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REAL NEWS Dec.26 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on December 26, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : December 26, 2012


Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government

From LifeLibertyNow·

Published on Dec 22, 2012

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Obama Nation ~ Drone Death

From rtxyz1

Published on Dec 25, 2012

There is no rule of Law anymore. We the People have fallen down on the Job. We have allowed State sanctioned Murder of American Citizens without any due Process. Our President does not have the authority to circumvent the Constitution, which apparently means nothing to these Monsters. All of you Ron Paul people get off of your Ass. This will be a huge year for Liberty as the masses begin to feel the noose tighten around their neck.

Get out of the box and stay there. We will replace the current system with a Constitutional one. We have to stop the murder going on in our name. Here we have a clear violation of the 5th amendment and everything decent. There is no expiration date for prosecuting the Murder of the Innocent.

This is for the Family of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.
My heart breaks for these people and my Country.
Please stand up and stop the madness.

Obama can and should be impeached, and then imprisoned.

End the Wars
End the Fed
Restore Individual Liberty
It takes 1/3
The Spirit
Merry Christmas

Great Job to the reporter at http://wearechange.org/

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The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting

From Bemjamin Fulford Blog

By Benjamin Fulford – December 24, 2012

There are growing signs that the Bush / Nazi New World Order Nazi faction has been defeated but that the Rockefellers and their allies in the Old World Order faction are still fighting to preserve their power.

It has also now been confirmed that the new Japanese government headed by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party was put in place via a disguised military coup d’etat, according to Japanese military intelligence sources.

This implies the Rockefellers and their minions are being forced out of Japan, a CIA source added.

This means 66 years of hostile foreign occupation of Japan may be about to end. There is still secret fighting going on though.

The gnostic illuminati faction in the West, for its part, is claiming victory and saying that “President Obama will leave the White House hanging by his neck from a helicopter.”

Of course the jury is still out on all this and only actual events and not talk, will determine if what the various sources are saying is true.

However, it looks like it will be a Merry Solar New Year (even the pope now admits Christmas was not Christ’s birthday), and the power of love and friendship is winning over the forces of fear and hate.

There is also strong evidence emerging that the new Japanese government is planning to end the cabal’s monopoly on the creation of money by….

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25 Facts That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Really Want To Talk About

From Black Listed News

December 23, 2012

For decades, the mainstream media in the United States was accustomed to being able to tell the American people what to think.  Unfortunately for them, a whole lot of Americans are starting to break free from that paradigm and think for themselves. 

A Gallup survey from earlier this year found that 60 percent of all Americans have little or no trust in the mainstream media. 

More people than ever are realizing that the mainstream media is giving them a very distorted version of “the truth” and they are increasingly seeking out alternative sources of information.  In the United States today, just six giant media corporations control the mainstream media. 

Those giant media corporations own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and even many prominent websites. 

But now thanks to the Internet the mainstream media no longer has a complete monopoly on the news. 

In recent years the “alternative media” has exploded in popularity.  People want to hear about the things that the mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about. 

They want to hear news that is not filtered by corporate bosses and government censors.  They want “the truth” and they know that they are not getting it from the mainstream media.

We are watching a media revolution happen, and many in the mainstream media are totally freaking out about it.  In fact, some in the mainstream media have even begun publishing articles that mock the American people for not trusting them. 

For example, a recent CNN article entitledStill ‘paranoid’ after all these years portrayed Americans that don’t trust the media as paranoid conspiracy theorists that have left rationality behind…

Ever have the feeling you’re being lied to by the news media, the authorities, the corporate world?  That somebody — or something — is out to get you? You’re not alone.

Welcome to 21st-century America.

Look around. Trust is hitting historic lows. Just a third of Americans have a favorable view of the federal government, a decline of 31% since 2002, according to the Pew Center for People and the Press. Gallup has Congress’ approval rating is in the low 20s, after nearing single digits last summer. And the news media aren’t much better off.

“Negative opinions about the performance of news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs on nine of 12 core measures the Pew Research Center has been tracking since 1985,” a Pew report said.

The article goes on to make it sound like it is very irrational not to trust the media, but in this day and age it is imperative that we all learn to think for ourselves. 

Blindly trusting someone else to do your thinking for you is very dangerous.

Anyone that does not acknowledge that the mainstream media has an agenda is not being honest with themselves. 

The mainstream media presents a view of the world that is very favorable to their big corporate owners and the big corporations that spend billions of dollars to advertise on their networks. 

The mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the establishment, and the worldview being pushed on the big networks is going to be consistent with the economic, financial, political and social goals of the establishment. 

The mainstream media loves to talk about things that fit with that agenda, and they don’t like to talk about things that suggest that there is something wrong with that agenda.

The following are 25 facts that the mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about right now…

#1 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that gun sales are absolutely skyrocketing in the aftermath of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

#2 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that disarming the population has resulted in some of the most horrific massacres in human history.  The following is from the Warrior Times

1911 – Turkey disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1915 – 1917 they murdered 1.5 million Armenians.

1929 – Russia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1929 – 1953 they murdered 20 million Russians.

1935 – China disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1948 – 1952 they murdered 20 million Chinese.

1938 – Germany disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 16 million Jews.

1956 – Cambodia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1975 – 1977 they murdered 1 million Educated people.

1964 – Guatamala disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1964 – 1981 they murdered 100,000 Mayan Indians.

1970 – Uganda disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1971 – 1979 they murdered 300,000 Christians.

#3 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that a bill allowing for the indefinite military detention of US citizens on American soil was passed by the U.S. Senate on Friday.

#4 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that volcanoes all along the Ring of Fire are roaring to life.  It seems like a new eruption is being reported every few days now.  In fact, a red alert has just been issued for a massive volcano that sits along the border between Chile and Argentina.

#5 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the use of genetically engineered seeds has caused on explosion of new super weeds that are incredibly difficult for farmers to kill.

#6 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente is predicting a “financial disaster” in 2013.

#7 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to get a job as a flight attendant in America today.

#8 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that nearly 400 TSA employees have been fired for stealing from travelers since 2003.

#9 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that giant corporations such as Facebook are funneling gigantic amounts of money through offshore banking havens such as the Cayman Islands in an effort to avoid taxes.

#10 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the U.S. dollar is in danger of losing its status as the primary reserve currency of the world.

#11 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that Barack Obama has gone off to vacation in Hawaii while the rest of the nation hopes for a fiscal cliff deal to get done.  Of course the mainstream media has to mention that he is on vacation because they always keep track of what the president does, but they are not making a big deal out of it because they love Obama.  And it sounds like Obama is having quite a good time on his little vacation

The president is expected to indulge in some of his favorite pastimes on the island where he was born and raised: golf, an expedition for the local treat “shave ice,” and an evening out with family and friends. He hit the links at the nearby Marine Corps base under sunny skies on Saturday afternoon.

#12 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that there are government websites that give immigrants instructions about how to come over to our country and apply for welfare.

#13 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the U.S. economy is losing millions of jobs to nations where it is legal to pay workers slave labor wages.  The mainstream media is totally married to the one world economic agenda that their corporate owners make so much money from, and so they say nothing as a steady stream of businesses and jobs continue to leave the country.

#14 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the recent tax increase is causing large numbers of wealthy individuals to consider moving out of the state of California.

#15 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that hunger and poverty are absolutely exploding in the United States at the same time that they are telling us that the economy is “recovering”.

#16 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that North Korea now has a three-stage rocket with enough range to potentially hit the western United States.

#17 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the United States Postal Service is losing 25 million dollars a day and is on the verge of financial collapse.

#18 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that our biggest oil supplier in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, still kills people for changing religions.

#19 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that political correctness is taking over America.  The truth is that the media does not see any problem with that at all.

#20 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that nearly half a million employees of the federal government are making more than $100,000 a year.

#21 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the birth rate in the United States fallen to an all-time low.  The elite are actually absolutely thrilled that less babies are being born.

#22 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that violent crime in the United States increased by 18 percent in 2011 and that many major U.S. cities are seeing violent crime totally spiral out of control.

#23 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that Barack Obama received more than 99 percent of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Ohio on election day.

#24 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that during the first four years of the Obama administration, the U.S. national debt grew by about as much as it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that George W. Bush took office.

#25 The mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about the fact that the Federal Reserve created the conditions for the last financial crisis and their mismanagement of the economy has now brought us to the verge of another horrible economic downturn.  According to the mainstream media, the Federal Reserve is “above politics” and should not be criticized.









Worlds Largest Firearms supplier sells 3.5yrs of goods in 3 days

From 12160.info

Added by James Φοίνιξ on December 23, 2012

Worlds Largest Firearms supplier sells 3.5yrs of goods in 3 days

Gun and ammunition sales continue to soar in the days following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., that left six adults and 20 children dead.

Brownells, the world’s largest supplier of firearm accessories and supplies, released a statement on a forum for gun enthusiasts, apologizing for the delay in fulfilling orders of assault weapon magazines, explaining that the company had experienced “unprecedented” demand for AR-15 ammunition magazines in the last three days.

Brownells’ president Pete Brownell wrote on AK15.com that the company has sold about 3.5 years worth of magazines in 72 hours, adding that the company is “working like crazy to get these orders to [customers] as quickly as possible.”

Corpus noted that Brownells’ 30- and 20-round magazines are selling quickly, and they’ve had to order more materials to keep up with the production demand.

In the days following the shooting, gun sales have risen dramatically.

Paul Marquardt, owner of ArmsX, a Connecticut-based gun store near Sandy Hook Elementary, told The Huffington Post that the wait-time on the day after the shooting for a background check was nearly an hour — the longest wait-time he’s ever seen.

The AR-15 style rifle, a weapon of choice in both the Aurora theater shooting and the most recent shooting in Newtown, accounted for more than 25 percent of ArmsX’s recent sales, he said.

The “threat of regulation has dramatically upset the normal flow of production and distribution,” according to Guns.com, and gun enthusiasts are continuing to purchase assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition while they can.

2012 was already a record year for gun sales before the shooting in Newtown on Dec. 14, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who recorded more than 16.8 million background checks for guns purchased this year.

And since the FBI does not actually track the number of firearms purchased, the number of weapons sold could be even higher than the number of background-check calls, since customers can purchase multiple guns, according to USA Today. 


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Occupy Wall Street Leaders With Snipers 

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Erma EGR66E

Erma EGR77

Erma ELG10

Erma EM1

Erma ER422, ER423

Erma ER432

Erma ER438, ER440

Erma ER442

Erma ER472, ER773, ER777

Erma LP4/56

Erma ESG22

Erma ESP85A

Erma Gallager

Erma SE08/2

Erma SE08/2 Interarms

Erma SE08/21

Erma SG67

Erma Torro


Fabarm Asper

Fabarm Axis

Fabarm Beta Classic

Fabarm H3

Fabarm H35

Fabarm H38

Fabarm Lion

Fabarm Over/Under

Fausti Over/Under

Fausti Traditions




Feinwerkbau 2

Feinwerkbau 80

Feinwerkbau 90

Feinwerkbau 300

Feinwerkbau 500

Feinwerkbau 600

Feinwerkbau 601

Feinwerkbau 602

Feinwerkbau 603

Feinwerkbau 700

Feinwerkbau 2000

Feinwerkbau 2600

Feinwerkbau 2602

Feinwerkbau 2700

Feinwerkbau AW93

Feinwerkbau C5

Feinwerkbau C10

Feinwerkbau C20, C25

Feinwerkbau C55

Feinwerkbau C60

Feinwerkbau C65

Feinwerkbau History No. 1

Feinwerkbau History No. 2

Feinwerkbau P11

Feinwerkbau P30

Feinwerkbau P34

Feinwerkbau P40

Feinwerkbau P44

Feinwerkbau P55

Feinwerkbau P56

Feinwerkbau P58

Feinwerkbau P70

Feinwerkbau P75

Feinwerkbau P100, P102

Feinwerkbau P103

Feinwerkbau Release

Feinwerkbau Simulator

Fero Z24

FIE A-27



FIE Handgun Guide

Firestorm 380

Firestorm 45 Government

Firestorm Mini 9, 40, 45

FM Hi-Power 90






FN-FNUSA Bolt Action Rifles

FN-HERSTAL Five-seveN Pistol




FN-SCAR 16S, 17S





Franchi 48 AL

Franchi LAW12

Franchi SPAS12

Franchi SPAS15

Freedom Arms 83

Freedom Arms 97

Freedom Arms Mini


Galil ARM

Galil R4

Garcia D

German 1900-1906 Pistol (German)

German Gewehr 41 (German)

German Gewehr 44 (German)

German MG3 (German)

German MG12.7 (German)

German MG81 (German)

German MG131 (German)

German MG151 (German)

German MP2-MP2A (German)

German ZDv312 Schießen Mit Handwaffenalil (German)

German Sturmgewehr 77 (German)

German ZDv314 Das Machinengewehr (German)

German ZDv315 Die Pistolen P1, P7, P8 (German)

German ZDv316 Die Leichte Panzerfaust (German)



Glock Armorer’s Manual

Glock Armorer’s Manual Update

Glock Armorer’s Manual 2009

Grendel P-10

Grendel P-30

Guerini Shotguns


Hammerli 120

Hammerli 150

Hammerli 152

Hammerli 160, 162

Hammerli 208, 215

Hammerli 208S

Hammerli 209, 210

Hammerli 232

Hammerli 240

Hammerli 280

Hammerli 480

Hammerli AP40

Hammerli Olympia

Hammerli SP20

Hammerli X-ESSE

Hatsan Escort O/U Shotgun

Hatsan Escort Pump Shotgun

Hatsan Escort Semi-Auto Shotgun

Hawes 21

Henry .30-30 Rifle

Henry Big Boy (Series H006) Rifles

Henry Golden Boy (Series H004) Rifles

Henry Lever Action (Series H001) Rifles

Henry Mini-Bolt Action (Series H005) Rifles

Henry U.S. Survival Rifle

Heritage Rough Rider

Heritage Stealth

Hi-Point 380 Comp

Hi-Point 995

Hi-Point 995TS

Hi-Point 4095

Hi-Point C9

Hi-Point JC 40 S&W

Hi-Point JCP 40 S&W

Hi-Point JH 45 ACP

Hi-Point JHP 45 ACP

High Standard 10A

High Standard 10B

High Standard 514

High Standard A100

High Standard A101

High Standard A102

High Standard A103

High Standard A1041

High Standard B

High Standard C100

High Standard C1200

High Standard D100

High Standard D101

High Standard HD (Visible Hammer)

High Standard K100

High Standard K200

High Standard M100

High Standard M101

High Standard M103

High Standard M104

High Standard M107

High Standard P100

High Standard P1011

High Standard R101, R105

High Standard R106

High Standard S103

High Standard W100

High Standard W101

High Standard W104

High Standard Parts List – .22 Caliber Semi-Auto Pistols – Starting With M-100 Series And Serial Number 443611

HK 4

HK 11

HK 33E, 53

HK 45 Series

HK 91

HK 93

HK 94

HK 270 (German)

HK 416

HK 630, 770, 940


HK G11


HK GPT (German)

HK Gewehr G36, G36K (German)

HK Mark 23



HK MP5A4 (German)

HK MP5A5 (German)



HK MP5 Armorer’s Manual


HK MR308



HK P7M13 Armorer’s Manual


HK P2000

HK PSG1 (German)

HK SL6, SL7 (German)

HK SL8-5





HK USP40 Compact

HK USP Armorer’s Manual

HK USP Compact

HK USP Field Stripping & Armorers Maintenence Manual

HK USP Series

HK USP Tactical


Howa 1500

H&R 622, 623

H&R 700

H&R Buffalo Classic Target Carbine

H&R Excell

H&R M65

H&R Handi Rifle

H&R Pardner Shotgun

H&R Pump Shotgun

H&R Pump Shotgun

H&R Sportster

H&R Survivor Rifle

H&R Survivor Shotgun

H&R T223

H&R topper

H&R Tracker

H&R Ultra Slug Hunter

H&R Ultra Varmint, Ultra Hunter

HS 2000

HW 660 Match


IAI Automag III .30 Carbine

IAI M 888

IGL – Automaten 68

Ingram M10, M11

Interarms Mark X

Interarms Mauser

Interdynamic KG-9

Intratec TEC-DC9

Ithaca 37/87

Ithaca 37 Featherlight

Ithaca 51

Ithaca 300XL – 900XL

Ithaca Mag10

Iver Johnson EW.22HBA

Iver Johnson EW.22MHBL

Iver Johnson TM22

Iver Johnson TP22


Jager AP74

JC Higgins 10

JC Higgins 11

JC Higgins 20

JC Higgins 21

JC Higgins 25

JC Higgins 28

JC Higgins 29

JC Higgins 30

JC Higgins 31

JC Higgins 33

JC Higgins 35

JC Higgins 36

JC Higgins 50

JC Higgins 51

JC Higgins 51L

JC Higgins 60

JC Higgins 80

JC Higgins 88

JC Higgins 88

JC Higgins 229

Jennings 38

Jennings J-22

JW 2000 Coach Gun


Kahn 20ga Over And Under

Kahr KP Series

Kahr MK Series

Kart .22 Caliber Conversion Unit

Kassnar AKM













Keystone Crickett

Khan Semiauto Shotgun

Khan Survival Shotgun

Kimber 22

Kimber 22 Pistol

Kimber 82

Kimber 84M

Kimber 8400

Kimber 1911

Kimber Compact

Kimber Full Size

Kimber Rimfire

Kimber Solo

Kintrek KBP-1

Koon Snake Charmer

Korth Revolver

Korth Semi-Auto

Krieghoff Classic

Krieghoff Essencia

Krieghoff Hunting Rifles

Krieghoff K80

Krieghoff K80 Trap Supplement

Krieghoff KX5

Kriss Super V

Kriss Super V Armorer Manual


Lanber Over/Under Shotgun

Lanber Semi-Auto Shotgun

LAR Bigbore

LAR Grizzly

Lee Enfield

Lippard Combat NCO

Lippard CQBP

Ljungmann AG 42B

Llama III-A

Llama 9MM Parabellum

Llama Maxi

Llama MicroMax

Llama MiniMax

Llama MiniMax II

Lorcin L380, L32

Luger 1900/06

Luger P08

Lyman Black Powder


M-1 Carbine

M-14 Accurizing



Maadi ARM

MAC 10

MAC 1931 Machinegun

MAC 1950 Semi-Automatic Pistol

MAS 223

MAS 1935 Military Pistol

MAS 1935 S Semi-Automatic Pistol

MAS G1 Automatic Pistol

MAT 1949 Machine Pistol

MG 1942 F Machinegun

MP 5 Machine Gun

MP 1940 Machine Pistol

Magnum Research BFR

Magnum Research Baby Eagle

Magnum Research Desert Eagle

Magtech 586.2

Makarov – Bloss

Makarov – Century

Mannlicher Classic, Pro-Hunter

Mannlicher Ultra-Light, Scout, Elite

Mannlicher TMP

Marlin 9

Marlin 15YN

Marlin 25MN

Marlin 39A, 39M

Marlin 45

Marlin 49, 99C, 99M1, 989M2

Marlin 60, 70, 75, 99M1,989M2

Marlin 70P

Marlin 336, 444, 1895

Marlin 780

Marlin 1894, 1894C

Marlin 1894S

Marlin 1894 Cowboy II

Marlin Bolt Action Rimfire

Marlin Self-Loading Rimfire Clip Feed

Marlin Self-Loading Rimfire Tube Feed

Marlin LC Smith O/U Shotgun

Marlin LC Smith S/S Shotgun

Marocchi SM64

Mateba 6 Unica

Mauser 66

Mauser 66S

Mauser 71

Mauser 77

Mauser 90DA

Mauser 94

Mauser 96

Mauser 97

Mauser 98

Mauser 105

Mauser 201

Mauser 225

Mech-Tech 1911CCU

Merkel O/U Shotgun

Merkel S/S Shotgun

MGV 176

Military Rifle 1886-1893

Mitchell 9100 Series Shotguns

Mitchell AK22

Mitchell Gold Series 1911

Mitchell M16A1/22, CAR15/22

Mitchell Mauser 98

Mitchell Mauser P-08


Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle

Mossberg 4X4

Mossberg 100ATR

Mossberg 151K

Mossberg 183d To 183k

Mossberg 353

Mossberg 390KA

Mossberg 464 Centerfire

Mossberg 464 Rimfire

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500, 505, 535, 590, 835

Mossberg 590DA

Mossberg 695

Mossberg 702

Mossberg 802

Mossberg 817

Mossberg 920

Mossberg 930

Mossberg 935

Mossberg 5500

Mossberg 9200

Mossberg Line Launcher

Mossberg Maverick

Mossberg Muzzleloader

Mossberg Reserve

Mossberg SSi-One


NEF Pardner

NEF R22, R73, R92

New Haven 240C

New Haven 250C

New Haven 251C

Nighthawk 1911

Norinco 84S

Norinco 86S

Norinco 1911A1

Norinco ATD-22

Norinco JW-15

Norinco M-93

Norinco MAK-90

Norinco NHM-90

Norinco NHM-91

Norinco NP-20

Norinco NP-42

Norinco Hunter

North American Cap & Ball

North American Guardian

North American Mini


Olympic 22-17 Partner

Olympic OA Series

Olympic PCR-AR Rifles

Olympic Pneumatic Recoil Buffer – Non-adjustable

Olympic RFA Rimfire Adapter

Olympic Upper Conversion Unit – CAR15-AR15

Olympic Whitney Wolverine

Orbis MGV 176

Ortgies Pistol


Para-Ordnance High Capacity

Para-Ordnance LDA

Para-Ordnance PXT LDA

Para-Ordnance PXT SA

Para-Ordnance Short Barrel

Pardini GP, GPE, HP, K2, K2 Junior, K22, K2L, K2S, K2S Junior, K2SL, K58, SP

Parker-Hale Sniper Rifle M85

PGM Ultimate Ratio

Phoenix HP22, HP22A, HP25, HP25A


Plainfield M1 Carbine

PolyTech AK-47S

PolyTech AKS

Puma PPS-22


Radocy Luger Parabellum

Radom P-64

Ramline Exactor

Raven MP25

Raznoexport TOZ-35M

Raznoexport TOZ-49

Reising 50, 55, 60

Remington 5

Remington 7, 700, 710

Remington 8

Remington 10 Shotgun

Remington 11 Shotgun

Remington 12 Rifle

Remington 10, 11, 12 Rifle Factory Gunsmith Service Manual

Remington 14

Remington 16

Remington 17

Remington 24

Remington 25

Remington 51

Remington 58

Remington 66

Remington 66 Field Service Manual

Remington 105

Remington 121

Remington 141

Remington 341

Remington 504

Remington 511

Remington 512

Remington 522

Remington 541X

Remington 550

Remington 550-1

Remington 552

Remington 572

Remington 580, 581, 582

Remington 597

Remington 600

Remington 660

Remington 673

Remington 700

Remington 700 EtroniX

Remington 700 ML

Remington 710

Remington 742

Remington 788

Remington 798, 799

Remington 870

Remington 887

Remington 1100, 1187

Remington 1148

Remington 7400

Remington 7600

Remington Premier O/U Shotgun

Remington R-15 VTR

Remington SPR-18

Remington SPR-22

Remington SPR-94 410

Remington SPR-94C

Remington SPR-100

Remington SPR-210, SPR-220

Remington SPR-220H

Remington SPR-453

Republic RAP-440

RG 14

RG 16, 17

Rhineland R22

Robinson M96

Robinson VEPR

Robinson VEPR-II

Robinson Super VEPR

Rock Island 1911A1

Rock Island M1A1 Carbine Base Shop Data


Rossi Muzzleloader

Rossi Puma 92

Rossi Pump 22

Rossi Revolvers

Rossi Singleshot

Ruger 10/17 Carbines

Ruger 10/22 Carbine (Early Model)

Ruger 10/22 Carbines

Ruger 10/22 Magnum Rifles

Ruger 22 Charger Pistol

Ruger 44 Carbine N.M.

Ruger 44 Carbine O.M.

Ruger 77 Rifles

Ruger 77 Mk.II Rifles

Ruger 77 Hawkeye Rifles

Ruger 77/17, 77/22, 77/44

Ruger 77/50

Ruger 96 Rifles

Ruger AC556

Ruger Airhawk

Ruger American Rifle

Ruger Bearcat N.M.

Ruger Bearcat O.M.

Ruger Blackhawk 50th Anniversary

Ruger Blackhawk N.M.

Ruger Blackhawk O.M.

Ruger PC Carbines

Ruger Gold Label Shotgun

Ruger GP-100

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Ruger Hawkeye Pistol

Ruger LC9

Ruger LCP Pistol

Ruger LCR Pistol

Ruger Mini-14

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch

Ruger Mini-30

Ruger Mk.I Pistols

Ruger Mk.II Pistols

Ruger Mk.II 22-45 Pistol

Ruger Mk.III Pistols

Ruger Mk.III 22-45 Pistols

Ruger Mk.III 22-45 Hunter Pistols

Ruger Number 1 Rifles

Ruger Number 3 Rifles

Ruger Old Army

Ruger P85 and P85 Mk.II

The Manual Ruger Forgot To Write – P89 Disassembly Picture Manual

Ruger P89 To P944 DC

Ruger P89 To P944 DAO

Ruger P89 To P944

Ruger P95 DC

Ruger P95 DAO

Ruger P95

Ruger P97 DC

Ruger P97 DAO

Ruger P345 DC

Ruger P345 MS

Ruger PC4 Carbine

Ruger Redhawk

Ruger Red Label Shotguns N.M.

Ruger Red Label Shotguns O.M.

Ruger S38-40

Ruger Scout Rifle

Ruger Security Six

Ruger Single Six N.M.

Ruger Single Six O.M.

Ruger S32-S360 N.M.

Ruger SP-101

Ruger SR9

Ruger SR9C, SR40

Ruger SR22

Ruger SR556

Ruger SR1911

Ruger Super Redhawk

Ruger Trap

Ruger Vaquero N.M.

Ruger Vaquero O.M.

Russian M44 Carbine

Rwanda Small Arms Guide Of Firearms Found In Rwanda


S&W 10

S&W 12

S&W 14

S&W 15

S&W 17

S&W 18

S&W 19

S&W 22

S&W 23

S&W 25

S&W 27

S&W 28

S&W 29

S&W 30

S&W 32

S&W 36

S&W 38

S&W 39

S&W 39,59, 439,459,539,559,52

S&W 40

S&W 41

S&W 46

S&W 48

S&W 51

S&W 53

S&W 57

S&W 59

S&W 60

S&W 61

S&W 63

S&W 66

S&W 67

S&W 78G, 79G Air Pistols

S&W 99

S&W 439

S&W 469

S&W 547

S&W 686

S&W 916A

S&W 945

S&W 1000

S&W 1911

S&W 3000

S&W Bodyguard 38

S&W Bodyguard 380

S&W Elite Gold Shotgun

S&W Elite Silver Shotgun

S&W I-Bolt Rifle

S&W M&P Armorer’s Manual

S&W M&P Pistols

S&W M&P Rifles

S&W Centerfire Pistols

S&W Centerfire Pistols (Decocker)

S&W Centerfire Pistols (Metal Frame)

S&W Revolvers

S&W Revolvers (Modern Style)

S&W Rimfire Pistols (422/622 etc.)

S&W Schofield

S&W Sigma

SAB G-2001

Sabatti Airone

Sabatti SP1822

Safari Arms 45

Saiga Semi-auto Firearms

Saiga Shotguns

Sako 75KC RH

Sako 85

Sako 91 LH

Sako 91 RH

Sako Finnbear

Sako Finnfire

Sako Finnwolf

Sako Forester

Sako Quad

Sako Super

Sako TRG

Sako TRG-S

Sako TRG-S 22/42

Sako Triace

Sako Vixen


Sauer 200TR

Sauer 202

Sauer 202 TD

Sauer 303

Sauer SSG3000

Sauer & Sohn Kleinen Pistole

Savage 10ML II Muzzle Loader AccuTrigger

Savage 24 Combination Rifle/Shotgun

Savage 40 Varmint Hunter AccuTrigger

Savage 62, 64, 954 Auto Loader Rimfire

Savage 93 Bolt Action Rimfire

Savage 99 Solid Frame

Savage 487T

Savage 1899

Savage Bolt Action Centerfire AccuTrigger

Savage Bolt Action Rimfire Cub

Savage Bolt Action Rimfire Target

Savage Centerfire – ALL

Savage Centerfire Rifles With Accutrigger

Savage Lever Action Rimfire

Savage Lewis Machinegun

Savage Shotguns

Saxonia Semi-Pump Shotgun

Seecamp .32

Seecamp LWS32, LWS380

SGC 9mm Lever Release Carbine

SIG 516

SIG 1911-22

SIG Aurora

SIG Autoloading Pistol Armorers Manual

SIG GSR 1911

SIG K 95



SIG Mosquito

SIG P 210

SIG P 220

SIG P 220 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 220 to P 245

SIG P 225 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 226

SIG P 226 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 226X5

SIG P 228

SIG P 228 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 229

SIG P 229 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 230 Armorer’s Manual

SIG P 232

SIG P 232 Suppliment

SIG P 238

SIG P 239

SIG P 522 Pistol

SIG P 522 Rifle

SIG P 556


SIG Preventative Maintenance Guide

SIG R 93

SIG SG 550 and 551

SIG SG 550 and 551 Armorer’s Manual

SIG SG 552

SIG SG 556


SIG SP 2009

SIG SP 2022


SIG SP 2022M

SIG Trailside

SKB Double Shotguns

SKB Semi-Auto Shotguns

SKS 45

SKS 56

SKS 59, 66

SKS 1990

SKS Cheaper Than Dirt

SKS China



SKS Instruction Manual

Soldr Mtrl Vapen Automatkarbin AK-4


Sphinx AT380 & AT32

Sphinx 2000

Sphinx 3000

Springfield 1903

Springfield Armory 1911

Springfield Armory 1911A2 S.A.S.S.

Springfield Armory M1 Garand

Springfield Armory M1A

Springfield Armory SAR8

Springfield Armory Timber Wolf

Springfield Armory XD

Springfield Armory XDM

Squire-Bingham M1600R

Stag Arms 15

Star 31

Star 43

Star A, B, M, P, S, SI

Star BM

Star CU

Star F

Star FR

Star HK

Star M

Star PD

Star Firestar M-40

Star Firestar Plus

Star Megastar

Star Super-SM

Star Ultrastar 40


Sten MK2 Complete Machine Instructions

Sten MK2 General Instructions

Sterling 302

Sterling MK4 SMG

Stevens 200

Steyr AUG/A3 SA

Steyr GB

Steyr HS-50

Steyr M-A1

Steyr Police Sniper Rifle

Steyr S40-A1

Steyr SPP

Steyr Scout

Steyr TMP (German)

Steyr USR

STI 1911

STI 2011


Stoeger Condor

Stoeger Luger

SVT 40

Swede M38-M41B-M96

Swede M42B

Swede M90

Swede M90B

Swiss K11-K31

Swiss K11, K31, K31/42, K31/43, K55 (English)

Swiss Type 41/43 Machine Pistol

Swiss Type 43/44 Machine Pistol

Swiss 55 Carbine (German)

Swiss 55 Sniper Rifle

Swiss 55 Sniper Rifle (German)

Sheridan Blue Streak, Silver Streak


Tangfoglio MAP1 Semi-Auto Pistols

Tangfoglio TA90

Tangfoglio TZ75

Tantal Sporter Rifle

Taurus 800E

Taurus Pistol

Taurus Pistol Update

Taurus Polymer Pisols

Taurus PT22 & PT25

Taurus PT24/7 OSS

Taurus PT24/7 PRO DS

Taurus PT1911

Taurus Revolver

Taurus Revolver Update

Taurus Rifle

Tavor Assault Rifle Armorer’s Manual

Thompson Tommy Gun (2000)

Thompson Tommy Gun Full Auto (1927)

Thompson Tommy Gun Full Auto (1993)

Thompson Center 12ga Muzzleloader Supplement

Thompson Center Black Diamond

Thompson Center Contender

Thompson Center Encore Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Encore Pistol

Thompson Center Encore Rifle

Thompson Center Firehawk

Thompson Center Firestorm

Thompson Center G2 Contender

Thompson Center G2 Contender ML

Thompson Center Hawken

Thompson Center Hunter

Thompson Center Icon

Thompson Center Impact

Thompson Center Northwest Explorer

Thompson Center Omega Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Patriot Supplement

Thompson Center R55

Thompson Center Scout

Thompson Center System1

Thompson Center TCR

Thompson Center TC22

Thompson Center TD22

Thompson Center Thunder Hawk

Thompson Center Triumph

Thompson Center Venture

Thompson Center Warlord

Thompson Center Wildcat Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Woods Muzzleloader

Tikka 558/658

Tiger Head Shotgun

Tikka Master LH

Tikka Master RH

Tikka Popular LH

Tikka Popular RH

Tikka T3 RH

Tokarev Rifles And Carbines

TTN (Now CFA) 1878 Coach Gun

Traditions Muzzle Loader


Uberti 1873

Uberti Colt 1860, Remington 1858

Uberti Top-Break Revolver

Unique Alpine TPG-1

United States Fire Arms Automatic

United States Fire Arms Lightning

United States Fire Arms Single Action

United States Magazine Rifle 1898 Krag Caliber .30

Universal M1 Carbine

Universal Wings Shotgun



UZI .45


V22 AR-15 22LR Dedicated Upper

VZ-58 High Capacity Sporter

VZ-58 Military Folder

VZ-58 Military Folder Polymer

VZ-58 Sporter

Valmet 412

Valmet M76

Valmet M88

Vector AK-47


Vostok MU, MUY

Vostok TOZ 35

Vostok TOZ 35 Parts


Walther G22

Walther GSP

Walther KK

Walther KSP200

Walther Models L and S

Walther OSP

Walther P5

Walther P22

Walther P38

Walther P88

Walther P99

Walther PA63

Walther PK380

Walther PPK-PPKS

Walther PPS

Walther Small Bore Rifles

Walther WA2000

Weatherby Athena Orion O/U (Italy)

Weatherby Athena Orion O/U (Japan 1)

Weatherby Athena Orion SxS (Italy)

Weatherby Centurian II Model 82

Weatherby Centurian (Japan)

Weatherby Mark V (German)

Weatherby Mark V (Japan 1)

Weatherby Mark V (Japan 2)

Weatherby Mark V (USA)

Weatherby Mark V Silouette Pistol

Weatherby Mark XXII Clip

Weatherby Mark XXII (German)

Weatherby Mark XXII Tubular

Weatherby Mauser (Belgian)

Weatherby Model 92 Pump

Weatherby Olympian O/U

Weatherby PA-08 Pump

Weatherby Patrician Pump

Weatherby Regency O/U

Weatherby SA-08 Semi-Auto

Weatherby SAS (Italy)

Weatherby SAS (Japan)

Weatherby SxS (Spain)

Weatherby Vanguard

Weatherby Vanguard (1975)

Weirauch 660

Whitney Wolverine

Wildey Survival

Winchester 52B

Winchester 59

Winchester 61

Winchester 63

Winchester 70

Winchester 70 Supplement

Winchester 88

Winchester 96

Winchester 97

Winchester 100

Winchester 101

Winchester 190

Winchester 270

Winchester 1200

Winchester 1300

Winchester 1400/1500 (USRAC)

Winchester 1400 (Winchester)

Winchester 1885 Centerfire

Winchester 1885 Rimfire

Winchester 1886

Winchester 1886 Supplement

Winchester 1892

Winchester 1894 Crossbolt Safety

Winchester 1894 (Pre-1992)

Winchester 1894 Side Ejection

Winchester 1894 Tang Safety

Winchester 1895

Winchester 1895 Carbine Supplement

Winchester 1895 Takedown Supplement

Winchester 9410 Crossbolt Safety

Winchester 9410 Tang Safety

Winchester 9417 & 9422

Winchester 9422

Winchester Boss Supplement

Winchester Creedmoor Sight

Winchester Select

Winchester Super-X1

Winchester Super-X2

Winchester Super-X2 Practical Supplement

Winchester Super-X2 Sporting Supplement

Winchester Super-X3

Winchester Super-XR

Winchester Supreme

Wyoming Arms Parker


Zastava M57, M70A

ZKK 600, 601, 602









‘Wiki Weapon Project’ Aims To Create A Gun Anyone Can 3D-Print At Home


An AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and a 3D-printed

lower receiver for the weapon shown below it. Both

images were posted Defense Distributed’s website.


Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg, Forbes Staff – August 23, 2012

Covering the worlds of data security, privacy and hacker culture.

Cody Wilson has a simple dream: To design the world’s first firearm that can be downloaded from the Internet and built from scratch using only a 3D printer–and then to share it with the world.

Earlier this month, Wilson and a small group of friends who call themselves Defense Distributed launched an initiative they’ve dubbed the “ Wiki Weapon Project.”

They’re seeking to raise $20,000 to design and release blueprints for a plastic gun anyone can create with an open-source 3D printer known as the RepRap that can be bought for less than $1,000.

If all goes according to plan, the thousands of owners of those cheap 3D printers, which extrude thin threads of melted plastic into layers that add up to precisely-shaped three-dimensional objects, will be able to turn the project’s CAD designs into an operational gun capable of firing a standard .22 caliber bullet, all in the privacy of their own garage.

“We want to show this principle: That a handgun is printable,” says Wilson, a 24-year-old second-year law student at the University of Texas.

“You don’t need to be able to put 200 rounds through it…It only has to fire once. But even if the design is a little unworkable, it doesn’t matter, as long as it has that guarantee of lethality.”

Wilson and his handful of collaborators at Defense Distributed plan to use the money they raise to buy or rent a $10,000 Stratasys 3D printer and also to hold a 3D-printable gun design contest with a $1,000 or $2,000 prize for the winning entry–Wilson says they’ve already received gun design ideas from fans in Arkansas and North Carolina.

Once the group has successfully built a reliable 3D-printed gun with the Stratasys printer, it plans to adapt the design for the cheaper and more widely distributed RepRap model.

As of Tuesday, the project had raised $2,000 of its $20,000 goal through a page on the fundraising website Indiegogo, when the company suddenly removed their page Tuesday night and froze their donations for what it described as a “unusual account activity.”

The project is still accepting donations through its own website via Paypal and via the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Wilson says that before Indiegogo’s rejection, the Wiki Weapon Project was just a few hundred dollars short of the cost of renting the 3D printer for three months, and he plans to appeal the decision.

Here’s the fundraising video the group had posted to Indiegogo:

 The Wiki Weapon

Controversial as their project sounds–particularly in the wake of the recent gun violence in Aurora, Colorado and Milwaukee, Wisconsin–Wilson insists the Wiki Weapon Project is legal; Users can 3D-print any gun they would be allowed to lawfully own anyway, as long as they don’t manufacture them for sale, Wilson says.

But he doesn’t deny that the project’s goal is to subvert gun control regulations in America and around the world.

“It’s one of the ideas of the American revolution that the citizenry should be the owners of the weapons,” says Wilson. “Every citizen has the right to bear arms. This is the way to really lower the barrier to access to arms. That’s what this represents.”

And does lowering that barrier really require giving everyone access to be a lethal weapon? “If a gun’s any good, it’s lethal. It’s not really a gun if it can’t threaten to kill someone,” Wilson responds. “You can print a lethal device. It’s kind of scary, but that’s what we’re aiming to show.”

Defense Distributed’s rhetoric includes a“manifesto” section on its website, with quotes from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington on the right to bear arms as well as a 1644 John Milton speech on the right to unlicensed use of the printing press.

“In a world where 3D printing becomes more ubiquitous and economical, defense systems and opposition to tyranny may be but a click away,” read Wiki Weapon’s pitch for donations on the now-defunct Indiegogo page. “Let’s pull the world toward this future together.”

Though the Wiki Weapon may become the first gun to be created entirely with a 3D printer, Wilson and his gun-loving partners wouldn’t be the first to experiment with 3D-printed gun components.

In September of last year, a user uploaded designs for a printable lower receiver and magazine for an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to the 3D printing software platform Thingiverse.

The lower receiver in particular stirred controversy, as the receiver is legally considered the main body of the firearm and its sale and distribution are regulated. With a 3D-printed receiver, a gun enthusiast could purchase and assemble the other components without any limitations from gun control laws.

Just a month ago, a 3D-printed lower receiver was put to the test by Michael Guslick, who wrote on an AR-15 enthusiast web forum that he was able to assemble a working model of the rifle with a receiver printed on a Stratasys model printer and to fire 200 rounds without any sign of wear on the printed piece.

Despite the unsettling notion of a technology that lets anyone download a lethal weapon as easily as an pirated episode of Game of Thrones, regulating 3D printing to prevent gun printing would be both counterproductive and ineffective, argues Michael Weinberg, an attorney with the non-profit Public Knowledge who focuses on the legal issues around 3D printing.

“When you have a general purpose technology, it will be used for things you don’t want people to use it for,” he says. “That doesn’t mean it’s wrong or illegal. I won’t use my 3D printer to make a weapon, but I’m not going to crusade against people who would do that.”

Weinberg points out that even before consumer 3D-printing became fashionable, gun enthusiasts were already making their own  metal firearm components with computer controlled milling machines and posting their designs to sites like CNCguns.com. “If you want to make an effective gun, making it out of metal is probably better than making it out of plastic anyway,” says Weinberg.

But Defense Distributed’s Wilson believes 3D printers like the RepRap could become a far cheaper and more ubiquitous source of homemade firearms than computer-controlled mills.

RepRaps even have the unique quality of being able to produce most of the components of another RepRap, effectively reproducing.

“The idea is that the printer will pollinate and be everywhere,” he says. ” “ Imagine an insurgent scenario. People could be replicating printers in their neighborhoods, out of site. Anywhere there’s a computer and an Internet connection, there would be the promise of a gun…That has to change how the state treats citizens.”

And what about the possibility, in that imagined future, of more innocent deaths than ever from guns spreading beyond all control? Or that people who can’t access guns, like felons and the mentally ill, will be especially eager to use the technology?

“I don’t see empirical evidence that access to guns increases the rate of violent crime,” answers Wilson. “If someone wants to get their hands on a gun, they’ll get their hands on a gun.”

“This opens a lot of doors,” he admits. “Any advance in technology has posed these questions. And it’s not clear cut that this is just a good thing. But liberty and responsibility are scary.”

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