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Spreading the Truth: NSA Data On Illuminati Crimes Being Published On Internet! Exciting US Intel Report!

Posted by Xaniel777 on December 3, 2014

SOURCE:  Before It’s News.com

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 9:58

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By Glenn Canady

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On December 1st, 2014 Veterans Today Radio had a blow out interview with Preston James and Stew Webb where some shocking bombshells were dropped.  In the first 35 Minutes Stew discussed the Illuminati satanic sacrifices and played his exclusive interview with Anton Lavey who names US Presidents attending these sacrifices of babies!   Be sure to listen to that if you have no already heard it!

But the really GOOD news came when Preston James came on and gave one of his best Intelligence briefings to the people around the world that stand against the Illuminati.  This all started at about the 35 minute mark in the video below.  Preston discusses the Bush crime family at the beginning but then moves into what I want everybody to listen to when he discusses the really good news!   US Intel and the good guys around the world now have the raw NSA feeds that detail all the crimes done by the Illuminati and their helpers and these will be released on the Internet!   It’s already started!   VeteransToday.com has already put out the Snowden leaks on 9/11 in many articles and Veterans Today Radio Shows and it started with this on the 6-4-14 episode.

All Intel files are being released to the public!   All the secret files are being downloaded.  The NSA raw files are now in the hands of the Russians and the French through Snowden and are being released one at a time!  The entire Illuminati system is going to be exposed and is beginning to crumble.  There will be no secrecy within a few years.  Everything is coming out: names, phone calls, videos, crimes of the US Congress and other world leaders, it’s all going to be on the Internet!  Once the American people fully wake up there is going to be hell to pay!

Will You Help US Intel Pound a Wooden Stake Into the Illuminati Vampire?

US Intel now calls on patriots around the world to spread this important update from Veterans Today along with their documentation of these crimes being released on VeteransToday weekly now.  They were the only ones in alternative media to release the Snowden Leaks on 9/11 and to this day the “tip of the spear” gatekeepers pretend it doesn’t exist!  I’ll say it once again.  If you listen to anybody that is not republishing the articles and interviews from US Intel (VeteransToday.com) then you are listening to Controlled Opposition and enemies of humanity.  Cut off all support of the gatekeepers and unite behind our vets and patriots putting out all the truth!  Send the good news in this interview around the world!   The Illuminati’s crimes are soon gong to be public on the Internet and this process has already started!   I’m asking patriots worldwide to begin carpet bombing Facebook, Twitter and all social media with more truth than ever.  Take over groups and pages of mainstream and alternative media gatekeepers with hardcore truth such as the Snowden Leak on 9/11 and watch the fireworks begin!

I have a free ebook called, “How Anybody Can Spread 1,000 Times More Truth!” that is teaching people how to take the fight to the next level!   This book teaches anybody how to reach 1,000 times more people than they are reaching right now.  If all patriots read and implement these tips then we would destroy all fake mainstream news in 6 months!   Please download it and contact me and I will help any of you that want do more!  It’s an honor to serve with all of you against the Illuminati.  Share this article on 100 groups on Facebook and bomb Twitter!  Fire all photon torpedoes of truth and let’s take out the Illuminati Death Star!  We will do it together!

Preston James’ Explosive Information Begins at the 35 Minute Mark But Listen to it all!


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