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Time For Another Hard Truth: Palestinian Children Buried Alive By IDF

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 8, 2015


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Non-Televised Truth

IF VIDEO DOES NOT COME UP, GO HERE TO SEE IT: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=769273379788436

Israel arrested 9,000 Palestinians last year, 700 of them children, many of children were buried alive by IDF secretly, location is unknown, no more details about this video .

A former Israeli military commander has told the #BBC that Palestinian youngsters are routinely ill-treated by Israeli soldiers while in custody, reports the BBC’ s Katya Adler from Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“You take the kid, you blindfold him, you handcuff him, he’s really shaking… Sometimes you cuff his legs too. Sometimes it cuts off the circulation.

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WHAT THE…?? Pssst! Is Israel going crazy?

Posted by Xaniel777 on December 4, 2014

SOURCE:  Veterans News Now (VNN)

Veterans News Now

Fabricated images of Israeli politicians in Nazi uniforms, captured by Times of Israel

(Fabricated images of Israeli politicians in Nazi uniforms, captured by Times of Israel)

By Phil Weiss,  Mondoweiss
The War of Ideas in the Middle East

Is Israel cracking up? There have been more and more reports in recent days that suggest the political culture is going crazy; and that there’s nothing to hold that craziness down.

There was that argument in the Knesset in which a Palestinian parliamentarian was dragged out after calling Moshe Feiglin a “fascist.” There’s that Avigdor Lieberman “peace plan” that has just one idea: pay Palestinians to leave Israel. And that from the country’s Foreign Minister! There’s the prime minister’s bill to bar the Palestinian flag as an “enemy” flag at demonstrations and deport Palestinian Israelis accused of crimes to Gaza. There’s the new bill to declare Israel the “nation state of the Jewish people,” which would demote Arabic from being an official language so that the 20 percent non-Jewish population don’t get any ideas that this is their country, too. The bill would formally define Israel as “belonging to Jews around the world” and “make ‘Jewish tradition’ and ‘the prophets of Israel’ a primary source of legal and judicial authority” (per Jonathan Cook).

The bill has already borne fruit. There was a bookburning at a bilingual school in Jerusalem two nights ago. And warnings of more bookburnings from a leftwing graffiti artist: “In a place where nation-state laws are passed, books will be burned.”

The fascism allegations are going in both directions. Several leading politicians who oppose that bill were pictured on Facebook wearing Nazi outfits. The Times of Israel reports that the minister of public security has demanded an investigation of the satire, because it crosses a line:

Fabricated images of the president of Israel, top ministers and the police chief dressed in Nazi uniforms were published on the Internet on Sunday as a protest against their objection to a controversial bill that defines Israel as a Jewish state…

A caption accompanying the montage called them, “The anti-Semites who oppose a Jewish state in the land of Israel.”

According to information in the Facebook account profile, “Zoabi” is a resident of Tel Aviv and a graduate of Tel Aviv University, and claims to be employed by the IDF.

And here’s another fearful report. Singer Amir Benayoum released a shockingly racist song called Ahmed Loves Israel, which says that Palestinian Israelis are just waiting to stab Jews in the back. Rogel Alpher in Haaretz writes that Israelis shouldn’t be shocked by it: “A Racist Society Composes Racist Songs.” Here are some of the hateful lyrics, thanks to Uri Avnery.

Today I am moderate and smiling

Tomorrow I shall ascend to heaven

I shall send to hell a Jew or two

It’s true that I am just ungrateful scum

But I am not to blame, I grew up without love

The moment will come when you turn your back to me

And then I shall stick into you the sharpened axe.

When I was in Israel last month, I went to a demonstration at which 50 rightwing Jewish demonstrators shouted “B’Tselem is Hamas” — equating a human rights organization with the Palestinian Islamic political force — and at which a young man explained calmly/angrily to me that he is a Jew before he is a human being (minute 4 at the link). Being familiar with American political culture, I wanted to believe the demo was a bunch of knuckleheads; but it had ministerial support, as Angela Godfrey-Goldstein explained to me (she’s the blonde woman wearing glasses who’s in the video, a human rights worker), and a lot of folks trying to attend the B’Tselem exhibit were harassed/threatened. Dan Cohen reported from that event that the rightwingers accused the human-rights advocates of being Nazis and threatened to make “soap” out of them.

At another rightwing demonstration, I interviewed three Israeli-American Zionists with a bad case of Jerusalem syndrome: they want to destroy the Muslim sites in the Old City and replace them with a Jewish temple. Just a few knuckleheads? As Allison Deger has reported, they have the support of government ministers. “Netanyahu appears to have adopted a political strategy of intentionally aggravating relations between the state and the Palestinian minority, in part, it seems, to position himself as the true champion of an Israeli public moving ever further to the right,”  Jonathan Cook says.

Goliath Blumenthal

In short, Israel’s leaders are catering to knuckleheads and crazies because there’s a political payoff. Max Blumenthal saw/predicted a lot of this with his book of a year ago that the mainstream has done its best to ignore. Now at last the global community is frightened by this trend; the New York Times says Netanyahu’s initiative is “heartbreaking” for those who believe in Israeli democracy.

You don’t have to be such a romantic to recognize that the political culture in Israel is going nuts; and that a lot of this craziness is the natural result of enfranchising one ethnic/religious group and disenfranchising another.

About Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of Mondoweiss.net.

Other posts by 

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Imploding Myth of Israel — Chris Hedges
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About  Debbie Menon

Founder and General Manager at My Cat Bird Seat

Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She is Editor-in-Chief of two websites: MyCatBirdSeat.com and VeteransNewsNow.com

Her main focus are the US-Mid-East Conflicts. Her writing has been featured in several print and online publications in the Middle East. She is committed to exposing(AIPAC) the Israel Lobby’s control of American policy for the Middle East.

Control which amounts to treason by the Zionist Lobbies in America and its stooges in Congress, and that guarantees there can never be a peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflicts, only catastrophe for all, in the region and the world.

Her mission is to inform and educate the public on issues of the US/Middle East conflicts that are unreported, under reported, or distorted in the Zionist owned American Media.

Her writing reflects the incredible resilience, almost superhuman steadfastness of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians, who are now facing the prospect of a final round of ethnic cleansing.

Her mission is to inform and educate internet viewers seeking unfiltered information about real events on issues of the US/Middle East conflicts that are unreported, under reported, or distorted in the American media.

The purpose is to look at the current reality from a different and critical perspective, not to simply rehash the pro-US/Israel perspective, smoke and mirrors that has been allowed to utterly and completely dominate Mainstream discourse.

PS: For those of her detractors that think she is being selective and even “one sided,” tough, that is the point of her work, to present an alternative view and interpretation of the US-Israel-Middle East conflict, that has been completely ignored in mainstream discourse and denied the US public. Oh, and she is not Muslim or Palestinian and not married to one either! Sorry to disappoint you! She is practicing Roman catholic.

About Veterans News Now (VNN):

Veterans News Now is an independent online journal representing the positions and providing news for members of the military and veteran community in areas of national security, geopolitical stability and domestic policy.


(Fair Use Notice):

This web site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance the understanding of humanity’s problems and hopefully to help find solutions for those problems. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. A click on a hyperlink is a request for information. Consistent with this notice you are welcome to make ‘fair use’ of anything you find on this website. However, if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. You can read more about ‘fair use’ and US Copyright Law at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School. This notice was modified from a similar notice at Information Clearing House.} ~~~ Xaniel777

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REAL NEWS Aug 22, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on August 22, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : August 22, 2012


Will Obama Keep Power ‘by Any Means Necessary’?



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on August 21, 2012 by REDHORSE

American Thinker – by Stella Paul  

Let’s go there: if Obama thinks he’s losing, will he allow safe and fair elections on November 6? 

And if he does lose, will he peacefully turn over power to Mitt Romney on January 20, 2013? 

Or will he cling to power “by any means necessary,” as a highly placed insider alleges?

Now, I’m truly sorry to raise such disgusting, un-American, crazy-sounding questions, but, alas, they’re not crazy, and I’ve got a disquieting amount of evidence. 

The Democrats have already accused Romney of murdering a woman with cancer, financial felonies, and not filing taxes for ten years — the last charge delivered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the Senate floor, on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

By Democrat standards, I’ve got enough proof to put away Obama, et al. for life without parole.

Whatever chicanery Obama and his investors may be contemplating, it will probably unfold against some gargantuan crisis, manufactured or otherwise. 

So cast your mind back to September 11, 2001, the day of the New York mayoral primary.

In the chaos after the attacks, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was term-limited from running, pleaded that his leadership was essential and that he should be granted an extra three months in office after his term ran out on January 1. 

Giuliani’s unprecedented power-grab was rightfully scorned by his eventual successor, Michael Bloomberg. 

So what did Bloomberg do when he ran into term limits? 

He deployed his multi-billion-dollar fortune to manipulate the law and buy himself a quasi-legal third term, claiming that only he had the expertise to handle the 2008 financial crisis.

My point?  Politicians a great deal more conventional than Obama have loathed giving up power, and they have used crises and unethical machinations to try to keep it.

Now, let’s look at just some of the disturbing evidence that indicates that Obama and his investors are plotting something big:

Super-High-Level Trial Balloons

USA Today reported that on September 27, 2011, Governor Beverly Perdue, Democrat of North Carolina, told a Rotary Club audience, I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover[.] … You want people who don’t worry about the next election.” 

When outrage greeted her suggestion, she retreated to the standard defense: she was just joking.  What a kidder!

Meanwhile, that same month, Peter Orszag, Obama’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget, published an article in The New Republic titled “Too Much of A Good Thing: Why We Need Less Democracy.” 

In it, he posited that the country was too polarized; hence, “radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic.”

Please note that these suggestions to suspend elections and radically reduce democratic control did not come from basement-dwelling bloggers. 

They came from the governor of the very state in which the Democrats are holding their national convention and from one of Obama’s most prominent Cabinet members. 

Their close timing suggests that these ideas were circulating at the highest levels of the Democrat power elite.

“Whom Does the Government Intend to Shoot?”

That’s the question recently posed by retired Major General Jerry Curry in the Daily Caller, in light of horrifying reports that the Social Security Administration is buying 174,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets for distribution to 41 locations in the U.S.

According to Major General Curry, Social Security’s ammo spree follows the purchase by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of 46,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition. 

Will they be shooting fish in a barrel?

Most terrifying of all, Major General Curry reports that the Department of Homeland Security ordered 750 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition in March, then subsequently ordered an additional 750 million rounds, including bullets capable of penetrating walls.

“This is enough ammunition to empty five rounds into the body of every living American citizen,” writes Major General Curry, who wonders what plan might require “so many dead Americans.”

I strongly suggest that you read Major General Curry’s article for yourself, so you can appreciate the full horror of what he describes. 

After pointing out that Congress has done nothing to investigate these weapon purchases, Major General Curry, a 40-year veteran, concludes with these chilling words:

This is a deadly serious business. I hope I’m wrong, but something smells rotten. And If the Congress isn’t going to do its duty and investigate this matter fully, the military will have to protect the Constitution, the nation, and our citizens.

900-plus Executive Orders

Obama may not be fond of governing, but he certainly does enjoy issuing executive orders — more than 900 so far. 

As American Thinker‘s Warren Beatty points out, these little-reported edicts reveal an all-too-predictable pattern: concentrating all national power and resources in Obama’s hands, in case of “emergency.”

So far, Obama has granted himself the right to control all transportation, including highways, airports, seaports, and railroads, and all modes of communication, storage facilities, electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.

Not so coincidentally, he’s also given himself the right to control you.  

Executive Orders 11002, 11000, and 11004, respectively, give government the right to register all persons, assign them to work brigades, and relocate them.

Should you resist your work brigade assignment or relocation orders, rest assured that the U.S. government is now well supplied with bullets.

Openly War-Gaming against American Citizens

A recent issue of the well-respected Small Wars Journal featured an article titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.” 

Written by retired Army Col. Kevin Benson of the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert, the article helpfully game-played, in full operational detail, how the Army would destroy a local Tea Party insurrection.

The authors claim that should Tea Party rebels take over a City Hall, “Americans will expect the military to execute without pause and as professionally as if it were acting overseas”; therefore, “the Army cannot disappoint the American people, especially in such a moment.”

The brazenness of this scheme for the U.S. military to kill Americans created a small, temporary stir. 

The Washington Times editorialized, “This is a dark, pessimistic and wrongheaded view of what military leaders should spend their time studying.” 

The Washington Times also noted:

A professor at the Joint Forces Staff College was relieved of duty in June for uttering the heresy that the United States is at war with Islam. 

The Obama administration contended the professor had to be relieved because what he was teaching was not U.S. policy.

Because there is no disclaimer attached to the Small Wars piece, it is fair to ask, at least in Col. Benson’s case, whether his views reflect official policy regarding the use of U.S. military force against American citizens.

Active Partnership with America’s Foreign Enemies

Many spectacles have enlivened presidential elections over the years, but 2012 marks the first time that high-level military personnel have felt compelled to publicly tell the president to stop leaking national security secrets.

A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives created a 22-minute video, “Dishonorable Disclosures,” to shame Obama into shutting up about priceless intelligence related to bin Laden’s death, British-Saudi penetration of al-Qaeda, and the Israeli-American Stuxnet virus attack on Iran’s nuclear program.

Normally, presidents don’t want to endanger American citizens and military personnel by leaking top-secret information — but aiding and abetting the enemy is apparently all in a day’s work for Obama.

And so, if he wants to stir up trouble before the election, either at home or abroad, he’ll have plenty of enemy partners to help. 

First, he’s got the Russians, to whose president he was caught whispering on a hot mic about missile defense, “This is my last election[.] … After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Second, Obama is this close to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are world-class experts on unleashing political violence. 

Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood ascend to power in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya, and he’s placed its operatives in the highest levels of the American government. 

Surely, such clever characters as Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, and Mohamed Elibiary, a Homeland Security Advisory committee member, can be trusted to think up some exciting turmoil to apply where needed.

And finally, close to home, Obama can rely on the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, whom he supplied with thousands of guns. 

Gratefully, they used their American taxpayer-funded AK-47s to wipe out rival drug gangs and to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  

Attorney General Eric Holder is presently in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents on Operation Fast and Furious, and Obama (“President Transparency”) has claimed executive privilege to withhold them.

Sending hordes of expensively armed drug gang members across our border should be a snap, now that Obama has crippled our Border Patrol. 

Just think of all the headline-grabbing distractions these energetic young men can unleash!

Active Partnership with Domestic Criminal Groups

When Louis Farrakhan met Ahmadinejad: now there’s a romance made in the bowels of hell.

 Toss in the head of the New Black Panthers and fifty radical imams, and you’ve got the “Beast Axis” that was forged in a Manhattan hotel on September 27, 2010, according to The Blaze.

New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz boasted on Black Panther Radio that he “stands on solid ideological ground” with “His Excellency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” who understands “the dynamics and the politics of world revolution.”

Apparently, Obama approves of these antics, because his attorney general, Eric Holder, dropped charges against the New Black Panthers, even though they were caught on tape allegedly intimidating Philadelphia voters in the 2008 elections. 

Naturally, Holder’s Department of Justice then lied about its actions, covering up its political motivations.

Holder specifically protected King Samir Shabazz, who now serves as national field marshal for the New Black Panthers. 

Shabazz spearheads the Panthers’ ambitious new plan to “create inner city militaries that would go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people in the street.”

Let’s hope this “inner city military” is not what candidate Obama mysteriously referred to in 2008 when he pledged, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Imagine, for one monstrous moment, the destructive potential of this burgeoning alliance between the Obama-protected New Black Panthers, Obama’s old Chicago associate Louis Farrakhan, and the genocidally obsessed Ahmadinejad. 

If your blood didn’t run cold, you weren’t imagining hard enough.

A Tsunami of Voter Fraud

On June 15, 2012, Obama bypassed Congress and issued de facto amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. 

Suddenly, whole new vistas of voter fraud opened up to the Democrats. 

Admittedly, they’ve got to ramp up quickly for November, but this gang should prove up to the challenge.

Helping matters along, Holder is busy suing states that require photo ID to vote and attempting to disenfranchise the military. 

Together, these well-coordinated efforts should provide Obama with the means to pull off staggering amounts of voter fraud.

“By Any Means Necessary”

If all else fails, Obama and his investors may be prepared to keep power “By Any Means Necessary.” 

This information comes from an uncannily predictive website called The Ulsterman Report

Those who have followed its fascinating interviews over the last couple of years with two anonymous sources, Wall Street Insider and White House Insider, have seen its scoops confirmed again and again.

Well over a year ahead of any other media, The Ulsterman Report was informing readers that Valerie Jarrett ran the White House and that Obama was strangely disengaged from the actual tasks of governing. 

It predicted the emergence of obscure figures — Kamala D. Harris, who’s now attorney general of California, and her brother-in-law, Tony West, the newly named acting associate attorney general at the Department of Justice, who’s being groomed as Holder’s successor.

Most crucially, shortly after the bin Laden operation, the Ulsterman Report revealed that Valerie Jarrett had canceled three previous bin Laden raids. 

That information now has been confirmed by Richard Miniter in his bookLeading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him.

Recently, a source known as Military Insider (MI) met with Ulsterman (UM) at the urging of Wall Street Insider (WSI) to issue a warning. 

A section of their conversation follows below:

MI: Approximately two years ago…not quite two years ago…I received information pertaining to an election contingency plan.  For 2012. 

After the 2010 elections there were particular operatives…specific to the Obama administration and Democratic Party leadership…indicating an overwhelming need to secure a second term for President Obama. 

That document’s title was…(pauses)

WSI: He can be trusted – I give you my word.  Please proceed.

MI: That document’s title was “By Any Means Necessary”

It was unofficial – but we know it came directly from channels specific to the administration.  We confirmed that.

UM: What channels?  Who are you talking about?

MI: We believe it to have been authored by Mr. Sunstein. 

Reviewed and approved by Valerie Jarrett. 

Preparations for implementation are being done in part by Mr. Leo Gerard coordinating with…with high ranking officials within the Department of Justice, Homeland Security…and…the U.S. military.

We could dismiss the anonymous Military Insider’s warning as overheated, unsourced hysteria.

Or we could examine it as one more piece of evidence to place alongside all the evidence I’ve described above.

The greatest asset of Obama and his investors has been their warp-speed audacity. 

We’re too stunned to believe what’s happening in front of our eyes, and too embarrassed to mention it. 

Who wants to speak up and be ridiculed as an unhinged paranoid, marching with the tinfoil hat brigade?

But our best bet — perhaps our only bet — is to frankly confront this ugly reality. 

As Iran prepares to go nuclear and the global economy teeters, any number of “national emergencies” can suddenly erupt, demanding unprecedented measures by Obama to “save” us. 

We must be prepared with skepticism, outrage, and defiance of any actions to deprive us of our Constitutional rights.

America remains the last best hope on earth. 

And We the People must keep our power, by any means necessary.








 NDAA indefinite detention already being used on American Citizens

(No rights, no charge: US extends ex-marine’s Facebook psych-ward term)



Screenshot of ‘Support Brandon Raub’ group on Facebook

Screenshot of 'Support Brandon Raub' group on Facebook


August 21, 2012

Brandon J. Raub has been ordered to stay in a mental health institution for a month without charge – and contrary to the American constitution, his defense says.

His supporters are concerned any American could end up in Raub’s shoes.

US police detained Raub, 26, a Marine Corps veteran, on Thursday, without presenting any charges and even without reading to Raub his Miranda rights, and took him to John Randolph Medical Center, where he is currently being held involuntarily, his defense said in a press-release.

A video of his detention emerged online, triggering outrage online, including among American citizens and human rights activists.

“For government officials to not only arrest Brandon Raub for doing nothing more than exercising his First Amendment rights [to freedom of speech], but to actually force him to undergo psychological evaluations and detain him against his will goes against every constitutional principle this country was founded upon,” said John Whitehead, executive director of the Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties group that has come to the Raub’s defense.

The statement on the veteran’s situation posted on the Rutherford Institute website points out that Brandon Raub is no different from the majority of Americans “who use their private Facebook pages to post a variety of content, ranging from song lyrics and political hyperbole to trash-talking their neighbors, friends and government leaders.”

Raub’s mother Cathleen Thomas told in an interview with CBS 6, a local news network, that the evaluation, as she was told by her son, “was 15 minutes long, and basically the evaluator said that he was not ready to go back into society and he needed additional psychiatric treatment.”

At a hearing on Monday held in the mental institution, government officials confirmed Raub’s Facebook posts as the only reason for his detention, paying no attention to his comments that those online messages were wrongly interpreted.

Security forces are said to be using a piece of legislation called Virginia State Code §37.2-808 Emergency custody, under which it is permitted to detain a person in a mental institution without presenting any charges against him, only upon a medic’s recommendation.

A Facebook group supporting Raub has been created and has over 4,500 members as of now.


Its participants call the situation “simply insane” and say that what has been happening with Raub indicates that everyone disagreeing with the government and the wars it is leading will have to keep their mouths shut.

In his Facebook posts, Raub suggested the US government is involved in 9/11 attacks and called for the arrest of some government officials.

The ex-Marine said “I’ve been very open with the things I’ve had to say on my wall on Facebook. It’s interesting to me that the government is watching Facebook in the first place. That ought to raise some eyebrows and cause some good American citizens some concern,” he added, commenting to The Daily Mail from the hospital.

FBI spokeswoman in Richmond Dee Rybiski, though, denied any monitoring of Raub’s account,

”We received quite a few complaints about what were perceived as threatening posts,” she said. “Given the circumstances with the things that have gone on in the country with some of these mass shootings, it would be horrible for law enforcement not to pay attention to complaints.”


{XANIEL’S NOTE : This woman lies ! This wasn’t about complaints.

The only people who may have complained would be U.S.Government Elite ‘ SHIT ‘ minions and Zionist ‘ NO BRAIN ‘ piss ants.

And they would have only complained because they fear the truth !

What this is really about, is the U.S. Government testing the waters of their illegal NDAA Act of Terrorism on U.S. Citizens,

just to see how much attention it would really get before going full TREASONOUS and trying it everywhere.

BTW, I’ve been screaming for the arrest of these very same Political Traitors for forever and a day, now.

Of course I have a group of Constitutional Attorney friends just waiting to jump to my rescue,

the very second any of these illegal over-zealous police or F.B.I. step all over My Rights to Free Speech and Journalism.

Because I, much like Brandon J. Raub, am not pushing for violence or chaos, but for the Legal arrests of these very criminal officials.

And you better believe that these Constitutional Attorneys will indeed bend these marxist law enforcement authorities over,

and rub their faces into the giant piss stain carpet of corruption and injuctice.

should they decide to go rouge or get illegally over-zealous.


To remind them that they work for ME, YOU, and the rest of the American people!

This is my way of saying, ” I AM AN AMERICAN BY GOD !





Raub, himself, is a war hero and a good American citizen.

And yet is being treated like some kind of crazy street criminal for nothing more than expressing his right of free speech.

And what’s worse, he’s being treated this way by the very people who claim that they too are good American Citizens!


Are we turning on one another now to protect Elite Government Traitors who sold us out long ago???

I think we need to get our priorities straight.

Let’s get back to focusing on these criminals in Washington D.C. !!

It’s time to take legal action and bring them to justice,

for the crimes they have committed against the U.S. and her people as well as Crimes against Humanity. 

Oddly enough, this is basically all that Raub was saying, when they took him away to shut him up.}~~~Xaniel777


Raub, however, said he does not even own a gun.

The veteran served in the US Marine Corps from 2005 to 2011, and participated in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.


RELATED : Feds Detaining Man Indefinitely Over Facebook Posts at Alexander Higgins Blog








Cops Interrogate Family For Allowing Kids To Play Outside


{XANIEL’S NOTE : Can you believe just how screwed up our Country has gotten.

I never thought I’d see the day, when children can’t even go outside

and play without Government sticking it’s nose in and calling it suspicious.}~~~Xaniel777


Social services harass mother for having ‘free range’ children

From The Intel Hub

By Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A family has been harassed by social services and police for the egregious crime of allowing their children to play outside in another example of how the nanny state is running wild in America.

Lenore Skenazy, editor of the Free Range Kids website, was contacted by a mother in Virginia who related her story of how she was interrogated by police four times and visited by social services twice after her children were spotted playing outside unsupervised.

The mother said that despite the fact she is careful about allowing her kids to stay over at other people’s houses because of a related childhood trauma of her own, she is being harassed by authorities because she is “one of only two families that allows my children to play outside at all in our neighborhood (which is very safe).”

“Just today, I allowed all four of my children (they were all together) to go play in the field adjacent to my house. I could literally see them outside my kitchen window.

My 10 year old ran home to tell my husband and I that a cop had stopped and was interrogating my oldest daughter,” the mother writes.

“No, this was not after dark, it was at 4pm on a Saturday. So my husband walked out to see what was going on, and the police officer even wrote up a report, stating that the children were left outside unsupervised.”

Although she makes her children carry cellphones and check in every 30 minutes, the mother was told by her neighbors that “it just isn’t safe anymore to allow your kids to play outside.”

When the mother asked the police officer if the children, two teens, a pre-teen and a 5-year-old, were causing trouble, the officer responded, “No they were very respectful kids, I just wanted to make sure they were okay because it was odd seeing them outside unsupervised.”

How fundamentally warped has society become when children are not allowed to play outside in a field right next to their own house without suspicion being cast on their parents by authorities and neighbors?

Paranoia about child abductions has been hyped by both the media and the state as a means of eviscerating parental rights and transferring such power over to the government.

In reality, America has never been safer for kids in decades.

As AOL News’ David Knowles documents, “According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 980,712 people under the age of 18 were reported missing in 1997, compared to 643,744 in 2008.”

Child abductions are declining rapidly year upon year, so why on earth are Americans increasingly terrified of allowing their kids to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors?

This is another example of the nanny state gone wild.

Manufactured paranoia that has no basis in reality is being hyped to turn all parents into potential child abusers and in the process castrate the happy, normal, and adventurous upbringing that all children should enjoy.

Is it any wonder that so many children end up being put on Ritalin or other psychotropic drugs given that the happiest days of their lives and the key formative stage of their development is being strangled by such overbearing nonsense?

Parents are being harassed by police and social services for caring for their children in ways which a sane society would consider normal and healthy.

Back in 2010, we reported on the case of a father of two who was harassed and investigated by Child Protective Services and police for feeding his daughters organic food, refusing to make them drink fluoride-poisoned tap water and not having them injected with mercury-laden vaccines.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.









Jewish Board Does Not Speak For All Jews

(This Reflects the Welcome Voice of an Increasing Flow of People Crossing an Almost Impossible Rubicon.)




From Before It’s News

August 18, 2012

The face of increasingly vocal and angry Diaspora Jews opting for humanity and peace over Old Testament sanctions of intolerance and violence is finally showing.

Brave voices are facing slurs of ‘self-haters’ and other hate speech in defiance of world wide ‘authority’.

The tragic Talmudic term Gentiles meaning ‘cattle’ is the rationalization behind the actions of a violent, intolerant and exploitative nation run by Ashkenazi Zionists, not a religious group, not “all Jews” as a people; no, a political group convicted by the UN of repeated crimes against humanity in Gaza and Lebanon.

Both Muslims and Christian use the Old Testament as a source of common human wisdom, rejecting any inhumanity, particularly its sanction of Gentile exploitation.

We were guided out of that early tribal ‘divide and rule’ mind set first by Jesus who said rather, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and later by Muhammed who fundamentally said that we are here to “collectively shoulder the responsibility for the welfare of the entire human race” – Do unto others.

No war on, no exploitation of Palestinian or Lebanese ‘cattle’ or any other black, white, European or Asian ‘Gentiles’, only a sweet and welcome collective burden on all our shoulders made easy by our love for children no matter whose they are – their innocence a beacon for our collective responsibility.

Which can only result in a collective freedom from stirred-up hatred and profit-driven strife destroying this beautiful home of ours.

Welcome all brave people crossing that raging torrent of hate, welcome to the Human Race!









Frenzy of murder, attempted murder and threats of mass terror are all part of cabal death throes



From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

August 21, 2012

On August 10th, Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, died in his sleep in extremely suspicious circumstances.

Dr. Meiring was a very private individual who had to change his name to Van de Meer a few years ago after getting unwanted publicity when his legs were blown off by a bomb he says was placed by agents of George Bush senior and his Nazi cabal.

Dr. Van de Meer died immediately after being sent $750 billion worth of bonds from the same batch as the $134.5 billion worth that was illegally seized from two Japanese diplomats in June of 2009.

He was planning to cash them on behalf of their Asian owners in order to finance a new international economic planning agency.

De Meer was in robust health and full of plans for the future in a conversation with a White Dragon Society representative that took place only hours before his sudden death.

Meanwhile, the self-described “illuminati grandmaster” going by the name of “Alexander Romanov,” was taken into protective custody last week by the Japanese police following a murder attempt.

Japanese underground sources confirm that a group of Japanese hit men are actively trying to kill him.

Romanov was a 20-year veteran drug smuggler who risked his own life to inform the Japanese police and this writer that a nuclear missile had been smuggled into Japan for use in a mass murder attack.

The Japanese police were either hopelessly incompetent or else in on the crime because they failed to take action even after Romanov told them exactly where the bomb was being kept (inside a compound owned by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone).

The fissile material in the bomb was later used to create several smaller devices that were used for the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack on Japan.

The trail for all of these attacks, as well as the current mass murder in Syria, leads to the P2 fascist lodge.

It appears to be no coincidence that former black pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach chose to retire in Syria.


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REAL NEWS July 07, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on July 6, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : July 07, 2012


{XANIEL’S NOTE :  I picked up this Refresher Course from What Really Happened.com and I’m passing it on to you,  so you can pass it on to everyone you know.  

Education and knowledge, TO KNOW IS TO BE PREPARED !}~~~Xaniel777



1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

3. Colt: The original point and click interface.

4. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

8. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.

9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

10. The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

11. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.

13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.

15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

16. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

17. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

19. Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.

20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.

21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

22. You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

23. Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don’t make more.

24. When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves.

25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.


” Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

(Understand now why gun-grabbers want gun control so badly! )






The 86 million invisible unemployed


From CNNMoney

By Annalyn Censky @CNNMoney May 4, 2012

Last year, 86 million Americans were not counted in the labor force because they didn't keep up a regular job search. Most of them were either under age 25 or over age 65.

Last year, 86 million Americans were not counted in the labor force because they didn’t keep up a regular job search. Most of them were either under age 25 or over age 65.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — There are far more jobless people in the United States than you might think.

While it’s true that the unemployment rate is falling, that doesn’t include the millions of nonworking adults who aren’t even looking for a job anymore.

And hiring isn’t strong enough to keep up with population growth.

As a result, the labor force is now at its smallest size since the 1980s when compared to the broader working age population.

“We’ve been getting some job growth and it’s been significant, but it hasn’t yet been strong enough that you start to get people re-engaging in the labor market,” said Keith Hall, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center and former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job market dropouts

A person is counted as part of the labor force if they have a job or have looked for one in the last four weeks.

As of April, only 63.6% of Americans over the age of 16 fell into that category, according to the Labor Department.

That’s the lowest labor force participation rate since 1981.

It’s a worrisome sign for the economy and partly explains why the unemployment rate has been falling recently.

Only people looking for work are considered officially unemployed.

Jason Everett, for example, wouldn’t be counted.

Out of work for nearly three years now, Everett has given up his job search altogether.

Instead, the unemployed plumber and Air Force veteran takes a few community college courses and looks after his two children while his wife is the primary breadwinner.

“I’m not even totally convinced the college degree is really going to help at this point, but I figure at least I’ll be doing something,” he said.



 COMMENT BY : Mike Rivero of WRH.com

UPDATE: I am bumping this back to the top because Corporate media is pushing 8.2% figure in the news today.

Now, pay attention class; the US has admitted there are 86 million “invisible” unemployed in the US (only they did not stay invisible as the government hoped because the alternative media kept pointing them out).

The US government admits to there being 12.5 million “visible” unemployed, which together with the invisible means 94.5 million Americans are available to work but do not have a job.

Total US population is 330 million.

But 24% of those are young people not eligible to work.

And 13 percent are retired. So the total population of available workers in the United States is 100% – (24% + 13%) = 63% of 330 million people, or 207 million workers.

And with 94.5 million workers not working, the true jobless rate in the US right now is 45%, not the 8% the media keeps propagandizing you about.






Tenth Amendment Blowback to Obamacare – AZ Ballot Initiative to Nullify Federal Laws


From America First

 July 06, 2012

Jack Biltis has earned my respect. 

He’s spent a fortune to gather signatures and gain popular support for a ballot initiative in Arizona that would allow the state house and senate to nullify federal laws if they are deemed unconstitutional. 

What’s more, the initiative would allow voters in Arizona to vote on ballot measures that do the same.

Remember, the Tenth Amendment says:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Technically, Arizona, and every other state in US, already has the right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws. 

This ballot initiative by Biltis is as much an education tool as it is a tool for Arizona to reassert its authority.

I’ve added a link on America First to Biltis’ website, I suggest you do the same if you support this measure.

Here’s an interview of Biltis talking about the ballot measure this past April: http://checksandbalancesaz.com/kjzz-interview-with-sponsor-jack-biltis/#

And here’s a great video on Arizona news:

The text of the measure:

Checks & Balances In Government Act


Be it enacted by the People of the State of Arizona:

The Constitution of Arizona is proposed to be amended as follows if approved by a majority of the votes cast thereon and on proclamation of the Governor.

Section 1. Article II, Constitution of Arizona, is amended in Section 3 as follows:

Section 3. Supreme law of the land


Support state sovereignty and a return to a true republic!



Voters could get the right to overrule federal laws and mandates under the terms of an initiative filed late Thursday.

The Arizona Constitution already says the federal Constitution “is the supreme law of the land.”

This measure, if approved in November, it would add language saying that federal document may not be violated by any government — including the federal government.

More to the point, it would allow Arizonans “to reject any federal action that they determine violates the United States Constitution.”

That could occur through a vote of the state House and Senate with consent of the governor.

But that also could occur through a popular vote on a ballot measure, effectively allowing voters to decide which federal laws they feel infringe on Arizona’s rights as a sovereign state.

Organizer Jack Biltis said he turned in more than 320,000 signatures.

The next step will be for the Secretary of State to determine, after screening the petitions, if there are at least 259,213 valid names on the forms to allow the measure to go on the ballot.

Biltis, who said he has spent more than $1.2 million on the campaign so far, said it is time for Arizona to step up and reclaim its constitutional rights.

The “flagship” example, he said, is the federal Affordable Care Act. He said there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution which gives the federal government the power to enact a national health care plan.

Biltis acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court, faced with exactly that question, ruled to the contrary.

“I believe the Supreme Court completely got it wrong,” he said.

In fact, Biltis argued, the ability of the nation’s high court to interpret — and invalidate — federal laws itself is not part of the U.S. Constitution but was claimed by the court in 1803.

“The only portion of government that has unlimited powers are the state governments and the people themselves,” he said.

Biltis said that, under his measure, Arizona could simply refuse to participate, though it would do so at risk of losing federal dollars.

Read more here





NRA accuses Obama of secret dealings on U.N. gun ban


From Times24/7


by: Patrick Goodenough – Thursday, July 5, 2012

NRA accuses Obama of secret dealings on U.N. gun ban

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierrePhoto Credit:AP

Amid energetic lobbying from both sides, the Obama administration is taking part in month-long negotiations at United Nations headquarters aimed at finalizing a conventional arms trade treaty, which supporters say will save millions of lives but opponents fear threatens to restrict Second Amendment rights at home and U.S. arms sales policies abroad. …

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference last February, National Rifle Association vice-president Wayne LaPierre accused Obama of working behind the scenes with the U.N. on a “treaty that could effectively ban or severely restrict civilian ownership of firearms worldwide.”

“I’ve been around long enough to know that the U.N. has little regard for our Constitution and none at all for the Second Amendment,” LaPierre said. “But I never thought I’d see the day when an American White House would tolerate a proposal that would literally gut one of our most fundamental freedoms in this country.”

Related Stories :

 Read the original article at CNSNews.com






GOA Alert: Help Senator Moran nix UN gun control


From the Trenches

Posted on July 6, 2012 by Admin

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) needs your help.

As GOA reported before the holiday break, the United Nations has begun discussions over finalizing language in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) — talks that are expected to last all month.

Senator Moran has prepared a letter, which GOA has in its possession, demanding that the Obama Administration oppose any treaty that would sacrifice Americans’ gun rights — even if it means “breaking consensus” at the July conference.

“We are concerned that the Arms Trade Treaty poses dangers to rights protected underthe Second Amendment,” Senator Moran says in his letter.

You have to ratify the ATT to see what’s in it

Despite the risks to our liberties, there is much double-speak taking place at the UN. 

The talks in New York are reminiscent of the process that Americans saw with the passage of ObamaCare. 

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous quip: “You have to pass the [health care] bill so you can see what is in it”?

In similar fashion, the gun control details in the ATT will “not be publicly available” until the treaty has been agreed to by all the member nations.

It makes you wonder if Pelosi is being paid as a consultant at these meetings.

Make no mistake about it; UN officials are using secrecy to their advantage, claiming the treaty will not infringe upon the rights of individual gun owners. 

They claim the treaty only deals with international transfers of firearms.

But Moran counters that the treaty will expand federal gun controls and lead to the registration of firearms.

The Arms Trade Treaty WILL restrict your gun rights

The Moran letter quotes a draft of the treaty, noting that it requires nations to “monitor and control” arms in transit and to prohibit the unauthorized “transfer of arms from any location” — a requirement, he says, that implies a huge “expansion of federal firearms controls that would be unacceptable on Second Amendment grounds.”

And the draft version of the treaty calls for the creation of a “U.N.-based firearmsregistry for all firearms that are either imported into or transit across national territory.”

  Can you imagine any greater infringement of your privacy … giving UN bureaucrats the “right” to collect information on you as a gun owner?

Some 130 Representatives sent their own letter to the President on Monday reminding him that the Second Amendment guarantees the “fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms” and declaring that the U.S. has no business supporting a treaty that infringes on the Bill of Rights.

The House letter is a good first step, but getting a similar one sent from the Senate is even more important. 

After all, IT’S THE SENATE — and not the House — which must ratify the ATT.

Since the treaty will be finalized later this month, it is very important for Senator Moran to get at least 34 Senators on his letter — meaning he would have enough votes to prevent the treaty’s ratification.

ACTION:  Please click here to send a message urging your Senators to sign on to the Moran letter right away.  Senator Moran’s office says that Senators have been very slow to respond to his request for more signatories.  But he needs these signatures right away!


IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud

From the Trenches

Posted on July 4, 2012 by Admin

WTHR 13  INDIANAPOLIS – Investigates has learned the tables are turned on a federal agency feared for its ability to audit taxpayers.

The IRS is now the focus of a year-long audit, thanks to federal employees who are blowing the whistle.

Howard Antelis does not look intimidating.

The soft-spoken, gray-haired Midwesterner wears khakis and drives an old SUV.

He spends most of his free time on a softball diamond, playing with his dogs and delivering meals to the elderly.

But behind the laid-back, guy-next-door image is a longtime federal employee with a dogged personality and a tenacious sense of duty.

And right now, Howard might just be the IRS’s worst nightmare.

“I’m horrified and ashamed and embarrassed by what I’ve seen. It’s not supposed to be like this,” he told 13 Investigates. “We’re supposed to protect taxpayers, so somebody had to say something.”

Abuse and fraud

Howard is a tax examiner at the IRS’s ITIN processing center in Austin, Texas.

The large, unmarked building in south Austin is where the IRS decides whether to issue an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to the millions of illegal immigrants who apply for them.

An ITIN allows undocumented workers to file tax returns and pay taxes, a legal requirement for those who earn income in the United States … even those who come to the country illegally.

But 13 Investigates discovered the ITIN system is plagued by abuse and fraud.

A four-month Eyewitness News investigation documented how many illegal immigrants use ITINs to get tax credits and refunds they’re not entitled to.

WTHR also exposed how millions of undocumented workers get their ITIN applications approved using phony documents.

The problems identified by 13 Investigates cost American taxpayers billions of dollars every year, according to a 2011 report from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration.

After seeing WTHR’s investigations, Howard contacted 13 Investigates to say the problems inside the ITIN processing center are more serious and systemic than originally reported.

“A license to steal”

“We were being told by upper management to ignore fraud, to assign ITIN numbers and … pay out refunds to people who are lying,” Howard explained. “It’s a license to steal when you allow that.”

Howard and five other tax examiners at the ITIN processing center in Austin all told WTHR the same thing: for years, IRS managers have instructed them to “look the other way” while processing ITIN applications that appear to be filed fraudulently – even when those applications contain clear signs of criminal activity.

For example, Howard received a stack of ITIN applications for dozens of children attending the same school in South Carolina. (Adult tax filers can request an ITIN for a child if they want to claim that child as a dependent in order to get child tax credits and a larger tax refund.)

When he researched that school, he discovered it didn’t even exist.

When Howard reported the apparent scam to his bosses, he claims his managers ordered him to approve the applications anyway.

“C’mon. This is fraud! Those kids weren’t even real and I’m supposed to give out [ITIN] numbers?,” Howard recalls asking. “We’re tax examiners but the truth is we’re not supposed to look into anything. We’re not supposed to examine anything. It’s like an assembly line. It’s just ‘Get it out of here. Boom. Boom. Boom. Get it out of here and don’t worry about the fraud. Fraud slows us down.’”

After years of reporting that fraud directly to his bosses — with no success — Howard decided to take drastic action.

“I’ve been working for the federal government for 23 years and I signed an ethical standard of conduct when I went to work that says if you see fraud, you need to reportit. I tried and tried and tried, couldn’t get anywhere so … I went into a quiet room and started making phone calls.”

Those phone calls went to the Inspector General’s office in Washington, D.C.

IRS negligence

The IG’s office confirms it then dispatched auditors to Texas to interview Howard and dozens of other tax examiners.

That’s when investigators learned IRS employees were actually encouraged to ignore signs of fraud.

The Inspector General’s latest investigation has taken more than a year.

A final audit will be released this summer, and it’s expected to give further proof of what Eyewitness News first exposed this spring – that millions of undocumented workers can get ITINs by filing fraudulent paperwork.

“The IRS is not doing something as simple as requesting sufficient documentation,” Inspector General Russell George told WTHR this spring. “It’s very troubling.”

New details about mismanagement at the IRS’s ITIN processing center provide even more cause for concern.

“It’s pure negligence by management and they’ve been trying to keep it quiet,” Howard said. “There is a criminal element that is defrauding the U.S. government by filing mountains and mountains of these fraudulent applications. We see them in piles in bulk every day that are obviously not legitimate documents and not legitimate tax returns and not legitimate wages … and [IRS managers] don’t want to deal with it. That’s where all the fraud is. The fraud is in the fake notary stamps and fake documents which we’ve been accepting.”

In order to obtain an ITIN, applicants must send the IRS documents that show proof of identification and residency.

Among the acceptable documents are original or notarized photocopies of birth certificates, driving records, voter ID cards, school records andvaccination records.

Howard and other ITIN tax examiners say those documents are easily forged and notary stamps on the paperwork are meaningless because many of those are fraudulent, too.

“There is a state-by-state list of notaries that shows which are registered and legitimate, but the IRS won’t let us check those registries. We’re not supposed to Google anything or look anything up,” Howard said. “The basic problem is they give [tax examiners] no training and no tools to even know what they’re looking for.”

That is about to change.

Reforms announced

Just days after WTHR first reported on ITIN mismanagement and fraud, the IRS sent senior officials from Washington to the ITIN processing center in Austin.

Steve Miller, the agency’s Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement, met with more than 100 ITIN tax examiners and, according to IRS staff who attended the meeting, Miller promised to address problems identified by workers and WTHR.

Despite repeated requests for an interview, Miller and IRS management will not meet with WTHR to discuss those problems.

But facing growing pressure, the IRS has now announced it will begin cracking down on ITIN fraud.

13 Investigates has learned tax examiners are now getting more training and much-needed tools to help identify bogus paperwork.

Their work stations will soon be equipped with ultraviolent lights and magnifying glasses to help them better inspect documents.

ITIN managers and trainers are going to Washington this week to learn about fraud prevention.

At the same time, the IRS has tightened its ITIN application process.

Effective immediately, undocumented workers must prove their identity through original, certified documents.

Notarized photocopies, which are much easier to forge, will no longer be accepted.

In a written statement, the IRS announced it will spend the next six months reviewing all areas of the ITIN program.

By the end of the year, the agency will issue more comprehensive rules to further reduce fraud.

“That’s a huge step in the right direction,” Howard said. “Because of the Inspector General and all of the media attention, things are finally starting to change. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this might get fixed.”

Whistleblower punished?

Simply by speaking out, the quiet tax examiner could save taxpayers billions — but at a personal cost.

A few days after Howard met with WTHR, the IRS slashed his job performance rating which will affect his paycheck.

The IRS claims every aspect of Howard’s job performance dropped during the past six months, shifting his overall rating from “exceeds fully successful” to “minimally successful.”

Howard believes the poor review is retaliation for blowing the whistle on his managers.

He wonders what might happen next.

“I’m a little nervous, but not really. I guess they could try to fire me, but I don’t think they will,” he said, vowing to continue his fight for ITIN reform. “I just want to see things fixed. We’ve been allowing the U.S. taxpayer to get robbed for years now and those days appear to be over.”


BREAKING NEWS: Italian Financial Police Searches the Vatican

It ‘s the first time in history, almost touched the diplomatic incident


GLR ANdReA's picture

By GLR ANdReA – July 05, 2012

(google translation)

17:45 – For the first time the Italian police came to the Vatican for a search.

Touched the diplomatic incident when finance has sifted through the records of the Institute of the Immaculate Hospital and dermatology San Carlo, which refer to the congregation of the “Sons of the Immaculate Conception”, in an investigation a hole of more than 800 million euros.

The men of Yellow Flames, coordinated by the prosecutor Michele Nardi, waited hours before the authorities of the Papal States gave their green light, after repeatedly asking strict compliance with the procedures laid down by the Treaty of ’29 church and state.

The investigations include investigations on the financial scandal that hit the two hospitals. 

The story so far has involved 4 people, including Father Franco Decaminada, father, master of the institution for years, then was forced to resign just because of the happy financial management.

He is accused of conspiracy, aimed  unwarranted approval and a series of tax offenses.

Also searched the headquarters of the provincial head of the congregation, Father Paritanti.

original article: http://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it/cronaca/lazio/articoli/1051605/vaticano-perquisizioni-della-gdf.shtml

 Best HBCU's picture

Source to corroborate story

Submitted by Best HBCU on Thu, 07/05/2012 – 16:12.

Hope this helps: Use Google translate to read in your language of choice

La polizia in Vaticano per la prima volta


JPMorgan Complicit In Vatican Bank Money-Laundering

From Silver Doctors

The Council of Europe presented a preliminary report in Strasbourg Wednesday on massive money-laundering by the Vatican. 

As JP Morgan was the Vatican’s chief bank until the scandal broke, The Morgue may soon have a much bigger scandal and PR nightmare on its hands than a simply $9 billion derivatives loss.

It is clear that JPMorgan is complicit in money-laundering in Europe with the Vatican, having abetted Vatican bank money-laundering and fraud by allowing IRS-defined suspicious transactions pass through their institution.

From the Silver Vigilante:

This financial account allegedly processed more than a billion euros for the Vatican bank through last year. Italian investigators suspect the account was used to launder funds from “dubious sources.”

According to the strict anti-money-laundering laws to which financial institutions are supposed to be held, JPMorgan should be considered a primary suspect in massive money-laundering operations in Europe, centered at the Vatican bank.

Considering the blatant record amassed by the Vatican – it’s fraudulent and illegal dealings – JPMorgan worked as one of the pope’s banksters with complete disregard for moral hazard.

It was not until JPMorgan was caught naked in bed with the pope, engaging in massive and illegal transfers, did the bank begin scrutinizing the Vatican’s financial dealings to which it was an accomplice. 

To this point, the mainstream media has focused on the shadyness of the Vatican – an age old story, literally – and not directly implicated JPMorgan in yet further financial crimes.

The transfers did not come with information regarding account holders or purposes for the transfers.

Of that amount, 20 million pounds apparently was heading to the Vatican’s JPMorgan account in Frankfurt.

The other 3 million euros were heading for an account at a different bank in Rome.

Federal prosecutors in Rome froze the funds. Investigations followed implicating Tedeschi, for one, in violating anti-money laundering regulations.

Then, JPMorgan leaped into action late, and “started asking Vatican officials where the money that had been regularly flowing through the Milan account was actually coming from. But they didn’t get any satisfactory answers.

As a result, the bank then gave the IOR an internal classification as a high-risk client and started monitoring its transactions for clues that might point to money-laundering.”

Early this year, JPMorgan closed the IORs transfer account in Milan.

The bank wrote that anti-money-laundering regulations no longer make available “additional deposits or withdrawals via account No. 1365.”

Cardinal Secretary of State Bertone rewrote Benedict’s decree, restating that monitoring of the Vatican bank is only permissible with the consent of Bertone himself.

An undated and anonymous document, which, according to the Roman daily Il Fatto Quotidiano, comes from “the very top,” reads that there is a “concrete risk of a rating downgrade and, thereby, of a significant loss in the prestige of the Holy See.”

It is clear that JPMorgan is complicit in money-laundering in Europe with the Vatican, having abetted Vatican bank money-laundering and fraud by allowing IRS-defined suspicious transactions pass through their institution.

The bank, knowing full well what it was dealing with, shucked its financial responsibility and put the Vatican’s critical transfers through, never questioning or putting the transactions through the basic financial scrutiny.

The US Press has been silent, and the banks $9 billion transaction has taken over the headlines – a rehash of an old story.

In the meantime, JPMorgan has partaken in the illegal and unconscionable with some of civilization’s deepest-entrenched institutions, in this case the twenty century-old religious center of Catholicism.

Click here for more from the Silver Vigilante


Can Americans Escape the Deception?

My Catbird Seat


July 05, 2012

In short, in “freedom and democracy” america, the people have no voice and no rights and no representatives.

by Paul Craig Roberts

IPE (Institute for Political Economy)

Hot Air Day is upon us. On July 4 hot air will spew forth all over the country as dignitaries deliver homilies to our “freedom and democracy” and praise “our brave troops” who are protecting our freedom by “killing them over there before they come over here.”

Not a single one of these speeches will contain one word of truth. 

No speaker will lament the death of the US Constitution or urge his audience to action to restore the only document that protects their liberty.

No speaker will acknowledge that in the 21st century the Bush/Obama Regime, with the complicity of the Department of Justice, federal courts, Congress, presstitute media, law schools, bar associations, and an insouciant public have murdered the Constitution in the name of the “war on terror.”

As in medieval times, American citizens can be thrown into dungeons and never accounted for.

No evidence or charges need be presented to a court. No trial is required, and no conviction.

As in tyrannies, US citizens can be executed at the sole discretion of the despot in the Oval Office, who sits there drawing up lists of people to be murdered.

Protestors exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and freedom of association are attacked by armed police, beaten, tasered, tear-gassed, pepper sprayed, and arrested.

Whistleblowers who report the government’s crimes are prosecuted despite the statute that protects them.

US soldier Bradley Manning, who allegedly gave Wikileaks the documents revealing US war crimes, including the video of US soldiers in a helicopter gunship enjoying themselves murdering civilians walking along the street as if the soldiers were playing a video game, has been arrested and held in conditions of torture while the government tries to invent a case against him.

According to the US Military Code, US soldiers are required to make war crimes known.

However, the law on the books provided no protection to Bradley Manning, and conservative Republicans whom I know are foaming at the mouth for Manning to be executed for letting out the truth.

The truth, what is mere truth compared to the “exceptionalism of the great american people”?

America has carte blanche to do whatever it wishes to the unexceptional peoples.

Manning deserves to die, they say, because he took the side of the oppressed and not the side of the amerikan oppressors.

After the Swedish prosecutorial office dropped the case against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, ruling that the charges of rape had no foundation, another prosecutor, many believe at the urging of the US government, demanded Assange be extradited from England in order to be questioned.

Normally, extradition only applies to those who have been charged with a crime and for whom a warrant has been issued, which is most certainly not the case with Assange.

But, of course, if Washington wants Assange, Washington will be sure every law is broken or bent until they get him.

The Swedish puppet will do the exceptional country’s will and be paid well for its service.

Peace activists in several states had their homes invaded by FBI, computers and personal records taken, and a grand jury was convened in an attempt to indict them for supporting terrorism by their protests of Washington’s illegal wars, wars that are war crimes under the Nuremberg standard established by the US government itself.

None of this will be mentioned in July 4 patriotic speeches.

The inebriated masses will be wrapped in the flag and return home full of the hubris that despises lesser foreigners, such as Muslims, Arabs, Chinese, and the French.

And no dignitary will mention that those that “we are killing over there” are mainly women, children, village elders, and aid workers.

The US troops seem to specialize in soft targets like weddings, funerals, kids’ soccer games, farm houses, and schools.

Recently Washington reduced the “collateral damage” count by declaring every murdered male of military age to have been a Taliban fighter or terrorist.

Obviously, Washington has no way of knowing whether they were or not, but Washington’s declaration is intended as a green light to murder Afghan males of military age.

Currently, Washington has wars underway, or occupations, or is violating the sovereignty of countries with drones and/or troops in seven Muslim countries, and is arming rebels in Syria.

All of this is being done without the constitutionally-required authorization by Congress, allegedly the people’s representatives. What a joke!

In short, in “freedom and democracy” america, the people have no voice and no rights and no representatives.

Yet, this huge deficit of democracy and liberty will pass unmentioned by July 4th orators.

The crimes against humanity, the dismantling of the US Constitution and the lawlessness both domestic and international that define 21st century amerika are the results of September 11, 2001. 

Washington’s account of 9/11 is the wildest conspiracy theory known to mankind. 

The absurdity of Washington’s account is as follows: A few Saudi Arabians without any government’s backing or that of any intelligence service outwitted not only the CIA and the FBI but all 16 US intelligence agencies, even the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, together with the intelligence agencies of all of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, which has infiltrated every radical Muslim group.

These humble Saudis of no known distinction or powers also simultaneously outwitted the National Security Council, NORAD, the Pentagon, Air Traffic Control, and caused Airport Security to fail four times in one hour on the same morning.

In other words, every part of America’s defenses failed at the same moment.

Think about that for a minute. If such a thing had actually happened, the President, Vice President, Congress, and media would have been demanding to know how such universal failure of every aspect of the national security state was possible.

An investigation would have started immediately, not over a year later as a result of pressure from 9/11 families who could not be bought off with monetary payments.

Such complete and total failure of every aspect of US security would mean that americans were not safe one single minute during the 40-year stand-off with the Soviet Union.

At any moment the Soviets could have utterly destroyed the US and we would never have known what hit us.

In a real investigation, the 9/11 evidence would not have been illegally destroyed, and the investigation would have been conducted by experts, not by government agencies assigned a cover-up and by political hacks.

The NIST report is abject nonsense. It explains nothing. It is a fabricated computer simulation of a non-event.

The co-chairmen and legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission later wrote books in which they stated that information was withheld from the commission, the military lied to the commission, and the commission “was set up to fail.”

Yet, these astounding admissions by the leaders of the 9/11 Commission had no impact on Congress, the presstitute media, or the public.

All heads were in the sand. Please, whatever you do, don’t make us emotional weaklings face the facts.

More than one hundred firefighters, police, first responders, and building maintenance personnel report hearing and experiencing scores of explosions in the twin towers, including powerful explosions in the sub-basements prior to the collapse of the towers.

Distinguished scientists, authors of many peer-reviewed scientific papers, report finding unreacted nano-thermite in the dust from the towers, tested it for its explosive and high-heat producing ability, and reported the unequivocal results.

Seventeen hundred architects and engineers have testified in a petition to Congress that the three World Trade Center buildings were not brought down by fire and airplanes and have demanded a real scientific investigation of the cause of the buildings’ destruction.

Yet, we are left with the paradox that scientific opinion based on careful examination of the remaining evidence has been designated by the ignorant and unwashed as a “conspiracy theory,” while Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory stands as the truth of the event.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth headed by high-rise architect Richard Gage has driven the final nail in the coffin of Washington’s concocted conspiracy theory with its new film: “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out,” and they do speak out.

Scores of top level demolition experts and experts on the design, engineering, and construction of high rise steel structures provide the scientific, architectural, and engineering reasons that the three World Trade Center buildings came down only with the assistance of explosives that were placed and timed to remove the powerful structural support and permit the sudden collapse of the buildings.

As the buildings were engineered and constructed according to known and tested principles that absolutely prevent rapid collapse, fire and structural damage that two of the three skyscrapers suffered from airliners could not possibly have caused the sudden disintegration of the three buildings.

I saw the film in Atlanta on July 2. Atlanta was a stop on the 32-city premier of the film.

The film was shown at the 7 Stages Theater on Euclid Avenue, the former Euclid Theater to which 65 years ago we kids used to ride our bikes to see Tarzan battle giant reptiles and ride elephants to victory over evil black tribesmen or evil white hunters, or to watch Randolph Scott bring justice with his six-shooter to a town ruled by black hats, or to witness the brave American soldiers liberate Europe from the Nazis.

We never dreamed that we, residents of the “land of the free” would be menaced by a gestapo police state.

America’s descent into a gestapo police state could be arrested, perhaps, if americans were not so ignorant of science or were capable of even realizing that what they see with their own eyes when they watch videos of the twin towers’ destruction is buildings blowing up, not buildings falling down from structural damage.

Building 7’s destruction is the total and complete picture of controlled demolition.

At the end of the powerful film, psychologists explain why the majority of a population lacks the mental and emotional strength to confront highly disturbing facts.

A government that so thoroughly spies on its population as Washington does obviously knows its population’s profile and sees nothing but weakness and fear that can be manipulated.

What fact is more disturbing than the likely fact that 9/11 was a false flag event designed to provide the neoconservatives with their “new Pearl Harbor” in order to launch Washington’s Wars of Hegemony in the Middle East, and from there to Iran and to the nuclear powers: Russia and China, which are being encircled, as Iran has been, with US military bases?

What we are experiencing is a replay of the French Revolution, this time on a world stage.

Napoleon, the inheritor of the French Revolution, conquered Europe several times in the effort to expand the New Order in France to all of Europe.

The French Revolution was the first claim of a New World Order, but at that time the world was Europe.

Washington’s “wars of liberation” are wars of world hegemony and wars of massive profits for the military/security complex.

The combination of power and money that are the motives for Washington’s concocted wars are hidden motives, wrapped in the flag, patriotic sentiments, and fear of dark-skinned demonized Muslims.

Can Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth or any truth break through and liberate americans from the artificial reality created by government liars and a corrupt presstitute media, or are americans doomed to expire in the Matrix that has been created for them?

Perhaps the hope is that the economy will collapse under the would-be hegemons, and people who will not fight for principles and their liberty will fight for their economic survival.

Source: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS has had careers in scholarship and academia, public service, and journalism.

He served as Congressional staff and as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.

He can be reached at:http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/


Israel is an apartheid regime: UN official

From TehranTimes

Middle East Desk – July 04, 2012

Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights has accused the international community of complicity in Israeli settlement policies and says Israel is implementing an apartheid system.

Richard Falk made the remarks during a press conference after addressing the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday and delivering a report, AFP reported. 

“The international community is conspiring — maybe unwittingly — in a process that has no way of bringing justice to the people involved in this conflict,” Falk said about the Israeli settlements. 

He noted that Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are offered no protection in Israeli law, adding that their treatment is akin to apartheid. 

 Richard Falk, the United Nations Special

Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights

“I think one has to begin to call the reality by a name,” he said, likening the “discriminatory dualistic legal system” in the West Bank to the former system in South Africa. 

 Falk criticized the work of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the region as the so-called Middle East Quartet’s peace envoy, calling the process “a trick rather than a way to find a solution to the problem.” 

In his report, Falk also expressed concern about Israel’s use of administrative detention, the expansion of settlements, and violence by settlers. 

Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to incarcerate Palestinians for up to six months.

The detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time. 

Talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis stalled in September 2010 after Israel declined to renew a 10-month freeze on its illegal settlement construction in the occupied West Bank. 

The international community regards all the Israeli settlements across the West Bank as illegal under international law. 

Nearly 500,000 Israelis live in more than 100 settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem)

Israeli police rough up Palestinian child

Human rights group B’Tselem has uploaded a video showing Israeli police officers brutally attacking a Palestinian child, providing more evidence of Israeli violence against Palestinian children.

A volunteer shot the video near the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the south of the occupied West Bank on June 29 for the B’Tselem human rights organization and the group uploaded the video on YouTube on Monday. 

The video shows one border policeman apprehending a nine-year-old boy, identified as Abd al-Rahman Burkan, and knocking him to the ground while the child shouts. 

A second policeman is then seen approaching the child and kicking him. 

B’Tselem said in a statement that the video has been sent to Israeli officials for investigation, adding, “We will file a complaint against the officers with the Police Investigations Department.” 

However, previous investigations into similar incidents have gotten nowhere. 

B’Tselem frequently publicizes evidence of Israeli soldiers and police brutalizing Palestinians.

(Source: Press TV)






Cost of Keeping Government Secret Rises to $11 Billion


{XANIEL’S NOTE : From the very President who promised us ‘ TRANSPARENCY ‘ }~~Xaniel777


The Obama administration is breaking records in government secrecy and over-classification


From AntiWar.com

 by John Glaser, July 03, 2012

The cost to the federal government of keeping all of its secrets was more than $11 billion last year, according to publicly available records. That total does not include costs incurred by the CIA and the NSA and other spy agencies, because those figures are classified.

John P. Fitzpatrick, head of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), which oversees the government’s classification effort, estimated that including the extra agencies would increase the spending total by “less than 20 percent,” meaning the real total may be more than $13 billion.

“The costs include investigations of people applying for security clearances, equipment like safes and special computer gear, training for government personnel, and salaries for officials who review documents for classification and declassification,” reports the New York Times.

Much of the increase in government secrecy occurred in tandem with vast expansions in the security apparatus following the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

In 2001, the total cost of hiding the truth from the American people was only $4.7 billion.

Document reviews conducted by ISOO in 2009 discovered violations of classification rules in 65% of the documents examined, with several agencies posting error rates of more than 90%

The worst of government secrecy has occurred under the Obama administration, which has hailed itself as the most transparent administration ever. 

According to the ISOO, the government made a record 76,795,945 classification decisions in 2010, an increase of more than 40% from 2009.

Steven Aftergood, of the Project on Government Secrecy for the Federation of American Scientists, says there is rampant over-classification.

“To me it illustrates the most important problem — namely that we are classifying far too much information,” he said. “The credibility of the classification system is collapsing under the weight of bogus secrets.”

Millions of Americans are out of work and struggling to keep up with the cost of living while the federal government sucks up $11 billion from the private economy every year in order to cover up its abuses, missteps, and secrets in what seems to be a contest to defy the founding principles so often heralded in Washington, DC.

As the American revolutionary Patrick Henry said, “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

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Is American Medicine a War Crime


From the Trenches

Posted on July 5, 2012 by Admin

Veterans Today – by Gordon Duff  Cheney, Heart Transplants for War Criminals But Not Working Americans.

Last week, while looking into the Supreme Court decision on “Obamacare,” I stumbled onto some startling information. 

Everything we think we know about insurance and medical care is a lie, all that stands between you and being murdered by a bankster is a doctor who may or may not choose to save your life, even if he or she has to break the rules.

These rules exist by the millions, rules by hospitals, by insurance companies, by the VA, by Medicare and Medicaid, all of them deny care, deny drugs, deny lifesaving procedures and the rationale is generally based on “not being former Vice President Dick Cheney” who is wanted for war crimes in dozens of countries.

Imagine the hospital team that had to decide who got the new heart beating in Cheney’s chest. 

Do we give it to a young mechanic or a man whose heart failed 40 years ago, someone who has caused death and destruction for decades, a man who can’t travel because he faces arrest and execution at the hands of any genuinely free nation on earth.

This is a man accused, very rightly so, of starting wars, ordering killings, responsible for the slaughter of over a million people, the death of thousands of servicemen, the tens of thousands of suicides (numbers no longer reported are that high), the disability of half a million or more and the collapse of the world economy.

He didn’t do it by himself but is considered, with people like Dick Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and George W. Bush behind him, part of the biggest criminal cabal in world history. 

Sometimes I think TV is filled with shows about Hitler and the Third Reich only so Cheney’s face won’t be there whenever the term “mass murder” is mentioned.

As the rules stand now, war criminals come out on top every time, they get the heart, they get the experimental artificial heart no one else could have, they get flown around in helicopters, they have Secret Service escorts when, in truth, the majority of people in the world are wondering why he hasn’t been hanged already.

Cheney is just one of the inequities.

The big thing is that, for many decades now, health care has been rationed out. 

First of all, fewer and fewer employers in the US have comprehensive health care insurance. 

Only members of unions have insurance, though not like in the past. 

Currently 10% of public workers and 7% of private workers in the United States belong to trade unions.

All others covered workers, estimated at another 14%, have limited plans that deny things like transplants, exotic cancer treatments and newer medications which are, in most cases, more effective than those insurance companies authorize.

Let’s get those numbers straight. 

It isn’t 60% that are insured but closer to 8% with “full insurance” while the total with full and partial coverage comes to around 24%. 

In addition to this, 31% of the population, giving us that other figure, has limited coverage through Tricare, ChampVA, Veterans Health Clinics, Medicare and Medicaid.

Among these, those on VA coverage and Medicaid receive the lowest standard of care, comparable to that of the uninsured.

In a recent study by Harvard Medical School, patients suffering with strokes or heart attacks who have no insurance, but who go to the hospital, and many don’t, stand a 50% higher chance of dying.

Figures for Medicaid were omitted from the study.  We wonder why.

Veterans wait as long as one to two years for some common procedures and even those few who qualify for full coverage, totally disabled vets and former POWs, received limited care, few medications available, waits to see specialists for up to 2 years and waits for common procedures of up to 15 years.

Most of these individuals were not covered until after an average of 12 years of processing, the Veterans who applied for disability compensation, and others are expected to pay for services at low market costs and are pushed into bankruptcy just as with private patients.

40% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical bills, 50 percent of those bypatients choosing to pay “out of pocket” for life saving care that was denied by their insurance carrier as “experimental” or “off list.”

Then we have the invisible uninsured, those who don’t hang out at Social Services or Welfare offices, people who have worked and had their jobs outsourced to Asian sweatshops, this is millions of Americans now, people who own homes, or used to, who have families, who have always worked, some for very high wages, who realize the truth. 

Either stay well or die, this is the real choice they have and this is how you hear them talk.

Their children never get glasses, never see a dentist, they never get preventative care and many who are in this position were, only a year or two before, owners of large suburban homes, had 2 or more cars, vacation homes, boats, took cruises, then, with the Bush collapse, they were the first to go. 

They are America’s “new poor.”

First the job hunts and living off credit cards, then the minimum wage jobs and eventually half of those disappeared. 

A PhD doesn’t guarantee the ability to work at MacDonalds making burgers and fries in most of America.

At one time, when collapse came, you could move, California, Florida or to Houston to work in the “oil patch.” 

California of today is broke, Florida is broke, overcrowded and barely American anyway and the oil business has been moved, to a large extent, offshore.

What we have left is the bastard child, Obamacare. 

Question is, did he want this program, the one that carries his name, or is this the compromise he settled for that would allow GOP controlled banksters and insurance fraudsters to force Americans to buy insurance in a trade off to save the lives, save the sight, save the teeth of a generation of American children, in this case, the remnants of what America used to have for a middle class.

Is Obamacare good? 

No, it is too much of a compromise, living proof that many Democrats, called “Blue Dogs” can be bought just as easy as the scamster Republicans.

What is the real answer? 

It is simple, we build an efficient system that makes treatment available equally to Dick Cheney or your own child so that you don’t have to watch your small child wither and die because he isn’t drowning in money made by killing thousands, rigging defense bids or ordering assassinations.

You think Americans take care of their own? 

Do you own a car? 

Do you think the people lining our streets claiming to be veterans starving to death are all lying?

It is 95 degrees here in Ohio. 

Skin art, known as the tattoo, is something I recognize. 

When the “sign holder” has a bulldog or “screaming eagle” on one of the arms that says, “Family Starving, Will Work for Food” I take him seriously.

I know he has been to see a bureaucrat or been to the local Veterans Service Commission, our local one seems to have misplaced $7 million in funds over the past few  years.

Want to go to a veterans organization?  

Need a drink, want to gamble, that’s their business, that and spending millions in dues fighting court battles over religious issues, memorial crosses placed on highways, left under bridges, each one brings out lawyers willing to spend enough to send a thousand children to college to fight for months over idiocy.

Remember these minor things:

  • Insurance companies and the VA ration care and always have

  • Poor die in hospitals, figures don’t lie

  • The best of us don’t go to hospitals at all, we die peacefully, screaming in pain and are taken away to have our bodies dumped in a field.  That is how the real America works, more and more that way each day.

  • Veterans are scum to be spat on, mistreated and forgotten.  If they were decent soldiers they would have all died because we were sick of hearing from them 30 days after they left anyway.  I only speak this way because of 19 years of working with vets and managing an organization with 600,000 of them.

  • If you get decent care, you have a doctor who learned to “play the system” and get around insurance company rules, be thankful

  • If you think Obamacare is bringing “rationed medicine,” you belong in a mental institution or are perhaps in one already

We have thousands of nurses in America now unemployed, a great secret. 

We close and tear down hospitals all the time.

Drugs cost about 3% of what we sell them for.

There is no reason for private insurance, it is only another term for Wall Street Bankster. 

They do nothing positive, nothing but kill Americans.

The worst union in the US is the doctors union.

Every new system set up breeds a new group of crooks who manage to steal it dry. 

The only answer is full Socialized Medicine or Single Payer with community health centers, full accountability for those who don’t take care of themselves and a rope to hang those who steal from the people.

China uses a bullet in the back of the head, I can live with that method too.

Our next step is ending imports, leaving the Federal Reserve System, bringing our troops back home, closing our borders, ending drug use, returning all news and entertainment to real people, not NWO outfits and letting Americans get back to what they are supposed to be doing, working, getting paid for it and getting a fair shake in the process.






Viruses Worldwide Battled by Gut Microbes



From Mercola

By Dr. Mercola

Three recent studies highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy gut to avoid disease and optimize your health. The first, published in the journal Celli, shows that “host-specific microbiota appears to be critical for a healthy immune system.”

According to Medical News Todayii:

“Human microbe-colonized mice have gut immune systems that look essentially identical to germ-free mice,” said Dennis Kasper of Harvard Medical School. “Even though they have the same number and diversity of bacteria, their immune systems don’t develop properly.

… The results might have implications for understanding the health consequences of our shifting diets, our excessive use of antibiotics, and our modern-day obsession with showers and antibacterial household cleansers, the researchers say.

 “Because the intestinal microbiota can regulate immune responses outside the gut, the absence of the ‘right’ gut microbes may conceivably shift the balance toward disease in individuals genetically predisposed to autoimmune diseases,” they write, noting that our relationship with our gut microbiome today may be threatened by a combination of heavily processed foods, frequent treatment with antibiotics, and advances in hygiene.

… Although modern medicine and technology may offer alternative ways to fight disease, Kasper says, “the current prevalence of autoimmune diseases – such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease – may be, at least in part, the consequence of the increasing vulnerability of the coevolved human-microbe relationship.”

For those of you who have been reading this newsletter for any length of time, this is not at all surprising. I’ve written extensively on how the bacteria in your gut influence your overall health—physical, mental, and emotional.

What this research does tell us though, is how important it is to have the correct types of microbes in your gut. Not just any microbe will do…

Unfortunately, as noted above, common lifestyle factors such as processed foods, antibiotics (both those prescribed and those found in conventionally-raised meats), birth control pills,, and excessive cleansing and cleaning with antibacterial soaps and household cleaners all conspire to shift your intestinal microflora toward one that no longer supports your immune system.

Gut Microbes in Constant Combat with Viruses

You’ve probably heard that about 80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut, and the next study underscores this fact. It also provides yet another clue as to the kind of constant pressure your gut bacteria is under to keep your immune system humming.

The study, featured in Genome Researchiii, looked at a common set of viruses linked to gut bacteria in humans.

These viruses, which feed off bacteria, are called phages, and they pose a constant threat to the health of the bacterial community living in your gut.

Phages can actually outnumber bacteria 10 to 1, which in itself is a testament to the power of your beneficial gut bacteria (and by extension your immune system) to keep disease at bay.

But it also helps explain why just a few days of careless eating can sometimes make you feel a bit listless, or why chronic poor health is at such epidemic levels.

Between chemical assaults, inadequate nutrition, excessive sugar consumption and an overabundance of natural viral “co-hosts,” your microflora has one heck of a job to maintain order and balance… And as soon as that balance is thrown off kilter, it will begin to reflect in your immune function.

Here, the scientists wondered how they might identify viruses that target gut microbiota; whether these viral communities differ between individuals and global populations; and how this might relate to human health and disease.

As reported by Medical News Todayiv:

“Israeli researchers decided to use coded information from a bacterial immune system to get to the bottom of these questions. They discovered a process… to identify and evaluate phages in European individual’s gut microbiota, discovering that almost 80 percent of phages are shared between two or more individuals.

They then compared their data to samples they took previously from American and Japanese individuals and to their surprise, they also discovered phages that exist in their European data set.

According to [senior author Rotem] Sorek, this means that people’s gut microbiota are repeatedly infected with hundreds of virus’ types. “These viruses can kill some of our gut bacteria.

It is therefore likely that these viruses can influence human health,” he said. The researchers highlight that it is of key importance to gain a better understanding of the amount of pressure that is placed on the ‘good’ bacteria, which is crucial to maintain health…

Scientists are now able to investigate how phage functions in the gut change over time and what impact this may have on diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, as well as finding more effective methods to treat these diseases.” [Emphasis mine]

How Your Gut Flora Influences Your Health

An earlier study published in the April issue of Nutrition in Clinical Practicev also shows that microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal tract form a highly intricate, living fabric of natural controls that affect body weight, energy, and nutrition.

A couple of the key findings in this study were that each individual’s community of gut microbes is unique, and the groundwork for each person’s gut flora is laid from birth.

In fact, the mode of delivery during the birthing process has been shown to affect an infant’s microbial profile.

This is in part why it’s so important for pregnant women to become mindful of their gut health, as it will affect not just their own health, but also that of their child. It’s not a static thing, however.

Your gut flora is highly susceptible to environmental changes, and can rapidly respond to alterations in diet for example.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBrides research also demonstrates the dynamic interaction between your gut, your brain, and your immune system, starting from birth.

Download Interview Transcript

She has developed what might be one of the most profoundly important treatment strategies for a wide range of neurological, psychological, and autoimmune disorders—all of which are heavily influenced by your gut health.

I believe her Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and Gut and Physiology Syndrome (GAPS)

Nutritional program is vitally important for MOST people, as the majority of people have such poor gut health due to poor diet and toxic exposures, but it’s particularly crucial for pregnant women and young children.

Children born with severely damaged gut flora are more susceptible both to disease and to vaccine damage, which may help explain why some children develop symptoms of autism after receiving one or more childhood vaccinations, while others do not.

Previous research has also shown that your microflora has a significant impact on gene expression, such as the genes responsible for vitamin biosynthesis and metabolism.

 Probiotics have been found to influence the activity of hundreds of your genes, helping them to express in a positive, disease-fighting manner—some of which affect your body in a manner resembling the effects of certain medicines!

“Reseeding” Your Gut with Fermented Foods and Probiotics

Maintaining optimal gut flora, and ‘reseeding’ your gut with fermented foods and probiotics when you’re taking an antibiotic, may be one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health.

If you aren’t eating fermented foods, you most likely need to supplement with a probiotic on a regular basis, especially if you’re eating a lot of processed foods.

Poor diet in general, and each course of antibiotics extols a heavy price, as it tends to wipe out the beneficial bacteria in your gut, giving pathogens free rein to proliferate unchecked.

Historically, people used to get large quantities of beneficial bacteria, i.e. probiotics, straight from their diet in the form of fermented or cultured foods, which were invented long before the advent of refrigeration and other forms of food preservation.

As a result, they didn’t suffer the same kinds of problems with their gut health as so many do today.

It’s worth noting that each mouthful of fermented food can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement, which will typically provide you with colony-forming units in the billions.  

I thought this would be a good analysis, so I tested fermented vegetables produced with our probiotic starter culture to determine their probiotic potency and was astounded to discover they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria.

Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic!

Fermented foods also give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria, so all in all, it’s a more cost effective alternative.

Fermenting your own foods can provide even greater savings, and is actually easier than you might think.

To learn more, please listen to my interview with Caroline  Barringer, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who has been involved with nutrition for about 20 years.

She’s now one of Dr. Campbell-McBride’s chief training partners, helping people understand the food preparation process.

Download Interview Transcript


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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 8, 2012

TODAY”S NEWS : January 08, 2012

US Marine says Iraq war was one long atrocity

From PressTV

 Ex-Marine Ross Caputi says American soldiers should take “ownership” of the war in Iraq that was one long atrocity.

 It’s no wonder, he says, that so many returning soldiers are overwhelmed by guilt at what they have done, with a higher rate of suicides than in any previous American war.

 “People do not go home and want to kill themselves because they’ve been helping Iraqis,” says Ross Caputi. “They go home and want to kill themselves because they’ve committed atrocities.”

 Ross Caputi now campaigns for justice for the city of Fallujah, which as a Marine he helped to destroy in 2004, when thousands of civilians were killed and 200,000 driven from their homes. stopwar.org.uk


 According to a “scientific study of violent Iraqi deaths caused by the U.S.-led invasion” conducted by the Just Foreign Policy, nearly 1,500,000 Iraqis have lost their lives to the war. The number is at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the U.S. media.

 Iraq’s anti-corruption board revealed in December 2007 that there were five million Iraqi orphans as reported by official government statistics. Alternet.org

 Military suicides have increased since the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a Center for a New American Security Suicide report. In the fiscal year 2009 alone, 1,868 veterans of these wars have made suicide attempts, according to armytimes.com.

 The VA estimates that about 18 veterans commit suicide every day.

 In 2010, more than 134,000 people made calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Of those callers, 61 percent identified themselves as veterans. News.medill


ALSO SEE THIS :  CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen’t Exist

YOU MAY AS WELL SEE THIS TOO : Turn in your neighbor for owning a gun….get $1000 REWARD in Newark, NJ


Netanyahu Revealed Israel’s Desired Borders

Posted by 

  at veteranstoday.com

Back in August of 2009 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a statement which reveals Israel’s true intentions for where they want their borders. And it will mean many more years of war, suffering and bloodshed for the region, and for America, which finances and fights Israel’s wars, it means many more dead and wounded troops and more unnecessary spending of American tax dollars.

Netanyahu said, [Jerusalem] is not a settlement. It is the sovereign capital of the State of Israel. We have been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years.”


This indicates Israelis believe their boarders should be the same as the ancient borders of Israel as described in their “holy” book the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. (It doesn’t matter if today’s Jews are or are not really the ancient Jews of the Bible since they are de facto the same.)

To get an idea of Israel’s intended future occupations that go way beyond Jerusalem and the West Bank, we need to know what the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament claims were Israel’s borders. The Zionist/Christian Pat Robertson laid it out for us in an article called The Land of Israel: A Gift

israel under solomon

This map of Israel’s borders under Solomon tells us Israel’s contunied expansion will mean continued wars and suffering.

From God. He writes in this article,

“I want to show you the extent of the land, because Solomon, the son of David who was living in 950 B.C. (that’s a long time ago), this was his territory. You go all the way up north to the Euphrates River which encompasses the better part of modern-day Syria. Solomon’s empire went up to the Euphrates River.

“And Tyre and Sidon and Megiddo. And they had the Via Maris which went from Damascus all the way down to Cairo. It went as far as the area down in Gaza. Just south of that there is a creek called the River of Egypt. Not the Nile. The Nile is further away. This is what they got and it came all the way down and there is Kadesh Barnea and the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. And it went up the Jordon River. This was the territory that God gave to Joshua.”

By Pat’s description we can plainly see that as Israel continues its illegal aggression into these new areas including Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, people and nations will resist their expansion and wars will follow. Since U.S. career politicians have entwined the U.S. so closely with the Jewish aggressor state, Israel’s wars are America’s wars.

Obama even went so far as to write to the chairman of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, Alan Solow, “All sides should understand that our commitment to Israel is unshakeable and that no wedge will be driven between us.” Obama and the traitors in Congress, with the exception of Ron Paul (that’s a major reason the kosher system won’t let him win), all believe in Israel, right or wrong!”

The security and expansion of the Jewish state is key to the neoconservative movement. That is why they started the war in Iraq and will probably start a war for Israel’s benefit in Iran. The father of the neoconservative movement, the Jew Leo Strauss, wrote many articles and gave many speeches in which he revealed his desire to have a world based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

In the forward to the very revealing and important book which is a collection of Strauss’ writings, Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity, Kenneth Hart Green writes, “Strauss learned from Maimonides that religion is essential to any healthy political society, and certainly for the moral life of human beings. Over and above this, Maimonides convinced Strauss that Jewish religion, based on the Hebrew Bible, is most essential to ground a ‘genuine’ morality for almost every human being.”

Of course living in a society based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament would require Jews being supreme while the Gentiles serve them. To realize the extent to which the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament teaches they should reign supreme all we need to do is to take a look at Leviticus 25:44-46 which says that God said to the Hebrews/Jews, “Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.

Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.” In other words, the “chosen ones” can keep Gentiles and our children as slaves and pass us down to their children as an inheritance!

I don’t know why Pat Robertson, John Hagee and other Gentiles don’t address this disgusting Bible teaching.  And believing God would say such things is a slap in the face to God. As Thomas Paine asked in his important thought provoking book on God, Deism, the Bible, etc., The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition (for Kindle version click here), “Is it because ye are sunk in the cruelty of superstition, or feel no interest in the honor of your Creator, that ye listen to the horrid tales of the Bible, or hear them with callous indifference?”

HERE’S A RELATED STORY OF INTEREST : Massive American Troop Build-Up in Israel: War With Iran on the Horizon?

Uploaded by on Jan 5, 2012

President Obama announced today that funding for the military will be cut back, but at the same time the US has sent thousands of US troops to Israel. The two countries are doing a joint exercise called “Austere Challenge 12.” The exercise is meant to develop defense systems and collaboration between American and Israeli forces. US officials have denied this is in retaliation to Iran’s war games and allege this was planned way in advance. Jamal Abdi, policy director for the National Iranian American Council, gives us his take on this US troop deployment.

Follow Liz on Twitter at http://twitter.com/LizWahl

BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER : Letters To Video rebel

From Video Rebel’s Blog

Posted on January 7, 2012

“The Red Cross stated flatly there were no gas chambers.” Where is there proof of this statement for starters. What of the people who were there and saw the gas chambers, the dead bodies, the ovens and the belching smokestacks but lived to tell the world their stories. I have heard from them.

In a Nov. 22, 1944 letter to U.S. State Department officials, the Red Cross said: “We had not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources …”

The above letter is quoted from here:

Mr Wiesel I would Like To Ask You A Few Questions.


The Red Cross had unrestricted access each month to every German concentration camp including Auschwitz. They had inside men who reported to them in detail the activities at the camps. They never once mentioned gas chambers.

There were many witnesses who testified to gas chambers in Germany that we now know never existed. So why should we believe them any more than we believe Goldman Sachs, Ben Bernanke and Bernie Madoff?

The Germans captured 150,000 British soldiers. 150 of those men were engineers who worked at Auschwitz-Birkenau to maintain the manufacturing plants that processed Silesian coal to make gasoline for the German Army. These 150 men obviously had daily access throughout the camps but to date no person trying to prove the reality of a Holocaust at Auschwitz has called upon them to corroborate their stories. Can you explain why British POWs would not be called upon for their testimony?

A woman with a Jewish last name wrote:

You can’t be serious. It is time to grow up and take responsibility for understanding and taking care of our own messes – not living in some childlike dream state.

She did not like this:

2012 Timeline: Assets Seizure, Hyperinflation And Debt Slavery


To take responsibility for our own actions implies that we control our government and our press. Both are controlled by Jewish people acting as agents for Israel and for the Rothschild network of banks.

A case in point is 911. I cannot take control of the investigation of the murder of 3,000 Americans on 911 because I cannot say anything in the media. It is obvious that Israel did it. Nor can I say anything about Israel and the killing of 168 people in the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building on 4-19-1995.

There is no taking of responsibility without power.

Perhaps you should read this:

Israel Shahak: The Laws Against Non-Jews In 2 Minutes


We live under Talmudic law which says it is permissible for Jews to rob the goyim as soon as the Jews get control of the government and the goyim have no legal recourse.

If this Jewish right to rob us blind is not taken away, then I fear Ernst Zundel might be right.

Video- Ernst Zundel: Jewish Voraciousness Will Create Weimar Like Conditions In America And A Final Solution For the Jews In The US


A rather famous web personality with a great voice who makes some of the best videos ever wrote this:

EXCELLENT piece Horseman… Kudos indeed.

Thanks for your kind words. Please take a look at this which I just posted.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade: What Can American Military Personnel Learn?


The final letter comes from a hard core Christian Zionist: What flavor Kool Aid are you all drinking?

50,000 American factories were sent overseas while its population was deliberately increased by 40 million.

30 trillion dollars was stolen from Americans by Israel and Wall Street.

When the dollar collapses, you will have no means of buying munitions, oil or anything else to defend your country. Besides, Iran is an ally of China, Russia and Pakistan so I do not believe they will sell you anything at all on credit in a rime of war.

When the dollar collapses, there will be nationwide food riots, race riots and no cities.

What is your plan? Call in a prayer request to reverend John Hagee for Jesus to save you?

Please confront the reality that your government despises you. Please read this:

The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III


I do not think God listens to prayers like these.

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world’s population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.


U.S. & Iran Obligated To Resolve Dispute Legally



From Op Ed News

By  (about the author) 

It may come as a surprise to Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum but the U.S. is obligated under international law to the peaceful resolution of its grievance against Iran.

Santorum has criticized President Obama’s attempt to negotiate with Iran and, according to The Christian Science Monitor, “called for increased covert sabotage, bombings, and even arresting foreign scientists” working in Iran. Romney has called Iran “the greatest threat we face” and for pulverizing its nuclear facilities “through airstrikes and (to) make it very public we are doing just that.”

If the U.S. sought to prevail by military force, however, it would be in contravention of at least three historic treaties the U.S. has signed pledging itself to the peaceful resolution of disputes. As war fever sweeps Washington and the Republican candidates, save for Rep. Ron Paul, cry for war, it behooves Iran to initiate legal action.  

In this age of instantaneous communications, the whole world is watching to see if either nation will seize the diplomatic initiative, to see which truly prefers conversation to conflict. As members of the United Nations, both Iran and the U.S. are obligated to go to arbitration, not to come out shooting, a fact lost on the hawkish GOP politicians who seem unaware the American people have had a bellyful of war and want to prioritize a domestic agenda.

Both Iran and the U.S. are signatories of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact of 1928 which states, “The High Contracting Parties agree that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.”

To the contrary, “The United States has been illegally threatening war against Iran going back to the Bush Jr. Administration,” says international law authority Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois, Champaign, and author of ” Destroying World Order: U.S. Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11″(Clarity Press).

Boyle reminds, “Article 2 of the United Nations Charter requires the pacific settlement of the international dispute between the United States and Iran.” The UN Charter, he adds, “sets up numerous procedures” for the U.S.-Iranian dispute while prohibiting “both the threat and use of force by the United States against Iran.”

Ditto for the Hague Convention of 1899, to which both nations are a party. That pact set up the Permanent Court of Arbitration(PCA) in The Hague and made it the duty of other signatories of that treaty to remind the aggrieved parties the Court is there for them.

The reason given by the U.S. for threatening Iran is alleged to be that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon in secret. This charge is made with a straight face even as the U.S. lavishes military aid on its ally Israel. Israel is said to have an arsenal of 200-300 nuclear bombs it refuses to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency  to inspect.

The spurious U.S. pretext for war flies in the face of U.S. aggression against Iran long before Iran began building the nuclear facilities it says are needed to expand electrical output. Past U.S. aggression had everything to do with Iran’s oil and nothing else.

It is indisputable that the CIA in 1953 overthrew by force and violence Iran’s democratic government, causing Iranians years of suffering under a savage, despotic regime. The CIA overthrow was prompted by Great Britain, peeved when Iran took over management of its own oil fields after years of being cheated by the British corporation to whom they were entrusted. That firm today is known as BP.

The U.S. also backed Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran and supplied him with conventional weapons as well as illegal chemical and biological warfare agents responsible for the horrible killing and maiming of tens of thousands of Iranian troops. This was, in fact, by any reasoning, an act of war by the U.S. against Iran.

As peace activist David Swanson writes on OpEdNews January 6th: ” For the past decade, the United States has labeled Iran an evil nation, attacked and destroyed the other non-nuclear nation on the list of evil nations, designated part of Iran’s military a terrorist organization, falsely accused Iran of crimes including the attacks of 9-11, murdered Iranian scientists, funded opposition groups in Iran (including some the U.S. also designates as terrorist), flown drones over Iran, openly and illegally threatened to attack Iran, and built up military forces all around Iran’s borders, while imposing cruel sanctions on the country.”

This same U.S. that is threatening to Iran today has a long history of lying in order to justify its wars of aggression. It lied to invade Iraq by charging Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when he did not. It lied in 1964 to justify its war in Viet Nam when it claimed the Vietnamese attacked a U.S. destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin, when they did not.  And much of the U.S. public believes Washington lied about those responsible for the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington to justify the start of the war against Afghanistan. Aggressive nations relish a fight and the U.S. presently is doing just that in a half dozen countries in the Middle East and Africa.

This history is important because, by contrast, Iran has not started a war in approximately 300 years. Its defense budget of less than $8 billion a year is a tiny fraction of the U.S. warfare budget of nearly $1 trillion annually. (Describing Iran as America’s “gravest threat” reflects poorly on Romney’s foreign affairs smarts.)  In fact, Iran would commit national suicide if it launched an attack upon the U.S. or Israel.  The Pentagon’s annual budget is the largest in the world and, in fact, greater than the next 20 military powers combined.

Yet another measure of  Iran’s peaceful intent and America’s warlike posture is that Iran has no military bases outside of its own borders while the U.S. has over 800 bases around the world from Okinawa to Diego Garcia, frequently established against the will of the local inhabitants. More than 40 U.S. bases are located in six nations that encircle Iran, from which the Pentagon is poised to attack.



( Fair Use Notice ):

This web site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance the understanding of humanity’s problems and hopefully to help find solutions for those problems. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. A click on a hyperlink is a request for information. Consistent with this notice you are welcome to make ‘fair use’ of anything you find on this web site. However, if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. You can read more about ‘fair use’ and US Copyright Law at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School. This notice was modified from a similar notice at Information Clearing House.} ~~ Xaniel777


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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 2, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 03, 2012

We Are Going To Kill The Dollar

Uploaded by on Jan 2, 2012

A clip from a much longer interview…


Investor Kyle Bass discloses his discussion with a senior Obama admin about how this economic crisis is going to play out. The answer is to export our way out of this mess by making our exports cheaper by destroying the dollar in a global game of currency devaluation. This simply means that they are going to print more and more dollars until all of your purchasing power is destroyed and you will need more and more dollars to buy the same amount of goods. (ie. Massive Inflation.)

The only way to protect yourself is to get out of ALL paper assets and into real tangible assets and nothing shines brighter than silver.

Read the Ultimate Silver Investor


Help us defeat the media blackout – use this short-link for sharing: http://rpflix.com/3931 

For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication – and maybe more

From Los Angeles Times

A throng that greets the Republican congressman from Texas on the eve of Iowa’s caucuses reflects the growing support he has won.


Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul at a campaign stop at the Park Place Event Center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / January 2, 2012)

By James Oliphant, Washington Bureau

January 2, 2012, 4:43 p.m.

Reporting from Des Moines— 

For Ron Paul’s supporters, the throng that greeted them at a hotel ballroom Monday was more than cause for excitement. It was a moment of vindication, or even, some thought, the start of something very big.

“This is the beginning of the second revolution,” said Monte Goodyk, 37, of the 800-person hamlet of Sully, Iowa. Four years ago, Goodyk campaigned for Mitt Romney, made calls for him. But then a friend turned him on to Paul. And that was that.

“Liberty. It’s about small government,” Goodyk said as he stared at the gathering of about 500 and the banks of cameras from national and international TV networks. Romney, he said, “just wants the same control everyone else does.”

Paul, the Texas congressman, was introduced by his son Rand Paul, a U.S. senator from Kentucky.

“There’s energy. It’s overflowing. And it’s coming tomorrow,” Rand Paul told the crowd. “We’re going to win in Iowa tomorrow.”

Ron Paul was delighted with the turnout. “This is almost like a real rally,” he exclaimed. “This is great!”

He said that money was pouring into the campaign and that enthusiasm “is growing by leaps and bounds. The crowds are getting bigger.”

Mandie Devries, 32, watched from the back of the room, her 11-month-old daughter, Lucy, cradled against her chest in a baby carrier while her four other young daughters, clad in Paul T-shirts, played contentedly on the floor.

She called the crowd “awesome” and said she would be speaking on Paul’s behalf at a caucus in Ankeny on Tuesday.

“I’m trying to get all my friends and family there,” Devries said. “That’s really all we can do — fight for the right thing.”

She looked down at her baby girl. “What do you say, Lucy?” she said. The infant clapped her hands and chirped. It was something that sounded a lot like “Ron Paul, Ron Paul.”


Copyright © 2011, Los Angeles Times


2012: Year of the Police State and Lies?


From Urban Survival

I’m deeply saddened for the future of this Great Nation when the first bit of news I have to report is that not only did president Obama sign into law the National Defense Authorization Act  – which provides for secret abductions and rendition of American Citizens by the military should they be deemed  (at the military’s whim near as I can tell) to be “enemy combatants but worse – by far – as we reported to Peoplenomics subscribers on Saturday is another attack on Liberty, reposted here because it’s a vital public concern:

 OMG: Far Beyond the NDAA

Say, watch for this one to pick up and go viral one of these days: HR 3166” The Enemy Expatriation Act” which you should read here (introduced by Rep Charles Dent, democorp, Pennsylvania):

10/12/2011–Introduced. Enemy Expatriation Act – Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to include engaging in or purposefully and materially supporting hostilities against the United States to the list of acts for which U.S. nationals would lose their nationality. Defines “hostilities” as any conflict subject to the laws of war.

Say what? Not sure how IRS would react to this one, since last time I checked, people who don’t have US Nationality would, logically, owe no taxes to the US. Am I right?

 But, on a little different level, doesn’t this raise the specter of US citizens who engage in peaceful opposition to government policies, once declared by officialdom to exist at the “laws of war” level (declared, not voted on, since Congress abrogated decades back…thinking Gulf of Tonkin timeframe) could be stripped of their Constitutional rights without due process?

  I don’t know whether it’s something in the drinking water in Washington DC or the “security/defense” industry is just showing us how much of congress they own…Hmmm…

  Oh….here’s what you’re gonna hear from TPTB: “Trust us…” You betcha.   Like the Germans did 80 years ago?

This greatly disturbs me:  Should this second rights theft go through, it would seem that a military decision that you’re an “enemy combatant” could strip you of your Citizenship which would forever allow you to be held in detention.

 Which gets us to the larger question of “How can we have “enemy combatants” without a formal declaration of war?”  It hurts my head and grieves my soul to write these words, but there you have it.  Might as well go ahead with the name-change, too:  The Corpgov States formerly known as America.

 All it will take is some military officer deciding that Occupy is an enemy of America and showing up for one of their demonstrations could someday be classified as an “enemy act” and if (we hope soon to be former) representative Charles Dent has his way, you could be stripped of your USA Citizenship.

 Not just Occupy:  Notice the FBI reportedly wants “food activists” reclassified as “terrorists” according to this site which is notoriously slow loading but which can be picked up other places like this Google search here.

 So goes Life in the Checkbook Republic.  Speaking of which…

 The Magic of Big Money

In last week’s column I advised you to be on the lookout for the arrival of “Big Money” to derail Ron Paul’s move to the front of the pack in Iowa.  Just listening to radio news reports on Sunday I was shocked at the corporate media/ MSM attention paid to the Newter:  Most newscasts of a certain canine related network frequently seemed to lead with fourth-place Gingrich headlines.  Ah, the power of friends, huh?

 Even Time Magazine puts it as “Romney looks to fend off Santorum, Paul.

 The last Des Moines Register polls has Ron Paul just 2 percentage points behind Romney for the lead.  If Romney finishes more than 5% out of first, I’ll be suspecting “Foul!”  Not that it matters…voting has become an illusion to all but the millionaire class.

 Meantime, there has been a growing public backlash to reports that the GOP will be doing their vote counting at a secret location.  Gee, look surprised:  GOP, secret location, yessir, that’s their version of transparency and democracy in action these days.

 If I had enough money in the checkbook, I’d buy me a congressional seat and long as we’re selling out America to scallywags and scoundrels.  As least I’d be better qualified than most.

 Resolutions that Matter

A couple worth noting:  “10 New Years Resolutions for Non-violent Activism” over at Activist Post and along the same lines, my friend Gaye and I have a list of “Nine Resolutions that matter in 2012” over at the Strategic-Living site.

 My favorite of the bunch is “Buy a Vote.”

 If I sound a little dismal at times, it’s OK, I’m not the only one to read a little history and connect the dots.  Go check out the Dominic Sandbrook column over at the UK’s Mail Online here.  “The spectre of 1932:  How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory.”  NSS

Kafka’s Life

40,000 new laws have taken effect in the past couple of days.

Ignorance of the law really is an excuse.  Even big ones, like letting MF Global go through bankruptcy as a securities outfit instead as a commodities outfit  The first saved the bankersthe second could have saved the farmers.


#J3 Urgent Call To Action Against the NDAA



Date(s) – 3 Jan 2012 
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

New York Public Library
New York Public Library – 5th Ave and 42nd

Call To Action Against the NDAA

A call has been put out to let our government know thepeople will not tolerate any more attacks on our rights!

January 3rd will be a spontaneous show of people power in reaction to Obama’s treasonous signing of the National Defense Authorization Act. Not only does this act violate our first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth amendments, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but this Act was signed quietly this past New Years Eve violating what little trust remained between the people and their established government. We see what’s happening here, and we will not stand for it.

Tentative Schedule for Day of Action

7:30 am and all day – OWS solidarity with the New York State Nurses Association Strike at St. Lukes and Roosevelt Hospital at 1111 Amsterdam Ave and 112th Street and 1000 10th Ave and 59th Street, respectively
12 pm – Press Conference at NYPL at Bryant Park
2 pm – Office Demonstration at Senator Gillibrand’s office at 780 3rd Ave.
3 pm – Office Demonstration at Senator Schumer’s office at 757 3rd Ave.
4 pm – Rally up at Rockefeller Plaza
5 pm – Flash check about NDAA in Grand Central for commuters
After that we plan to march up 5th ave to do a demo tour of 1 percent homes

**above subject to change at on short notice, stay tuned!

Please Help Spread the Word and Please Help Fight Back.

Participate in the Media Bomb As Well:

http://www.facebook.com/ events/103244609796837/

#J3 #occupyjustice #opblackout

For help adding these events to your Google Calendar for easy viewing, saving, and printing, check out the step-by-step guide here.


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis 2012 01 02: The Year of the Fire Dragon has started, expect big changes

From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

The old world order criminals in Washington D.C. and the G5 terrorist states think they are winning the ongoing financial war for the future of this planet but they are very mistaken. The year 2012 is, in the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Dragon and not just any dragon but the year of the fire dragon.

The Chinese New Year starts on January 23 this year, and you can be sure planned big changes have been prepared for this auspicious time. In a sign of change in Japan, for example, there have been major unreported gun battles at night in Tokyo resulting in a victory by dragon family groups over North Korean agents working under old order stooge Yasuhiro Nakasone.

In one battle 31 North Koreans and 11 dragon warriors died, according to a CIA source. Former Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka was also detained for questioning last week where he sang like a canary ratting out Yasuhiro Nakasone, Junichiro Koizumi and others, according to Japanese security police sources.

Continue at : Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys


End of the pro-democracy pretense

From Salon.com


Media coverage of the Arab Spring somehow depicted the U.S. as sympathetic to and supportive of the democratic protesters notwithstanding the nation’s decades-long financial and military support for most of the targeted despots. That’s because a central staple of American domestic propaganda about its foreign policy is that the nation is “pro-democracy” — that’s the banner under which Americans wars are typically prettified — even though “democracy” in this regard really means “a government which serves American interests regardless of how their power is acquired,” while “despot” means “a government which defies American orders even if they’re democratically elected.”

It’s always preferable when pretenses of this sort are dropped — the ugly truth is better than pretty lies — and the events in the Arab world have forced the explicit relinquishment of this pro-democracy conceit. That’s because one of the prime aims of America’s support for Arab dictators has been to ensure that the actual views and beliefs of those nations’ populations remain suppressed, because those views are often so antithetical to the perceived national interests of the U.S. government. The last thing the U.S. government has wanted (or wants now) is actual democracy in the Arab world, in large part because democracy will enable the populations’ beliefs — driven by high levels of anti-American sentiment and opposition to Israeli actions – to be empowered rather than ignored.

So acute is this contradiction — between professed support for Arab democracy and the fear of what it will produce — that America’s Foreign Policy Community is now dropping the pro-freedom charade and talking openly (albeit euphemistically) about the need to oppose Arab democracy. Here is Jon Alterman, the director of the Middle East program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a very typical member of the National Security priesthood, writing on Friday inThe New York Times about Egyptian elections (via As’ad AbuKhali):

Many in Israel and America, and even some in Egypt, fear that the elections will produce an Islamist-led government that will tear up the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, turn hostile to the United States, openly support Hamas and transform Egypt into a theocracy that oppresses women, Christians and secular Muslims. They see little prospect for more liberal voices to prevail, and view military dictatorship as a preferable outcome.

American interests, however, call for a different outcome, one that finds a balance — however uneasy — between the military authorities and Egypt’s new politicians. We do not want any one side to vanquish or silence the other. And with lopsided early election results, it is especially important that the outcome not drive away Egypt’s educated liberal elite, whose economic connections and know-how will be vital for attracting investment and creating jobs.

Our instinct is to search for the clarity we saw in last winter’s televised celebrations. However, what Egyptians, and Americans, need is something murkier — not a victory, but an accommodation.

I love this passage both for its candor and for what it lamely attempts to obfuscate. Why should “American interests” determine the type of government Egypt has? That it should is simply embedded as an implicit, unstated assumption in Alterman’s advocacy. That’s because the right of the U.S. to dictate how other nations are governed is one of the central, unchallenged precepts of the American Foreign Policy Community’s dogma and it thus needs no defense or even explicit acknowledgment. It simply is. It’s an inherent imperial right.

But Alterman here is expressly admitting the reality that most media accounts ignore: that the U.S. does not, in fact, want democracy in Egypt. It fears it. That’s because public opinion polls show overwhelming opposition among the Egyptian populace to the policies which the U.S. (for better or worse) wants to foist on that country: animus toward Iran, preservation of the peace agreement with Israel, ongoing indifference to the plight of the Palestinians, and subservience to U.S. goals. Indeed, according to the 2011 Pew finding, “nearly eight-in-ten Egyptians have an unfavorable opinion of the U.S.” That tracks opinion in the Arab world generally, where the two nations perceived as the biggest threat are — by far — the U.S. and Israel (not Iran), and the three most admired foreign leaders are Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, followed by Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad.

But even more significant is Egyptian public opinion specifically on the issue of greatest concern for American (and Israeli) foreign policy officials: a nuclear Iran. A 2010 Brookings/University of Maryland/Zogby poll found vast, overwhelming Egyptian supportfor the view that Iran has the right to have a nuclear weapon, and for the view that a nuclear Iran would be a net positive for the region. That, too, tracks general public opinion in the Arab world, which supports Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. In light of these facts, does anyone believe that the U.S. government and its pool of experts that exist to justify what it does — the Foreign Policy Community — have even a slight interest in actual democracy in Egypt specifically or the Arab world generally?

Of course not. As Noam Chomsky put it recently: “The U.S. and its Western allies are sure to do whatever they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world” because “if public opinion were to influence policy, the U.S. not only would not control the region, but would be expelled from it.” That’s why Alterman is urging what he delicately calls “a balance — however uneasy — between the military authorities and Egypt’s new politicians” – meaning: ensuring the ability of the Egyptian military to prevent the country’s democratically elected leaders (“Egypt’s new politicians”) from implementing the will of the citizenry. The fear of (and desire to stop) Arab democracy has been openly expressed for some time by many American neocons and even Benjamin Netanyahu; that it is now spilling over into America’s mainstream Foreign Policy experts is telling indeed.

In calling for a force to constrain democratic rule, Alterman doesn’t mean here the kind of Constitutional protections that exist in the U.S. to safeguard (in theory) minorities from the tyranny of majority rule, at least not primarily. Those are legitimate issues balancing democracy and minority rights — for the Egyptians to resolve. What Alterman advocates is a bulwark against the ability of the Egyptian people to free themselves of military rule, choose their own government, and decide their own fate. He wants democracy to exist in Egypt to extend only to the point where Egyptians “choose” to do what the U.S. wants them to do and to end at the point where they want to do something different (in that regard, his vision for “freedom” in Egypt is not unlike what many “freedoms” have come to mean in the U.S.: you can exercise them provided they do not contradict the interests of the U.S. Government). Thus, Alterman announces, in Egypt we must avoid the “clarity” of democracy in favor of something “murkier.”

Even if you’re indifferent to the moral questions involved in actively trying to impede democracy in Egypt — suppose you’re a hard-core adherent of Henry Kissinger and realpolitik and want to the U.S. to act only to advance its interests without regard to moral and ethical questions – the foolishness of this approach is manifest. It’s what the U.S. has been doing, so disastrously, in that part of the world for decades: feigning support for democracy while working against it.

The Obama administration paid pretty lip service to the Egyptian revolution but then worked to install Mubarak’s chief torturer Omar Suleiman in power, who, for obvious reasons, is viewed with great disfavor among Egyptians. That propaganda ruse fooled one of its chief targets (the American electorate) but failed miserably among Egyptians, who knew exactly what the U.S. was up to. As a result, Egyptians now view the U.S. even more unfavorably than they did during the Bush years,while “more Egyptians — 64 percent — said they had low or no confidence in President Obama in 2011 than they did last year, up five percentage points.”

Nothing will ensure ongoing anti-American sentiment in Egypt (and the Muslim world generally) than following the approach prescribed by Alterman of working actively to impede democracy. Egyptians yearn for democracy and will scorn those who impede it. That they continue so bravely to protest in the streets even with Mubarak gone is dispositive proof of that fact, but for those who want empirical data: in the 2011 Pew poll, 71% of Egyptians say “democracy is preferable to any other kind of government,” while only 17″% say that “in some circumstances, a nondemocratic government can be preferable.” In other words, the vast majority of Egyptians do not want Alterman’s “murkier” framework where military rule “balances” democracy; they want democracy. In this extremely informative analysis of the current situation in Egypt, Issandr El Amrani notes: “The military’s claim to be guardian of the revolution has been weakening since soon after Mubarak was toppled.” While the U.S. Government can trick Americans into believing that the U.S. is on the side of Freedom and Democracy even as it works against it, it cannot fool the citizens in those nations it seeks to suppress.

Alterman claims that he wants to impede Egyptian democracy in the name of “what Egyptians, and Americans, need” — right: because Jon Alterman and his fellow denizens in America’s National Security priesthood want only what’s best for The Egyptian People, and that means preventing them from living autonomously. But one need not even bother with that pretense to see the huge deficiency in this approach. Having the U.S. impede democracy in Egypt no more fulfills what “Americans need” than it does what “Egyptians need.” It’s a self-perpetuating, self-inflicted dilemma: the more the U.S. impedes democracy in other nations, the more it is disliked in those nations, which in turn means it needs even more to impede democracy in those nations, etc. ad infinitum. This is exactly the behavior (along with blind support for the actions of the Israeli government) that has led to such vast anti-American sentiment (which in turn is what fuels Terrorism and support for it).

It’s just extraordinary how our nation’s Foreign Policy Experts never learn the lesson. Either that, or they view anti-American sentiment in that part of the world as an agenda-enabling positive. It’s hard to know which is worse.

* * * * *

Speaking of propaganda and the meaning of “democracy”: The Washington Post today has the latest installment of increasingly pure fear-mongering media accounts about Iran (this from the NYT last week — “Clock Ticking for West to Act on Iranian Nuclear Program” — was a remarkable escalation). Today’s Post article mindlessly echoes neocon fantasies about a growing Persian menace in Latin America, frighteningly close to America’s borders!  Without an ounce of skepticism or balance, it quotes a GOP Congresswoman complaining that Iran has found “willing partners in the region’s anti-American despots,” and then ominously warns:

Former U.S. intelligence officials say the presence of Quds Force officers and other military personnel in diplomatic missions enhances Iran’s ability to carry out covert activities, sometimes in conjunction with members of the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group that operates extensive networks in Latin America and maintains ties with drug cartels. U.S. officials say the Quds Force was behind the alleged plot to hire Mexican drug gangs to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington.

“For Iran to be so active in Venezuela and for the Quds Force to be there can only suggest Iran is serious about asymmetrical force projection into our neck of the woods. If Israel bombs Iran, we may well see retaliatory strikes aimed at U.S. interests coming from these Quds Force guys in South America,” said Art Keller, a former case officer with the CIA’s counterproliferation division.

Leaving aside the fact that this Quds-Force/Mexican-drug-cartel/Saudi-Ambassador assassination plot was so facially absurd as to be laughable, and further leaving aside that these neocon fantasies of Hezbollah running wild in Latin America have been clearly debunked, and further leaving aside that the Post article does little more than identify commercial transactions between Iran and these nations, consider who are the region’s “anti-American despots” whom Iran is threateningly befriending.

The Post explains that Iran has now “opened six new missions there — in Colombia, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay and Bolivia — and has expanded embassies in Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela”; Iran’s President, the article informs us, is now embarking on a trip to Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua. Other than Cuba, all of those nations are governed by democratically elected leaders. But many of them periodically defy American dictates and act against American interests; they are thus magically transformed into “despots.” By contrast, try to find any high-level American official using such a term to describe, say, America’s close friends ruling Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. That is what is meant by “democracy” and “freedom” and “despots” when used in establishment American foreign policy discussions.

Glenn Greenwald

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Glenn Greenwald (email: GGreenwald@salon.com) is a former Constitutional and civil rights litigator and is the author of two New York Times Bestselling books on the Bush administration’s executive power and foreign policy abuses. His just-released book,With Liberty and Justice for Some, is an indictment of America’s two-tiered system of justice, which vests political and financial elites with immunity even for egregious crimes while subjecting ordinary Americans to the world’s largest and most merciless penal state. Greenwald was named by The Atlantic as one of the 25 most influential political commentators in the nation. He is the recipient of the first annual I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism, and is the winner of the 2010 Online Journalism Association Award for his investigative work on the arrest and oppressive detention of Bradley Manning.

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Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

Most of our political leaders are sponsored by the
Illuminati Jewish central banking syndicate.
Their pundits and professors put lipstick on these pigs.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Winston Churchill 

was visiting Germany, in 1932,  Putzi Hanfstaengl tried to arrange a meeting with Hitler. Hitler apparently declined. It wouldn’t do for two Zionist political actors –future “antagonists” — to be seen rehearsing together before the show began.    

Both Hitler and Churchill were pawns of the Zionist bankers. According to historian Thomas J. O’Keefe,   Churchill said in his Memoirs that ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning  revealed  the identities of Hitler’s backers in a 1937 letter: 

 ‘I didn’t, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.” 

Churchill was funded by a different branch of the same Illuminati Jewish banking syndicate. O’Keefe cites a speech by David Irving on the “Focus Group” set up by Bernard Waley Cohen, a prominent Zionist banker. 

“The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London’s wealthiest businessmen — principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose Chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen, left. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen’s memoirs.

 … The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today’s figures. By another three or four to multiply that into US dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds — about $2 million in US terms — was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was — the tune that Churchill had to play was — fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that.

    For two years, The Focus continued to militate, in fact, right through until 1939. And I managed to find the secret files of The Focus, I know the names of all the members. I know all their secrets. I know how much money they were getting, not just from The Focus, but from other governments. I use the word “other governments” advisedly because one of my sources of information for my Churchill biography is, in fact, the Chaim Weizmann Papers in the State of Israel.

Irving then revealed further details of Churchill’s financing by the Czechs, as well as the facts of Churchill’s financial rescue by a wealthy banker of Austro-Jewish origins, Sir Henry Strakosch, left, who, in Irving’s words, emerged “out of the woodwork of the City of London, that great pure international financial institution.” When Churchill was bankrupted overnight in the American stock market crash of 1937-1938, it was Strakosch who was instrumental in setting up the central banks of South Africa and India, who bought up all Churchill’s debts. When Strakosch died in 1943, the details of his will, published in the London Times, included a bequest of £20,000 to the then Prime Minister, eliminating the entire debt.

Irving dealt with Churchill’s performance as a wartime leader, first as Britain’s First Lord of the Admiralty and then as Prime Minister. The British historian adverted to Churchill’s “great military defeat in Norway, which he himself engineered and pioneered,” and mentioned the suspicion of Captain Ralph Edwards, who was on Churchill’s staff at the time, that Churchill had deliberately caused the fiasco to bring down Neville Chamberlain and replace him as prime minister, which subsequently happened.”

The Second World War was orchestrated to fulfill the long term Zionist goal of Illuminati one world government. Irving spoke of Dunkirk:

“In May 1940, Dunkirk, the biggest Churchill defeat of the lot….Letters between Churchill and the French Prime Minister, Paul Reynaud, revealed the ugly truth that Churchill, himself, gave the secret order to Lord Gort, the British General in command of the British expeditionary force at Dunkirk, “Withdraw, fall back,” or as Churchill put it, “Advance to the coast.” That was Churchill’s wording. “And you are forbidden to tell any of your neighboring allies that you are pulling out. The French and the Belgians were left in the dark that we were pulling out.”

Of course Hitler quixotically allowed 330,000 British and Allied soldiers to escape at Dunkirk. The Zionist choreographers wanted the Nazis to succeed initially, but not to administer a knockout punch. 

The war had to be long and costly both in lucre and in life. Germany had to be completely destroyed and Judeo Communist Russia had to conquer Eastern Europe. Non-Zionist Jews had to be sacrificed so they would dedicate themselves to building the Rothschild fiefdom known as Israel.   

Thanks to Peter Myers for his invaluable news list. He sent Moore’s article to my inbox.


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Posted by Xaniel777 on December 31, 2011

TODAY IS : January 01, 2012

” Alternative News Stories gathered from all over the world and placed here for your awareness ! “


The End of America as We Know It: Obama Signs NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill

From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
December 31, 2011

On the eve of 2012, President Obama has, with the stroke of a pen, ended America as we know it.

With the National Defense Authorization Act now signed into law, American citizens can and possibly will be indefinitely detained by the military if they have been “accused” of any terrorist related activity.

In a press release published today, the ACLU further outlined their opposition to this unconstitutional law and highlighted the fact that Obama will now be known as the president who signed  indefinite detention of Americans, far from any battlefield, into law.

“President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director.

“The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geographic limitations, and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield.  The ACLU will fight worldwide detention authority wherever we can, be it in court, in Congress, or internationally.”


“We are incredibly disappointed that President Obama signed this new law even though his administration had already claimed overly broad detention authority in court,” said Romero. “Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back the constitutional excesses of George Bush in the war on terror was extinguished today.

Although the president and the corporate controlled media have tried to pretend that he only signed the bill because Congress took out the indefinite detention provision, the fact remains that this bill DOES give thegovernment the ability to detain any American they claim to be a terrorist without so much as a trial.

Obama’s claim that he had reservations about certain provisions also rings hollow considering the fact that the White House actually asked for the indefinite detention provision to be added to the bill in the first place!

As we all celebrate the new year we must reflect back on 2011 and realize that it is absolutely imperative that we speak out and expose these police state measures like never before.

If we do not, this country will continue on its path towards destruction and before the end of 2012 we could find ourselves in a full scale police state that has completely outlawed the alternative media and free, outside the box thinking.


3.5 Million Homeless and 18.5 Million Vacant Homes in the US

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From Crooks and Liars


The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative along with Amnesty International are asking the U.S. to step up its efforts to address the foreclosure crisis, including by giving serious consideration to the growing call for a foreclosure moratorium and other forms of relief for those at risk, and establishing a housing finance system that fulfills human rights obligations.

New government census reports have revealed disturbing information that details the cold, hard numbers of Americans who have been deeply affected by the state of our economy, and bank foreclosure practices:

In the last few days, the U.S. government census figures have revealed that 1 in 2 Americans have fallen into poverty or are struggling to live on low incomes. And we know that the financial hardships faced by our neighbors, colleagues, and others in our communities will be all the more acutely felt over the holiday season.

Along with poverty and low incomes, the foreclosure rate has created its own crisis situation as the number of families removed from their homes has skyrocketed.

Since 2007, banks have foreclosed around eight million homes. It is estimated that another eight to ten million homes will be foreclosed before the financial crisis is over. This approach to resolving one part of the financial crisis means many, many families are living without adequate and secure housing. In addition, approximately 3.5 million people in the U.S. are homeless, many of them veterans. It is worth noting that, at the same time, there are 18.5 million vacant homes in the country.

The stark realities that persist mean that millions of families will be facing the holidays in temporary homes, or homes under threat, and far too many children will be wishing for an end to the uncertainty and distress their family is facing rather than an Xbox or Barbie doll.

Housing is a basic human need and a fundamental human right. Yet every day in the United States, banks are foreclosing on more than 10,000 mortgages and ordering evictions of individuals and families residing in foreclosed homes. The U.S. government’s steps to address the foreclosure crisis to date have been partial at best.

The depth and severity of the foreclosure crisis is a clear illustration of the urgent need for the U.S. government to put in place a system that respects, protects and fulfills human rights, including the right to housing. This includes implementing real protections to ensure that other actors, such as financial institutions, do not undermine or abuse human rights.

There is a link available at the Amnesty International website for anyone who is interested and would like to join the call on the Obama administration and Congress to urgently step up efforts to address the foreclosure crisis, including by seriously considering the growing call for a foreclosure moratorium and other forms of relief, and establishing a housing finance system that fulfills human rights obligations.

[Via Amnesty International]


VERY IMPORTANT – All State’s Primary rules information. Know if you need to switch to Republican weeks in advance to vote for Ron Paul

Posted by Sherrie Questioning All

It is VERY IMPORTANT people know what their State Primary rules are.

If you are a Democrat right now in some states you will need to have switched parties weeks in advance to be able to vote in the Republican primary.

I am providing a link so you can see what your state primary rules are but the exact information is below.  

Those who are registered Democrats right now may need to switch parties immediately to be able to vote for Ron Paul in the republican primary.

I believe millions of people who were fooled by Obama and all his lies from the last election are going to be voting Ron Paul for his truths!

But they need to know what they have to do ahead of time.

Please get the information out to everyone, especially those in states that need to register weeks ahead of time for one party or another.

This is our country and our freedoms we are standing up for!  This is for our children and this is for our forefathers who formed the country.



I put this information in another post of when our forefathers were signing the Declaration of Independence and how they feared for their lives… but were encouraged. This information is from The Secret Teachings of All Ages – it is sacred texts information. The link goes to what are the mysteries of life and what ancient history really was compared to what we are taught. Here is the part about the U.S.

It was during the evening of July 4, 1776, that the second of these mysterious episodes occurred. In the old State House in Philadelphia a group of men were gathered for the momentous task of severing the last tie between the old country and the new. It was a grave moment and not a few of those present feared that their lives would be the forfeit for their audacity. In the midst of the debate a fierce voice rang out. The debaters stopped and turned to look upon the stranger. Who was this man who had suddenly appeared in their midst and transfixed them with his oratory? They had never seen him before, none knew when he had entered, but his tall form and pale face filled them with awe. His voice ringing with a holy zeal, the stranger stirred them to their very souls. His closing words rang through the building: “God has given America to be free!” As the stranger sank into a chair exhausted, a wild enthusiasm burst forth. Name after name was placed upon the parchment: the Declaration of Independence was signed. But where was the man who had precipitated the accomplishment of this immortal task–who had lifted for a moment the veil from the eyes of the assemblage and revealed to them a part at least of the great purpose for which the new nation was conceived? He had disappeared, nor was he ever seen again or his identity established. This episode parallels others of a similar kind recorded by ancient historians attendant upon the founding of every new nation. Are they coincidences, or do they demonstrate that the divine wisdom of the ancient Mysteries still is present in the world, serving mankind as it did of old?

Here are the types of Primaries in the states

Open primary:

Voters of any affiliation may vote for the candidate of whatever party they choose. Some of these open primary states may not have party registration at all; however open primary states do prohibit voters in X primary from going on to participate in Y’s primary or runoff. Yet, this prohibition can be difficult to enforce.
The crucial issue in open primary states is “crossover” voting, which can contribute to the victory of a nominee closer to the center or radically further away. It most often involves members of Party Y (either in an area dominated by Party X or when Party Y’s nominee is a foregone conclusion) voting for the Party X candidate whose views are the most reconciliable with their own. Though this brings the race closer to the center, Democratic and Republican party establishments generally dislike open primaries.
Occasionally, there are concerns about sabotage, or “party crashing,” which involves voting for the most polarizing candidate in the other party’s primary to bolster the chances that it will nominate someone “unelectable” to general election voters in November. An example is Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primary.

Closed primary:

Only voters registered with a given party can vote in the primary. Parties may have the option to invite unaffiliated voters to participate. Typically, however, independent voters are left out of the process entirely unless they choose to sacrifice their freedom of association for the opportunity to have their say in who represents them. Closed primaries may also exacerbate the radicalization that often occurs at the primary stage, when candidates must cater to the “base,” yet the “fringe” of the party are typically more motivated to turn out.
In a few states, independent voters may register with a party on Election Day. However, they must remain registered with that party until they change their affiliation again.  A couple of states even allow voters registered with one party to switch their registration at the polls to vote in another party’s primary. In these rare instances, a closed primary can more closely resemble open or semi-closed primaries than the closed primaries of other states.

Semi-closed primary:

Independents may choose which party primary to vote in, but voters registered with a party may only vote in that party’s primary. The middle ground between the exclusion of independents in a closed primary and the free-for-all of open primaries, the semi-closed, primary mostly eliminates the concern about members registered to other parties “raiding” another’s election.
Of course people who align with Party X may theoretically still vote in Party Y’s primary if they just register as independent, but it appears most voters do not think that way. Moreover, the potential for sabotage through tactical party registration is also present in the strictest of closed primaries.

Top Two/ non-partisan primary:

This method puts all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, on the same ballot. The top two vote-getters then face off in the general election. This type of system is used in California, Louisiana,  and Washington, as well as in Nebraska for non-partisan election such as for the state’s legislature.
Note on terminology: “Top Two” primaries are often referred to as “open primaries,” but that terminology has long been used in reference to the type of party primaries in which all voters may choose in which party’s primary to participate. By contrast, the “Top Two” system eliminates party primaries altogether. It is more accurately described as “nonpartisan primaries.” It would be more precise and less confusing to at least call them “nonpartisan open primaries.”
The following is a running list of states by types of party primary, updated December 2011:
Here are the individual state rules  







Presidential Primary or Caucus



Ala. Code § 17-13- 7





Alaska Stat. §§ 15.25.014, 15.25.060

Parties select who may vote in their primaries. To vote in the GOP primary, a voter must be registered as a Republican 30 days before Election Day.




Ariz. Att’y Gen. Op. No. I99-025 (R99-049)

Arizona uses a “Presidential Preference” system instead of a traditional primary system. Voters must be registered for a party in order to receive a ballot.




Ark. Code Ann. § § 7-7-306- 308






Proposition 14; CA S.B. 28

California uses the “Top Two” Plan. On June 8, 2010 voters passed Prop. 14 to create a nonpartisan blanket primary system in which all candidates are listed on the same primary ballot and the top two vote recipients face off in the general election.

R: Closed; D: Semi-Closed



Colo. Rev. Stat. § 1-7-201

Closed, but unaffiliated voters may, however, change their party registration up until Election Day. Affiliated voters must change affiliation 29 days prior to the election.




Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 9-431, 9-59

Parties may choose to allow for semi-closed elections if they make a change to their party rules; however, as of now, the primaries remain closed.


District of Columbia


D.C. Code Ann. § 1-1001.09(g)(1); 1-1001.05(b)(1)

Closed primary for D.C. elected officials such as Delegate, Mayor, Chairman, members of Council, and Board of Education.




Del. Code Ann. § 3110




Fla. Stat. Ann. § 101.021




R: Semi-Closed; D: Open



Haw. Rev. Stat § 12-31

No party affiliation at registration.





Idaho Code Ann. § 34-904A

Until 2011, all Idaho primaries were open. After the GOP obtained a declaratory judgment that mandating open primaries violated freedom of association and was thus unconstitutional in Idaho Republican Party v. Ysura, the legislature passed a bill allowing parties to choose which type of primary they use. Democrats have chosen a semi-closed primary; unaffiliated voters may register a party at the polls on election day, but they are bound to that party affiliation at the next election.

R: Closed; D: Semi-Closed



10 Ill. Comp. Stat. 5/7-43, -45

Voters declare their party affiliation at the polling place to a judge who must then announce it “in a distinct tone of voice, sufficiently loud to be heard by all persons in the polling place.” If there is no “challenge,” the voter is given the primary ballot for his or her declared party.




Ind. Code §§ 3-10- 1-6, 1-9

Classified as a “modified open” primary.” A voter must have voted in the last general election for a majority of the nominees of the party holding the primary, or if that voter did not vote in the last general election, that voter must vote for a majority of the nominees of that party who is holding the primary. However, there is really no way to enforce this, and cross-over occurs often. The same modified open primary is used for the presidential primary.




Voters may change party on the day of the primary election.





Kan. Stat. Ann. §§ 25-3301

Federal courts declared KS law unconstitutional and now the parties decide who will vote in their primaries. In 2012, Republicans will hold closed primaries; however, they will allow unaffiliated voters to register Republican on election day. Democrats will allow both affiliated and unaffiliated voters to vote.




Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 116.055




Act 570

The congressional primaries changed from a closed system to an open system with the passage of Act 570, effective January 1, 2011




Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. tit. 21, §§ 111, 340




Md. Code Ann., Elec. Law §§ 3- 303, 8-202

Parties may choose to hold open primaries, but must notify the State Board of Elections 6 months prior.




Mass. Gen. Laws ch.53 §37




Mich. Comp. Laws § 168.575; Public Act 163

Voters do not have to declare a political party to vote; but must vote for all one party once they enter the voting booth.




Minn. Stat. § 204D.08




Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-575

No registration by party affiliation. However, in order to participate in the primary, a voter must support the nominations made in that primary.




Mo. Rev. Stat. § 115.397

R: Semi-Closed; D: Open



Mont. Code Ann. § 13-10-301

No party registration in MT. Each voter has the choice which ballot to use on Election Day.




Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32-702

Partisan primaires are closed, meaning congressional primaries are closed; however unaffiliated voters may vote for a candidate of a particular party.




Nev. Rev. Stat. §§ 293.287, 293.518


New Hampshire


N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann § 659:14

Closed primaries in effect; but the statute allows for semi-closed primary if that party’s rules allow for it.


New Jersey


N.J. Stat. Ann. § 19:31-13.2 


New Mexico


N.M. Stat. §1-12-7.2

Parties may choose to allow for semi-closed elections if they make a change to their party rules; however, as of now, the primaries remain closed.


New York


N.Y. Elec. Law § 5-304


North Carolina


N.C. Gen. Stat. §§ 163-59, -119

 State law provides for closed primaries, but both parties have opened them up to unaffiliated voters, who may choose on Election Day.


North Dakota


N.D. Cent. Code, § 40-21-06

No party registration.

R: Closed; D: Open



Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3513.19

Voters’ right to vote in the primary may be challenged on the basis that they are not affiliated with the party for whom they are voting in the primary.




Okla. Stat. §26-1-104




Or. Rev. Stat. §§ 247.203, 254.365




25 Pa. Stat. Ann. § 2812


Rhode Island


R.I. Gen. Laws §§ 17-9.1-23

An unaffiliated voter for the past 90 days may designate his or her party affiliation on election day by voting for that party in the primary.


South Carolina


S.C.Code Ann. §§ 7-11-10

A U.S. District Court judge ruled inGreenville County Republican Party Executive Committee v. South Carolina, that South Carolina’s open primary is constitutional.


South Dakota



S.D. Codified Laws § 12-6-26

Parties may choose to allow for semi-closed elections. Democrats have opened up their primaries to allow unaffiliated voters to vote.

R: Closed; D: Open



Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-7-115

Voters must affiliate with a party, but may choose to affiliate with that party on the election day. In Tennessee, voters are not registered with party affiliations.




Tex Elec. Code Ann. § 172.086

No registration by party; voters are not held to affilation of past election. Each year, voters have a clean slate and must choose on primary day whether to vote by a party affilation or as unaffiliated; voters are held to that affiliation in the runoff. For the presidential primary, it is the same system as of December 19, 2011.





Utah Code Ann. §§ 20A-2-107.5

Parties may choose to open up the primary. Currently, Republicans have a closed primary while Democrats have opened up the primary.

R: Closed; D: Open



Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 17, § 2363

No registration by party. For presidential primary, voters must declare which ballots they want.




Va. Code Ann. § 24.2-530

If a primary is called, it will be open.






Wash. Rev. Code § 29A.52.112, 29A.36.171

Similar to California’s Top Two system.

R: Closed; D: Semi-Closed

West Virginia


W. Va. Code § 3-5- 4

Technically a closed system, but all parties allow any voter who is not registered with an official party to request their ballot for the Primary Election.




Wis. Stat. § 6.80

Voters may vote for only one party, but do not have to be affiliated with any party before coming into vote on Election Day.




Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 22-5-212 


How the Globalists Have Destroyed Free Markets to Introduce the New World Order

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

The lies and deception of this imaginative notion that we live and function in a free market is the biggest fallacy ever conceived. What the general public don’t understand is that the decisions they make on a daily basis have been predetermined by two mitigating factors. The trail of deceit, lies and misinformation that the Globalists and Elite have perpetrated is astonishing.

We are all taught that Education will set you free. This statement would be true if the Globalists and Elite hadn’t infiltrated our education institutions by sowing the seeds of deceit when it comes to educating our youth and future leaders about economics and how markets work.

The following are two critical lies the public have been told that influence the decisions they make and how they live their lives.

Lie #1: The Government needs to make decisions for us because we can’t

The first time anyone is ever introduced to the principles of economics is usually via theKeynesian School of Economics. In summary, Keynesian Economics proposes that the private sector does not have the inherent capacity to deliver effective macroeconomic decisions. Because believers of Keynesian Economics do not believe that the decisions the private sector makes will lead to economically viable outcomes, they usually propose that the public sector (Government) should be making policy that would influence market outcomes. So basically, proponents of Keynesian Economics want the government to interfere with the decisions that you make.

This disgusting notion that we need our beloved and glorious Government to make decisions for us has actually convinced people that they themselves can’t make simple economic decisions by themselves.

Lie #2 – The cost money and money supply is determined by the market

This is the most serious and disturbing lie I have ever heard. The general public actually believe that the cost of money is derived naturally by the market and It is the market that determines how much we pay for the items we purchases on a daily basis. WRONG!!!

The cost of money is not determined by the market, but instead it is determined by the Globalists, the Elite and Government. How? Well, it all starts with Central Banks and the decisions these corrupt institutions make. Below, you will find a very simple chart that describes how Central Banks force you to make everyday decisions.

This simple diagram is only one variation of what happens when Central Banks meddle with interest rates. If you are interested in learning how interest rates should be derived (via free market methods), then a simple Google search would be a great start (search for ‘Austrian School of Economics’)

Also, another important note you must take from the workflow above is that by appointing a private individual to somehow workout what the interest rates should be lead’s to people preceding and or not proceeding with decisions they may or may not take. This notion is especiallydangerous when interest rates are set at the incorrect level. It is common knowledge that the great depression of the 1930’s was caused by the Federal Reserve incorrectly setting interest rates of which in turn sent the wrong signal to the market.

The first lie, ‘the Government needs to make decisions for us because we can’t’ and second lie ‘the cost money and money supply is determined by the market’ have all been absorbed by the public and believed.

Based on these two simple fallacies, to conclude I would like to propose a very simple new definition of what the New World Order is all about. The New World Order is the establishment of a Global Government that will make decisions based around how the “Market” should function to force you into making everyday decisions that will only benefit the Globalists, Elite and Private International Financiers.


Andrew @ The Globalist Report

The Globalist Report


28 Signs That US Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps

From Black Listed News

By Michael Snyder

It has been said that children are our future, and right now the vast majority of our children are being “educated” in public schools that are rapidly being turned into indoctrination centers and prison camps.  Our children desperately need to focus on the basics such as reading, writing and math, but instead a whole host of politicians, “education officials” and teachers are constantly injecting as much propaganda as they possibly can into classroom instruction. 

Instead of learning how to think, our children are continually being told what to think.  Not only that, our children are also being trained how to live as subservient slaves in a Big Brother police state.  Today, nearly everything that children do in public schools is watched, monitored, recorded and tracked.  Independent thought and free expression are greatly discouraged and are often cracked down upon harshly.  If students get “out of line”, instead of being sent to see the principal they are often handcuffed, arrested and taken to the police station. 

In addition, law enforcement authorities are using weapons such as pepper spray and tasers against young students in our public schools more than ever before.  Children in U.S. public schools are not learning how to live as strong individuals in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.  Rather, they are being trained how to serve a Big Brother police state where control freaks run their entire lives.  If we continue to allow all of the liberty and freedom to be systematically drained out of our school children, then there is not going to be much hope for the future of this nation.

The following are 28 signs that U.S public schools are being turned into indoctrination centers and prison camps….

#1 All 50 U.S. states are now constructing federally-mandated databases that will track the behavior and performance of all public school students in America throughout their entire school careers.  According to the New York Post, the Obama administration wants to use the information that is gathered for a wide array of purposes….

The administration wants this data to include much more than name, address and test scores. According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status. In its view, public schools offer a golden opportunity to mine reams of data from a captive audience.

#2 All over America, school children are being immersed in the radical green agenda.  In fact, in many areas of the country children are actively trained to watch how their parents behave and to correct them when they are being “environmentally unfriendly”.  The following is from a recent New York Times article about this phenomenon….

“I have very, very environmentally conscious children — more so than me, I’m embarrassed to say,” said Ms. Ross, a social worker in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. “They’re on my case about getting a hybrid car. They want me to replace all the light bulbs in the house with energy-saving bulbs.”

Ms. Ross’s children are part of what experts say is a growing army of “eco-kids” — steeped in environmentalism at school, in houses of worship, through scouting and even via popular culture — who try to hold their parents accountable at home. Amid their pride in their children’s zeal for all things green, the grown-ups sometimes end up feeling like scofflaws under the watchful eye of the pint-size eco-police, whose demands grow ever greater, and more expensive.

Later on in that same article, a district superintendent is quoted as saying that they try to inject the green agenda wherever they can into the curriculum….

“We’re trying to integrate it into anything where it naturally fits,” said Jackie Taylor, the district’s superintendent. “It might be in a math lesson. How much water are you really using? How can you tell? Teachers look for avenues in almost everything they teach.”

#3 One 13-year-old student down in New Mexico was recently handcuffed and forcibly removed from a classroom just because he burped in class.  In all, over 200 students in Bernalillo County “have been handcuffed and arrested in the last three years for non-violent misdemeanors”.

#4 All over America, students are being taught that the First Amendment does not apply in public schools.  Expressions of free speech in school are often cracked down upon very hard.  For example, one group of high school athletes was recently suspended for “Tebowing” in the hallways of their school.

#5 Many public school sex education classes have totally crossed the line.  Instead of just “educating” children about sex, many sex ed courses are now “indoctrinating” children about sex.  One recent example of this was detailed in the New York Times….

IMAGINE you have a 10- or 11-year-old child, just entering a public middle school. How would you feel if, as part of a class ostensibly about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, he and his classmates were given “risk cards” that graphically named a variety of solitary and mutual sex acts? Or if, in another lesson, he was encouraged to disregard what you told him about sex, and to rely instead on teachers and health clinic staff members?

That prospect would horrify most parents. But such lessons are part of a middle-school curriculum that Dennis M. Walcott, the New York City schools chancellor, has recommended for his system’s newly mandated sex-education classes. There is a parental “opt out,” but it is very limited, covering classes on contraception and birth control.

#6 Sadly, this “sexual indoctrination” appears to be working.  According to one recent study, sexual conduct between teen girls in the United States is now at the highest level ever recorded.

#7 Putting kids in jail has become standard operating procedure in the United States.  Today, nearly one-third of all Americans are arrested by police by the time they reach the age of 23.  At this point, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire globe, and yet our society just continues to become more unstable.

#8 In some U.S. schools, RFID chips are now being used to monitor the attendance and movements of children while they are at school.  The following is how one article recently described a program that has just been instituted at a preschool in California….

Upon arriving in the morning, according to the Associated Press, each student at the CCC-George Miller preschool will don a jersey with a stitched in RFID chip. As the kids go about the business of learning, sensors in the school will record their movements, collecting attendance for both classes and meals. Officials from the school have claimed they’re only recording information they’re required to provide while receiving  federal funds for their Headstart program.

#9 Increasingly, incidents of misbehavior at many U.S. schools are being treated as very serious crimes.  For example, when a little girl kissed a little boy at one Florida elementary school recently, it was considered to be a “possible sex crime” and the police were called out.

#10 Even 5-year-old children are now being handcuffed and arrested by police in public schools.  The following is from a recent article that described what happened to one very young student in Stockton, California earlier this year….

Earlier this year, a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old.

#11 A teenager in suburban Dallas was recently forced to take on a part-time job after being ticketed for using bad language in one high school classroom.  The original ticket was for $340, but additional fees have raised the total bill to $637.

#12 It is not just high school kids that are being ticketed by police.  In Texas the crackdown extends all the way down to elementary school students.  In fact, it has been reported that Texas police gave “1,000 tickets” to elementary school kids over a recent six year period.

#13 Our children are being programmed to accept the fact that they will be watched and monitored constantly.  For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending large amounts of money to install surveillance cameras in the cafeterias of public schools all across the nation so that government control freaks can closely monitor what our children are eating.

#14 If you can believe it, a “certified TSA official” was recently brought in to oversee student searches at the Santa Fe High School prom.

#15 Last year, a 17 year-old honor student in North Carolina named Ashley Smithwick accidentally took her father’s lunch with her to school.  It contained a small paring knife which he would use to slice up apples.  So what happened to this standout student when the school discovered this?  The school suspended her for the rest of the year and the police charged her with a misdemeanor.

#16 According to blogger Alexander Higgins, students in kindergarten and the 1st grade in the state of New Jersey are now required by law to participate “in monthly anti-terrorism drills”.  The following is an excerpt from a letter that he recently received from the school where his child attends….

Each month a school must conduct one fire drill and one security drill which may be a lockdown, bomb threat, evacuation, active shooter, or shelter-in place drill. All schools are now required by law to implement this procedure.

So who in the world ever decided that it would be a good idea for 1st grade students to endure “lockdown” and “active shooter” drills?  To get an idea of what these kinds of drills are like, just check out this video.

#17 In some U.S. schools, armed cops accompanied by police dogs actually conduct surprise raids with their guns drawn.  In this video, you can actually see police officers aiming their guns at school children as the students are lined up facing the wall.

#18 The U.S. government is now encouraging children to spy on their parents as part of the “war on terror”.  If a school official hears that a parent has said the “wrong thing” at home, that parent could potentially get labeled as a “potential terrorist”.

#19 The U.S. government has also been increasingly using “polls” and “surveys” as tools to gather information about all of us.  In previous articles, I have noted how government authorities seems particularly interested in our children.  According to Mike Adams of Natural News, the CDC is starting to call parents all over the U.S. to question them about the vaccination status of their children….

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey(NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by “NORC at the University of Chicago” and that households should “have your child’s immunization records handy when answering our questions.”

You can see a copy of the letter that the CDC has been sending out to selected parents right here.

#20 Last year, a high school student in Southern California was suspended for two days because he had private conversations with his classmates during which he discussed Christianity.  He was also banned from bringing his Bible to school ever again.

#21 In early 2010, a 12 year old girl in New York was arrested by police and marched out of her school in handcuffs just because she doodled on her desk. “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was what she reportedly wrote on her desk.

#22 Back in 2009, one 8 year old boy in Massachusetts was sent home from school and was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation because he drew a picture of Jesus on the cross.

#23 A little over a year ago, a 6 year old girl in Florida was handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

#24 Other students in Florida have actually been arrested for bringing a plastic butter knife to school, for throwing an eraser, and for drawing a picture of a gun.

#25 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has announced that school officials can search the cell phones and laptops of public school students if there are “reasonable grounds for suspecting that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the rules of the school.”

#26 Increasingly, authorities are using “pre-crime” technology on our children in order to identify potential problem individuals.  For example, the Florida State Department of Juvenile Justice has announced that it will begin using analysis software to predict crime by young delinquents and will place “potential offenders” in specific prevention and education programs.

#27 At one public high school in McAllen, Texas earlier this year, students were ordered to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance.  School authorities have failed to explain how reciting a pledge of allegiance to a foreign nation has any educational value whatsoever.

#28 All over the United States, tasers are increasingly being used to “subdue” high school students.  The following are two very shocking examples of this that were cited in a recent Alternet article….

On September 29, Keshana Wilson, 14, was shocked in the groin with a Taser while shoved against a parked car by Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer Jason Ammary, just outside her high school. The incident was captured on surveillance footage. Allentown police argue that the officer’s behavior was justified because “Wilson was cursing and inciting a group of people” as well as resisting arrest. While defending his fellow officer, Allentown Assistant Police Chief Joseph Hanna argued, “officers are trained to use the justified amount of force dictated by the actions of the resister, not their age or gender.”

Zahrod Jackson, a 17-year-old student, “was eligible to receive free lunch” at Middletown High School in Connecticut, according to a June report in the Middletown Press. Last September, Jackson exited the cafeteria line with a slice of pizza, but returned for a beef patty after spotting both pizza and a beef patty on the tray of a student who also receives free lunch. A screaming match ensued between Jackson and a cafeteria worker who accused the teen of stealing. The commotion quickly caught the eyes of SROs Kurt Scrivo, who “threw Jackson onto the cafeteria floor,” and Alex Rodriguez, who Tasered him five times.

So is all of this brutal repression helping our children get a better education?

Of course not.

The truth is that the American population is rapidly being “dumbed-down”.

Today, American 15-year-olds do not even rank in the top half of all advanced nations when it comes to math or science literacy.

Not only that, our public schools are also producing kids that are woefully unprepared for college.  The United States once had the highest proportion of young adults with post-secondary degrees in the world.  Today, the U.S. has fallen to 12th.

Our public education system absolutely stinks and it is getting worse all the time.

I went to public schools all of my life, but I would never want to send my children to public schools now.  They are going downhill really, really fast.

Just sending different politicians to Washington D.C. is not going to change the course of this nation.  We need a complete political, economic, educational, moral, spiritual and philosophical renewal.  Right now America is becoming a little more like North Korea every day.  If we continue on this path there will be absolutely no future for our children and our grandchildren.

It is absolutely disgusting that our public schools are being transformed into indoctrination centers and prison camps.  This is not what America is supposed to be about.

If we do not choose to stand up and fight for the future of this country, then we are going to get the future that we deserve.


2012: Predictions, Prognostications, and Prophecies

From The Intel Hub

By MN Gordon
Economic Prism
December 30, 2011

Before we turn the page to 2012 we must take a look back at the year that just passed so we can extract context for the year to come.  Looking at where the stock market began and ended in 2011, it appears nothing much happened.

As of Thursday’s close, the S&P500 was at 1,263.  This notched an increase of less than one half of one percent from its year’s opening at 1,257.  Obviously, these two data points, taken alone, do not offer an appropriate depiction of the year’s market.

The S&P500’s 52-week range, a gaping gulch extending from 1,074 to 1,370, provides a more accurate perspective of what went on.

In short, things went haywire.  Massive selloffs, like the S&P500’s 16.8 percent swan dive between July 22nd and August 8th, were followed by wild swings to the upside.  Traders who capitalized on the extreme volatility may have loved it, but for those saving for retirement, via an index mutual fund, the instability was incredibly unnerving.

Geopolitically, the world’s an entirely different place than it was one year ago.  After more than eight years of searching for weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. military vacated Iraq.

Unexpectedly, dictators in power for a generation or more, like Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak, were removed by popular force.  Others, like Kim Jong-il, up and died before their people could unite against them.

In any case, it’s still not clear if the change in rulers will be for better or worse.  Of course, we’d like to think the exodus of Gaddafi would result in an improvement in conditions for the people of Libya, but we don’t have much faith in the Muslim Brotherhood or other entities currently positioning for power.  Likewise, the verdict’s still out on the “Great Successor” of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

In addition to world politics, financial and economic systems also sputtered and convulsed throughout the year…

Slogging Along Like a Tired Mule

Ten Year Treasury Note yields dropped to historic lows – less than 2 percent – during the last four months of the year.  While these ultra-low yields are emblematic of the sluggish low-growth economy and stock market volatility, we believe they also place an undeserved premium on U.S. government debt.

U.S. Treasuries have garnered the broad conviction that they’re the safest investment in the world.  This status has been abused by the Treasury’s over issuance of debt, now at nearly 100 percent of gross domestic product, and the Federal Reserve’s willingness to inflate through QE2, Operation Twist, and other malfeasances.

Following S&P’s downgrade of U.S. government debt on August 5th, we expected yields to skyrocket.  Instead, they did the opposite…they skidded around 2 percent.  What to make of it?

First off, market’s rarely do what one expects when they expect it.  But they always do what they must.  We suspect that at some point the willingness of lenders to extend credit will be exceeded by the amount of debt outstanding and the ability of the U.S. government to pay outright.  As 2011 comes to a close that day of reckoning appears to be imminent.

The abundance of outstanding debt is also a ball and chain weighting down the economy.  Future growth, which is needed to support the mountain of debt, is encumbered by the capital needed to make debt payments.  Rather than new investment being directed into the economy for productive use it is directed into paying interest on money the government borrowed and spent decades ago.

Perhaps this is why, after officially exiting recession over two and a half years ago, the economy slogs along like a tired mule.  Unemployment’s persistently high, economic growth’s persistently low, and, despite their best intentions, the clowns in Washington continue to make a mess of things.

At the moment, however, and as we’ve chronicled at the Economic Prism, Europe’s financial system is splitting apart at the seams.  The debt serpent in the old world, that grew larger and larger by consuming its tail, has gnawed the whole thing down to the nub.

Each new plan the European leaders announce to save the financial system is followed by fears of another liquidity crisis.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out.  The world’s one default away from financial doomsday.

So now that 2011’s backdrop in place…let’s conjecture about the year ahead…

2012: Predictions, Prognostications, and Prophecies

Before we begin we must pause to clarify that what follows is merely a guess.  Moreover, it’s a guess about one single episode for 2012…a prediction, prognostication, and prophecy all rolled into one.

Are you ready?  Here it is…

European bank failures, due to their massive holdings of bad sovereign debt, will set off a financial crisis in early 2012 that will make the crisis of 2008 seem like a walk in the park.

European governments, who are the source of the bad debt, will be unable to bail the banks out.  Additionally, it’s against the European Union’s accord for the European Central Bank to backstop the financial system.

Nonetheless, a panic in European financial markets will quickly spread to U.S. financial markets; thus, the Federal Reserve will provide all the liquidity – funny money – needed to keep the whole shebang from crashing down.

The Federal Reserve’s actions following the 2008 financial crisis marked the end of the beginning for the Fed.  Up until then, the American populace was largely oblivious to the Fed’s monetary antics.  Since then they’ve become wholly aware of the dishonesty and deceit of central banking.

What we mean is the forthcoming Fed actions to rescue Europe’s financial system and, by extension, the U.S. financial system will mark the beginning of the end for the Federal Reserve.  And if it doesn’t, it should.

The social objection, popular outrage, and eventual political opposition will be too much to overcome.  At the least, a disgraced Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will be given the boot.  But the damage will have already been done.

The Fed’s money creation experiment will drive one more nail into the casket of the dollar and paper based fiat currencies.

In this regard, gold will continue to be the safe haven asset of last resort.  While gold’s had a rough go of it of late, the forces of massive deficits and central bank mischief that have pushed gold up over the last decade will continue to propel gold’s rise through 2012.

Hang on to your hat… We’re in for a wild ride!

[MN Gordon (send him email) is the editor of the Economic Prism.  Visit Economic Prism.  The Economic Prism is published by Direct Expressions LLC.  Subscribe Today to the Economic Prism E-Newsletter at http://www.economicprismletter.com]


New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar

From Black Listed News

By Brandon Smith
Alt Market

One of the most frustrating issues to haunt the halls of alternative economic analysis is the threat of misrepresentative terminology. For instance, when the U.S. government decided to back the private Federal Reserve in lowering the interest rates on lending windows to European banks last month, they did not call this a bailout, even though that’s exactly what it was. They did not call it quantitative easing, or fiat printing, or a hyperinflationary landmine; rarely does bureaucracy ever apply honest terminology to their subversive activities. False terminology is the bane of every honest analyst, because in order for them to educate and awaken those who are unaware of the truth, they must first battle through the daunting muck of the general public’s horrifically improper perceptions and vocabulary.

The chain of financial events taking place over the past decade in Asia have been correspondingly mislabeled and misunderstood. What some economists see as total collapse is actually a new and decidedly prophetic (or engineered) transition. What some naively see as the “natural” progression of globalism, is actually a distinctly deliberate program of centralization meant to further the goals of world economic and political totalitarianism. Asia, and most especially China, is a Petri dish for elitist psychopaths. What we see as suffocating collectivism in this region of the world today is the exact social schematic intended for the West tomorrow. Call it whatever you will, but on the other side of the Pacific, like the eerie smile of a sinister clown, sits fabricated fate.

The genius of globalization is not in how it “works”, but in how it DOESN’T work. Globalization chains mismatched cultures together through circumstance and throws us into the deep end of the pool. If one sinks, we all sink, enslaving us with interdependency. The question one must ask, then, is if all sovereign economies are currently tied together in the same way? The answer is no, not anymore. Certain countries have moved to insulate themselves from the domino effect of debt implosion, one of the primary examples being China.

Since at least 2005, China has been taking the exact steps required to counter the brunt of a global debt collapse; not enough to make it untouchable, but enough that its infrastructure will survive. One could even surmise that China’s actions indicate a foreknowledge of the events that would eventually escalate in 2008. How they knew is hard to say, but if the available evidence causes you to lean towards collapse as a Hegelian creation (and it should if you are paying any attention), then China’s activity begins to make perfect sense. If a globalist insider told you that in a few short years the two most powerful financial empires in the world were going to topple like bowling pins under the weight of their own liabilities, what would you do? Probably separate yourself as much as possible from the diseased dynamic and construct your own replacement system. This is what China has done…

China started with the circulation of Yuan denominated bonds, like T-Bonds, meant to securitize Chinese debt, creating an outlet for the currency to go global. China’s considerable forex and bond reserves make this move a rather suspicious one. With so much savings at their disposal, why bother to issue bonds at all? Why threaten the traditional export based economy and the uneven trade advantage that the country had been thriving on for decades? The success of Chinese bonds would mean the internationalization of the Yuan, a floating valuation of the currency, and the loss of the desirable trade deficit with the U.S. Back in 2005, this all would surely seem like a novelty that was going nowhere fast. Of course, today China’s actions suggest an unprecedented push to convert to a consumer hub at the center of a massive trading bloc. To put it simply; China knew ahead of schedule that the U.S. was no longer going to be a viable customer, and reliance on such a country would spell disaster. They have been preparing to break away from America’s consumer markets and the dollar for some time.

In 2008, after China announced the use of the Yuan in cross border trade on a limited basis, I began to write about the possibility that China was preparing to break from the Greenback. For the past few years my primary focus in terms of finance has been the East as a kind of warning bell for the state of the global economy. In 2009 and 2010, it became absolutely clear that China (with the help of global corporate entities) was developing the skeleton of a new system; a trade network that that had the capacity to supplant the U.S. and end the dollar’s world reserve status.

Since then, Yuan bonds have spread across the planet, China has dropped the dollar in bilateral trade with Russia, the ASEAN trading bloc has formed into a tight shell of export partners, and that is just the beginning. Two major announcements in 2011 have solidified my belief that a complete dump of the dollar by eastern interests is near…

First was the announcement that China was actively and openly pursuing the establishment of a central bank for the whole of ASEAN, with the Yuan utilized as the reserve currency instead of the dollar:


This news, of course, has barely been reported on in the mainstream. As I discussed at the beginning of this article, the terminology surrounding economic developments has been diluted and twisted. When China states that an ASEAN central bank is in the works, we need to point out what this really means; the ASEAN trading bloc is about to become the Asian Union. The only missing piece of the puzzle is something that I have been warning about for at least a couple years, ever since my days at Neithercorp (see “Migration Of The Black Swans” as a recent example). This key catalyst is the inclusion of Japan in ASEAN, something which many said would take five to ten years to unfold. News released this Christmas speaks otherwise:


Japan has indeed entered into an agreement to drop the dollar in currency exchange with China and has expressed interest in melting into ASEAN. Japan has also struck somewhat similar though slightly more limited deals with India, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines almost simultaneously:


This means that the two largest foreign holders of U.S. debt and Greenbacks will soon be in a position to tap into an export market far more profitable than that of America, and that all of this trade will be facilitated by currencies OTHER THAN THE DOLLAR. It means the end of the dollar as the world reserve and probably the end of the dollar as we know it.

Japan’s inclusion in this process was inevitable. With its economy already in steep deflationary decline, the Yen skyrocketing in value against the dollar making exports difficult, as well as the ongoing nuclear meltdown problem at Fukushima, the island nation has been on the edge of complete collapse. Its only option, therefore, is to sink into the chaotic sees, or float like a buoy tied to an Asian Union. There can be absolutely no doubt now that Japan will soon implement the latter solution.

The dilemma at this point becomes one of timing. Now that we are certain that two of the largest economies in the world are about the dump the Greenback, what signals can we watch when preparing for the event? My belief is that the trigger will come squarely from the U.S. and the Federal Reserve, either as legislation to heavily tax Asian imports, a renewed threat of further credit downgrades like that which S&P brought down in August, or the announcement of more open quantitative easing. Any and all of these issues could very well arise in the course of the next 6-12 months, QE3 being a basic no-brainer. ASEAN could, certainly, drop the dollar immediately after their central bank apparatus is put in place, resulting in a much more volatile trade war atmosphere (also useful for full global centralization later down the road). The point is, we are truly at a place in our economic life when ANYTHING is possible.

My hope is that as our predictions in the alternative economic community are proven correct with every passing quarter, more Americans will take note, and prepare. I can say quite confidently that we have entered the first stages of the catastrophic phase of the economic implosion. All the fantastic and terrible consequences many once considered theory or science fiction, are about to become reality. Practical solutions have been offered by myself and many others. The only thing left now is to take action, or ride the tidal wave of destruction like so much driftwood. We can help to determine the outcome, or we can be idle spectators.

In everything, there is a choice…


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