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WOW:The Domestic Terror Threat From Sovereign Citizen Groups?? If this were really true…

Posted by Xaniel777 on February 28, 2015



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If this were really true :

Then the men and women on Law Enforcement and other government types should be sh#tting their pants.

 Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from   sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from 
foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.

Seems to me to be a whole bunch of nothing…..right now. These folks aren’t a danger….yet. Not unless you try to take their country from them. Steal too many of their freedoms? Yeah, then you can worry. 

They won’t be a danger to their fellow citizens, but to the government that tries to steal their freedoms?Your fear of right wing people is, at best, overblown….. For now.

You really have nothing to worry about.

Here’s the ​thing, Boys and Girls: If this were true, and the “Right Wing Extremists” were really a danger, then you folks had better get your worldly affairs in order….’Cause when they decide it is time (and I know and interact with a fair number of those folks you label “Right Wing Extremists”) then they are gonna come, and for you, they are gonna bring screaming bloody hell with ’em…..

See, right now, they are mad, but they aren’t doing anything. They are, for the most part, law abiding citizens who wish to hurt no one. But, like a hornet’s nest, don’t poke ’em either……Yes, you think the cops and DHS folks have all the good toys to keep them in line.

But Here Is The Thing:  Thanks to the (so far, functioning) Second Amendment, they have just as good tools as your boys. And they USE ’em…and practice with ’em. And know HOW to use them.  They do it for FUN. They practice and train a LOT.

Not like your boys, who practice once or twice a year. The difference between a Deer rifle and a Sniper rifle is mostly a can of black spray paint and the choice of target.

Men are a bit larger targets than Deer…..but they tend to be no harder to kill or injure. There are more “Assault Weapons” in the hands of those “Right Wing Extremists” and their acquaintances than there are DHS and other available “trained” armed forces….combined. 

I believe that there are more deer rifles in the hands of hunters in Minnesota and Wisconsin and Virginia than there are M-4’s in the *ENTIRE* US armed forces. Now, many citizens won’t fight. Many will….More will, once the balloon goes up. Lots will support them with food and logistics.  And if you try and stop their flow of ammo, they’ll get it from your boys once things start…..

They’ll have (or improvise) better armor, better explosives, and better weapons. They already have better tactics and they know their Areas of Operations better.

They will scour the battlefields and take the equipment you leave behind and use it against you. And they’ll have the sympathies of the rest of the citizens. 

The harder you try to stop them, the more converts you’ll make. These people are smarter and know more than your officers…

They work at other jobs and “Play” with weapons and such in their spare time…They can up-armor a truck in a few hours, create explosive devices and the means of delivery from things you wouldn’t believe….. and above all, they can SHOOT…..

If they choose to go after you, they will succeed. Think Afghanistan or Iraq was bad? Yeah, like that only with more material and wealth…..

And people just as motivated and just as resilient and better educated….and no less motivated. I’m not one of them, but I am on their side……

24 attacks in the past 5 years? Yeah, maybe that is true. Yet how many religiously motivated attacks came from Muslims?

How many have you hidden? How many have you mis-characterized to keep the number low?

24 attacks (that you claim are attacks) that you blame on “Right Wingers”…..

Hint: You only govern because you have the consent of the governed. You are rapidly reducing that consent.

If/when things change, it won’t be pretty and it won’t be fast and it won’t be bloodless. I’d hate to see that happen. I love my country too much.

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