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MY GOD: What are these Elite Trolls Doing To Our Food And Water??

Posted by Xaniel777 on December 19, 2014

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By Xaniel777 (Profile Page)

December 19,2014

Monsanto claims they are working for a brighter future for mankind.

Monsanto hurts much more than it helps

They claim they have planned out a great future for our children. A future in a world where our children could possibly look like this:

baby body builder OR THIS: baby body builder1


                     GMO Baby    OR THIS:          Mr Bean as Baby     OR THIS:     GMO Baby2


GMO Baby1

Let’s see what others have to say about it:

GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early 

SOURCE: NaturalSociety

Anthony Gucciardi

gmostudy 235x147 GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early

A new GMO study may very well change the way that the world looks at GMOs once and for all. Complete with shocking and very disturbing photos of rats with tumors larger than a golf ball in size, a new French GMO study has concluded that rats fed a lifelong diet consisting of Roundup-containing genetically modified corn suffered serious consequences. While the onset of tumors was the most obvious and damaging effect, the researchers reveal that the rats also received heavy amounts of damage to multiple organs.

As a result of the mass tumors, liver and kidney damage, it was concluded that around 50% of the males and 70% of the females died prematurely as a result of eating only Roundup tolerant seed or drinking water with Roundup as approved levels set by the United States government. In comparison, only 30% of males and 20% of females died prematurely while consuming traditional alternatives. The San Francisco Chronicle rightly states that the study ‘rocks the GMO debate’.

The news comes just days after France decided to ban the last remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe, Monsanto’s GM maize crop.

The study is now under assault by pro-GMO scientists and corporations despite being labeled “the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats.” It also happens that this is actually the first study to examine the key aspect of lifelong GMO consumption and its effects. You may be surprised to hear this, as it seems logical that one would be done before GMOs were unleashed on the public.

Unfortunately, Monsanto and other GMO companies do their absolute best to prohibit the full study of GM products in many cases through the use of patent protection laws and other legal red tape. French researchers were likely able to avoid many of these issues by being out of the United States. And as you can imagine, the pictures alone from this study are very telling. Monsanto and other vested biotech organizations are simply not happy that this has gotten out.

gmostudyrat 410x239 GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early

Led by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen in France, Seralini and his colleagues used a Monsanto seed variety known as NK603. Made tolerant to the company’s own Roundup, an herbicide linked to DNA damage and infertility, researchers say the consumption of the GMO crops ultimately led to mammary tumors and severe damage to the liver and kidney. As researcher and molecular biologist Dr. Michael Antoniou explained, even the scientists themselves were shocked by the aggressive tumor development:

“This research shows an extraordinary number of tumors developing earlier and more aggressively – particularly in female animals. I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts,” he said.

The study was published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal and presented in London during a news conference. Titled “A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health,” you can view the study abstract for yourself at the International Journal of Biological Sciences website.

It is already known that genetically altering the very makeup of an organism is problematic, with no real knowledge of the true long-term effects (over decades) that may occur even beyond the short term damages that we are aware of. It is essential that not only are GMOs labeled around the world for public consumption, but ultimately banned. Over time, the food supply will continually be engulfed with genetically modified strains with the very real threat of contamination. Studies like these show a more graphic side of the debate, which many are not ready to accept.

About Anthony Gucciardi:

1.thumbnail GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die EarlyGoogle Plus Profile Anthony is the Founding Director of NaturalSociety, whose writings on the subject of health and wellness have reached tens of millions of readers worldwide. A proponent of an organic lifestyle, the growth of alternative news, and a dedication to aiding various non-profit organizations, NaturalSociety was Anthony’s next step in what he calls “highlighting what you won’t be hearing about on the major news networks.” Anthony has appeared on both grassroots and established platforms alike, including routine appearances on Drudge Report, Daily Mail, RT, The Blaze, Infowars, Michael Savage’s Savage Nation, Coast to Coast AM, and many others.

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USA does it too 1Fluoride it hurts us 1



25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ

SOURCE:  Mercola.com

By Dr. Mercola – December 03, 2011

Dr. Paul Connett is recognized worldwide as a leader in the movement to eliminate fluoride from the municipal water supplies, and I’m pleased to be working with him to achieve this goal.

Earlier this year, he used frequent flyer miles to visit New Zealand and in a month-long tour gave presentations to communities all over the country.

In this interview, he shares some of the successes the movement has experienced.

Dr. Connett has great hopes that New Zealand will move to ban water fluoridation.

“New Zealand has the ability to say no,” he says.

“It became a nuclear free zone and said no to American nuclear ships.

They have the capacity to be a maverick…

I gave a talk to the Ministry of Health and we were expecting two or three people – in actual fact, 25 people showed up.”

What’s Driving the Irrational Water Fluoridation Mandates?

According to Dr. Connett, with the science we now have on fluoride, the current water fluoridation mandates simply do not make any sense. If it is to continue, then the authorities will have to come up with some rational explanations to explain this irrational behavior.

“Teeth are important, but I can’t believe that all these governments are mobilized to protect this miniscule amount of saved teeth,” he says.

“What is the rational explanation for this irrational behavior?…. We know why the rank and file continue; because they are busy doctors and dentists; they don’t have time to read the literature. They just mouth what they are told by their professional bodies.

It’s the attitude of the people at the top of these chains of command; top of the dental associations, top of the health departments, in our (U.S.) case, the Department of Health and Human Services. To lose fluoridation means to lose credibility…”

He may be right, because if they lose credibility on this issue, they stand to lose credibility on other public health policies, such as the childhood vaccination schedule, for example. After all, they must have the public’s trust in order to effectively oversee public health policy, and that’s part of the reason for why they’re fighting so hard to stave this issue off.

“I said to the [New Zealand] Ministry of Health: If you had the courage, you would gain credibility. If you came out now and said, it’s a mistake, or we found out that it only works topically; there is no point in putting it in people’s water… [Then] they would regain the public’s trust.

The people will be so impressed that they have had the integrity to actually tell the truth…then maybe they’ll gain back some credibility on some of these other public health practices.”

Why Water Fluoridation is “A Stupid Thing To Do”

There are very good reasons for not putting fluoride in the water supplies. It is a drug. If you wanted some to ingest, you’d have to get a prescription. And there are good reasons for why we don’t purposely add any other drugs to our water.

As Dr. Connett says:

“We don’t use the public water supply to deliver medicine because it’s a stupid thing to do. You can’t control the dose. You can’t control who gets it. [There’s] no individual supervision. Of course it violates the individual’s right to informed consent to medicine.

So, first of all, you start by saying this is a crazy thing to do, for most people. Then you say, what are the dangers? I spent 15 years pursuing the dangers, but then I woke up one day and said, if it doesn’t work anyway; why would we take any risk at all? Why would we lower a kid’s IQ by even a small few number of IQ points? Why would we run the risk of making our bones more brittle when we get old? Why would we run the risk of arthritis? Why would we run the risk of lowering thyroid function?

Why is it that the governments that fluoridate don’t investigate any of the things that I have just listed, and yet spend most of their time attacking the methodology of the studies that have found harm in India and China and elsewhere? [The loss of credibility is], I think, the most rational explanation that I have come up with.

The Tide is Shifting in New Zealand

FAN has had an excellent group working in New Zealand for about 11 years. They are very effective. During my visit they even managed to get the media excited with their educational events, and the traditional Maori’s held an event that was covered on Maori television.

“At least that indigenous community was being informed here,” he says.

Articles were published in the magazine Organic New Zealand, and Grey Power, so the seniors in New Zealand were getting the message as well. Dr. Connett also gave a series of talks to various councils. His talks included the video presentation of Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, which features 15 different scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride.

In June, the Ruapehu-Taumarunui District Council confirmed their decision to stop fluoridating their water. The town has fluoridated their water supplies for the past 30 years, and their decision came after they had heard from Dr. Connett in person and also consulted proponents for their views. The Upper Hutt City council also resolved to lobby Wellington Regional to stop fluoridation.

“They can’t put citizens down anymore. They can’t pull rank on citizens. They can’t say, “I’m a doctor, I’m a dentist and you’re a nobody, go away.” Because the citizen just holds up the book and say, “Have you read this book? [The Case against Fluoride]” And when they say no, ‘Well, you better go read this book and come back with a scientific response.” Which, incidentally, is what I said to the Ministry of Health. Stop putting millions of dollars into public relations fluff; pamphlets with no references. You’ve got a challenge here. Here is a book with 80 pages of references.

Every single fact is backed up with scientific references to the primary peer reviewed literature. Give a scientific response to it, and if you cannot give a scientific response then the onus is on you to stop this. If you can’t support a major public health policy with good science then that’s the signal to stop the policy and not the signal to squash the science, which they have been doing for 60 years.”

Also on his NZ tour Dr. Connett spoke to a public meeting held in New Plymouth The citizens’ concern generated at this meeting led the council to hold a two-day public hearing to hear formal presentations from both sides. Having done so the council voted out fluoridation.

Good News from North America

Dr. Connett has also been traveling across North America. A particularly exciting meeting took place in a public library in London, Ontario. Citizens had arranged a massive billboard for the event to draw people in, and the attendance was so great they had to turn about 30 people away as all the seats were taken. More than 400 people took in the presentation.

“They heard the science. They heard that it wasn’t effective, and they heard that it wasn’t safe. There’s no adequate margin of safety, particularly when it comes to protecting your brain.

But they also heard and saw the recalcitrant attitude of the local health officers… These guys are like clockwork toys. They come in and say it’s safe and effective.

What you’re looking at are trapped animals. They have got to decide whether they’re going to tell the truth on fluoridation or whether they are going to resign, because they won’t hold on to that job for a day longer if they come out against fluoridation. This is the middle level of bureaucracy.”

The truth is also gaining a foothold in Calgary, where the council has now voted against water fluoridation twice. In the ratifying vote, they voted 12 to 2 to end water fluoridation. Waterloo, Ontario already voted to end fluoridation last year, so the dominoes are beginning to fall in Canada. Since October, 2010 when citizens voted to halt fluoridation in Waterloo, Ontario another 10 Canadian communities have halted fluoridation. For a list of these communities as well as the American and NZ communities who have done likewise, please see the Fluoride Action Networks website. At this point, British Columbia and the province of Quebec are close to fluoridation-free.

This will bring much needed pressure on the U.S.

Peter Vallone, Jr. a well respected councilor in New York, has already introduced a bill to get fluoridation out of New York City. And once New York City stops water fluoridation, the rest of the U.S. will have no choice but to follow suit. The movement is also gaining momentum in Austin, Texas.

The Power of the People

These successes are due to people like yourself, who decided to get involved and take action to get fluoride out of their local water supply.

“You appealed to people who wanted to get it out of their city to contact us… I think it was your call to arms several months ago that really signaled this tidal change,” Dr. Connett says.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who participated in this process, but also encourage you to help people understand that the battle is not yet won. So now is the time to really band together and continue chipping away at it.

“I think the first thing to recognize is that although this is incredibly difficult, at the corrupt center of our (federal) government… because there is so much money and so much influence there, but we can win it one town at a time,” Dr. Connett says.

“You’ve got to remember, it is as easy to stop this practice as turning off a tap. But to turn off that tap, you need political will. If we have the political will in our communities, we can turn that tap off. But to turn that tap off, we have to have people informed, and we have to have people organized.”

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools to help spread the truth about fluoride, and to get organized locally.

Urge Your Local Water Department to Post Important Warning on Water Bill

The Fluoride Action Network is also urging communities to pressure their local water departments to place a warning on the water bill, stating that parents should not use fluoridated water to mix baby formula. In November 2006, the American Dental Association has issued this warning to its members—the dentists—but has failed miserably when it comes to actually warning parents.

“Even at the lower 0.7 parts per million, which is the new recommended level by the DHHS; even at 0.7 parts per million, a bottle-fed baby is getting 175 times more fluoride than a breastfed baby,” Dr. Connett warns.

“… We now have 25 studies that indicate that fluoride is associated with the lowering of IQ. A recent study from Ding et.al… [published] in the Journal of Hazardous Materials… found a lowering of IQ at low levels – not moderate, not high levels, (but) low levels. The range of the [fluoride levels in the] water in the children that they studied was between 0.3 and 3 parts per million. This overlaps the concentration range used in U.S. cities (0.7 -1.2 ppm

They were able to correlate the level of fluoride in the urine, which is a measure of individual exposure to fluoride… there was a very strong linear correlation with lowering of IQ and fluoride concentrations in the urine; very strong.

… What parent in their right mind would put the interest of their children’s teeth, even if it worked (to swallow fluoride), above the interest of their brains? It’s literally a no-brainer isn’t it?

… What Ding et.al showed was that for each one part per million of fluoride in the urine, there was a lowering of IQ by 0.59 IQ points. That doesn’t sound much, but when you shift the IQ of the whole population… you will reduce the number of geniuses in your society, and you will increase the number of mentally handicapped. Believe me, in a competitive world, you want all the geniuses that you can get, and you want to minimize the number of children who have to be treated for mental development problems.”

Join the Fight to Get Fluoride Out of Drinking Water

I urge you to join the movement to end this dangerous and non-effective practice in Canada and the United States by contacting the representative for your area below. The Fluoride Action Network now also has a dynamic and dedicated campaign manager to help you start your own campaign. His name is Stuart Cooper, and is based in New Hampshire. He can be reached at Stuart@FluorideAlert.org.

For even more suggestions for how you can get involved and make a difference to put an END to water fluoridation, please see the Fluoride Action Network’s Action page.

Contact Information for Canadian Communities:

  1. If you live in Ontario, Canada, please join the ongoing effort by contacting Diane Sprules at diane.sprules@cogeco.ca.

  2. The point-of-contact for Toronto, Canada is Aliss Terpstra. You may email her at aliss@nutrimom.ca.

  3. The next big battle ground in Ontario, Canada is shaping up to be the town of Peel, where there is a strong group developing: Fluoride Free Peel. For anyone in the Peel area who wants to help please contact Rob Brewer at brewrj@gmail.com. Also see Fluoride Free Peel’s Facebook page for timely updates.

Contact Information for American Communities:
We’re also going to address four US communities: New York City, Austin, San Diego, and Portland:

  1. New York City, New York: The anti-fluoridation movement has a great champion in New York City councilor Peter Vallone, Jr. who introduced legislation on January 18 “prohibiting the addition of fluoride to the water supply.”

    A victory there could signal the beginning of the end of fluoridation in the U.S. If you live in the New York area I beg you to participate in this effort as your contribution could have a MAJOR difference. Remember that one person can make a difference.

    The point person for this area is Carol Kopf, at the New York Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF). Email her at NYSCOF@aol.com . Please contact her if you’re interested in helping with this effort.

  2. Austin, Texas: Join the effort by contacting Rae Nadler-Olenick at either: info@fluoridefreeaustin.com or fluoride.info@yahoo.com, or by regular mail or telephone:

    POB 7486
    Austin, Texas 78713
    Phone: (512) 371-3786

  3. San Diego, California: Contact Patty Ducey-Brooks, publisher of the Presidio Sentinel at pbrooks936@aol.com.

  4. Portland, Oregon: Dr. Connett just returned from Oregon where he spent the past week working with Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (OCSDW) to educate citizens and policy makers on the complex issues of fluoridation. He worked to consolidate the recent victory in Philomath, OR where city council members wisely voted 6 to 1 to discontinue fluoridation, and to reach out to citizens in Portland which is expected to be the next biggest battleground over fluoridation. Now that Santa Clara County (San Jose) succumbed to the fluoridation lobby, Portland has become the largest city in the United States which remains unfluoridated. Now it is in the cross hairs.

    Please help us keep Portland fluoridation free by contacting OCSDW director, Kimberly Kaminski at kim@safewateroregon.org or (503) 421-9197.

    This is URGENT! Kimberly needs help, whether it be with real live volunteers or with much needed financial donations. Contributions may be made through PayPal at the OCSDW website: www.SafeWaterOregon.org. And for the techo-phils, she also has an immediate need for someone to help her update her database and website.

    We all know Oregon is a key state in the fluoridation battle. Please help us today to keep Portland and the rest of Oregon fluoride free!

Help End The Practice of Fluoridation

There’s no doubt about it: fluoride should not be ingested. Even scientists from the EPA’s National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a “chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” Furthermore, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 41 percent of American adolescents now have dental fluorosis—unattractive discoloration and mottling of the teeth that indicate overexposure to fluoride. Clearly, children are being overexposed, and their health and development put in jeopardy. Why?

The only real solution is to stop the archaic practice of water fluoridation in the first place. Fortunately, the Fluoride Action Network has a game plan to END water fluoridation worldwide. Clean pure water is a prerequisite to optimal health. Industrial chemicals, drugs, and other toxic additives really have no place in our water supplies. So, please, protect your drinking water and support the fluoride-free movement by making a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network today.

Internet Resources Where You Can Learn More

I encourage you to visit the website of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and visit the links below:

Together, Let’s Help FAN Get The Funding They Deserve

In my opinion, there are very few NGOs that are as effective and efficient as FAN. Its small team has led the charge to end fluoridation and will continue to do so with our help!

Please make a donation today to help FAN end the absurdity of fluoridation.  




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