforceable,

and replaced with a people who WILL preserve our natural rights, to associate freely, create freely, earn a profit from that which is created freely, and dispose of such property as the people see fit.

With NO intrusion, NO interruption, and NO confiscation that is not based in justice, but is instead based on the debased notion of plunder for it’s own sake.

All you have to gain is your freedom… All you have to lose is your chains… Why not start that process now, on Inauguration Day?

Show our government, just if for ONE moment, one, fleeting moment of your time on a random day, that YOU still have the power, YOU still have rights, YOU still have the ability to act of your own free will,

and NO one, NO ONE can back you into a corner and defeat you buy your choice to imply consent…

Are you ready to take your power back?

Then I will see you on January 20th, 2013, where you live, work, and breathe, standing at ease and sitting out, to show the government and the world, that the will of the People will endure and survive, even the most dire conditions,

IF the people are willing to make their presence known to each other, their government, and to the entire world. 

“If They Cannot Hear Our Voices… Let Them Hear… Know… & Tremble… At The Sound… Of Our Silence…”


– Our will MUST be respected, our rights WILL be protected, or you WILL be EJECTED!!!

–The People Rise.







The Lull Before the Social Storm


From the Trenches World Report

Posted on November 7, 2012 by NC

Lew Rockwell – by Jack D. Douglas

Vast social revolutions and wars are often preceded by periods of giving up on reforms, despairing withdrawal from public life by the best and brightest, and even peacefulness which seems to have become the normal condition in spite of deep conflicts and growing crises beneath the surfaces of public life.

Often, earlier periods of intense conflicts and crises have been overcome and resolved, so it comes to look like that is the normal in life.

This lulls most people into assuming their worse fears cannot happen, but this leads them to lowering their guards against growing conflicts and crises, so small ones can more easily cascade down into massive ones.

If people expected they could become vast wars or revolutions or implosions, they would take more precautions to prevent that.

But when lulled in expecting the worst cannot happen, the worst than they could ever imagine often explodes suddenly.

The cataclysmic French Revolution came after many decades of attempted reforms and conflicts which people had come to think of as unending.

It started with new attempts at reforms, then incidents that did not seem so important, then all of it a sudden it exploded.

WWI came after so many decades of peace in Europe, in spite of imperial conflicts around the world and an arms race, that most people thought a major war was impossible.

Then a single murder in the far away Balkans set in motion an explosive cascade of events that led to a cataclysmic war.

The Russian Revolution was preceded by such a long “lull” encouraged by European peace and reforms by the tsar that even Lenin was near despair and was living abroad.

After several years of WWI and growing poverty at home, the Russian front imploded and a small event at home triggered a revolution that started small and democratic and then exploded into one of the vastest social revolutions in history.

The beginning of WWII on the crucial German-French front was so quiet for so many months after France and Britain had declared war on Germany after it invaded Poland that it was called the “Sitzen Krieg” in Germany, the sit-down war, then it exploded as Germany invaded through the Ardennes.

This was repeated near the end of the war as Germany built up its forces secretly for attacking through the Ardennes again.

The American Revolution looked very unlikely until that fateful British march to Concord and Lexington to enforce gun control laws.

Then it exploded.

The conflicts between the North and South had been so intense for so many decades, off and on, and then resolved again and again by major compromises that the Ante-Bellum period of the 1850′s seemed another replay of that scenario.

Then all of a sudden there was a small incident near Charleston, moves to secession, calling up the Northern troops and an explosion of war vastly more ghastly than Americans imagined possible.

War between Japan and Germany and the U.S. had been put off so many times and so long that Pearl Harbor came as quite a shock to most Americans.

The 9/11 attacks on the U.S. were just as shocking all over again.

In the early years of this new century, the U.S. had used soaring paper money and paper-asset inflation to fuel a great Bubble and apparent “prosperity” over twenty years and repeated crises [1980, 1987, 1990, 2000] were ended by pumping out more paper money and inflating assets [both paper and houses after the Nasdaq Crash in 2000] that the Fed and almost all economists and Bankers and speculators declared we had entered an Age of The Great Moderation in which financial crises were impossible, as Bernanke declared with gusto.

Then housing and stocks started slowly cascading down, then did so more rapidly, then one Big Bank was hit by a sudden crisis and had to be “saved” from implosion, then others followed, then suddenly one weekend Lehman imploded and the the whole top of the U.S. financial system imploded and had to be taken over by the U.S. to save it from what looked like total implosion.

The Great Moderation was suddenly replaced by The Greatest Global Financial Crisis in history. Europe and the rest of the world soon followed the U.S. into growing crisis.

By pouting out vast and soaring trillions and using vast distortions of the System [such as Quantitative Easing by the Fed] to hold the System up, they managed in the past several years to stop the accelerating cascade down and have kept it bumping along the bottom in official statistics like the GDP and unemployment, while the debts and distortions and all the real crises keep growing.

The apparent bump up in the official stats on GDP are an illusion, below the real rate of inflation for GDP, while real unemployment and all the other real economic crises keep growing.

But nations, like individuals and groups and companies, cannot simply drift downward faster and faster into worse and worse crises they patch up but cannot escape or reverse.

We’ve been doing that now for decades, as France and Russia did before their vast social Revolutions, as the nations did during long decades of peaceful imperial conflicts before the utterly immense conflicts of the American Civil War, WWI and WWII.

There comes a time finally when the accelerating crises and sufferings and rages become too much to bear and something, often a seemingly small event like a murder of a young man in the Balkans, or an attack by “hotheads” on a small fort near Charleston, sets off an explosive cascade of events that quickly leads to a vast social explosion.

We’re now in a lull before a vast, revolutionary storm.

The U.S. is sinking faster and faster in all the ways vital to the future of our society, from the The Great Global Economic-Financial Crisis which the U.S. produced with insane Big Bank speculations and corruption to educational decline and bureaucratic strangulation to losing imperials wars around the world to political deadlock.

I’m sure any intelligent American who is honest with himself can quickly write down a long list of the crucial ways in which the U.S. is declining now.

Maybe half of Americans are too ignorant about the world or lack the intelligence to see all of this Big Picture of Crisis and Decline.

They are confused and mad and despairing and see no way out, but assume the Republicrat System will go on and on and are trying merely to fit in and keep or get a job with a livable wage for them and their families.

Even some knowledgeable and intelligent people see what is happening but see no exit and despair and simply withdraw and hide from it all, implicitly or explicitly assuming The System will just keep getting worse and worse and never end.

The U.S. is now rushing downward along all vital dimensions of social life.

If this continues much longer, the U.S. will simply implode and that will lead to vast social revolution or revolutions.

But maybe the vast social revolution will come before implosion.

The one thing we can be sure of is that we have sunk so far so long and are now accelerating down so fast that this cannot continue long without producing an implosion or a vast social revolution.

November 7, 2012

Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.








Senator Dianne Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips


(XANIEL’S NOTE : The Demicrooks are wasting no time in pushing us further into a Police State,

now that Barry (the Obama) Soetoro, has won a second chance at finishing the treason he started.

I can fully understand why he changed his name.

He doesn’t want History to know who he really was when it comes to judge him and our descendants spit upon his Self-Serving Legacy!

U.S.A. : Land of the mindless, braveless and the once free !!






From Market Daily News

Mac Slavo – November 07, 2012

The agenda no longer needs to be hidden from public view.

With President Obama winning another term and democrats taking control of the Senate, the move to fundamentally change America from within has begun – with a vengeance.

We’re all aware of the restrictive gun laws in the State of California which require low capacity magazines for handguns, fixed magazines for “assault” rifles, and a whole lot of running around just to be granted the right to carry a concealed firearm.


 THE FACE OF EVIL ! Disarm us, than conquer us !!

” MY GOD… could she look more Nazi ?? “~~Xaniel777

Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who has championed gun control in her state for decades and co-wrote the original assault weapons ban enacted by the federal government in the 1990′s, wishes to bring even more stringent federal mandates to the land of the free.

What is being proposed by Feinstein is the most significant attack on the second amendment in history.

[Must Read: America Has Shifted To The Left And The Culture War Is Over]

It would essentially ban thousands of firearms and require gun owners to turn them over to the Federal government.

I don’t have the minutes of the meeting (yet), but sources tell me California Senator and longtime gun-hater Dianne Feinstein’s legal staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF legal staff to discuss a new “Assault Weapons Ban” 

Madame Feinstein would be looking to push through Congress if President Obama wins reelection.



This was only an election to see which crook could out fraud the other.

And now we know who the better fraudster is !  )~~Xaniel777


This same “pretty good intelligence” says the items that would lead to a ban would ban pistol grips and “high-capacity” magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of “weapons in possession”.

I don’t know about you, but if these things come to pass and I’m “in possession” I’m certainly not selling.

In fact, the lack of interest in the idea surprised the California liberal’s legal staffers.

Apparently, they believe no logical person could possible disagree with them.

I began receiving the first reports of increases in gun buying by people concerned about tomorrow’s election.

Dealers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana all tell me there hasn’t been a huge number of buyers expressing those concerns, but the numbers were noticeable.

Among that group -and the majority of “regular” purchasers- the core driving most of the purchasing seem to be in their mid-to-late 30s.

Again, home and personal defense are the most frequently cited reasons for buying.

Source: Shooting Wire

At a Congressional budget meeting in September of this year, Feinstein alluded to her desire to reintroduce federal assault weapons ban regulations similar to those she helped cosponsor and pass in 1994 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to say, once again, in legislation, weapons of war do not belong on our streets…” September 5, 2012

It it any wonder that shares of stocks like Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) and Ruger (NYSE:RGR) surged this morning in response to President Obama winning a second term?

While the majority of stocks across the world are in the midst of a sell-off and economic conditions indicate the country is in a recession, America’s gun owners aren’t waiting to see what happens next.

[Must Read: Mystery Surrounding 1.2 Billion Rounds Of Ammo Solved]

Senator Feinstein is serious, and despite this most recent report appearing only as a rumor, her comments earlier this year and her actions two decades ago, should leave no question as to where this is headed.

They are coming for our guns; plain and simple.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Mac Slavo.







Should the States Secede Now? (UPDATED)


From Charleston Voice

By Bill Rummel, Editor June 28, 2012- Updated November 07, 2012

For more than a century millions upon millions of Americans have spent their earnings (and earnings of others) to special interest groups and non-profit foundations. The amounts have comfortably been in the billions of dollars for your pet peeve and issues.

FRAUD ALERT! Beware of Con-Cons: State Legislators Warn Against a Constitutional Convention – *12 min. Video*

Sergeant William Jasper saves flag at Fort Sullivan in Charleston SC June 28, 1776

Unlike our ancestors decades ago we think we’ve been lobbying our congressman and chosen political party with our time and money.

Our ancestors weren’t fooled right away, it took a while for them to realize their federal government could be the agent of plunder for themselves.

Whether it’s been Constitutional or not has not mattered to our elected.

I think it might have been Lew Rockwell who said our federal government now is but one political body with two heads”. 

Any new party would just be bought-off likewise, and just become another head. 

Liberty is embellished in the mind and soul, not in a political banner.

You’ve fought federal gun control, federal education, the unlawful income tax and the 16th Amendment, federal land grabs, state national guards in undeclared conflicts, abortion, Social Security, Federal Reserve, United Nations treaties, and many, many more liberty-robbing oppressions from Washington too numerous to mention.

And now we’ve got federal health care to zap us again for more energy drain.

If “only congress shall make laws” why is it we have permitted congress, the Supreme Court and Executive Branches, and not to be left out, our hundreds of federal agencies to make their own rules (“statutes”)?

You know the answer to that question.

Because they were bought out from under us.

Washington is corrupted through and through in every fiber by a Corporatist state.

If you remain a ‘single issue patriot’ , we’re not going to make it. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda won’t cut it as an afterthought.

Look at the big picture by avoiding societal conflicts engineered by Washington.

The US southern states have been there, done that all before.  Southern states of that era were predominantly Jeffersonian Democrats.

The Republican-controlled congress of the 1860’s levied discriminatory taxes on the southern agrarian states and punishing protective tariffs for northern manufacturers on competing importers.

That South Carolina’s firing on Fort Sumter started the Civil War is a bold-faced lie. That ‘historical’ account is absurd to the extreme.

SC had already seceded and was now under the Confederate States of America.

They were now a foreign country.

Fort Sumter had been ceded to the United States by SC, but only as a member of the United States.

Not only did Washington not return the island to SC, but it took act of war action by re-inforcing it with additional Union troops stowed away on the warship,  Star of the West!

An early ‘false flag’ event of our federal government!

Okay, that’s your dose of US Civil War history for now.

We are a refugee ourselves from the northern states, living pleasantly in the Occupied South, but still the theft of our rights from Washington goes on unabated.

Is secession called for again? Absolutely not!… Yet. [SEE Appendage Below]

All the states have a sledgehammer tool of all sledgehammers in freedom’s quiver.

It must be taken out from its repository and re-slung into the bow. It’s known as NULLIFICATION.

Just as state secession is not unlawful, neither is it for a sovereign state to exert its authority by mandate for the 10th Amendment.

This article was intended by our framers to prohibit the central government by exercising any power not specifically granted to it.

But, you knew that already.

Familiarize yourself with Nullification, it’s our lifeline to rescuing our stolen liberties.

Don’t you just love it when the MSM trots out their “constitutional scholars” to their TV audiences for definitive clarification!

You are the scholars here, not the appointed or even the elected.

They have a sworn oath of office to you

Let’s not be like a Greece and the euro. Iceland was right – get the hell out! 

If we’re going down the tube, let’s go down by keeping corruption local at the state level!

Appended 11/7/12:   Secede Now? 

Not quite. Your elected state representatives have not heard from you.

Furthermore, many have already compromised their principles for their own ‘greater good’

Washington would collapse without having your economic production to feed from.

Force by arms would be the fedgov’s response to ensure your enslavement prevails.

State secession edicts will fail without an electorate suitably informed on our Constitution.

To attempt to secede without otherwise being sufficiently informed on our Rule of Law will result in only a new government under a different tyrant.

The southern states were an informed electorate, but failed because they failed to see that the Republican Party would not abide by Constitutional law and simply let the South go its own way. Our state national guards are overseas.

They must be brought home to resume the intended role of state militias, not an oppressive arm of the fedgov.

When the German field commander at the Battle of the Bulge alarmingly came to notice all his tank crews were disembarking their tanks through the turrets and walking wearily to the rear, he demanded from a soldier, “Where do you think you’re going soldier!”  “We’re going home, sir”, was his reply.

And, so it came to be.


“A thief is more moral than a congressman; when a thief steals your money, he doesn’t demand you thank him.” ~ Walter Williams

Sources: Nullification: Tom Woods Books to Die For  States Standing for State Sovereignty







Should We Gather Supplies And Be Prepared For What Is To Come In 2012?


From How To Raise Your Vibration

 – January 15, 2012

QUESTION: I am not much on fear so much, but I have kids, single Mom. Many are telling me to arm for what may be coming. What is your view on being “prepared” for times to come, as a Mother??

ANSWER: I think we should all be prepared with emergency supplies, and this is not coming from a place of fear but from a place of wisdom. If this message brings up any fear in you ~ then you need to resolve that fear NOW, so if anything does happen you will be prepared and in a place of knowing and understanding.  

As everyone knows, we are moving into an accelerated time period where the Earth and all beings are releasing the old discordant energies within our being and stepping into the new energies of a higher vibrational frequency.

The Earth releases her negative energy through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado’s, fires and storms.

This is simply part of nature and we should not fear these events….we should be prepared. 

Humans are part of the Earth’s energy. We are one.

So the more cleansing and purging we do within our own being ~ the more light/love/healing ~ we are able to emanate from our system, grounding it into the Earth’s being ~ helping her to transition with ease and grace as well.

We literally become conduits for very high vibrational universal energies and ascension codes to enter into the Earth and into her grid systems.

Because so many people have actively been participating in the raising of their energetic frequency, the easier our transition into the higher dimensions will be.

A lot of the cataclysmic events that were prophesied have been CHANGED, because humans have healed themselves, and therefore, helped divert many of the events that had the potential to happen.

None the less, it is still important for us to be prepared just in case an event happens that disrupts our power systems, communication devices, ability to travel, shop or exist in our normal everyday affairs.

None of us really know what is going to happen. Whatever happens, it is important for us to be prepared with a 2 week supply of basic human necessities for each person in your family and if you can afford to do so…..get a little extra for your neighbors.

This is not meant to create fear ~ this is simply common sense.

I live in a hurricane zone, so it is normal and natural for us to have emergency supplies on hand in case we are out of power for a few weeks. 

I will say that there is the POTENTIAL ~ do not hold me to this….because I truly do not know for sure ~ that when we enter a specific alignment, sometime around December 2012……we could enter a 3-7 day period where we enter the highest level of photonic energies that will effect the magnetics on the planet, which will shut down all power sources all over the world.

Many people refer to this time period as the 3 Days of Darkness that is described in the Bible.

IF this will truly occur, and how long it will last is uncertain.

Many people have received information that tells them most people will fall asleep during this time period…..those who have a low fear vibration within their being may have the opportunity to stay awake (I want to stay awake to see it).

This is expected to last only a few days….when we come out the other end of the photon belt  our electrical devices will work again.

I am sharing this information with you so you can be prepared. We need to understand that these are wonderful, transformative times.

We all knew when we agreed to come to Earth during this time period what would be in store for us, and each and every one of us are part of this transformational shift.

We all came to usher it in, so we need to accept this role and be an active part of it without running into fear.

Here are a few suggestions for things you should have on hand for 2 weeks.

This is not a complete list.

~ Water

~ Food: Canned Goods (High Protein Sources are  

   best….beans, fish, chicken), Canned 

   Vegetables and Fruits, Nuts, Nut Butters, High Fiber 

   Crackers, Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Protein Bars,

   Carnation Breakfast Drink, Ensure or Complete Meal 

   Protein Powder etc. ~ Hand Held Can Opener

~ Candles, Kerosene Lamps, Lanterns or any other kind 

   of non electrical light source.

~ Flashlights ~ Extra Supply Of Batteries For Flashlights

~ Matches, Flint Fire Starter, Extra Gas Containers for 


~ Water Purification Tabs

~ Emergency Medical Kit

~ 2 week Additional Supply of Prescriptions

~ Anything to help you stay warm….blankets, jackets, 

   logs for a fire etc…..it will be dark and the planet will 

   be cooler, however, the heightened spiritual energies 

   within the photon belt will keep us from freezing. 

~ Love, Faith, Trust, Patience, Surrender and Gratitude.

However, I would be most concerned about preparing your state of consciousness.

It is our state of consciousness (energy) that creates our reality.

Our state of consciousness must be raised to a specific level of frequency in order to transition through these transformational times with EASE and GRACE.

I have written a book called “Raise Your Vibration” that will help you set your intention, and guide you along the journey of inner transformation so you can actively participate in the alchemical process of taking your darkness (density) and turning it into the golden light of your higher consciousness.

Your higher consciousness has always been there just waiting for you to access it. BUY THE BOOK









Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore


Published on Jun 26, 2012 by 








“We Are Surrounded By a Nation of People Who Will Not Step Out of Their Perceived Reality”


SHTF Plan- by Mac Slavo

We’re days out from a Presidential election whose outcome will determine the future of the United States – or will it?

According to Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News, it’s too late to change the disastrous path we’re on, and it makes no difference at this point whether President Obama remains in the Oval Office or Mitt Romney takes the helm.

Video (below) via SGT Report:

We are surrounded by a nation of people that cannot and will not step out of their perceived reality. They have a normalcy bias and they’re hanging on to it to the bitter end.

We can have a government, we can have a mainstream media that warns for a week, non-stop 24/7, “we’re going to have the worst storm in the history of the planet hit the east coast and affect 60 million people,”

and we still have people in the largest city in the United States of America fighting for gasoline, pulling guns on one another, punching each other in the face over gasoline, diving into dumpsters for food, fighting for food…

In the United States, in 2012, after a week-long warning that this monster storm was coming.

Can you, for one second, imagine what is coming to the shores of this nation when we have a sovereign debt landmine explode, a credit freeze, and you have people from coast to coast who go to an ATM machine and it just doesn’t work?

Or we fall 5000, 6000 points in a week on the Dow and everything they have, everything they think that’s safe, because they have a politician telling them so and a Federal Reserve chairman telling them ‘everything’s going to be just fine,’ is wiped out in this disaster.

Can you imagine a Sandy, a Katrina, coast-to-coast?

A 2008, far far deeper, far far worse, coast-to-coast… what this nation is going to look like?

I commend the people who had the forethought to think about where we’re at and where we’re going.

Understand that the best thing you can do now is to prepare for what’s coming.

There is no recovery coming. It is mathematically impossible to pay the debt that we have.

The trillion dollar deficit spending isn’t going anywhere… even with Mitt Romney, even with the savior from the Blue team, even with Ben Bernanke and his notions and big ideas to rescue the economy byprinting more money and giving it to his bankster buddies.

The deficits are going to continue.

The pain is going to continue.

The trigger is going to be tripped and we’re all going to go down the road together.

We’re all going to go off this cliff together, regardless of who’s in this office.

Forget about this election.

I know that’s a hard thing to hear.

It’s meaningless to you, because nothing is going to change.

You can rest assured of this: We are heading for collapse.

You have very little time to get mentally prepared, and then get physically prepared for it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dLwDRJkx0UM http://www.shtfplan.com/charlie-mcgrath/we-are-surrounded-by-a-nation-of-people-who-will-not-step-out-of-their-perceived-reality_11032012








Sandy’lution’ Begins!


From Urban Survival

By George Ure

The most important data point in terms of planning how you live your life now and into the future is not just the outbreaks of violence and chaos in the wake of Sandy in the northeast, but also the fast & loose talk around the country about how local communities would cope with similarly scaled events should they ever arrive.

Free gas should have been a good thing.  Well, not exactly how it turned out.

Mayor Mike visiting storm-damaged areas should have been a good thing.  By this account in the NYPost, it was not.

Nearly 2-million people are still in the dark.

Even more disturbing is that “politically-correct” [socialists] are coming out of the woodwork in communities around the nation, including one we live near here in East Texas. 

The self-important do-gooders are already hatching “emergency plans” to order local “law” enforcement to screw the Constitution and go house-to-house to seize food (and whatever else strikes their fancy) and put it into a “community center” from which “authorities” would distribute food.

In short, those who haven’t done a days worth of prepping in their lives are already scheming to steal from those who have planned to provide for their families so that every meth-head on the streets can get a portion of someone else’s hard work.

Not to be too much the Grinch here, but this is how Marx figured it would work: From each according to their ability, to each according to their need…

I’ts the new “public safety mantra.”  So while some people are in the dark, without power, hungry and so forth,  the biggest problem in the wake of Sandy is not in New York or New Jersey. 

It’s the continuing overthrow of the Constitution.

It’s in how America is busy making plans – under the guise of “do-gooders” to seize private property (and food) in case officials declare an “emergency.”

A long time ago journalist Sinclair Lewis warned of such a mob mindset:When fascism come to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”. 

Unfortunately, seems when socialism comes knocking, it is now rapped wrapped in buzz phrases like “community response” and “public emergency” and yes, wrapped in a flag. 

Worst of all? We’re hearing that kind of talk from many states.

I urge you in the strongest terms to be aware of – and attend – any “emergency planning meetings” which local government near plans to hold in order that you’ll at least be able to quote Marx and maybe offer some common sense.

America has a can-do spirit (though Mayor Mike’s cancelling of the NY Marathon torpedoed that to some extent).

Emergency planning that jumps right to planning forced collectivization (including seizing guns) without a specifically enumerated threat is a the kind of One-World Government response that’s more dangerous to Liberty and any group of terrorists could ever hope to be

Don’t even start me on how it’s backed by people in government who are wasting money on seizure plans rather than buying and storing food for the public. 

Regrettably, the plans being kicked around down here involve seizing from those who have foresight. 

Does the term “dog in the manger” mean anything to you?

If your community (or state) leaps onto this well-laid paved road to socialism/communism, it’s mob rule at work.

Although there are still a few rights-minded people in Texas, there are those who would change our state flag’s white star for a red one.








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REAL NEWS Nov.02 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 1, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : November 02, 2012



CIA sources: Obama ordered military not to help Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi


President Barack Obama returns to the West Wing of the White House before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012 in Washington, DC.

From examiner.com


According to blog site beforeitsnews.com, CIA sources have confirmed that President Barack Obama ordered military and intelligence assets not to defend or rescue ambassador Christopher Stevens as the American consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi were being attacked by terrorists last month.

Reports are also surfacing that claim White House officials, including the president, was fed real-time video footage from two aerial drones while the seven-hour long attack was underway.

On Tuesday, talk show host Glenn Beck predicted Obama will eventually get impeached over his handling of the Libya attacks, an incident that resulted in the deaths of four Americans including ambassador Stevens. (YouTube Video)

The blog site is advancing the theory that Stevens was sent to Libya in an attempt to recover weapons from Al Qaeda.

This information is not confirmed and is considered a mere rumor circulating the internet.

Last week, Fox News reported that requests for help by Americans on the ground were denied several times.

However, it seems former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed in Benghazi, had laser sights attached to his gun which could have directed bombs from Air Force jets or from armed drones toward hostile forces.

Woods died nearly six hours after the attack began. Obama has maintained that he ordered security help for the trapped Americans as soon as he learned of the attack.

On Tuesday, Sean Hannity of Fox News suggested that the audio tapes during the Benghazi attacks are damning. (YouTube Video)

Nearly six weeks after the attack, it appears that the FBI continues to classify video and audio footage from the American compound as “top secret”.

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Cancer patient illegally evicted from home at gunpoint



From examiner.com


Thanks to the friendly people at Wells Fargo and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD), a 37-year-old woman in a wheelchair who suffers from a rare, malignant and metastatic form of breast cancer was illegally evicted from her home at gunpoint.

Niko Black, a Native American Mescalero Apache, told the OC Weekly:

View slideshow: Niko Black, a cancer patient evicted from her home at gunpoint thanks to Wells Fargo.

I’m in my bed and I see them storming my property, [so] I crawl to my wheelchair.

They break down my door. I’m sitting there in my wheelchair.

I’m about 100 pounds of shriveled-up cancer and a threat to no one.

Sergeant Bob Sima puts a gun to my face, finger on the trigger, no safety and walks around me.

There’s no reason, except for to threaten my life, for an intimidation factor, to put a gun to my head.

Niko had legally declared bankruptcy and had been fighting Wells Fargo in a civil suit against eviction.

She had owned her home for almost 20 years and had lived there since she was a child.

She never even had a mortgage with Wells Fargo, and has entered into a civil suit around the fraud they have perpetrated against her, fraud that goes back many years.

Niko Black

Photo credit:

As seen on change.org, courtesy of Linda Rife

After she filed bankruptcy, the court sided with Niko and put a stay on Wells Fargo’s eviction.

Despite this, officers from the OCSD along with Wells Fargo employees harassed her on several occasions.

“Wells Fargo filed a motion about an inch thick all the reasons why they should be allowed to evict me,” Black said about the court order. “The federal judge denied them and stated very clearly they are not to. The bank illegally acquired an unlawful detainer, an eviction, without due process. They did it with fraudulent paperwork.”

Niko says that paperwork was signed by forgery with obvious misspellings of her name and filed a civil lawsuit.

That is consistent with the claims of a $43 trillion class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo and 1807 other defendants.

Her intransigence, she believes, is the reason why she’s been subjected to this entire ordeal.

So Niko refused to open her door for police on October 10, on which was taped a copy of a court order  obtained from Federal Bankruptcy Judge Theodore C. Albert in late August that she firmly believes should have prevented the OCSD from carrying out the eviction.

The deputies acted anyway on behalf of the county council and Wells Fargo.

Finally, officers broke into her home and forcibly evicted her at gunpoint.

With neighbors lining up outside watching, Black’s health began to worsen.

“I needed my medication, I couldn’t breathe and I was having a seizure,” she told the OC Weekly.

Niko said that deputies were unresponsive to concerns about her condition and one officer even remarked that she “looked good” to him.

An ambulance finally arrived at her friend’s behest and took her to a hospital.

Following the events of October 10, Judge Albert has ordered Wells Fargo and county officials to appear in court on November 13 to explain why they should not be held in contempt for violating the stay and be made to pay punitive damages.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is furiously spinning their side of the story.

On October 22, Sgt. Sima used a local radio talk show to state that it is standard protocol to have weapons drawn in the clearing of a house, but that no guns were pointed at Black’s head, claiming that deputies were following instructions from the county council.

Just “following instructions” (or orders).

That one was heard at the Nuremberg trials where former SS officials from Germany were tried for war crimes.

These events are yet another example of how the US is turning into a police state that serves banks and corporations, not the American people, which is one of the 14 defining characteristics of fascism.

While law enforcement agencies, city officials and Wells Fargo will have to explain their actions in court, Niko’s health is deteriorating.

“Because I have a very aggressive form of cancer, every appointment, every day is crucial,” she says. “I’m a person with a lower immune system. That’s why all my nursing care, my physical therapy, my medical equipment, everything is setup for home care. This violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

A social worker as well as the head of the hospital that she was taken to have both written in support of Niko being immediately returned to her home for medical care.

Attorney Stephen R. Golden has agreed to represent Niko pro bono.

“All I want to do is go home,” Black says. “All I want to do is save my life.”

One of Niko’s best friends, Linda Rife of Tustin, CA, has started on online petition in support of her plight.

The petition, directed at John Stumpf, the CEO of Wells Fargo, reads: “Wells Fargo: Don’t break the law – leave cancer patients alone.” You can sign it here. 

Updates are posted on a Facebook page created for Niko.

Updates: Nov.1, 5:30 PM. According to David Cruz at KTLK AM 1150, the lawyers from the Stephen Golden Law Firm were able to get Wells Fargo to let Niko back into her home to retrieve her belongings and the medical devices needed for her treatment.

The governor’s office has now gotten involved to investigate how something like this can happen in the state of California, and Wells Fargo has now been served with an order to show up to court and explain to the judge why they defied his orders.

Niko Black is a singer/songwriter and you can listen to some of her music here.


Orange County Weekly

Madison Independent Examiner



Facebook – On Attack 4 Niko Black

The David Cruz Show – KTLK AM 1150

My Space – Niko Black








( I liked this so much, that I’m running it twice! Mostly for those who missed it in the first go-round. )~~~Xaniel777

President Obama Has Turned Journalists into Criminals



From Amber Lyon Live

October 16, 2012 – Amber Lyon

If by “change” President Obama meant criminalizing journalism in the United States, then he’s succeeded.

Why should you care? 

The investigative journalism that Obama has silenced could have exposed more corruption in the U.S. government, military, banking industry; corruption that has caused anguish to numerous Americans. 

The reports that will never be heard, read, or seen on TV may have led to positive change.

The Obama administration is suffocating investigative journalism at an alarming rate through the abuse of the Espionage Act of 1917, an act more prone to be used to protect government secrecy than national security.

 Before Obama, the act had been used only three times total since 1917. 

The current administration has used it six times to go after whistleblowers and the journalists who protect and reveal their information.

President Obama was bold enough to use the Espionage Act to  subpoena New York Times journalist James Risen in an attempt to force him to ‘give up’ information on a CIA whistleblower. 

Risen accused the administration of trying to silence journalists and refused to acquiesce stating,

“Can you have a democracy without aggressive investigative journalism? I don’t believe you can, and that’s why I’m fighting.”

Risen predicted Obama’s attack against him would have an unprecedented chilling effect on mainstream investigative journalism in the US.  He was right.

I was on the brunt end of the Obama-generated censorship while employed at CNN as an investigative correspondent.

On at least a weekly basis, and to my constant frustration, my superiors and CNN’s lawyers were quick to remind me that we need to be extra careful because “President Obama has gone after more journalists and whistleblowers than any president in history”.  

The leash around my neck began to tighten.

Whether I was allowed to embark on future stories or even interview sensitive sources for potential investigations, eventually became an ‘Obama subpoena risk assessment’ and potential court cost calculation, rather than a pure evaluation of the report’s contribution to public good or our journalistic duty to cover the story.

Some of my most crucial investigations were killed before they started because they were too high a risk of an Obama subpoena.

One boss told me quote “we know how the FBI feels about your source, if we have information the FBI will want we become a target”.

David Carr of The New York Times noted Obama’s war on journalism may have more to do with secrecy than national security and is harming press freedom in the U.S.:

As journalists we vow never to reveal our confidential sources, so to this administration we are criminals.

 It’s time President Obama focused his time hunting down the real law breakers rather than attacking the messengers.


For more information please check out these articles:

Huffington Post: Obama’s War on Journalism 

NY Times: Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth

Salon.com : Obama Targets Journalists 








Government Think Tank Calls For Infiltrating Conspiracy Websites




From 12160.info

Posted by Sweettina2 on November 1, 2012

Furious that state involvement in major terror attacks is being exposed to a wider audience than ever before via the Internet, a UK think tank closely affiliated with the Downing Street has called for authorities to infiltrate conspiracy websites in an effort to “increase trust in the government”.

“A Demos report published today, The Power of Unreason, argues that secrecy surrounding the investigation of events such as the 9/11 New York attacks and the 7/7 bombings in London merely adds weight to unsubstantiated claims that they were “inside jobs,” reports the London Independent.

In other words, the fact that the overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that both 7/7 and 9/11 were “inside jobs” of one form or another, and that huge numbers of people are now aware of this via the increasing influence of the Internet, is hampering efforts to commit more acts of terror, therefore the government needs to change its strategy.

In the report, Demos, “Recommends the Government fight back by infiltrating internet sites to dispute these theories.”

One of the tools Demos already employs to “fight back” against conspiracy theories is by labeling anyone who challenges the government’s official story as an extremist or a terrorist recruiter.

The strategy mirrors that advocated by White House information czar Cass Sunstein, who in a 2008 white paper similarly called for conspiracy websites to be infiltrated and undermined in order to dilute their influence.

In the same report, Sunstein also called for taxing conspiracy theories (any viewpoint that differs with the official version) and outright banning free speech that the authorities disapproved of.

What Demos and Sunstein are essentially calling for is classic “provocateur” style infiltration, updated for the 21st century, that came to the fore during the Cointelpro years, an FBI program from 1956-1971 that was focused around disrupting, marginalizing and neutralizing political dissidents, often using illegal methods.

The fact that governments on both sides of the pond have been caught over and over again habitually lying about everything under the sun, allied to a compliant corporate media that has aided authorities in covering up their misdeeds, has prompted a complete collapse in trust from the people, an effect that is now seriously hampering the state’s efforts to enlist implied consent, with millions of people rebelling against the system through civil disobedience and non-compliance in a myriad of different ways.

That’s why Demos, a mouthpiece for the British authorities, is desperate to infiltrate “conspiracy websites,” ie groups of people who broadcast the truth, in order to “increase trust” in a government that has lost all credibility.


As we have documented, governments all over the world, most notably the U.S. and Israel, already employ teams of agents whose sole job revolves around infiltrating and subverting websites that publish the truth about government corruption and atrocities.

Demos is a front for the insidious Common Purpose network, a group that Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish has exposed as playing a fundamental role in the advancement of Britain’s role in the new world order.

Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose, sits on Demos’ advisory council.

Demos was founded in 1993 by marxists Martin Jacques and Geoff Mulgan, and was seen as being closely affiliated with Tony Blair’s Labour government. Mulgan went on to work inside Downing Street in 1997.

Current British Prime Minister David Cameron also works closely with Demos and has given speeches at the group’s events.

Demos has routinely acted as a platform for elitists who wish to drastically alter society, eliminate freedoms, and sacrifice British sovereignty in pursuit of global government.

On August 9, 2006, British Home Secretary Dr John Reid, another former marxist, gave a speech at a Demos conference stating that Britons “may have to modify their notion of freedom”, claiming that freedom is “misused and abused by terrorists.”

Demos is partnered with numerous other globalist organizations from government and industry, including IBM, The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, and Shell International.

The organization’s logo includes an all-seeing eye within its design.

Although the group poses as an independent think tank, Demos is little more than a public relations firm for the British government and security services.

Its efforts to demonize conspiracy theories in order to “increase trust in the government” is a transparent ploy to do the bidding of its masters, by demonizing anyone who challenges a corrupt, lying state and its nefarious activities as an extremist and a potential domestic terrorist – contributing to the chilling process which seeks to crush free speech on the Internet.

Dollar Crash


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos.

Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

More here:  http://www.theultimateconspiracyguide.com/government-think-tank-cal…








Hack the vote: Russian election chief rips US elections, voting machines



From RT News

October 31, 2012

Vladimir Churov, Head of the Russian Central Election Commission. (RIA Novosti/Aleksey Nikolskyi)

Vladimir Churov, Head of the Russian Central Election Commission. (RIA Novosti/Aleksey Nikolskyi)

Russia’s Central Election Commission chief has ranked the American electoral system among the “worst in the world.”

One of the main problems with the US electoral system is the lack of transparency, Vladimir Churov argues in an article published in Wednesday’s issue of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to US law, international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) are only granted access to polling stations in a handful of US states, including in Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, and the District of Columbia.

In the other states, US Governors have the final say over the question of allowing international observers to monitor the election process.

According to Churov, however, the dark side of the American election process is that “OSCE monitors have been barred from entering polling stations even in the states where they may do so under US law.”

This lack of transparency opens the door to numerous possibilities for corruption and manipulation of the system, he added.

Churov then discussed a perennial problem with American elections: electronic voting machines that do not provide voters with a receipt for their vote, and which are highly vulnerable to manipulation.

“American voting machines have not been designed to provide any documentary evidence of citizen participation in the electoral process,” the Russian observer noted. “Moreover, operators [of the machinery] are technically capable of adding or dropping votes in favor of one candidate or another, leaving behind no evidence of violations.”

In October’s issue of Harper’s Magazine, Victoria Collier shows that with the advent of modern technology, “a brave new world of election rigging emerged,” which emerged with the “mass adoption of computerized voting technology and the outsourcing of our elections to a handful of corporations that operate in the shadows, with little oversight or accountability.”

Collier called the “privatization of our elections…one of the most dangerous and least understood crisis in the history of American democracy.”

Meanwhile, another study demonstrated that a person armed with about 10 bucks and a limited knowledge of technology could hack the vote.

“Voting machines used by as many as a quarter of American voters heading to the polls in 2012 can be hacked with just $10.50 in parts and an eighth grade science education, according to computer science and security experts at the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois,” reported Salon.

The analysts showed that the “newly developed hack” could manipulate voting results while leaving “absolutely no trace” of the crime behind.

Computer specialists can easily break into the system and cook the results, Churov said, adding that the owners of the Diebold voting machines have openly stated in the past their support of the Republican Party.

In the run-up to the 2004 presidential election between George W. Bush and John Kerry, Diebold CEO Walden O’Dell wrote that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president.”

The outcome of the election, which showed John Kerry enjoying an insurmountable lead in exit polls, suggests that O’Dell was not exaggerating his support.

According to Collier, “In one Ohio precinct, exit polls indicated that Kerry should have received 67 per cent of the vote, but the certified tally gave him only 38 per cent. The odds of such an unexpected outcome occurring only as a result of sampling error are 1 in 867,205,553.”

To quote Lou Harris, the father of political polling: “Ohio was as dirty an election as America has ever seen.”

Churov then criticized the US polling process, which may lift candidates into office without full popular support.

“It is generally believed that the American people will elect their president on November 6. In fact, the president – an individual bestowed with enormous powers – will be elected by the so-called Electoral College.

The president will be elected by the 280 electors, not by all American citizens,” the head of Russia’s Central Election Commission noted.

One can only talk about the American people’s right to elect their president with reservations, while the average American citizen’s right to become president is completely out of the question,” he said.

Unfortunately for the American voter, international observance of the US election process, which seems seriously vulnerable to manipulation, is not enough to guarantee democratic standards, Churov concluded. 

On November 6, US voters head to the polls to decide the winner of the presidential contest, which pits the incumbent President Barack Obama against the Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Robert Bridge, RT








1500%-too-Jewish Supreme Court: “US belongs to Israel”

They still call it the US Supreme Court.

Posted by poorrichard’s blog

Veterans Today

 November 1st, 2012 | Posted by 

But like Congress, the White House, the media, organized crime, and big banking, the Supreme Court is just another Israeli-occupied Bantustan.

Absolute Jewish-Zionist domination of American political life was confirmed last Friday, when the Supreme Court quashed the appeal of the Holy Land Five.

The Five now face life imprisonment for trying to feed children starved by the Israeli genocide of Palestine.

None of the imprisoned humanitarian heroes was ever charged with complicity in any act of violence.

Their crime was feeding starving children, no more and no less.

The prosecutors claimed that Hamas, the biggest charitable organization and since 2006 the democratically-elected government of Gaza, was involved in feeding the starving children.

Therefore, anybody who tries to feed the starving children of Gaza is a “terrorist.”

But how could anyone feed starving children anywhere without at least the tacit assistance of the government of the place the starving children lived, and the charities on the ground there?

The prosecutors, to prove that “Hamas-linked charities” in Gaza were involved in feeding the children, brought in “anonymous Israeli intelligence sources” to “testify.”

Since when was anonymous testimony allowed in US courtrooms?!

Much less by agents of a hostile foreign power that has repeatedly attacked the United States – a foreign power whose intelligence service lives and dies by the motto, “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

A more blatant act of complete subservience to Israel, a more direct statement that the American government no longer exists, could hardly be imagined.

And now the Israeli is sending Americans a message: “Don’t f@!* with our genocide!”

I used to think people who are stockpiling weapons for the coming uprising against ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government, were a tad extreme.

Mea culpa.
Looks like maybe they have a point.

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ALAN HART: Obama Has Signalled His Coming Complete Surrender to Zionism and Its Lobby








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