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FLASH BACK – US Intel: Osama Bin Laden Died in 2001 – We Can Prove It!

Posted by Xaniel777 on January 17, 2015

SOURCE: Before It’s News

Original Article Date: Monday, November 10, 2014 8:05

Revisited by Glenn Canady

The following is a must read article by Gordon Duff of VeteransToday on the ridiculous lies being told about Osama Bin Laden lately.  I’m also including an older interview where Gordon talks about Bin Laden as well as one of the latest episodes of Veterans Today Radio with Gordon Duff.  If your alternative media choice doesn’t republish Veterans Today articles or interviews then they are “controlled opposition” period.  Veterans Today doesn’t censor anything so why are you continuing to support those censoring VeteransToday which is the largest private intelligence network on the planet and the only ones that received and  put out the real Snowden leaks on 9/11?  We can’t win as long as you support the bad guys who are censoring our veterans and patriots at US Intelligence putting their life on the line and doing it all for free.  Please share this article through facebook, twitter, email lists and all social networks and tell everybody to turn off the fake news on TV and learn the truth on VT!

Gordon Duff: Bin Laden Died in 2001


Veterans Today Radio 

Gordon comes out at the 49:00 mark in his latest interview


Bin Laden Bull, Save Us From Blowhards

by Gordon Duff



Cardboard Lothario “SEAL” Smells Up the Airwaves

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

(Decorated Combat Veteran)


Editor’s Note:  Dear Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, we would appreciate your not stealing any more of Gordon’s material and using it unattributed. 

Yes, you usually wait three or even six months before recycling, but you are stealing it just the same. Your last bin Laden article was all Gordon’s work.

We know that you don’t have any real sources, as none of ours have ever had a call from you about anything. We have two board members, General Gul and Lee Wanta who were handlers for a time for CIA agent Tim Osman, and that is just the handlers.

Please stick to your financial and geopolitical stuff, and please stay away from subject matter where you don’t have to steal other people’s stuff who actually did the work. It’s not nice.

You are getting old and are going to die one of these days, and I am sure you don’t want this on your conscience at the Pearly Gates… Jim W. Dean ]


Veterans Day is coming up and it starts.  We now have a Navy SEAL, real or imaginary, I just don’t care, humiliating all of us by making a total ass of himself.  This one claims he killed “Osama bin Laden.”  

Those of us with real access know that to be impossible.  Bin Laden AKA Colonel Tim Osmon, the rank given him by the CIA, died December 13, 2001.

Recent documents released from Russia, part of the Snowden trove, made it clear:  Al Qaeda is an operational group of CIA, Mossad and Saudi Intelligence tasked with false flag terrorism.  The investigation into their crimes is called Able Danger.

My own knowledge of bin Laden come from examining the records of both the ISPR and ISI in Pakistan.  There, I met with the Director’s of both units including General Pasha, Director General of Pakistan’s feared ISI.  As a witness to the briefings, former Senate Finance general consul Jeff Gates was seated beside me.  Let someone else come up with a more credible witness.

Then we can discuss who bin Laden really was.  During debriefings with Lee Wanta, former White House intelligence coordinator for President Reagan, bin Laden was always a loyal CIA operational officer.  During times when bin Laden was supposedly being hunted, we have slam-dunk proof he was in the United States.  We have locations of meetings, those he met with including both Wanta, Oliver North and top Washington officials.

We know the hotels he stayed in, what meals he ordered at the Metropolitan Club, that and so much more.  All of this has been in print for some time.  If someone killed bin Laden, they murdered a CIA agent.  There is no record that bin Laden ever went “rogue.”

Then again, the whole shameful event was staged to cover the withdrawal of CIA director Leon Panetta.  Panetta had to get the “bin Laden kill” so that Petraeus, a man nobody trusted, could never play that card.

Bin Laden’s death had been kept “on ice” for years, to use as a political football.  Panetta got “the big win” in order to leave Petraeus, now tied to setting up ISIS while commander in Iraq, vulnerable.  Petraeus’ proclivity for sexual interest with androgynous females brought him down.

Hell, I always liked the guy though he was a brainless hack.  This is the guy who armed the Baathists, set up ISIS, built the Sunni militias then went to Afghanistan and got the drug business operating like clockwork.  Who could hate a man like that?


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