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Galactic Alignment ~ 2016 ~The Beginning

Posted by Xaniel777 on February 12, 2016

I love ALL of this great information and now you can too !~~Xaniel777

Explore The Universe Within

Many people are not interested in learning how the universe works, and dismiss all spiritual knowledge, saying ~ life is clear and stable, I know where I am and there is no invisible force that guides my life or my destiny.  They are all wrong because inside our bodies, are atoms, billions of atoms which are moving with incredible speeds.  We all travel with our earth through the universe with a cosmic speed, and for sure there is at least one invisible force that guides all life in the universe, and is in connection with the billions of atoms within ~ the Force of Gravity.
Our Universe is expanding each day, hour, minute and second with an acceleration that started 13.7 billions of years ago. In this universe in motion, immense cosmic energies are everywhere, and our galaxy ~ the milky way, is also rotating with cosmic speed. Our galaxy has…

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