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REAL NEWS Nov.20 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 20, 2012

The Occasional REAL NEWS in ‘ MY NOW OCCASIONAL ‘ attempt to awaken the Sheeple : November 20, 2012


Occupy World Government

…or how i learned to stop worrying, and joined the largest SOC (Self Organizing Collective), on the planet….


{XANIEL’S NOTE :  WARNING : Some Profanity, but of which I find appropriate, all things considered ! }~~~Xaniel777  


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – November 20, 2012

With respect……the f#ckers** are out to get your ass.

They want you tipping your hat, bending your knee, and averting your eyes when they pass. They want you abjectly servile.

They are not content with merely stealing your life’s work and energy, they want you quivering in slavish gratitude for your chains.

Or they want you dead.

Either way works for them. In their collective vision, you are their resource.

You are as owned by them as are their oil fields, their silver mines, their rail lines, their nuke plants, their newspapers, their corporations, their politicians, their governments, their military, in short…their planet.

Face it, to the power elite, there is only the difference in the number of legs and teats between you and the rest of the grazing herd on their farm.

They sheer you daily, so what makes you think they wont take you when they harvest the rest of the sheep?

They will take you. They own you.

In fact, they state explicitly that they own your body, soul, and the product of your life in dozens of ways daily.

It starts from the minute that they convince your ignorant parents (not their fault, they were ‘schooled’, and not educated, and are likely sheep themselves) to ‘register’ your birth.

The claim of need is that you are not a ‘person’ until documented, and would not be able to receive ‘service’ from ‘your government’.

If you really wish to educate yourself to what the registration of your ‘live birth’ means to them, and less importantly to you (as you are truly less important than you think to your life, at least to them), please visit the Frank O’Collins link off the main halfpasthuman page.

The ‘elites’, aka the f#ckers**, have stated repeatedly over the last few decades that they are going to push the planet into a “new world order”.

From the f#ckers viewpoint, the need for the NWO is obvious… to better manage their herds.

We have seen this push towards New World Order as a work in progress these last 200 years, with the creation of the EU as a microcosmic fractal of the work as a whole.

The ‘elites’ have bribed, beaten, killed, mashed, squeezed, displaced, shoved, shoveled, buried, twisted, threatened, lied, hoaxed, manipulated the former ‘sovereign states’ of Europe into the super state of the EU.

In short they have fucked 350 million people for the needs of the few ‘royals’, or ‘elites’ at the top.

And how well has this worked out for us regular humans?

Ok, so what is a poor bald guy to do?

Once he has shaken off the wool suit they slip on you at birth in the hospital, and tossed away the sheep goggles placed on us by the school system, then what?

You may have awakened to discover you are a human, but in looking around, you find that you stand naked and alone in the midst of a huge planet wide sheeple farm.

Well, time to educate yourself, and to learn to face the universe in your new status as a self actualizing, self responsible, self governing human being.

Once you transition via the education, and the attitude change from sheeple to human, you will find that you are not alone.

In fact, you are so not alone, that the self declaring, awake human population of this planet is over 1 million people and growing by the minute.

And these are just those humans who have reached the stage of being ‘official’ about declaring their rights and position on this planet.

As have i. Yes, i have finally, after decades in the sheeple farm, and a few dozen years as a human, have decided that there is a real point to being ‘official’ about my status.

Mostly i don’t give a crap about documents. This attitude comes from being defined by too many documents as a military brat.

Your life was defined by your ‘201 file’ which followed you, and was your ‘permanent record’.

Oh, the horror of it should some officialdom person threaten to ‘post a report in your 201’!

It was all just too much, so naturally, as a young sheep i rebelled, and adopted a screw documentation attitude that persisted for a number of decades.

That has now changed.

The change came about due to the current state of the planet, the rise of openly fascists and abusive behavior by government/corporations, and my thinking of just what the hell to do about it all?

So, after thinking deep into the issues for a whole lot of years (ok, so i am slow witted…), i came to the conclusion that THE expression of the problem is coming through the ‘nation state’.

Being an aikidoka***, i recognize the limitations inherent in contention/combat and choose to not engage my enemies (the f#ckers who use nation-states to abuse humans and the planet) on their terms….as that is only a way to lose.

So, thinking about it a lot more, i came to the conclusion that my best response is to follow the words of genius, and take Buckminster Fuller’s admonition to heart: don’t bother to fight them, invent the system that replaces them.

It makes sense to me.

You see, i had come to the conclusion that the way to defeat the New World Order and their One World Government was to employ a strategy i have used to good effect in the past in our linguistics work, that is, to ‘get there ahead of them’.

At that point i started doing research into the various forms of language around my ideas to replace the f#ckers, and was nearly instantly rewarded with discovering that i was indeed a slow witted fellow, and that millions of people had already built my solution.

That is, the largest self organizing collective on the planet already existed, and it was devoted to ‘self sovereign individuals collectively creating their world government’.

They have done it.

A vegetarian**** warrior in 1948 reached the same series of conclusions that i had, and started working then to create world government composed of self proclaimed world citizens as a meta-government for the planet.

It already exists.

Self declared (like all nation states, kingdoms, fiefdoms, and theocracies), the world government of world citizens is a valid approach to self sovereign status in the last days of the nation states.

And it really kicks the ‘authority’ out from under all the f#ckers.

What is the ‘Queen of England’ to me? Nothing, but a criminal.

i am a citizen of the world, and a participating member of the world government…she is merely a badly dressed old pedophile hiding behind a tradition built on lies to steal and steal and steal.

Her ‘realm’ is limited to specific spaces that she claims to own (about 1/6th of all of earth) and her specific claims of ownership of the people who submit to being her property.

My claim is to the planet earth, our world, and all places upon it.

The hell of it is, ‘they’, the ‘f#ckers’, not realizing the import of their actions, and thinking that they were merely throwing words at the annoying human rights claims,

provided the ‘authority’, and ‘legitimacy’ for the world government of self declaring world citizens in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s with a series of United Nations Declarations on Human Rights.

From 1948 until today, the f#ckers supra-state organization, the United Nations (note that this is the UNION of Nation-State-controllers, and does nothing for humans), have affirmed that their power to govern originates with, and is controlled by the contract BETWEEN people…..not nations.

ALL government originates as a contract between individuals.

The f#ckers come along later as self proclaimed ‘kings’, ‘queens’, and ‘popes’ with an agenda to seize the power of government for themselves.

They use various tools including ‘banking (money lent for interest that can never be repaid is a zionist weapon invention),

‘schooling’ (we teach you what we want you to think),

‘political system’ (a class of human endeavor which favors consummate liars, and other forms of psychopathy in which the goal is the control of the masses for the benefit of the few – the politicians and their masters),

and ‘religion’ (a class of human activity in which mind control is exerted to the point that the participants lives are dominated by a fear of an invisible, off-world alien named ‘god’ that demands endless repetition of mind control rituals).


{Xaniel’s Note : Clif refers to the Advance Life Forms that came to our planet eons ago and were seen as ‘ gods ‘. He is not saying that there is no ‘ GOD ‘ , or more to the point, the source and energy of ‘ALL’ things visible and invisible that make up us and our universe that many refer to  ‘ AS THE ONE TRUE GOD ‘ !}~~Xaniel777


But know this….at the core of the f#ckers power is a single expression of human activity…..documents.

When the realization struck me that they, the bastard bankster child molester politicians and their masters have made all their tools of control dependent on a single expression of human activity,

i.e. the recording of words, on paper and electronically, i saw the path clearly as though shown a vision by that off-world fictional creation of the f#ckers that they call ‘god’.

Yes, the slap upside my head rang my empty skull like a bell, and when it settled down, what remained was the clear vision to the control of the world…..documents.

At first, before my research, i had thought i would have to bust my butt creating a huge infrastructure to insist on my human rights to declare myself above and beyond the nation state.

That is, as a living, breathing, blood pumping human, it is up to me to declare my sovereign status, and then to act upon that declaration.

However, in order to control the ‘f#cker-factor’ of life, it would become necessary for me to have the ability to remove myself from the ‘f#ckers’ documentation machine.

Obviously the easiest way was to supercede their documents with my own…

…as it is also obvious that their claims (via documents) are in NO way more valid than my own claims via documents.

That is true. There is no ‘authority’ on earth other than humans (at the moment).

So no claim by any human, or group of humans, is in any way more valid than any other claim…

…this kicks the piss out of the ‘divine right of kings’ from which the ‘nation-state’ attempts to ‘inherit’ their authority…

…usually cited in the western world as the chain of documents that began with the magna carta (i refuse to capitalize it according to the f#ckers rules….this is my document, not theirs).

This document, the magna carta, is held as the core ‘legal’ authority for the basis of statehood.

And again, it stakes its claim to authority on the ‘divine right of kings’ which is a claim, by a human, that an off-world alien named ‘god’ is the ‘ultimate authority’,

and that further, this off-world alien told them (when no one else was around of course) that they were to be proxy for ‘god’ here on earth.

So until this ‘god’ shows up here on earth to support the claim of either kings or nation states, i am saying bullshit to the whole claim of authority, and striking out on my own….

….well, thanks to the World Service Authority, i am hardly on my own.

A great hero to humans everywhere, the previously mentioned vegetarian warrior, a man named Garry Davis, gave me, and all world citizens, a great gift.

He dedicated his life to creating and nurturing a space for the World Government of World Citizens to birth itself.

Now is the time that we can all repay him for his dedication through our actions as competent world citizens building our world government.

Garry Davis did not create the organization, it arose on its own. As it should. Organically, and structured by common law (see the O’Collins link off the main halfpasthuman page), the World Government of World Citizens is the new order of the world.

It is just NOT what the f#ckers have in mind when they use say NWO.

But they don’t matter any more….the f#ckers i mean.

Now we are off creating the system that will replace them as they thrash around in their death throes.

Yes, they are still dangerous, and need to be treated with the respect one would give to a mentally unstable, dying animal, but we need not concern ourselves with the future of the f#ckers as they have none.

All the regular humans, the world citizens, yet self declared or not, are going to be very very busy inventing our new future.

It is not up to me to educate you about World Citizen status, and what it can mean for your life, after all, a competent citizen takes care of their own education as a part of their responsibility to the rest of the world citizens.

You don’t have to accept the responsibility of world citizen status.

You can put the woolies suit back on along with the sheep goggles, and munch the provided fodder contentedly until you are harvested.

If you want to work, that is to join others in the World Government SOC* working to change your life, planet and future, the route of world citizen is a path that will work, individually and collectively.

You begin this work here at the World Service Authority.

As with any work i undertake, a certain thoroughness and intensity is involved. As a world citizen, i consider it my duty to be informed.

So i have purchased and read all of Garry Davis’ books from the site, as well as doing my own research on the contents proffered by the books. It was worth the effort.

Satisfied that all is as stated, i have applied for my World Citizen documentation, including ID card, and Passport.

Now, for the squeamish among you, note that you need not renounce any allegiance to any nation state.

It is not necessary. As a world citizen, you merely are declaring your allegiance to yourself as sovereign over your life.

The other world citizens and their work are there to make the process easier.

The ‘charge’ for this was paid by Garry Davis with his life’s actions.

As a world citizen, i will be providing my documents when i deem a request is valid.

These documents will identify me as a world citizen, resident in the local republic of Washington State.

i am not distancing myself from my local environment, in fact, by becoming a world citizen, it has made me closer to my local concerns by virtue of removing any thoughts for the demands of THE UNITED STATES (a corporation created in 1871 illegally by the Forty-First Congress).

 Further, it is not only my concerns and thoughts that are removed, but also the ability of THE UNITED STATES corporation to intrude on my life.

Some small fees for copying and overhead do apply.

For those with the resources, the World Service Authority offers a 15 year, gold embossed passport for donations to the World Fund that is used by the World Service Authority to hand out documentation to distressed, stateless humans globally (at least half will be children and women).

This is a noble effort.

And self serving…..you see, every time that a World Service Authority document is accepted anywhere on the planet for any reason, all world citizens benefit.

Each of us, in our individual actions for our own interests, strengthens all other world citizens collectively.

By way of encouraging those who read these words to pursue this course of research for their lives, i have obtained a few of the ‘i am a world citizen’ pins…

…these are the counterpart to the ubiquitous ‘flag pins’ of the politicians and minions (they use them as symbols to say that they are on your side which, of course, is bullshit).

For the first 7/seven world citizens who send me either their ID number, or passport number from the issued World Service Authority documents, Cathy and i will write a note, sign, and date it, and include it along with the pin.

For some reason, some humans are impressed by us (cathy and i), thus put value on our scribbles.

So be it, and i will use that as a method to accelerate YOUR interest in the whole subject of World Citizen status.

For the first 7/seven world citizens who get back to us with your newly issued documents, we will provide autographs, and ‘i am a world citizen’ pins.

Not that these trinkets matter. The real benefit is success at succession.

Note that there are more registered world citizens than 95 nation-states can claim as their population.

This is real ‘power to the people’.

Welcome, world citizens……


* SOC = self organizing collective

** f#ckers = globalist elite banksters and their politician/priest =pedophile minions

***aikidoka = someone who practices the principles of aikido, the way of peace.

**** vegetarian warriors = the toughest of the tough, not only warriors, but so disciplined as to impose their will on their own bodies and life. Now that is tough. Examples include the samurai.

Copyright 2012, all rights reserved. No copying without attribution and links. Fair use explicitly supported with attribution.








Slavery By Consent · Understanding The Human Farm


Posted on Nov 12, 2012 by 

Published on Aug 12, 2012 by ASimpleEquation

In 2010, the Bushwackk Channel on YouTube created a presentation called “Slavery by Consent” that succinctly outlined the deception used to enslave humanity by the global criminal class.

It was a powerful statement documenting the crimes of our ruling classes which I thought was great, but could be better.

I spent 2 weeks in the Summer of 2010 adding information to the documentary, subtitling parts in the movie that were over driven by music making them difficult to hear and creating an even more informative documentary highlighting the nature and history of our enslavement,

the absurdity of an all-powerful governing (controlling) class to a free human race and the philosophy of liberty which we all need to adopt if we are to ever be a free species on this planet living in balance with the natural world.

I renamed the documentary, “Slavery by Consent: Understanding the Human Farm & Breaking Free of the Invisible Prison for Your Mind,” put the expanded video onto DVD and gave it out to many people who watched it and finally began to awaken to reality because of the message and soft approach to the information.

A few days ago, I decided to update it once more and upload it to YouTube since I am now able to do it in one full and uninterrupted file and share it with the rest of the world.

Below is a listing of the chapter titles and the times at which they begin.

Thanks go out to Bushwackk for the initial and inspiring presentation,

Stefan Molyneux for his deeply philosophical insight and common sense,

Daniel Taylor of OldThinkerNews.com,

The International Society for Individual Liberty,

Ken Schoolland and Kerry Pearson for their tireless efforts in educating the world and promoting the ideals of freedom and individual liberty and Alex Jones for exposing the crimes and modus operandi of the elitist ruling class for 17 years and counting.

Slowly, the world awakens from the nightmare of debt slavery and illegitimate authority imposed on us for nearly 6000 years which has violated the natural, universal laws made to govern us and our interaction with each other and all other species on this planet by the Creator of the universe… 

Enjoy. =)

Chapter Titles

01. 00:00:00 Introduction: Does Slavery Still Exist?
02. 00:07:40 Law: The Purpose of Certificates
03. 00:12:31 All ‘Capital’: We Are Merely Assets
04. 00:22:31 Human Chattel: The Money Sold Abroad Is YOU
05. 00:27:53 The Sin: We Were Captured at Birth
06. 00:36:46 Modern Slavery: History of The Human Farm
07. 00:49:16 Usury: In Whose Interest?
08. 00:56:54 Government & The Corporation: Unholy Alliance of Fascism
09. 01:05:45 Phase 3: War and Media Control
10. 01:15:57 True Freedom: The Philosophy of Liberty
11. 01:23:59 Humanity Held Captive: The Story of Your Enslavement
12. 01:37:10 Perception vs. Reality: Plato’s Allegory of The Cave
13. 01:45:03 Be The Change You Want To See: The Love Police (w/ Subtitles)
14: 01:54:47 Reason vs. Superstition: Statism is Dead
15. 01:58:02 Breaking Free: I Do Not Consent
16: 02:08:23 Globalist Agenda: The Scientific Dictatorship & The Future of Humanity
17: 02:14:32 Non-Conformity: The Peaceful Revolution

*** Copyright Disclaimer *** Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.








In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bio terrorism (Full Version)

From Underground Documentaries

This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bio terrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead.

It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations.

He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bio terror; the “War on Terrorism” used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history—the “War on Cancer;”

the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flus; the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions.

Every viewer is encouraged to reproduce and distribute copies to others.

Donations to Tetrahedron Films to cover costs and produce more films like this are greatly appreciated online at http://www.inlieswetrust.com or by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787.

You can screen the film on behalf of local charities.








Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold


From Charleston Voice

Monday, November 19, 2012

Posted by Charleston Voice

Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold

All the buzz in the aftermath of the last election is that secession is in the air.

Despite the improbable prospects that the globalists, that control the federal government, would allow the upstart masses to leave the dominion of Disunion States, it is promising that the country builds critical mass for dissolution. 
 Secession in this day is not your call to arms in the defense of home.

Honest Abe’s version of despotism caused many politicians to “Wave the bloody shirt”, but today’s crop of brave leaders just asks you to sign a petition to beg for a cordial severance.

Just imagine the response from the unprincipled governmental career class.

The re-education FEMA facilities are ready to become today’s Camp Douglas detention centers.

The League of the South list Ten Reasons For Secession and offers this assessment.

“What is behind this increasing support for secession and independence? Perhaps the answer is this: hard reality has finally trumped the myth of a sacred, indivisible union. In other words, many citizens are beginning to see the hand writing on the wall, and the message is alarming.”

Notwithstanding, the sentiments of the Old South, the contemporary motivation to reject the arrogant and oppressive dictates of the central government is taking hold for a myriad of reasons.

One of the stronger reasons appears in the article, Pluralism Leaves No Other Option – LIBERTY Demands Secession

“It is absolutely crucial to view the concept of America not as a country, and certainly not as a government.

The uniqueness in the notion of the 1776 revolution lies within the shot heard round the world. Equity – adjudication of the inadequate common law, supplant natural law with chancery courts.

“Equity follows the law” is the claim, but the practice is that the law becomes arbitrary, that which men desire.

Secession is the moral course. Yes, you will reply that the government will never allow such a wild proposal.

Surely, you would be correct, the nature of the federal system is to control people, and would not give up the power to dominate citizens.

But, that evaluation does not dispel the validity of the ethical case.

So much for the prospect of Liberty in a free society.”

Set aside the fear of federal retribution and coercive retaliation.

Is it justified to seek dissolution of the failed empire that has long ago buried the essence of a constitutional republic?

The great departed Joseph Sobran in Secession, Anyone?, urges you to search your conscience and be true to your immortal soul. 

“A few readers think I’m writing with tongue in cheek when I propose secession.

Well, though I see the humor of it, I’m not exactly joking.

I know it’s unlikely to happen, for the time being, but the idea has value as a thought-experiment.

It can help free our minds of the illusion that the present political status quo was, and is, “inevitable.”

How would such a movement proceed?

The essay, Representation, Secession and Taxation, illustrates unbearable circumstances and practical steps to ratchet up populace pressure.

As discontent rises and practical solutions evaporate, that dirty historic sentiment begins to bubble to the surface, SECESSION

Russell D. Longcore provides a standard, when secession is a vital and justified option that many would accept. 

“Secession should be solemnly deliberated by the elected representatives and the state citizens.

Secession should be initiated at the moment that any state reaches the point at which it will no longer accept the despotic tyranny and laws coming from the US Federal Government in Washington, DC.

Or, secession should be initiated upon a collapse of the Dollar, or the imposition by Washington DC of martial law in the event of social upheaval.”

Charleston Mercury, December 1860

The initiative, Petitions to secede are filed for 23 states since election, as previously reported by the Washington Times explains the procedure.

“The White House may have to take the requests seriously. According to the website, any petition receiving 25,000 online “signatures” on the “We the People” page within 30 days of posting will receive a review by the appropriate executive department and a response from a White House staffer. 

As of Monday, the Texas petition had already exceeded the 25,000-signature threshold, and the Louisiana petition was fast approaching the cutoff with more than 18,000 signatures.

Most of the petitions were posted online Nov. 10, which means they have until Dec. 10 to qualify for a response.”

A further update appears on U.S. Citizens In Over 40 States File Petitions For Secession, which also lists the states and the proposed response.

“The Obama administration explains on the website,

“If a petition meets the signature goal within the designated period, the White House will respond to that petition in a timely fashion.”


Continued>> Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold








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