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REAL NEWS Oct.31 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on October 31, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : October 31, 2012



How Sandy Leads into WWIII



From Urban Survival

By George Ure – October 30, 2012

Say what???  Oh…uh….just the start of WW III in 11 days…. And all this from Hurricane Sandy? 

Oh boy…hot cup of coffee on this here this email which rolled in from G.A. “Stu” Stewart of heavy-duty Nostradamus research and books which you can read more about at his website here

But as you’ll read in his email, things are coming together in a really discomforting way:


From G.A. “Stu” Stewart,

George,     Two notes:  

Remember what I said about 1997 as a dry run for Armageddon, how about the 1997 Simulated Sandy that hit New York!  

Got that one from Northeast Intelligence Network, which I also cite below.  

Second Note:   Copied this from my updated book.

It probably will never get out in time, but this is how i see it.

Note the last Nostradamus’ prediction, the Presage month is November.  

To date the Obama Administration has not properly answered why there was no attempt made to rescue the men trapped at the Benghazi consulate/CIA station on September 11th, 2012.  

On October 27th, 2012 it was reported that Rear Admiral. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier strike group, which just returned to the Middle East, was relieved of command.  

 This event is very unusual and it suggests that this might be the result of the consulate siege in Benghazi.

It is an ominous sign that there is dissension in the military with the Obama Administration.  

The Northeast Intelligence Network appears to have the most credible sources on what happened on September 11th , 2012. 

It appears that we are very close to war with Russia, just as I had written in my 2010 EBook, and just as I explained in the Nostradamus’ quatrain above.   h

If their sources are correct, that Iranian Special Forces were responsible for the Benghazi attack and the Obama Administration did nothing,

and then later sent Obama’s Senior Advisor Valarie Jarrett to Qatar on October 6th, 2012 to negotiate an agreement with the Iranians on their nuclear weapons program, then I am quite sure that the United States military’s feathers have been ruffled. 

 I suspect that the attack on Iran and Syria will happen simultaneously on November 9th, 2012.

For starters, this day provides symmetry to the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

There are symbolic and arcane associations with the lighting of the Olympic Torch on July 28th, 2012.

According to the Jewish calendar that was the 9th of Av.  

The ninth day of the eleventh month in the Jewish calendar has seen many historic and epic days; most notably it is the day on which both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.  

The October 24th, 2012 long range Israeli bombing attack on an Iranian Shehab missile factory in Sudan has been touted as the dry run to an attack on Iran. 

This raid suggests that the attack on Iran will quickly follow the U.S. Presidential election, especially if Romney wins.  

This is what I now see as possible, and if you read my 2008 Website Introduction, you can read that I thought it would happen to Obama.  

Just as the 2000 Presidential election unfolded, on November 7th, 2012 in a very close election, the Supreme Court must rule on contested election votes. 

On November 9th, 2012, with Mitt Romney the apparent undeclared winner, NATO military leaders begin their assault on Syria, which then immediately engages Israel, Iran, Hezbollah, and Lebanon in all-out warfare.  

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25

Through Mars [War] contrary [to] the monarchy

Of the great fisherman [the Vatican] in ruinous trouble:

The young black king seizes the hierarchy,

The traitors act on a rainy day.  


Nostradamus Quatrain VI-25

Through a [War] contrary [to the orders] of the monarchy [President] [It will bring] ruinous trouble [to the Pope and the Vatican]: The young black king seizes the hierarchy [by invoking Martial Law], The traitors [will] act on a rainy day.    Can we interpret this as the military launching a strike on Iran and Syria contrary to the orders of the monarchy?     

Contested President-Elect Mitt Romney immediately declares his support for the attack on Syria and Iran.  

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-21

When those of the arctic pole unite together [Aquilon NATO],

In the Orient [China] great terror and fear:

The newly elected [one], supports the great trembling [war],

Rhodes (Greece), Byzantium (Turkey) stained with Barbarian [Islamic] blood.

Barack Obama immediately declares that he is still the Commander and Chief of the military until the Supreme Court decides who is President.

The ensuing chaos will drag on for months until there is an actual change in the Supreme Court.

Obama may soon appoint a judge with a last name gaining with an “L”.  

I believe this is a prediction about the Supreme Court and a battle over Executive Power.

Anthony Kennedy or Elaina Kagen is K… Clarence Thomas is Th…

Originally, I had suggested that Robert A. Levy, former head of the CATO institute, might be on Obama’s short-list for an open seat on the court.

 Nostradamus Quatrain I-81

Nine set aside from the human flock,

Removed from judgment and counsel:

Their fate determined on departure,

K.,Th., L., dead, banished, astray.  

The newly shaped court will not rule favorably for Mitt Romney. He will not be placed as the President of the United States.  

Nostradamus Presage 56

November He shall not be placed, the New Ones expelled.

The black king from afar and the Great One hold hard:

Recourse to arms. Exiles further expelled,

 Consoled to sing victory, not liberty.  

America will be split apart in a Second Civil War.    


 Kindest Regards,



Stu’s website is The Age of Desolation here.  Yep, nearly impossible task Stu’s got:  It’s like having a couple of locks, having the tumblers fall into place, seeing how everything fits to get here and then trying to set it put into print before events overtake us. 

Of, there’s always the chance that Sandy and a whole lot more is just blow-back from the supposed war with extraterrestrial forces going on down in the Antarctic...








Iceland’s Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU after arresting corrupt bankers



 From the Trenches World Report

Posted on October 30, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr

American Livewire

So Iceland decided not to follow the rest of the world by bailing out the bankers. Instead, they chose to arrest them.

Now their economy is recovering faster than the EU and the United States.


Remember when the United States government told the American people that immediate action was required to save the banks, and save our nation from complete collapse?

An action in the form of Billions of dollars of National Debt?

Yeah, we remember that!

Now Trillions of dollars in National debt later, we are in the same position we were in 4 years ago, just more debt.

As a matter of fact Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke has called for yet another stimulus that will add more debt onto the mountain we already have.

At the start of the world wide 2008 economic collapse, Iceland was in worse shape than almost any other country in the world.

Now they are one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Imagine what America would be like today if we bailed out the victims of poor bankingpractices, while punishing the bankers who were responsible?

After watching this video tell us what you think?

Was Iceland off their rocker for sending the bankers to jail, or on to something that America should have done as well?








NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina



From 12160.info

Added by honeygirl on October 29, 2012

Uploaded by  on Mar 7, 2007

The video you will see on this web site is horrifying.

The crimes committed against law-abiding gun owners are beyond comprehension.

The arrogance of anti-gun politicians and government officials and their hate of freedom will churn your stomach.

The law is the law, the Constitution is the Constitution.

If ONE local mayor or police chief can decide what the Second Amendment means, it opens the door to tyranny—where ANY mayor or police chief can say what the Second Amendment means.

You’ve seen this brand of abuse of freedom in the history books—in the pages about days of gun confiscations leading to the terror of Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

But you’d never in a million years think it could happen in America.

Well, it can and it did. And it will happen again unless we take action today.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Police Superintendent P. Eddie Compass unleashed a wave of confiscations with these chilling words:
“No one will be able to be armed. We will take all weapons. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.”

Thousands of firearms were then confiscated from law-abiding gun owners.

The police gave no paperwork or receipts for those guns. They just stormed in and seized them.

With your help we’re going to make the first time in New Orleans the LAST time in America.

Thank you!

Now, one year later, these crimes against gun owners have snowballed into a far greater threat to our freedoms.

Even though NRA secured a court order demanding their immediate and unconditional return, almost every single confiscated firearm remains locked in government trailers.

With the stroke of a pen, Mayor Nagin and Police Superintendent Compass are getting away with “murder”—a savaging of the second, fourth and fourteenth amendments of our Constitution.

And they have put America on notice that they’re going to keep seizing lawfully owned guns under any pretense.

New Orleans gun owners are showing up at these trailers, with serial numbers of their firearms, expecting Mayor Nagin and his band of anti-gunners to respect the Federal courts.

They are met by stony-eyed bureaucrats who say serial numbers aren’t enough—and that gun owners now need PROOF OF PURCHASE of these firearms.

How many of those gun owners do you think had original receipts for those firearms?

And even if they did, how many do you think could find those receipts in the wreckage of a hurricane?

Many of these firearms were passed down from father to son, generation to generation. Some are precious heirlooms.

Some are collector’s pieces won in our wars.

And they were all lawfully owned and they must be returned to their owners.

With your help we’re going to make the first time in New Orleans the LAST time in America. Thank you!



Comment by James Φοίνιξ

                         ”  Oath Keepers Proves That There WERE Troops Who Refused to Confiscate Guns During Katrina”







America Will Have to Basically Start Over – Re-Think its Economic Future



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on October 27, 2012 by Mark Schumacher

There are basically 1000 new disability claims being filed every day.

Once you’re accepted for disability, it’s a lock for life.

You will never have to give it back and will be on it until you die, unless fraud is involved.

Obviously, this is unsustainable and cannot go on forever.

The money is going to have to come from somewhere right?

So I will offer up a suggestion to the cowards in office who refuse to abolish the Fed.

After all, our so-called representatives in congress are basically collecting a lifetime disability payment as well, only about 1000 times larger than your average payment.

They also will be getting their payments for life.

What needs to be done is the following:

Actually it’s a very simple and straight forward remedy.

Pay all legal Americans a cut from all natural resources sold to overseas interests.

This goes for oil, gold, silver, natural gas etc. Anything that comes out of the ground from American soil and sold overseas.

Yes, we have talked about this before, and we will continue to do so until we are blue in the face.

We have been hearing all kinds of tripe from Romney and Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama about how we are making progress and are turning the corner.

Anybody with a third grade education can see that the only corner we are turning is on the Merry Go Round from hell.

With a 16.3 trillion dollar debt and growing by 4 billion dollars a day interest, that wasn’t a typo, 4 billion a day interest, it will be impossible to turn any kind of a corner.

The best this economy will ever do is a 3 percent growth per year.

That’s it.

It will be one hell of a long wait before we return to a 10 percent growth as needed just to stop the hemorrhaging.

China currently is at a 10 percent growth by the way.


Nobody ever mentions this.

This is because the talking heads are cowards. They’re scared to talk about the financial abyss coming.

Soon even our cash will be useless, and goes to how important owning gold and silver will be.

It will probably shoot to 6,000 to 7,000 per troy ounce soon.

American economists are going to have to re-think how America goes forward from here.

Probably a new currency will have to be printed. Probably a new world order currency.

They will be doing this to tie America into the rest of the world so the elitist can play the same sick games they’ve been playing all along only on a larger scale.

We will be hearing dribbles about this soon.

It’s inevitable.

Only way to stop it is for states to ban together and secede from the republic and go out on their own.

Even if we put 12 million people to work tomorrow, we will still be in big trouble.

That is how bad things are, but nobody wants to talk about it. All of those new jobs will have only made up for the new population growth for the last 5 or 6 years.

Something to think about my friends.

God Bless Our Republic and God Bless The United States of America.








Israel may ‘go crazy’ after UN bid, its own diplomats warn



From Ma’an News Agency

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s diplomats are warning that President Mahmoud Abbas’ bid to upgrade Palestine’s status at the United Nations could lead to unrest, Israeli media reported Friday. 

Foreign Ministry officials and Israeli diplomats abroad have been warning of a scenario in which Israel’s government “goes crazy” the day after the UN vote, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported. 

The newspaper said diplomats are warning countries worldwide and particularly Europe as part of an intensive diplomatic campaign against the move, which comes months amid Israeli elections. 

“This is liable to lead ministers and Knesset members to vie with each other over who can offer a tougher response,” Haaretz explained, citing Foreign Ministry sources. 

They say delaying the vote by a few months would prevent a possible disaster. 

“Even today, the atmosphere in the Prime Minister’s Bureau is one of ‘this time, we’ll show them what’s what,’ Haaretz quoted a former senior official in contact with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu as saying. 

“Likud ministers will pressure him, the polls will scare him. And from there it’s not far to a response that would bring about a violent conflagration or the collapse of the Palestinian Authority.”

PLO briefs Europe on UN plans 

Ma’an reported on Wednesday that the PLO began distributing a position paper to European governments detailing the plans to seek an upgrade of Palestine’s status at the UN.

The document underscores concerns about how the United States and Israel will respond if the UN bid succeeds, and it asks European countries not to go along with possible sanctions against the Palestinian Authority.

“Palestine asks the world to reaffirm that the Palestinians are not the exception to the international rule; that they will not be punished for pursuing a peaceful, political and diplomatic initiative on the basis of international law,” the document says.

The message followed a private US memo sent to European diplomats in early October warning that any UN upgrade of Palestine’s status “would be extremely counterproductive” for the Palestinians and threatening “significant negative consequences”

President Abbas said Wednesday that he would be ready for negotiations with Israel “straightaway” if the UN recognized Palestine as a non-member state.

“We have resolved to go to the UN to save the two-state solution and to achieve the rights of our people as an observer state,” Abbas told reporters.

“We’re ready to go back to negotiations straightaway. Going to the UN is not a substitute for negotiations. We are in need of negotiations to solve the final status of issues that face us both.”

In a letter to US President Barack Obama last week, Abbas said the Palestinian move at the UN was aimed at securing “international recognition that would facilitate negotiations”.

The Palestinians need a simple majority for the upgrade, but predict that between 150 and 170 nations will vote in favor.

Peace talks were briefly renewed in 2010 but collapsed after Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to extend a 10-month partial settlement construction freeze.








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REAL NEWS Oct.24 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on October 23, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : October 24, 2012



I am not proud to be an American in These Dark Ages

And I Will Not Vote in November Except Against This System



From Before It’s News

Tom Dennen – October 23, 2012

Aside from one ‘sandwich’ generation of credit-driven, pseudo-glitter, tail-fin affluence in the fifties and early sixties when everyone thought they would be rich forever, American working and middle class people have been slowly herded from one “Great Depression” to the current “Greater Depression” without any change in national leadership at all.


From 1913 – 2013 the Dollar Lost 94% of its Buying Power. We Are Now Broke.

I am not proud to be an American in These Dark Ages and I Will Not Vote in November Except Against This System, because I do not like being called a sheep nor being broke.

We are about to go into another totally meaningless “election”, a Barnum & Bailey, Ringling Brothers circus freak-and-monster side-show that distracts us from reality while we select our “Supreme Leader”!


A choice between two lying, tax-evading clowns…

And ‘We, The People’ still show no desire at all for change other than being conned into Obama’s last campaign promises and voting according to instructions – Will Mitt tell us how to avoid taxes?

Even with fifty million of us out on food stamps today we’re still showing no goodol’ US of A courage, no badges of honor, no ‘thin line’, red or blue stretching anywhere… we’re a people without balls, with no one angry enough, no one pissed off enough to stand up and say, “that’s it you thieving bastards!” except OWS.

I hope Lincoln’s words are still hovering in the background of this wonderful New American Poverty behind our bombs:

“This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it.

Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise our constitutional right of amending it or our revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

Obama’s “Change” platform sounded great because we were definitely ‘weary’ after a hundred years of ‘inflation’.

But he was just making noises that seriously made the idea of ‘dismember it’ a much better option than to go through this farce again with the same system remaining in place.

There won’t be any change after this ‘election’, either.


There is only One Party, folks and you do not belong to it!

It’s called The War Party, with two equally profligate spending wings, each individual in lock step sucking on personal investments in the obscenely profitable Defense Industry… that’s what is running the show, with or without us.

We just ain’t got the balls to buck it…

Tent City, capitol of “The Richest Country in the World”.

Mickey Mouse died in Vietnam along with Mom & Pop, Apple Pie and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I’d like at at least one shot at getting that one back (while indicting Walmart for killing Mom & Pop).

But That’s Not All, Folks!

The Great Con took our moral high ground (the idea that we are a better, more generous people) from right under our noses, along with our honor, our sense of duty, fair play and justice, our common Spiritual virtues and faith in ourselves “through the rule of the many”, our ability to stand proud anywhere in the world and say, “I Am an American” without people throwing old shoes at us and spitting.

I am not proud of being an American today.


The American identity is a Nightmare-on-Elm-Street joke outside of our borders, and the only fault of “We, The People” is that good men are doing nothing to stop it

Where’s our conscience?

What happened to our individual pride, courage, our passion and self-respect?

Gone: are we all drugged or is it all in the name of money – in God we Trusted and The FED took His place!

Our loyalty, fidelity and that trust in God; all our love, hope and dreams ripped out of our hearts, replaced with poverty and fear of Wall Street: by now anyone sleeping in their cars should have no trust left at all in the American Dream, but you do!

You’re going into another totally meaningless “election”, another circus side-show freak-and-monster parade to select one of those lying, tax-evading clowns as our Supreme Leader!

We’ve lost our American soul to the people running a global war for wealth, people who are already over-wealthy, in their love of money above all else.

We know about this Grand Theft now, and are ashamed. We know the depth of the theft –

not just of monetary wealth and jobs and foreclosed homes and stolen retirement funds –

the 30′s again! –

but the theft of all those virtues I mentioned including the theft of our Sovereignty, a grand theft without any precedent in history:

Theft of self-ownership through debt.

Don’t go to the polls in November.

If you do, write-in Ron Paul or any other Candidate that you believe will get you back a life.

Or write off your children and their children’s lives, too.

That’s the choice, good people.








Republicans, Democrats attacking Americans in bipartisan push for savage austerity



From PressTV

By Dr. Webster G. Tarpley – October 21, 2012

By all indications, the US ruling class of Wall Street financiers is determined to follow Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain down the road to drastic austerity.

The financiers of lower Manhattan are thus ignoring the evidence offered by these other countries showing that austerity policies reduce employment, lower production,

cause severe mass privation, introduce powerful elements of chaos into society, and actually increase the government budget deficits in future years — meaning that austerity fails even in its own terms.

Since the 1930s, it has been widely recognized that a policy of deflation with severe cuts in government spending and in expenditures for social services will plunge a country deeper into depression.

Once the depression has hit, usually as the result of the collapse of a speculative bubble like the $2 quadrillion derivatives mania of 2000-2008, the private economy shrinks rapidly, leaving government spending as the principal form of economic activity.

If the government budget is nevertheless cut, this lowers the overall rate of economic activity; working people paying taxes are turned into recipients of public assistance, and the budget deficit grows rapidly.

The classic case is the German government of Chancellor Heinrich Brüning in 1930-32, whose brutal austerity policies shrank the national economy by about 25% over the course of two years, but still could not prevent the German budget deficit from growing. 

Despite all this, there is today a consensus between Wall Street and Washington that draconian austerity must be imposed in the United States.

This will be the case no matter whether Obama or Romney wins the upcoming election.

Romney has been very open about his determination to rule in the name of the top 1% of financiers and oligarchs, while imposing hardships and sacrifices on the rest of the population.

Obama is somewhat more discreet, but he also has clearly signaled his desire for a sweeping austerity program to be agreed on by the two major US parties as soon as possible, probably before the end of this year. 

Observers have noted that Obama and Biden, in their three debates held so far with their Republican rivals, have never mentioned the traditional Democratic Party platform planks of raising the minimum wage;

preserving the funding of the food stamp program (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program of the US Department Of Agriculture) which keeps some 50 million Americans alive;

maintaining and extending unemployment insurance payments to the jobless; or making it easier for trade unions to organize. 

Obama and Biden ignore waitress moms 

This failure by Obama and Biden to even mention these concerns of lower middle class working people and the working poor does not represent astute politics.

On the one hand, it is true that the Democratic Party has almost entirely lost its earlier base of support among white male workers.

But the Democratic Party still has a sizable constituency of working women, often single mothers, who have no college education.

These are the so-called “waitress moms,” for whom the economic issues are very important. But the Democratic Party ignores them, since promises of this type might get in the way of delivering the austerity demanded by Wall Street. 

Intelligent trade unionists have not forgotten that, when the entire state of Wisconsin was gripped by a de facto general strike against the fascist Governor Walker in February-March 2011, Obama refused to lift a finger to help them.

Obama could have sent in Vice President Biden, who pretends to be a populist, to support the strikers.

He could have sent Attorney General Eric Holder to frighten the Walker gang with the prospect of federal indictments.

He could have sent Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to investigate violations of the labor law. Obama could even have gone to Wisconsin himself, something he had promised to do in his 2000 campaign.

But Obama did nothing. Nor did he help unions and other residents in Ohio, who were able to fight off a union busting campaign by their own fascist Governor Kasich,

or in Indiana, where a union busting plan largely succeeded, or in Michigan, where the fascist Governor Snyder has kicked out the democratically elected mayors and city councils and replaced them with austerity dictators in cities like Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac, and Ecorse, and in the Detroit public schools. 

Obama needs the members of trade unions to mobilize in his support during the final phases of his reelection campaign, but he offers nothing in return but killer cuts.

When Obama ran for president the first time, he promised to institute a reform known as Card Check, which is simply a way to facilitate the establishment of union representation in workplaces.

But Obama never did anything to get this law through Congress, and he has not mentioned it for years.

The ideological atmosphere in Washington, DC is heavily in favor of severe austerity, reflecting the elite consensus.

Many news commentators are demanding that Obama implement the recommendations of the so-called Simpson-Bowles Commission, which favored three dollars worth of cuts in entitlements and the social safety net compared to one dollar in increased revenue, with only a tiny fraction of the latter coming from taxes on the super-rich.

Former Senator Alan Simpson, the Republican co-chair of this commission, is no humanitarian, but is on record saying he hates senior citizens and also that he hates his own grandchildren, among others.

Simpson Bowles is often called the cat food commission, since the entitlement cuts it demands would reduce many elderly people to eating cat food because of their poverty.

In the first presidential debate, Obama endorsed the murderous program of Simpson-Bowles. 

In the United States Senate, an effort for savage austerity supported by an alliance of both major parties is being mounted by the Gang of Eight, sometimes called the Crapo Commission by its critics in honor of the reactionary Idaho Mormon Senator Mike Crapo who is one of its prominent members.

Crapo is joined by Republicans Alexander, Coburn, and Chambliss, plus Democrats Bennett, Warner, Durbin, and Conrad in discussions over how to flay the American people alive. 

The essential unifying ideology of the Democratic Party is the defense of the progressive economic reforms of the New Deal, New Frontier, and Great Society.

Depending on the specific program, polls show that between 65% and 80% of the American people want these social programs preserved in their current form, with no cuts.

But Obama and other leaders see the Democratic Party as a confederation of social groups, each of which wants to practice its own brand of identity politics.

By pandering to each of these forms of particularism and parochialism, postmodern Democrats like Obama hope to sell out the traditional entitlements and still survive politically.

But it is quite possible that a massive betrayal by Obama of his own base on these issues would lead to a permanent weakening of the Democratic Party, conceivably a fatal one. 

During the current pre-election phase, Obama is pretending to take a principled position on the coming austerity deal, sometimes referred to as the “Grand Bargain.”

According to the Washington Post of October 18, Obama is sending out word to the Congress that he will veto any December-January budget deal that does not contain some tax increase on the rich.

This posturing is hollow, for at least three reasons.

First, Obama would be more than willing to barter a tiny tax hike on the super-rich for massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

These cuts would leave the luxuries of the super rich untouched, but would cut deeply into the amenities of the middle class and the necessities of the working poor.

Secondly, the Obama White House refused to say whether this veto threat will apply in case Obama loses the election.

The implication is that, if he becomes a one term president, Obama will want to secure his place in history – as an austerity enforcer, given his neoliberal mentality — at the expense of the weakest, oldest, sickest, and most defenseless elements of US society.

A third problem is that the cowardly Obama has surrendered so many times that few take his threats seriously now.

“Some Republicans, noting that the president has backed off demands for higher taxes twice in the past, are skeptical that he will stand firm now,” commented the Washington Post

Another group which Obama has sold out is the college students who did so much to put him into the White House in 2008.

Two thirds of the US college graduates of 2011 were groaning under student loan debt, with an average of $26,000 per bachelor’s degree student, plus more for advanced degrees, and much more for degrees in law and medicine.

The student loan burden has now topped $1 trillion, about as much as consumer and credit card debt.

Student loan debt is interfering with the normal process of human life, since the indebted young people are less likely to find apartments of their own, less likely to get married, and less likely to have children.

Because the US government is operating under multiple states of emergency, a real president could easily use the existing provisions of the Defense Production Act to declare a five-year freeze on all payments of interest and principal on these crippling student loans.

He could use the same law to impose a 10% ceiling on all interest rates in the United States, thus reviving the usury laws of the pre-Volker era.

But Obama is determined to serve Wall Street to the bitter end, even if the financiers are now channeling significantly more money to Romney than to the current tenant of the White House. 












From Rumor Mill News

Posted By: Susoni – October 22, 2012

In Iceland, the people has made the government resign, the primary banks have been nationalized, it was decided to not pay the IMF, World Bank, debt that these created with Great Britain and Holland due to their leaders bad financial politics and a public assembly has been created to rewrite the constitution.

And all of this in a peaceful way. A whole revolution against the powers that have created the current global crisis.

This is why there hasn’t been any publicity during the last two years:

What would happen if the rest of the EU citizens took this as an example?

What would happen if the US citizens took this as an example???








An earth change warning – Take care…




My Photo

By Laron – October 19, 2012

I am finding it a challenge to work out how best to write this one. This would be the first time that I am posting a warning type of message to you folks out there.

The evidence/information is just too strong for me to ignore and not say something so I have to write this up and just… put it out there.

A few hours ago, Psychic Medium Jessica Caracciolo just posted her own warning message on her blog.

I stumbled upon her about three weeks ago online, and wrote about her west coast of America earth change prediction here.

I concluded back then that her predictions were accurate and because of a number of factors, I felt she was someone I needed to follow to assist me with working out when events are actually going to happen in the future.

I have a fair idea of what the events will be and what would cause them, but timing is always the hardest to work out.

(She posts regular predictions which have come true many times, through her blog)

Back in May, I did a Tarot reading for the Earth and I predicted October to be the time period where a major loss of life and where a possible earth change event would occur for the year 2012.

The card ‘Death’ came up for October, but I also mentioned a number of other factors were involved such as the Astrological aspects around the Total Solar Eclipse in November,

the elements(water & earth) of all the planets involved and the aspect of Nuclear energy being astrologically in the same position of when it was first invented/created.

(meaning there may be a nuclear event/fallout involved with the ‘death’ aspect in this time) I quote my self from that reading for October, back in May, 

“This is a letting go for the earth, a transition and the end of a cycle.”

Here is a re-post of Jessica’s warning message :

(Via cell) well, its coming down to the wire” I’m hearing/seeing.

I asked if I can tell people and saw “yes”– so here it goes.

Now is high time to be settled in with everything. I was feeling fear and insecure after the earthquake in Maine but I am making my peace with it all tonight with the help of a dear friend.

I heard its coming down to the wire and we all just need to be really ready.

I’m talking more prepped than u have ever been before.

I am sensing the “death” or “end” of an energy cycle.

The catastrophic events to come horrid but there’s nothing we can do about them.

As I take a few deep breaths its like I’m saying goodbye to some of you.

It has been a pleasure helping u all and I’m not going anywhere – although goodbyes seem necessary.

It isn’t a time to feel fear because feeling fear leaves only a small amount of room for love.- something our planet needs and something we should be spreading every day.

I felt the need to become a reiki master teacher for a few reasons.

One of them so I can send distant reiki to masses/hundreds/thousands of people, lands, animals, etc all at the same time.

The growth I have experienced is huge and with this final step of letting go of fear of what is to come I bid some of you goodbye.

Though months ago I helped cross over thousands of spirits of those still living right now, and seeing news reels playing in my mind, with news headlines and email flooding and chaos all around…

August and October seeing over and over- August happened but October still awaits I hear “unfortunate death”.

I see “tragedy” and “end of a cycle”.

December 21, 2012 is nothing to worry about… now is when everything seemingly apocalyptic is going to go down.

Then the energy will release and the cleansing will continue (snow, cold air, winds, etc)

Thank u all for ur support with everything. Its been a tough ride but it isn’t over yet.

Home stretch. Goodbye to some and goodnight to all.

P.s. seeing “California” and “Nicaragua” (spell check) but it looks like another “firework effect” but “world wide.


So of course, she must be referring to the event she has been seeing for a while now, that keeps changing dates for her.

I wrote a summary of all her combined information on the event here, The California coastal earthquake & tsunami premonition.’

Within that blog, I link up some other research of mine.

So I suggest you read that one and keep on reading this one as I will add one additional peace of information which possibly relates to all of this.

Russian Scientists

Two Russian Scientists have claimed to have channeled information relating to the times in 2012.

On the 22nd of September, they predicted a second event in a series of three events, which would occur.

Of course that did not happen obviously.

I don’t believe that dates in time can be predicted so easily.

However, periods of time is a different kettle of fish.

They have a lot of spiritual consciousness related theory behind all their predictions and reasons for what they are saying  which actually makes a lot of sense and matches up with so many other sources out there which say the same thing.

For the second event, they say that numerous nuclear power plants would have been destroyed by a ‘natural disaster of incredible strength’, and wide spread pollution of the environment from the radiation fallout would be a result of this.

Now, thee way they present their information meets all the requirements of the saying, ‘Lost in Translation’.

For example, they talk about a laser beam, which actually means a white light from above.

Something interesting is that they provide maps for where the event will happen, well, their first event, which they said was stopped by outside influences.

The maps match up with the the Country Nicaragua, which Jessica mentioned in her Post Script.

As you can see, the arrow is showing the direction of a possibly tsunami which would affect the Nuclear power plants which are shown as red dots.

Their website – http://www.ourtransition.info/


So, what would be the cause behind such an event? There is a lot of talk now about the Indian and Pacific plates rising up.

It’s been in the media for the past few months and Cliff High mentioned it in his latest WebBot report within his expanding earth theory, which replaces Charles Hapgoods pole shift theory in his opinion.

Perhaps the pacific plates will rise up in that area causing the event.

I think it’s too early for the Transit of Venus energetic influence to have an impact on this, as it’s always been six months after the transit, the major event which occurs each time.

December is the date for that. But it’s possible it may have an influence.

It can’t simply be a standard large Earthquake, it has to be something more unusual. Possibly related to a large Volcanic eruption, or a series of them simultaneously, as Jessica does mention “firework effect” in her post script.

Just remember something… don’t be afraid if you are. Everything that is occurring is for a very positive purpose.

For the Earth and also for all the life on the Earth including us humans.

There is so much behind the scenes going on that most people are not aware of.

As a result of this spiritual evolutionary process, in this time period which we are very lucky to be a part of, a cleansing has to happen.

Just remember that this life is not final and that your most likely simultaneously existing somewhere else, having another life in whatever shape or form and that you have also lived a ‘life’

or had an existence many times before, if not here on Earth, than on other planets and other locations within the many dimensions.

Open your mind, acknowledge the many possibilities, be here in the now and don’t worry!


UPDATE : October 24, 2012(…or Oct.23rd – depending where you are in the world)

7.1 quake hits Nicaragua as predicted by Jessica Caracciolo

This is in follow up to my recent entry back on October the 19th, titled An earth change warning – Take care….

Jessica predicted Nicaragua to be the location of an Earthquake.

A 7.1 quake just hit off the coast a couple of hours ago, as reported by RTSP Indonesia.

She mentioned that there would be a fire works effect.

My guess is that this means multiple earthquakes would start to occur, possibly larger than normal or simply more frequent and it would be like fireworks going off, one after the other. (may also mean multiple volcanic eruptions in a short span of time??)

This event in Nicargua may be a sign towards the main event coming – referring to the event near California discussed in my blog here – The California coastal earthquake & tsunami premonition by Psychic Medium Jessica Caracciolo

At the exact minute the earthquake happened in Nicaragua, there was a 6.6 quake near Costa Rica as shown below. (Reported by the USGS)

Strangely though, USGS hasn’t picked up the 7.1 quake which geographically was not far to the North West of that location as you see when comparing the maps on here.  

In addition to all of this, I want to refer the reader onto two new posts by Jessica.

One explains how the energy is building up and how the Earth needs to release it, Energy shifting and how it works and the other is a follow up to her prediction on the main California / West coast of America event.

The difference of how things are now and how they used to be- regarding premonitions

Update : A news article here on nicaraguadispatch.com, shows the quake off the coast of Nicaragua.

“That was not a normal quake. That was very, very strong,” INETER seismologist Carlos Guzman told The Nicaragua Dispatch.

So many conflicting reports are out there about the location and magnitude of the quake.

But obviously the impact of the earthquake(s) included Nicaragua.

The original alert from the Regional Tsunami Service Provider Indonesia remains the same though, as in it was 7.1 and located at the location and depth I reported at the top of this entry.








Rigged Elections for Romney?



From thepeoplesvoice.org

By Michael Collins – October 22, 2012

A group of independent researchers caught a pattern of apparent vote flipping during the 2012 Republican primaries that consistently favored Mitt Romney.

A form of election fraud, vote flipping occurs when votes are changed from one candidate to another or several others during electronic voting and vote tabulation.

(Image: Dean Terry)

Vote flipping is difficult to detect because the vote totals remain the same for each precinct.

In one of several possible scenarios, an instruction is given to a precinct level voting machine or to a county-level central tabulator.

The corrupted totals from precincts are sent from county election officials to state elections board and published as final results. (Primary documents for this article: Republican Primary Election 2012 Results: Amazing Statistical Anomalies, August 13, 2012 and 2008/2012 Election Anomalies, Results, Analysis and Concerns, September 2012).

The group’s analysis is based on raw data from primary sources, local precincts, and state and county election records.

The pattern of vote flipping raises serious doubts about the Romney victories in the 2012 Republican primaries in Wisconsin and the Ohio.

Apparent vote flipping was demonstrated in the group’s paper for at least nine other 2012 Republican primaries as well.

The findings showed a consistent pattern of increasing votes and vote percentages for Romney in the precinct vote tally.

The pattern emerges when precinct vote tallies are presented by candidate based on the size of a county precinct.

Wisconsin, for example, is represented in the graph below. Moving from the smallest to largest precincts, you can see Romney’s percent of the vote takes off and those of the others drop after about 7% of the votes are counted.

Romney’s percentage of precinct votes goes up (the upward slope of the green line) while those of the three other candidates decline.

The steady increase in Romney’s percent of the vote and steady decline in Santorum’s represents a statistical anomaly.

In this case, the anomaly is amazing according to the researchers.

They argue that the probability of this happening by chance alone is so small it exceeds the capability of statistical packages to handle.

Their software says Romney’s share of the vote, increasing with precinct size has zero probability of occurring by chance alone.

The significance of the Wisconsin analysis is of grave concern.

Presuming the use of appropriate statistical measures and analysis, human intervention is the most likely available explanation.

Vote flipping gave Romney a 57,000-vote victory over Santorum in Wisconsin.

Absent vote flipping, Santorum would have won over Romney by about 54,000 according the group’s analysis.

Was Wisconsin the only state where Romney’s share of the vote increased in this way as precinct size increased?

There were eleven states that showed this amazing anomaly, Romney gaining in votes and margins as precinct size increased.

The chart below shows the estimated vote flipping for eleven of the fifty states analyzed by the group using precinct-level data.

Estimated Votes Lost/Gained in 11 State Primaries – 2012 – Vote Flipping

Take a look at data for the Ohio Republican primary. A similar pattern emerges as seen in the graph below.

Romney percentages increase from 30% in the smaller precincts to 38% as precinct size increases.

The slope of increased votes for Romney violates acceptable levels for probability and must attributed to external intervention.

The 65,777 estimated flipped votes provided Romney with a win over Santorum instead of a loss.

Why attribute the anomaly to intervention rather than an innocent trend?

Consider what happens when there is no opportunity for human intervention through voting machines or central tabulators.

Ohio has a variety of computerized voting systems.

The results are recorded by computer at the precinct level and transferred to a central tabulator operated by election officials.

Similarly, the vast majority of votes in Wisconsin are cast using electronic voting machines and central tabulators.

However, eight counties still use paper ballots that are counted at the precinct level.

The paper ballot counties have no central tabulators.

They show no pattern of vote flipping. (See Figure 3: WI Outagamie County in document 2008/2012 Election Anomalies, Results, Analysis and Concerns, September 2012)

New Hampshire offers an even better comparison between precincts that use central tabulators (hand counted paper ballot precincts) and those without.

 Watchthevote2012.org, a citizen voting rights group, deployed volunteers at 27 precincts on election night to witness all aspect vote counting.

Additional data was added for the 79 paper ballot-no tabulator precincts (See “NH Primary Vote Count for Jan 10, 2012” at http://www.watchthevote2012.com ).

The graphs below reveal the Romney pattern of vote flipping in precincts with electronic voting machines and central tabulators.

No such pattern shows up in areas with hand-counted paper ballots.

(Note,Watchthevote2012.org figures for the precincts differ from the published figures by state election officials.)

See the graphs illustrating the difference at this link.

One criticism of this research is based on an assumption concerning the demographics of rural, suburban, and urban voters.

The argument is that Romney was more likely gain votes as the larger precincts were counted since these larger precincts were closer to cities.

City dwellers were presumed to be more sympathetic to Romney than Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul.

The research group considered the demographic question in detail in their second study.

Their analysis debunks that presumption and further demonstrates the validity and reliability of the analysis.

The suggested vote flipping favoring Romney is based on 2008 and 2012 precinct data and statistical analysis.

The process is transparent as demonstrated by the two papers produced by the groups.

Significance for the 2012 Presidential Election

The probability that systematic election fraud benefited Mitt Romney is a significant concern in the upcoming presidential election.

The election is close in battleground states.

The stakes are high.

The precinct data and analytic techniques used by the researchers are available from the authors for election analysis (see contact information on research papers).

Post-election analysis can capture this pattern of vote flipping. But that will be too late.

Public officials and elected representatives need a wake up call before the election.

They need to know about the amazing anomaly described by the researchers.

The two research group papers and this article are available for open distribution.

Forward one or all of the publications to your county elections division and elected officials.

Look for the “County Election Clerk” or “Registrar of Voters” on your county website.

The Secretary of State for each state has an election division as well (state boards of elections listing)

Citizen-based exit polling is more important now than ever before.

Exit polls by the television networks have been drastically curtailed.

They will be conducted in only thirty one states.

The media-sponsored exit polls may be of little use in detecting vote flipping.

Raw data is rarely offered to citizens for objective analysis.

In addition, the media sponsored exit polls presume the accuracy of officially announced vote totals.

These pollsters adjust their raw data to conform to the official results.

Citizen exit polling is a vital alternative.

Motivated citizens can perform their own analysis of raw data from precincts with the analytic techniques used by the researchers discussed in this article.

In addition, experienced researchers with a track record of election fraud analysis should be consulted both before and after November 6.

Election fraud has been a part of politics in the United States throughout its history.

From the disenfranchisement’s of minorities and immigrants to the wide array of suspected election fraud in the 2004 presidential election, the perpetrators of election fraud lurk in the shadows awaiting the every-four-year, high-yield opportunity to select the next president of the United States.

Vigilance, citizen monitoring, and public discussion are the only protections we have left.

This article may be reproduced with attribution of authorship and a link to this article.

Special thanks to Jillian Hayroot for her helpful input.

The Money Party

See these sources for citizen involvement in guaranteeing voting rights :

Maps in Election Forensics by Roy Lipscomb

Because the Voter is Always the Last to Know

Richard Charnin’s Blog (polling and election fraud analysis) 

News from the Underground – Mark Crispin Miller 

Election Defense Alliance 




1.  Vote counting company tied to Romney

2.   Will Bain-Linked E-Voting Machines Give Romney the White House?

3.   Company Connected to GOP and Romney Delivers Diebold Machines to Maryland Polls

4.  The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds








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REAL NEWS Sept 11 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 10, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 11, 2012


**BREAKING NEWS** New Technology Can Disable Entire US Military/Bring World Peace! (1/2)

Published on Sep 10, 2012 by 

**BREAKING NEWS** New Technology Can Disable Entire US Military/Bring World Peace! (2/2)


Repeat after me: I AM THE REVOLUTION!

This is real. This is happening now! You’ve waited your whole life for this moment. Now get to work! 


NEW Psychic Series II (Episode 18) World Peace Movement

Keshe Foundation Promo Intro Video (english with multiple subtitles) === PLEASE SHARE ===

Keshe Foundation Message To Obama [2012]

The Greatest “Disclosure” Event Ever to be Released to the World — Today in Belgium — by the Keshe Foundation


The Greatest “Disclosure” Event ever to be Released to the World — Today in Belgium — by the Keshe Foundation

The World Peace Invitation and Release of Technology

Following the meeting of the Keshe Foundation with the world ambassadors invited to Brussels on 21 April 2012, our invitation now goes to the nations of the world through their ambassadors and their leaders

To attend a gathering on 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Ninove, Belgium (or in any other place the nations may choose).

As your Excellencies have been aware, we invited representatives of every country to the first presentation of our technology on 21 April 2012.

The ambassadors of some nations attended this meeting and others chose to ignore the call, due to pressure from other nations, and decided not to attend or withdrew at the last moment.

With this second invitation (to take place on 6 Sept, 2012) we directly and unequivocally invite the leaders of your nation to appoint qualified individuals who can take part in the upcoming meeting at the Foundation on 6 September on behalf of their governments.

The reasons for this invitation and the meeting are as follows:

On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication.

From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance.

This is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into operation for the public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to New York will be about 10 minutes maximum.

The new airborne systems will enable every individual to make the same length of journey in the same time and at hardly any cost from any point on this planet.

The craft will not be detectable with present radar technology.

The energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.

The world water shortage will be addressed and resolved by presenting this technology to the public soon after the release of our energy and space technology.

How we have done this?

For the past six years we have used the international patent system to make sure that every nation and major scientists around the world have a copy of our patents in their possession.

Thus we have prevented any possible blocking of this technology by any individual or group and now most nations are in possession of our patents for energy generation, medical systems and space travel.

In this way the methods used in the past to prevent international development have been circumvented and now all nations have the same opportunity to work together to see that this technology is developed safely.

The principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens.

Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

According to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned by the peoples of the world.

The patents are the assets of every individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or organization or nation.

This means that all income generated by the technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

We will release the list of countries invited to the meeting on 6 September 2012 and the full e-mail addresses of those who receive invitations, so it will be up to you as a government to make it known who from your nation will be attending this meeting.

By the time this email arrives at your embassies a copy will be posted on the Foundation forum and website so your citizens will be aware of the offer that has been made to you.

Then it will be for you to make your response known to them, as well as to the Foundation, and we will gather the names of the delegates appointed and let your officials know where and how to meet.

Continued in article..Link Above








President of Italy’s Supreme Court : 9/11 was “False Flag” Terror

Will Refer Crime To International Criminal Court




By Washington’s Blog

Global Research, September 10, 2012

Says that 9/11 was “False Flag” Terror, Just Like the Strategy of Tension in Italy

Ferdinando Imposimato is the honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, and former Senior Investigative Judge, Italy.

Imposimato presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and ultimate assassination of President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, other political assassinations and kidnapping cases and several cases against the Mafia.

He is a former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations.

Imposimato is also a former legal consultant to the United Nations regarding institution of laws to control drug trafficking.

This week, Judge Imposimato stated publicly in writing that 9/11 was just like the “strategy of tension” carried out in Italy.

Specifically, the former Italian Prime Minister, Italian judges, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this)(Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred).

And watch this BBC special:

 Operation Gladio [BBC Timewatch, 1992] State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe

Judge Imposimato writes that 9/11 was the exact same type of attack: an act of false flag terror.

Judge Imposimato announced that he is going to recommend that the  International Criminal Court hold a criminal trial into 9/11.

Imposimato noted that the International Criminal Court was set up to protect the world from criminal acts of war, and that it is the perfect judicial body to hear such a case.

Numerous High-Level Legal Scholars Agree That Additional Action Is Necessary

Imposimato is not the only legal scholar to call for prosecutions and/or further investigations into 9/11. Many other high-level legal jurists, professors and trial lawyers have said the same thing. See this and this.

Note: Judge Imposimato is a member of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth and a panelist on the Toronto Hearings.








Fear Itself



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Sheila

If we were to pinpoint the one pervasive emotion in society today, it would be fear. 

People all around you are fearful of almost everything. 

They fear the police. 

They fear the IRS, ATF, TSA and all the other “alphabet police”

They fear losing their job. 

They fear loosing their house. 

They fear their city or town government. 

And they fear the mother of them all – fear of continuing life without enough money to maintain their current lifestyle (or at least the one the remember from a decade ago)

Most people rationalize these fears as normal because “everyone has them”.

We are trained from a very early age to act out of fear. 

We fear  our teachers wrath, so we do our homework. 

We fear clergymen, for they decide if we go to heaven or hell, so we say all the right prayers. 

We fear older children who may bully us so we cross the street to avoid them. 

Later on in life we fear the cost and hassle of a ticket, so we fasten our seat belts. 

We fear losing our house so we work in a job that means nothing, offers us no personal satisfaction other than just enough money to keep us trying to reach the carrot on the stick.

Try this experiment… list all your obligations for the next 30 days – work, social andfinancial – then place a star beside those that cause you any concern (fear)

Most people who do this discover there are multiple things in their immediate lives that cause them fear.

Today, in 2012, there is plenty outside of our daily lives to fear:  Will the world end on December 21st? 

Will WWIII start in Iran? 

Will the economy collapse?

Will the poles shift position?

Will the sun (or another country) send an EMP that knocks out the electrical grid? 

Will martial law be implemented? 

Have we foolishly given the President of the United States so much power that he can become a dictator? 

Will food supplies run out? 

Will the weather continue to be abnormal? 

Will chemtrails ultimately poison us?

Will GMO crops take over all others?

Are you scared yet?

Many of these fears are constantly and purposely reinforced by what I like to call “the pop culture”

Television is the greatest purveyor of fear, usually by embedding feelings of inadequacy. 

I recently read that the average American watches 34 hours and 39 minutes of TV per week. 

That’s a good deal more than it would take to participate in acollege course. 

Like the college course, you are being instructed and trained by the TV. 

Edward Bernaise coined the term “television programming” and his rationale was crystal clear – television was designed to program people into becoming happy consumers. 

These happy consumers are being  motivated to purchase garbage by an external force that exploits feelings of inadequacy. 

Every time we watch a commercialthat shows the handsome man with a real “babe” sitting next to him in his shiny new car, in our minds we feel inadequate for not having a new car, too. 

These feelings of inadequacy open the door to fear, especially when we are given nothing of real value to replace those desires.

Fear is the toolbox of  “the powers that be” (TPTB)

Fear is the lowest vibration humans can be affected by or give off. 

It impedes  our path to higher (vibratory) levels of consciousness and ascension as human beings. 

People who live in a constant state of fear are very manipulatable.  

TPTB understand that if they can make people fearful, they can make them do anything.

It is fear – manipulated fear – that makes us compliantly stand in line to be groped before embarking on a plane, regardless of the fact that no terrorist plot has ever been discovered nor stopped by such action! 

Although some who suffer through the TSA’s groping express anger, the real motivation for compliance is fear.

The manipulators, TPTB, are fostering fear of everything

The intensification of this fear began as a full-frontal assault in the days immediately after 9-11. 

It was fear that caused Americans to lay down – not once, not twice, but 3 times – and approve and abide by the Patriot Act and now NDAA. 

It was fear, not patriotism that caused many of us to cheer the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. 

It is manipulated fear that allows a once free society to accept such a campaign such as “see something/say something”

fear your neighbors, fear those who think the Constitution was a pretty good document before it was overruled by executive orders, fear those who are not dependent on “the system” for their lives, fear those who have a different opinion than you do.

It is fear that keeps us from opening our mouths and saying “No” to those actions that we know are not right.

TPTB know this music very well and play it long and hard for all it’s worth. 

They are  congratulating themselves, patting each other on the back for causing 350 million people to be so fearful that they consistently act against their own self-interest – and against the last vestiges of freedom. 

Their jubilation is caused by knowing that 99.9% of you are easily controllable and predictable. 

Hitler’s “final solution” required countless numbers of troops, gestapo and SS to carry it out. 

Today it is done with a TV ad campaign, shown in the aisles of Wal-Mart.  

Today TPTB brag that most will walk into what they know is their execution without even having to be told the lie that they are going being de-loused.

How do we overcome this fear that has been instilled in us? 

When I was a child and afraid of lightening and thunder, my mother go out the encyclopedia and we read about thunderstorms, about how the lightening was 1 mile away for every 5 second delay before hearing the thunder. 

I was never afraid of a thunder storm again.

Look at the reality of that which you fear.  Do we need to fear Al-qaeda  because of 9-11 to the point of fearing any Muslim person? 

It wasn’t they who planned it out, they were simply to stooges used to perpetrate an evil action against 3000 innocent Americans, which action was at its essence an excuse to take Americans’ freedoms away. 

There has been no secondary attack in the 11 years since that horrific event. 

If they wanted to destroy us, wouldn’t they attack when we were still reeling from the first one?

Do we need to fear a neighbor who might be having an exercised conversation on his cellphone in a Wal-Mart to the point of calling in a SWAT team? 

Not if we take the time to take a walk passed our own house to our neighbor’s to introduce ourselves and thereby learn who he or she is.

Do we need to fear an 83 year old grandmother taking her final flight to see her grandchildren to the point of humiliating her before allowing her on a plane?

Or a 4 year old child screaming in terror? 

Or a business executive?

Or YOU – what do they have to fear from you that they need to grab your genitals as you run the gauntlet of TSA “agents”, wherever they set up shop? 

The truth is, they do fear you.

They fear that too many of us are waking up, thinking for ourselves and replacing that fear with self-determination. 

TPTB fear anyone who claims their own birthright to live the life they choose that does not harm another, without fear. 

 They need you to fear them, or their plans won’t work. 

You can’t control 6 billion people with a whip, but you can control them with fear. 

It has worked since the days of Nimrod, who convinced his people to store all their grain in his grain bin to keep it safe from imagined attackers “lurking” outside the city walls.

Shed the fear. 

Be kind to each other. 

Help each other. 

Love each other. 

These actions leave less and less room for fear to take hold of you. 

If this is a new concept for you, start small. 

Start with your family, expand it to your co-workers, and then to people you don’t even know. 

Once you feel how good it is to not live in fear, it may become a habit. 

And wouldn’t that foil their plans?

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock  and hosts of the free podcast, “Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila”, both available at  http://survivingsurvivalism.com.   

For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com .








US Government’s Secret Army: Foreign Troops to be Deployed After Martial Law is Declared



Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The US Air Force document entitled Psychological Operations published in 1999 explained how for the purpose of hiding in plain sight, psy-ops are a “low-cost, high-impact” way of conducting military operations without having to deal with questions by the American public.

The control of “selected information” being leaked out to the public through mainstream media, press conferences and other designated outlets has ensured that the targeted audience will support the governmental campaign out of ignorance.

Of late, reports and rumors about foreign troops in America working with our armed forces have been surfacing.

And in response, the US government has (at first) dismissed the claims.

Now, official reports are confirming what eye witnesses have been seeing.

The question is: why are foreign troops training with US military forces for urban warfare, civil unrest and disturbance?

Scheduled for September 12th through the 16th, the Canadian military will be training for domestic operations in locking down urban populations.

The supposition is that a massive revolt could break out as global civilian revolution is believed to be imminent.

Foreign troops have been working with US Armed Forces and law enforcement for years in preparation for civil unrest in America.

Back in 2010 in Chicago, under Operation Vigilant Guard (OVG), where Polish Armed Forces not only “observed” urban warfare drills, but also participated in exercises specializing in detaining Americans during counter-terror drills.

According to one Polish major, the exercises were “the next step” in combining both the Illinois National Guard and Polish military personnel in a psy-op campaign to acclimate Americans to seeing foreign troops in the domestic US and gain acceptance for these soldiers assisting local law enforcement in everyday duties.

In Colorado, rumors of Russian troops practicing to deal with terrorist raids and martial law scenarios have been proven correct by our US Armed Forces.

Back in April, Commander Wendy L. Snyder, U.S. Defense Press Officer, stated that “The Russian soldiers are here as invited guests of the U.S. government; this is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform.”

In Oregon, under OVG, NORTHCOM and NORAD joined with the Oregon National Guard and the Portland Police Bureau to train to disarm Americans.

This drill included armed soldiers from Bangladesh in connection with the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program which forages partnerships with American and foreign troops.

Both Russian and American airborne troops held training exercises that included tactical landing operations with specialized focus on “parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter.”

ack in May, mainstream media reported that Russian army paratroopers were in Colorado training with the 10th US Special Forces Group at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This collaboration was agreed upon more than a year ago with the purpose of joining forces in “humanitarian operations such as anti-terrorism measures and disaster relief.”

Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer confirmed that Russian and American soldiers were conducting anti-terrorism exercises, including firing weapons and practicing parachute drops.

The Air Force Reserve Command has requested that Congress authorize US armed forces to be used against Americans as a newly formed response team for domestic disturbances.

The Obama administration, during high-level talks with US Marine Corp officials, ordered war games exercises to train US troops in tactical operations for the known purpose of continuity of government and territorial sovereignty.

The location of the exercises “is irrelevant”according to Ensign Bryan Mitchell, spokesman for the U.S. Marines Corp.

The planned training “happens to be in Palawan”; however the focus on anti-terrorism was designed to ready troops for all possibilities in combat situations.

Most recently, NORAD have been working with Canadian and Russian Air Forces at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado for training in aerial assault scenarios wherein a hijacked commercial flight would mirror what happened in the official story of 9/11.

However, these exercises are more than simply collaborating with foreign troops to stop a potential terrorist takeover of a commercial airliner.

Both Russian and US Air Force are practicing in tandem with F-22 Raptors in defense of the domestic US.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been amassing an estimated 1.8 billion rounds of hollow point bullets through their agency; as well as the Social Security Office, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and the US Forest Service.

These solicitations have spawned great debate as to who the US government intends to shoot.

The DHS has also recently solicited 1,400 pounds of high density ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX that will build improvised explosive devices (IEDs) without explanation as to why they would require the exact ingredients to manufacture a fertilizer bomb.

The US Army Military Personnel Exchange Program allocates US soldiers in exchange for officers from foreign nations for the purpose of cross-training due to an international crisis.

This provides an international army for the global Elite that will potentially disarm American citizens, and more effectively work with the US military that are advancing the global Elite’s agenda to takeover America in the event of martial law.

Knowing that nearly half of active military will not cooperate with this foreign insurgency, the use of foreign troops begins to make sense.

This new army will work with the members of the current US military that will take orders from the global Elite.

Many US veterans, active duty military, members of domestic militias and constitutionalists have openly stated that they will become active for the sake of preserving our Constitutional Republic once martial law is declared.

In 1994, former President Clinton signed the Presidential Decision Directive/NSC-25 which states that if needed by the US government, foreign troops would be allocated for the expressed use by the US president to assist the US military, federal agencies and local law enforcement in the event of civil disturbance and necessity of martial law.

This request would be directed to the UN and would immediately suspend the US constitution so that foreign troops could be sent to America to take over and work with the global Elite funded military to combat the opposition.

As we have seen through news media and eyewitness accounts, foreign troops are on US soil training with US armed forces in tactical operations, urban warfare drills, and counter-terrorist exercises to combat the expected threat posed by those who will not willingly go along with the lock down of America.

It is estimated that anywhere between 200 to 400 thousand foreign troops have entered through US borders.

According to an anonymous source close to the Sovereign Movement, there is a growing number of active and non-active military that are preparing for the final directives to be given before martial law is declared in the domestic US. These men and women have agreed not to follow orders.

This also includes local law enforcement and various federal agencies that have members that will not stand in defense of the global Elite’s plan to take over our Constitutional Republic.

The hollow point bullets, riot gear and IED material that DHS has been gathering may well be to arm the foreign troops that are actively training with our US armed forces to fight against the members of the Sovereign Movement, Constitutionalists and militias that are spread throughout the nation.

These arms would be needed to “beef up” DHS already expanding Special Forces units that would be under directives of the President in the event of civil unrest and not subject to the Congress.

Those able and willing to fight against the global Elite’s usurped US and foreign military would be the target of most of the violence.

In many documents published by the US government and globalist think-tanks, explanation of effective urban combat has been discussed and plotted. One such document is entitled Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain, dating back to 2002.

Here the “characteristics” of urban centers are explained, and how to successfully lock down a major US city is posed to combined the most effective course of action.

From aerial attacks, to small-unit battles on the ground, the scenario of combat through intelligence, through knowledge of the terrain, and preparation is analyzed and presented so that commanders and leaders can consider all options before beginning such an endeavor.

This is the reason why the US veterans are being demonized in the mainstream media, forcibly sequestered in psychiatric wards and having their guns taken.

The US veterans would be the ground troops, or guerrilla soldiers that would attack against the global Elite’s army.

Having them removed from the equation now is a strategic move.

The plans for martial law are going to be met with abandonment of the US military forces by those who do not want to participate in the destruction and occupation of our nation by the global Elite.

They will collaborate with US veterans to build a defense against the enemy.

The civil war that is being talked about in the alternative media is not directly focused on the American public.

DHS, with collaboration with the Obama administration and foreign troops, are creating a separate army to fight for the New World Order.

The opposition is our brave men and women that believe in our nation as it was created by our Founding Fathers and are willing to fight for its survival.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media.

You can find us on our Facebook page.








US Navy Warned of Attack by Israel


Naval personnel have “shoot to kill” orders if approached by unknown aircraft, even if clearly marked as “Israeli.”



From Veterans Today

September 05, 2012

The US Navy AEGIS Destroyer, Nicknamed the USS Rachel Corrie, Warned of Attack


 by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

It was 1967 when Israeli planes bombed and strafed the USS Liberty for hours, machine-gunning life rafts, peppering the 20 foot “stars and stripes” with machine gun holes, napalming, torpedoes, one of most dastardly sneak attacks on a virtually unarmed ship since Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The US had scheduled a major exercise with multiple AEGIS surface to air “killer ships” many months ago but decided to put off the exercise because of Israeli interference in the US election and the deteriorating relationship with Israel over Iran.

Now we are told only one ship will be used and very few troops. 

This news came in before the President ordered language removed from the Democratic Party platform supporting Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as a capitol of a Jewish only state.

The fight over this issue has raged on the floor of the Democratic Convention held, this year, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now, Veterans Today has learned that naval personnel in the upcoming exercise have “shoot to kill” orders if approached by unknown aircraft, even if clearly marked as “Israeli.”

Sources near the president are quoted :

“Netanyahu’s gang bought Romney with 30 pieces of silver, getting him to agree to invade Iran if elected. 

This, in light of the Israeli court finding of “not guilty” for the murderers of Rachel Corrie, the young American woman mutilated by an IDF driven Caterpillar bulldozer sent us a message. 

We heard it loud and clear, as loud as the screaming insults Netanyahu tried to leash upon General Martin Dempsey last week until the general made a few issues clear. 

Whatever America’s loyalty to Israel may be or may have been, abuse of the highest military officer of the world’s greatest military power by an angry little “pissant potentate” from a “seaside sand heap” nation, the difference between “tail” and “dog”, one forgotten by President Bush is not going to be forgotten by this president.”

Naval sources said they were surprised at the order :

“We knew the region was ‘hot’ after two Turkish jets were downed by Syria but a warning about an Israeli attack during a joint exercise is almost bizarre if not unreal.  

There are few if almost none in service who still feel there is a grudge to settle over the USS Liberty incident. 

The ”Liberty,” of course, was unarmed. 

An AEGIS could down the entire Israeli air force and would have even less trouble with their missiles or torpedo boats. 

Few in the military know the history or have much understanding of the current dispute with Israel but anything entering attack range get’s ’splashed.’” 

There appears to be little risk as American and Israel commanders have a long history of cooperation and many warm personal relations. 

The issue, however, is that current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, leader of the militant Likudist group advocating war on Iran and a possible attack on American forces in the region, is no longer communicating with his commanders.

Are there rogue units, as some fear, willing to fly against a Class A American warship, Israeli planes with Syria or Iranian markings, perhaps even Egyptian?

The experience of 1967, one kept alive, not just by Naval historians but a crew properly briefed for a dangerous assignment, may well prevent an impending disaster, a “stew long boiling over” in Netanyahu’s cook pot.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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Hungary Follows Iceland Plan Dealing With the Banksters and Corporate Gangsters



From The Lone Star Watchdog

Posted on September 9, 2012 by The Watchdog

What is more of a threat to our liberties then standing armies is the banking cartel and the corporate oligarchy.

These corporations and the Bankers seek to have a monopoly over a commodity or something the people need  crushing any form of competition that will rival their control.

Iceland broke up the banking cartel monopoly on the money supply because it had a choke hold on their economy.

When central banks have a monopoly of issuing and controlling the value of the currency creating debt slavery.

The Iceland economy was in near ruin.

The people of Iceland took back control from the bankers and said no to a debt the nation did not owe.

They arrested the bankers and the agents in the government.

Now the economy is rebounding since the bankers are no longer in control.

Now the county of Hungary threw out the IMF and Monsanto.

Both of these corporate entities are seen and been proven to be a real threat to the republics’ sovereignty.

Monsanto products making people sick eating GMO food.

This multinational corporation trying to have a monopoly on the food supply and the seed distribution.

Monsanto can be linked to killing livestock and the death of honey bees.

I give kudos to Hungary, I hope other nations follow their lead throwing out these monopolies out of their countries.

Hungary also is throwing out the IMF was another good move.

Everywhere the IMF has been involved, the nations are under crushing debt ruining the economies to poverty.

The people of Hungary better be aware of foreign agents coming trying to destabilize the nation trying to overthrow the government so the ruling class can install a banker and corporate puppet putting the people back in debt slavery.

We need more anti banker and anti monopoly insurrections around the world to defeat these oligarchs.

The truth is the world is waking up to the fraud of the banking cartel and the ruling families who control them.

I see the day of these multinational oligarchs days bullying nations is coming to an end.

The world is waking up to the threat these robber barons pose to the well-being and security of their future. 

One of these days, they will mess with the wrong leader who will not be intimidated by these Robber Barons.

The day is coming when there will be a worldwide manhunt for these robber barons and their puppets for committing crime against humanity and fraud.

The more nations who that stand up to these oligarchs, the choke hold these bankers have on the world will weaken.

English writer and philosopher Edmund Burke said” in order for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing”

The good men of Hungary, stand your ground no matter what.

The Private central bank is an injustice that must be dealt with and defeated.

I pray the Hungarian people stand their ground and not be intimidated by the Robber Barons.

Do not cower of the threat of civil wars or economic depression.

Do jot budge an inch for them nor compromise.

They have nothing left to lose and everything to gain saying “hell no”

We are seeing the beginning of the end to the banking cartel around the world.

The world sees them for what they are.

That is pure wickedness and evil.

The bankers do not have the luxury of controlling information and stealth as they did in the past.

Their arrogance will be their demise in the end.

At this point Iceland proved the bankers can be defeated.

The people of Hungary should see this as hope for the future.








Israel demolished 467 buildings and displaced 700 Palestinians in 2012



From The Palestinian Information Center

September 08, 2012

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished 10 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C of the West Bank this week, including five residential structures, displacing 32 Palestinians, including 14 children, according to a weekly report issued by the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA).

In a report covering the Israeli violations from august 29 to September 4, OCHA noted that Israel has demolished since the start of the current year 467 residential buildings and displaced 702 Palestinians during the same period.

During the reporting week, 17 Palestinians, including four children, were injured by the IOF, mostly during protests.

The settlers also carried out a number of attacks on Palestinian citizens and their property in the West Bank.

Their attacks included racist slurs, arson attacks on agricultural lands and cars, throwing stones on vehicles.








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REAL NEWS July 09, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on July 9, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : July 09, 2012


Disclosure – Time Games

Fiction Seldom Approaches Reality and Truth Hasn’t Happened Yet


 {XANIEL’S NOTE : This story pointed to us by Clif High of Half Past Human.com ,  Thanks Clif ! }~~~Xaniel777


Veterans Today

From Veterans Today

 June 19, 2012

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Inspector Morse – Where is he when you really need him?

It would be so convenient if this were a book or movie, it could move in a wonderfully linear fashion with the appropriate car chases and gun battles. 

Our real dead die of mysterious cancers, inexplicable suicides where no Inspector Morse is there to magically ask the right questions. 

The issue is “classification” of information, a disease of “lying.”  The cure is murder on an unimaginable scale.

The secrets, to those obsessed with such things, are always little more than minor cover and deception operations, little snipe hunts to keep the inept but curious self-satisfied with their feelings of insider knowledge and implied superiority.

What if you could ask god any question?  This is the rub.  You wouldn’t know what to ask, not really.  If everything your perception or language has fed your brain was an artificial construct, then even the exposed false reality of the Matrix movies might be, in themselves, might well be what you are wanted to see.

Here are two still “classified” blips from World War II.

According to “highly classified files,” listed never to be declassified, Operation Market Garden, the believed “misguided” idea by General Montgomery to have the allies cross the Rhein River where it supposedly wasn’t defended, through Holland, past hundreds of bridges, at the river’s widest point, was something else.  The allies found top German divisions facing them that shouldn’t have been there.

They also had British forces make extremely odd mistakes, costing needed hours and days, leaving American and British paratroopers, our best, forced to surrender.

This also lengthened the war by months, helped the Germans stage the Battle of the Bulge and almost cost the allies the port of Antwerp which would have, in actuality, defeated the Americans, British and Canadians in the West.

Field Marshall Montgomery

Records unseen forever say General Montgomery planned this defeat with Admiral Carnaris, head of the Abwehr, the German Secret Service.  General Patton picked up on this immediately and this and other things led to his assassination after the war.

Another minor secret involves Adolf Hitler.  In 1946, a very large German submarine was found, abandoned, off Argentina.  Other such subs carried key technologies to Japan and one surrendered to the US in April 1945 and contained the Uranium used in the Hiroshima bomb.

The Argentina sub is said to have contained Adolf Hitler and a significant technical staff.  This is the source of rumors that TV has spent 65 years trying to quell.

A point to remember is that of all these things, you will hear a version, perhaps a wrong reason, perhaps different people or a wrong time but all secrets have an analog, a dirty twin built to defend, confuse and deflate.

Thus, we return to the world of rumor, theories, movies, fiction and reality, but with one problem, we are losing our ability to define reality as we will later show, such a thing is, in itself, not just a theory but a myth as well.

What we have learned, whoever “we” is, and even that can’t be disclosed, is that there is very much a desire that you, mankind, even “us,” as it were, carefully discern conspiracy theory, science fiction, imagination from what is deemed reality.

As part of that process, we agree on scientific laws, axiomatic realities we cling to until our fingers are pried loose and we move on to the next offering.

We look for the next “big bang” as it were, the next popular “hard science” mythology of bending space, curving light, sound barriers, gravitational forces, laws of light and energy that are as true as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

          Say Hello to Magnetic Inertial Fusion

Here is an observation and analysis, a nice way of saying guess.  As to how educated a guess, it really doesn’t matter.

We have two issues initially, observable phenomenon that violates scientific laws as we know them and the “release valve” of fiction wherein explanations some perhaps totally correct, others carefully skewed, are fed to us as popular fiction. It’s a way of softening our intellect and dulling our need to question where our real need to question should be unstoppable.

Instead it is derailed.

Then we have two other levels, this being one of genuine disclosure and the other, ratio 99 to 1, hand fed “dangerous and classified” information spoon fed with just enough sugar as to become the stuff of very satisfying conspiracy. 

We heard of magic powder that dissolved the World Trade Center on 9/11, for instance, or delightfully friendly aliens who carefully spoon feed us the needed technologies to keep our messy existence going, despite their disdain for our proclivities for destruction.

Phil Schneider with wife and only child

Recently, I wrote of Phil Schneider, a man who “never was,” a man who committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck and half-knotting it in front.

He supposedly did this after warning so many that he was going to be murdered for releasing information that was considered worth killing him for.

There are several new versions of Schneider, all more polished, all of whom tell stories less frightening, less messy, people less angry and upset, with better suits and really good Power Point presentations.

You will find these to be Schneider’s “dirty twins,” better packaged, more enjoyable, their stories carefully weaved together as though the “secret world” weren’t “compartmentalized.”  That is a key word of the secret world where no one person gets a big piece of the mosaic. All are informed of what they need to know and are told often outlandish lies about related matters or nothing at all.

No one is given enough to put the piece together and if they do, human weakness and a need to confess passes through “compartments,” a very common problem. Then what might have been simple “connected dots” becomes a mosaic of fact, where theories become proof.

If proof debunks a large reality or”disproves” the basis of a large portion of accepted reality then two groups go into action, either the disinformation gang, a huge part of our black budget, including most of the public press or whatever it is called, and the second being special “Tier One” groups who silence those who speak out.

When Susan Lindauer, while working for the CIA tripped over one of the cover operations meant to be used in case one of the infinite set of lies around the events of 9/11 failed the “sniff test,” as well they should, she was arrested and then diagnosed as mentally ill and illegally detained on a military base and drugged.

Gwenyth Todd – In the field

Sibel Edmonds suffered a not dissimilar fate when she tripped over a massive multi-national spy ring operating openly in Washington DC.   She was silenced for 6 years and she had only broken one “compartment” tied to a much larger plot, one actually beyond her imaginings.

Gwenyth Todd of the National Security Agency, close associate of Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice, back in 2005, discovered a White House plot to stage an attack on American forces in Qatar.

While attempting to stop the attack, her security clearances, the highest in the US, were immediately cancelled and she had to flee for her life despite her being one of the nation’s highest level Middle East experts and well known to President Bush personally.

One day she simply disappeared.

From the Sidney Herald:

The bell rang at the home of a US citizen and Australian resident, Gwenyth  Todd –  a former Middle East adviser  to the White House, the Pentagon and the  US Navy – and her husband, a senior Australian Defence Force officer.

Ms Todd’s husband answered the  door and was greeted by a middle-aged man   who said he was the US embassy consular officer Bill Phelps. He said that a  recent  incident involving Chinese hackers had compromised  some US passports  and he was warning local Americans.

Once inside the  house he told Ms Todd – whose married surname begins with an  H – he was  speaking to   US citizens with surnames starting with that  letter.

”I said, ‘Your story has a problem because my last name on my US passport  does not begin with an H, my last name  is Todd’,” she told the Herald.

”He got all flustered, and he said, ‘Oh wait, let me think, R, S, T …  oh  yeah, Ts were compromised, too.’ It was so bad it was almost comical.”

Mr Phelps left soon after. ”I said to my husband, ‘I think that guy is  intel. I could smell a rat’.”

Despite  Ms Todd’s allegations, the departments of defence and foreign  affairs will not comment,  and the US embassy refuses to  admit an incident  occurred.

The classified version is more colorful still.  Ms. Todd witnessed a White House official, top advisor to President Bush passing what he openly announced to be nuclear secrets to an Israeli agent at a cocktail party.  His name is known by all.

Present were Secretary of State Rice, Paul Wolfowitz and the interchange was both filmed and taped by the FBI who had the group under surveillance which led to the arrest of two top Bush aides for spying for Israel, one named Steve Rosen, whose charges for reasons not easily understood were dropped.

Anyone who tried to assist Ms. Todd escape hit teams from the Joint Special Operations Task Force was either murdered or charged with terror related crimes.

Mark D. Siljander

A similar fate befell Ambassador Mark Siljander, a former Congressman who reported to President Bush that all his intelligence on WMD’s in Iraq was falsified.

Though a “poster boy” neocon, he was arrested on dozens of terror charges and eventually, after losing everything, plead guilty to one charge of “obstruction,” but we are not sure of “what.”

Mark was not subject to arrest due to being covered by a 1982 presidential order which covered him in advance from any of the charges made.  He was illegally arrested anyway.

Former White House Intelligence Coordinator and Inspector General of the Department of Defense, Leo Wanta, was similarly arrested though under White House immunity and full diplomatic cover, imprisoned, tortured and railroaded.

 Dr. David Kelley – Murdered

As with Dr. David Kelly, the British poison gas and nuclear specialist who was tasked by his government with supplying ”all white” South Africa with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and later murdered when he threatened to come forward, we see more secrecy.

Some of the weapons systems derived are said to be in Syria but those who say this fail to mention they came there from Britain and Germany, more classified information.

Earlier we mentioned Phil Schneider.  We strongly recommend you follow the link and watch his videos.  About 70% of what Schneider says I am aware of but restricted from discussing.

By this, I mean that, according to the government of the United States, the terrifying things he says, in part, are part of an official record which the US has spent years trying to deflect through feeding TV shows like X Files, Fringe, the Men in Black films and so much more.

Schneider is about disclosure, about decades of involvement by the US and other governments with multiple alien civilizations and about aspects of that relationship that have led to the deaths of many, some in combat, some, numbers you don’t want to ever guess, slaughtered as cattle for consumption.

Thus, you are fed a thousand Disneyesque versions, leaving out trillions of dollars spent, massive threats to civilization kept secret but hinted at by President Reagan and technological capabilities which are, in some cases, equal to or beyond Star Trek.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

This is a “hint” from a man who spent a trillion plus dollars publicly, much more privately, developing energy weapons to be used in space.  We claimed it was to beat the Russians, a nation we later learned, magically, had been bankrupt for years.

When we talk of Phil Schneider, the man who lectured America on our alien wars, our massive underground facilities, of the horrific threat, a man more than a bit credible to any that listen to him, or even those who adhere to “Schneider-lite,” the mirror images with smiling aliens and zippy space ships, we come to one area touched but not examined.

Schneider talks of time travel, how the US is visited by time travelers.  Let me tell you a story, albeit a true one, thus, one you have never heard.


Today we learn about the vibrations of the universe through advanced signal processing and analysis.  Actually, we don’t hear anything at all because all such information is classified.

Years ago, it was musicians who dealt with vibrations, which they called “sound.”

Stradivarius -the Real McCoy

You see, musicians know special instruments, the Stradivarius is one, only one of many such highly specialized and magnificent pieces of human artistry, instruments so unique that any highly trained musician can tell one from another in a second.

Instruments are a combination of craftsmanship and construction and precision quality instruments could be made identically, using artistry, for hundreds of years.  Then something happened.

In the 13th century, musical instruments, made by the same people, same methods and same materials somehow changed.  They could no longer be made under any circumstances, not to sound as they should.

The identical thing happened in the 16th century.  All of a sudden, things began to sound somehow different, no matter the tree, the process, the artisan, the musician, the precise tonal qualities of the worlds greatest achievements, the greatest tools of mans construction no longer worked.

Man had not changed, trees had not changed, the universe changed, it began vibrating differently, so differently it made instruments work entirely differently. This is what historical research, very suppressed, tells us.

Today, were one to hold one of those clearances beyond “Q,” and even beyond “Special Compartmentalized,” one would have come on research into what has altered the frequency of the universe. Or you could watch a Fringe episode.

We can’t ignore the idea of aliens.  Carl Sagan, Henry Kissinger, to name two, are among those most familiar with aliens and their history and technology.  Sagan is dead and Kissinger untouchable and in the public domain.

What we are not told is that the frequency of the universe is measured carefully and the discernible changes measured have been tied directly to visits by time travelers.  This leaves us with a paradox.

One can’t state we are the only species of intelligent life and be considered rational.  One can’t deny proof of visits by aliens without ignoring a mass of evidence.

One can deny highly classified government programs that are exposed by real whistleblowers or disinformation experts or simple fiction, perhaps planned to deflect the truth or just plain “good guessers” like Chris Carter of X Files fame.

General George Patton

I take one recent piece of history, the war in Afghanistan.  In June, 1944, while fighting a war against Japan, 250,000 troops landed in France.

Had General Patton been their leader and others, Eisenhower, Montgomery and others not been around, that army, one that grew every day, might well have been in Berlin for Christmas 1944 and very possibly Moscow by February 1945.

From what history has taught us, invading Russia would have been, not only advisable, but our military capability was so far beyond that of the Soviets, who we had every reason to believe were our blood enemies, a necessity for our survival and the survival of earth.

Now, a military a hundred times stronger and better supplied, after 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan, actually more than 10 years, controls 3% of the country and is clearly losing.

Were we to use our real technologies, the Raptors would seem like a joke.  Even the occasional “mini-nuke” used in Iraq and Afghanistan would seem like virtual toys, only good for taking down office buildings hit by light commercial aircraft.

But a decade, for a military built to conquer the world in less than a year?  I don’t believe it.

Then my memory goes back to 1963 and I think.  Few know this, as information doesn’t move so well during the “information age” but Lee Harvey Oswald was photographed in the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dallas, Texas, the moment he was supposedly 5 stories up, shooting President Kennedy with a defective rifle.

I can accept this as a plot, a massive coverup by the FBI, Allen Dulles, the CIA, Gerald Ford, Earl Warren or was it more.

Bobby Kennedy’s shooting in 1968, however, has me asking questions.  Those who have even superficially looked into the shooting know Sirhan Sirhan had nothing to do with it, Kennedy was shot multiple times from behind, shooters were seen leaving the building, a police dragnet was sent looking for them but they had disappeared.

                    Robert Kennedy – Last Moments

I look at 1968 and wonder, that is all any of us are allowed to do, was 1968 a year when we entered a time loop, when a team of those visitors killed Kennedy, set up the Nixon election, decided to carry Vietnam out for years and years and alter how much history?

TV talks of little else, speculation of time travel, meeting yourself traveling back in time.

It becomes less funny when we gain information that is given “good” to “very good” reliability that we are visited by time travelers and that I am not allowed to confirm anything regarding changes to the universe.  Perhaps we can speculate about that.

Are visits from time travelers, those top scientists anonymously believe changing the nature of our universe, our past, our present, erasing our future of are they tourists as we would be told?   You could drop off a diseased insect on a rat on a boat heading for Venice in the early 1300s and kill half of civilization.


Does history follow natural progression or is it “stair stepped,” interfered with by events that could be attributed to those we now have reason to believe are very real, filled with intent, and not one bit interested in the planet earth surviving and prospering.

Oh yes, that agenda is very clear.

For history buffs, one might ask if the Albigensian Crusade was staged to put back the Renaissance.

You see, back in the 1200s, the Renaissance, the revival of modern thought, art and science had begun in Southern France in a region controlled by the Templars, under the religion of the Cathars, something worth a lifetime of study on its own, and under the protection of the Roman Pope who was “doing a road trip” brought on by powerful enemies in Italy.  (Thanking Jim Dean as editor, I summer in the hills nearby…Carcassone, always great cassoulet)

History is unknown to most, even most history professors.  The Normans who were really vikings who took over England also ruled Sicily, a very powerful kingdom and Southern Italy.  They allowed all religions equal footing but had special relationships in Scotland where certain families, believed related to King David and Christ himself, were believed to have settled.

Were we to follow the “magic UFO” version of history, Christ would have carried an alien bloodline protected over the centuries, perhaps a rationale for secret societies which have phony “analogs” like the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds or the Trilateral Commission.

Riddle me this, why would a secret society print a membership roster and hold public meetings?

Just a thought.


The next time that strikes me is 1972.  Somehow, Nixon, most hated man on earth is reelected, America is still in Vietnam though the “other side” had been notified 4 years earlier we were quitting and, most of all, the moon was suddenly “off limits.”

Let’s be clear.  The space shuttle can fly to the moon, carry a lander or fly around it any time.  It always had the cargo capacity, the capability of refueling from the ISS (International Space Station) and was, if needed, capable of modification for distances well beyond the moon.

This is, of course, if we choose to keep from the public that fusion based drive systems had limitless range and speed, cost nearly nothing, were small enough for a child to carry and reproducible industrially by 1988.

This, of course, meant all other forms of energy, even wind and solar, were obsolete.

You see, fusion doesn’t need anything “nuclear” or “neutronic” as the term implies but could involve simple hydrogen like the sun does or hydrogen/boron as we had developed decades ago, safe as kittens.

For those who don’t know, another big secret, the Iranian scientists killed by the Mossad were working on Hydrogen/Boron fusion systems incapable of being used as weapons, doing so in partnership with the American company, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.

None of it is about “medical isotopes,” even the Iranians lie about that.  It’s about endless free energy and the ability to crash the western economies and, more frightening, probably save the world.


That’s another point about time.  If we are in a loop, which we well could be.  Look back, 1972, where we were.  We have video games, tiny phones and a shorter life span, a world polluted, few with clean water or electricity, continual war, we have been moving backwards, discernibly backwards, since 1972.

We should have developed the technology to educate the planet, control population, end pollution, cure cancer and heart disease, travel the solar system at will, all should have happened years ago. Instead, even Americans are starving and we have enough fallow land to feed the entire earth.  Just look around.

So, we can assume we are not alone.  We can assume aliens aren’t all friendly.  We have information that leads us to assume the likelihood of time travelers and can easily assume they have some game up their sleeves.


Proof itself involves the study of probability.  That would entail advanced modeling, something we are more than capable of, seeing where applications of “dumb luck” or “timely disaster” such as 9/11, the most obvious of all, and see how they effect mankind.

Here are some of my assumptions:

  1. I think we have been manipulated to stay on earth.

  2. Technologies that would raise awareness and increase world standard of living have been suppressed in an obvious way.

  3. Addition to duality, not just “haves” and “have nots” but significant technologies kept away from human advancement has been a major agenda.

  4. Diseases cured have been offset by diseases created.

  5. Where created diseases have not been able to guarantee an agenda of population decline, fertilization has been impacted by nuclear testing, use of depleted uranium and staged events like Fukashima, the “granddaddy” of all disasters.

  6. A system of eugenics is in place meant to breed a race of human cattle for some unknown “consumer.”

  7. Alien forces dictate to unnamed elite elements on earth who willingly accept an end to man’s dominion.

When we talk about “stair stepping” in time, like right out of TV, we also have the opportunity to look at lost technologies, passed off as “don’t look at me” or that “50 ton blocks weighed less then” or that “oops, we just had another dark age.”

One set of theories places the prime meridian at Giza and works from there, establishing a network of monuments from many civilizations, all either fitting carefully in a mathematical pattern, which the XXX claims, or it just being one of those 8 digit “coincidences” that happen so often.

To the historian, one can’t help but notice the systematic effort to misrepresent certain causes, from the sacking of Rome long after everyone left (Alaric the Visagoth had bad timing) to massive misrepresentations of population levels prior to the onset of the “black death” in the 14th century.

What we seem to be looking at now, perhaps the real “end times,” whatever the causality, we are seeing lots of effect but no “cause.”  The simply question is, “Why would someone do that, it makes no sense.?”  No, nothing done today makes sense to anyone planning on living here very long or very successfully unless they have cut a deal with our new “landlords.”


There is a general belief that government doesn’t govern but that a group of elites or multiple groups of elites dictate to governments, rig elections and even plan wars, collapse currencies, manipulate economies and even spread diseases or create earthquakes.

True or not, these beliefs are based on intelligent humans looking at the world around them, with an inaccurate though it may be, view of history, and trying to make sense of why history is going ‘backwards’ at 300 miles per hour.

As children, today’s senior citizens were told they would have flying cars 40 years ago.

Then, our TV stations, perhaps peddling “snake oil” or not, tell us of Nazi flying saucers and anti-gravity devices long ago.  Then, seemingly believable Americans, especially believable when murdered for going public, confirm this and more.

Even I can confirm anti-gravity flight personally and when questioning someone of sufficient clearance to be briefed on “exo-sci” related issues, was told the unit I examined was built at an American aircraft plant in 1953.

I can’t and won’t tell you the number of times I have been told to not ask a certain question or mention a certain word and I come from the “knock folks in the head” side of the tracks.


These are suggestions.   Given proper reasonable authority, they would be more than “suggestions.”  I “suggest” that we cleanse our history of mythology, cover ups, and the fictionalization meant to glorify one or many ethnic groups.  Several come to mind.

I would feed all of them to the hungry flying saucer guys in a minute.  When you steal our history, it leaves us with a legacy of lies, which is what may well have gotten us where we are now. Screwed.

With a quality history, we can examine areas of potential “re-engineering” of events, taking into account the current schools of theoretical physics involving multiple universe, wormholes, and, of course, time travel.

If we have been keeping time travelers as guests for decades, as we are now told by some, then we can assume such thing exists.

If we have physical evidence of manipulations of “frequencies” in the universe than coincide with “incidents” then a study of such is critical.

Maybe our “time traveling friends” need to be “uninvited” or perhaps a bit more.

In general, we all agree things are not as they should be, do we have reason to believe some hand, certainly not that of a “higher being” has been responsible?

The end result, such as can be expected, would allow us to at least be aware that we are living in an alternative timeline.  We are owed that right.

Editing: Jim W. Dean






SOL (nope, not the sun)…


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – July 08, 2012

Speaking of ‘universe is a funny place’..( from the post Duff ‘n scum…)..i had occasion to catch the laser light show from the Shard of London, all the while wondering if the ‘masters of light’ were pleased with their creation.

Has anyone noted the ‘cartoon nature’ of the mega buildings going up in some very key (read cabal controlled) cities? Well, just scan around the net at the various forms of very large buildings put up over the last 7 years…..very very illuminating….or should i say, ‘my, how tavistockian….these modern cities’.

Well, the newest addition to the global cityscape skyline is this ‘Shard’ of London. The shape of the Shard is a manifestation in the material plane of the lithium (or potassium) atom at the 3rd etheric plane. Yes, just before the lithium atom manifests here in matterium, it passes through the last of the etheric planes (pre ionic) and has JUST the shape of the Shard of London.

Lithium is a key mind control element, and is known to be intensely studied by scientists with no morals, overly stimulated frontal lobes, and other tavistockian traits.

And what do they do to inaugurate this giant manifestation of lithium? Well, they pump vast quantities of energy through lasers to ‘spread the message’ all across London……only question is….just what is the message?

Third level etheric lithium? Obviously mind control, but what else?

Whatever else is the message sent out on 7-5-2012, i am sure that the Shard of London will become known as ‘sol’, which, again, i am sure, the tavistockians would prefer an interpretation favoring Sol, the sun (giant scary ball in the sky on the other side of the chemtrails). My interpretation runs more to the paranoid, and i think them tavistockians are telling us that someone is SOL (shit out of luck).

Got your ticket to the London Olympic Games?


copyright by clif high, all rights reserved.

posted July 8, 2012






Ron Paul Tampa Rally Update


Published on Jul 6, 2012 by 

The event will start at 12:00 PM on Sunday, August 26 at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome.

Ron Paul wants a full House. He will Get it.

We Don’t see much of Dr. Paul anymore and here he talks about tone again.

I included the tone that got me excited in New Hampshire.

I am still Dangerous….What about you.

Info on the Rally here: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/07/06/ron-paul-tampa-rally/

After the Conventions Join the rest of us and Start a real Revolution, please.






Media wars: Question more


Published on Jun 27, 2012 by 

Here at RT our motto is “Question more.”

What that means is that audiences should critically think of what is being fed to viewers by the mainstream media.

We like to provide a different angle to news stories and cover certain topics that are taboo to other media outlets.

RT’s Abby Martin has more. 






It’s over for the banking cabal.


Published on Jul 4, 2012 by 

Watch this video to understand the largest banking corruption scandal in history.

These large banks have stolen money from every single human on the planet. Not one person was left out.

Not even YOU! Now that it is exposed there is no going back.

We will ALL support the “NO MORE BAILOUT” mantra…

This one will not go away. It was not planned to go away like other “banking scandals”.

This one will build and build and build until it is known by every man, woman and child on the planet.

This is the exposure that will END the bad guys reign.

I’ve said it over and over: Timing, timing, timing

The evil vampire banksters have been stabbed in the heart with various stakes in the past few months but this one is by far the largest. (note: the last one will be made of SILVER so be ready for it!)


Know this: All is going as planned for the Good Guys.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road. 

Bix Weir
VIDEO: “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer, Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone contributing editor, and Dennis Kelleher, president and CEO of Better Markets, analyze the Libor interest rate–rigging scandal engulfing the banking industry.

Barclays CEO Bob Diamond recently resigned after the bank was fined $453 million for its part in the scandal,

which involved manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), a key global benchmark for interest rates, by essentially “faking their credit scores,” according to Taibbi.

And as Taibbi explains, Barclays couldn’t have acted alone.

“It can’t just be Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland. In fact, it can’t even be four banks or even five banks,” he says.

“Really, in the end it’s probably going to come out that it’s going to be all of them … involved in this. And that’s what’s critical for people to understand: that this is a cartel-style corruption.”

Kelleher argues that the Libor scandal is proof that the financial industry “is corrupt and rotten to its core.”

“The same executives [using] the same business model that crashed the entire financial system in ’08 are still running these banks,” he says.


‘The mob learned from Wall Street’: Eliot Spitzer on the ‘cartel-style corruption’ behind Libor scam 
July 3, 2012 

The Biggest Financial Scam In World History 

Barclays Brawl: ‘Elite manipulated market, UK laws only give slap on wrist’ 

Keiser Technique for financial criminals 
Some norwegian links:











Iceland moves on from banks collapse


From the Trenches

Posted on July 6, 2012 by Admin

Business Spectator  Four years after the collapse of Iceland’s three largest banks, the island republic in the north Atlantic is booming again with strong growth.

It also has low unemployment, a balanced national budget for 2013, and it is speedily repaying its foreign debt.

The economic development is “really, really good,” economist Olafur Isleifsson says.

Yet when a visitor asks people in the cafes of Reykjavik about the meaning of the recovery for the average Icelandic family, responses range from cool to bitter.

“What good does all that do to those who will never be able to repay their own debt,” sighed IT technician Hallgrimur Ingolfsson.

The middle class of the country of 320,000 residents collapsed in the autumn of 2008 along with the three largest banks.

Many had financed real estate purchases, cars or far-off travels with credit in foreign currency.

When the bank crash halved the value of the krona, the debts doubled.

“Many lost all their pension savings, while others were evicted or are trapped with apartments” purchased on credit, said Isleifsson, a researcher with the University of Reykjavik.

Such people feel that gradually repaying their debt is like “shovelling into a black hole,” Isleifsson says.

On top of that, Icelanders had to cope with cuts in public spending and in salaries.

However, one man’s suffering is another man’s opportunity. “Our order books are full again. The devaluation of the krona really helped a lot,” said Karl Asgeirsson of the fishing equipment suppliers 3xTechnology in the small town of Isafjoerdur on the north-western coast.

Kristjan Joakimsson, from the nearby fish processors Hradfrystihusid Gunnvor, cited “the mood of nature” as another reason for the upswing.

“The cod is back again. And abundant mackerel stocks off our coasts have helped us a lot,” Joakimsson says.

Tourism profited even more from the halving of the krona and it could soon overtake fishing as the most lucrative economic sector.

Tourists are streaming into the thinly populated country, which boasts impressive landscapes.

The industry grew 15.7 per cent in 2010 and 6.1 per cent in 2011.

“You can afford Iceland now,” said Erna Hauksdottir, a representative of tourism professionals.

The aftermath of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano eruption in April 2010, when an ash cloud forced the airline industry to shut down for weeks over most of Europe, has been a paradox.

“At first, the phone stopped ringing because no one wanted to come any more. Horrible. But then the attention from the volcano drastically increased the interest in our country,” Hauksdottir says.

Despite his own success, fishery boss Joakimsson sees things in a mixed light – a view many Icelanders share.

“The mood is pretty gloomy. But we have overcome many crises in the past,” he says.






The USA Federal Agent In The Wheelchair


From The Intel Hub

By Richard Sauder
July 7, 2012

I recently had a very vivid dream in which a USA federal agent in a wheelchair figured prominently.

He wasn´t happy at all about being immobolized and complained bitterly to me that his injury had happened very unexpectedly;

it came out of left field and caught him completely off guard;

he hadn´t anticipated being crippled and grouched that his life confined in a wheelchair was a real bitch.

I consider this to be a prescient dream. The inward and outward signs of the present decline, and imminent fall of the USA empire are ubiquitous.

The USA is going down, fast and very hard.

Of course, the Pentagon has made wicked contingency plans for the dystopian, “Mad Max World After The Fall.” The extensive underground and undersea labyrinth of secret bases and tunnels is one part of their elaborate preparations.

But here`s an even more chilling aspect of the Pentagon´s preparations for coming attractions:“A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations” authorizes killing demonstrators in the USA.

On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “Warning shot will not be fired.”

I am reminded of my ayahuasca vision of several months ago, when I asked what the future holds for the USA, and ayahuasca showed me clearly that a military dictatorship or police state, replete with NAZI or Soviet-style prison camps was in the cards.

It also showed me an electronic, totalitarian, control network shimmering overhead in the air.

Within mere days stories began to appear in the daily news cycle about USA Army plans to put 30,000 drones into the skies over the USA.

This should all be clear enough.

The war on terror is coming home to roost, and it is thirsty for more blood.

There will be troops roaming the streets and they will kill people. There will be drones in the skies and they will also kill people.

If you object to these things, well, tough shit, there will be USA Army troops with guns and USA Army drones overhead that will simply kill you.

There won´t be a warning shot.

As if this were not madness enough, The Great Whore of Babylon, has taken in recent days to publicly lecturing the Chinese and Russians for not supporting the NATO proxy war against the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria, earning the retort from Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, that the West runs the risk of igniting a very big war if it persists in its meddling in Syria.

Translation: if the USA, NATO and Israel invade Syria it could act as the trip wire for direct military confrontation with the Russian military, a conflict that could easily go nuclear very quickly.

The Russians have made it clear that they will not play with the USA and Israel.

Ditto for the Chinese.

The Iranians have already said very publicly and repeatedly what they will do if the USA and/or Israel attack their national territory — they will massively retaliate, within minutes, against both USA and Israeli targets.

This matters, because Iran and Syria are allies and have a mutual defense pact.

Unfortunately, NATO, Israel and the USA are hell bent on major warfare.

The preparations for a major military conflict are at an advanced stage of completion.

My dreams and visions suggest that the USA, NATO and Israel will fare very, very, very badly in the upcoming war.

If the war is prosecuted, the loss of life will be extraordinarily high.

The average person in today´s society has no realistic conception of how savagely destructive modern military technology is.

The reality is that hundreds of millions of people can easily be slaughtered in less than 30 minutes.

The technology is so rapid and so lethal that it boggles the mind, and so most people remain in deep denial about what has been set up — with their tax dollars, by the politicians they voted for, by the corporations they work for, and operated by their own sons and daughters in military uniforms.

A great deal of the slaughter will be automated; the killing will be done by machines following a pre-programmed order of battle.

The scale, velocity and ferocity of the combat will be so grand and intense that it will absolutely overwhelm the human combatants and victims.

And this is all the work of The Machine on this planet, as ayahuasca has graphically pointed out to me.

The power that is assaulting this planet is so grotesquely hideous that the natural human mind and emotions recoil in loathing and disgust upon beholding it, and so the majority of the human race remain in deep denial about the foe that we face, which is located both within and without us.

It´s in our minds, emotions and bodies, and it´s also out there — outside in the larger society, abroad in the world.

The system that The Machine has put in place to dominate the Earth is seedy, tawdry, despicable, vile, repugnant, heartless, cruel, savage, exploitive and demonically sadistic.

And it delights in its wickedness, in its depraved working, if emotions can even be ascribed to The Machine.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it achieves satisfaction, in the sense of completion, in completing its appointed task(s) of sowing and fomenting death, destruction, fear, horror, terror, dread, sorrow, despair, decay, exploitation, ugliness, filth, decadence and comprehensive darkness and suffering.

Its agents are everywhere — in the CIA, Mossad and MI-6, in criminal gangs and mafias, in the Christian Church and Islam and Judaism, in the Pentagon and Kremlin, on Wall Street and in the City of London, in the universities and corporate boardrooms, whether at Yale, Harvard, Oxford or the Institut d’études politiques de Paris, in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Washinton, DC, Chicago, London, Strasbourg, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Beijing, Los Angeles, Mexico City and a million other places.

The onslaught of The Machine is beyond belief.

Its servants are legion, including both the lowly and the mighty, and they are everywhere.

We are in the fight of our lives, and I am not exaggerating.

The fate of humanity and the planet hangs in the balance.

Our situation is that precarious.

You want to know what the (in)human face of The Machine looks like?

I can think of no better example than this interview with Charles Manson, the notorious mass murderer.

There are many more like him, untold thousands and thousands.

I know, because I´ve been locked up with more than a few of them over the years, as a result of multiple nonviolent peace demonstrations, and these individuals are revolting.

It´s extremely hard for a sane human to be locked up in a cell or on a cell block with them, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Watch this clip of Charles Manson

That´s what we´re up against

There you see one of the (in)human faces of The Machine.

It explains itself very directly.


Please visit Richard’s blog Event Horizon Chronicle






Drug giant probed for not disclosing 15,000 patient death reports

 Roche under investigation by UK watchdogs after 80,000 ‘adverse reactions’

From MailOnline

By JO MACFARLANE – July 07, 2012

One of the world’s biggest drug companies is at the centre of an urgent investigation after failing to disclose reports that 15,000 people died while taking its medicines.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche failed to pass on a further 65,000 reports of suspected side effects that were recorded by patients.

All of the reactions took place in the United States over the past 15 years with medicines used to treat breast cancer, bowel cancer, hepatitis B, and skin and eye conditions.

Roche, one of the world's biggest drug companies, is at the centre of an urgent investigation after failing to report that people died while taking their medication

Roche, one of the world’s biggest drug companies, is at the centre of an urgent investigation after failing to report that people died while taking their medication

There is no evidence so far of  any direct link between the problems and the drugs – but medicines watchdogs say they are taking Roche’s failure to disclose possible concerns ‘extremely seriously’.

The drugs involved include Herceptin, given to about 10,000 breast cancer patients in Britain, and Lucentis, which is used to treat about 20,000 UK patients a year with age-related vision loss.

The NHS pays Roche millions of pounds for these treatments every year.

The extent of the failings were discovered when the UK medicines watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), carried out a routine inspection of Roche’s drug safety procedures at its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

The company has now been ordered by the MHRA and the EU-wide regulator, the European Medicines Agency, to investigate immediately each of the total 80,000 deaths and side effects reported. Both agencies said they were ‘taking action’ over Roche’s failures.

All of the deaths and possible adverse reactions were reported by patients who rang a call centre run by Roche’s US subsidiary Genentech. Staff there failed to pass on the reports to Roche’s drug safety team – but it is not known why 

Professor Sir Kent Woods, chief executive of the MHRA, said: ‘Patients should continue to take their medicines because our investigation has currently found no evidence of a safety risk to patients.

‘Roche’s actions are unacceptable and our investigation has identified that its reporting systems are inadequate. We are taking urgent action to ensure that these are rectified by Roche as a matter of priority. We will take action to ensure that patients are protected now and in the future.’

All of the deaths and possible adverse reactions were reported by patients who rang a call centre run by Roche’s US subsidiary Genentech.

Staff there failed to pass on the reports to Roche’s drug safety team – but it is not known why.

Roche, which made profits of £6.3 billion in 2010, has a legal duty to examine every suspected side effect and report them to regulators around the world so that potential safety concerns can be investigated.

This means that each side effect reported to the patient support call centre should have been immediately sent to the safety team to be assessed.

These must then be sent to regulators – within 15 days for the most serious reactions – even if no link between the drug and the reaction be proved.

Some of the call centre’s records, which date back to 1997, are said to have been noted down on paper and kept in boxes.

The European Medicines Agency, which made the findings public, said: ‘There is at present no evidence of a negative impact for patients and while the investigations and being conducted there is no need for patients or healthcare professionals to take any action.’

A number of drugs are being investigated following the incident

A number of drugs are being investigated following the incident

However, a spokeswoman  added: ‘It’s not often we make statements on such findings, so we do take this incredibly seriously.

The numbers are huge but we’re not talking about confirmed reactions.  

‘Some might not be related, and some may have already been reported to the regulators via other mechanisms – for example directly to us by doctors.’ But she added: ‘We cannot rule out that additional safety concerns could be discovered.’

When asked if legal action could be taken against Roche, she said: ‘We are looking at all options. There are penalty regulations and they could be fined.’

Other drugs being examined  include Avastin, used for bowel and breast cancer; lung cancer medication Tarceva; Rituxan, which treats non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; the stroke drug Alteplase; Actemra for rheumatoid arthritis; Pegasys for hepatitis B; and Raptiva for the skin condition psoriasis.

If any new safety concerns emerge after examining the data, regulators could decide to withdraw the drugs or change their guidance to doctors.

In a statement, Roche said: ‘Patient safety is of paramount importance to Roche.We acknowledge the concerns that can be caused by this issue for people using our medicines.

‘The non-assessment and non-reporting of these adverse events was not intentional and we are taking comprehensive steps necessary to address the findings of the MHRA inspection.

We have provided initial estimates of missed adverse events and are in the process of confirming the final number.

‘We expect to complete all activities related to these programmes as soon as possible.’






Gaea Powell on Safer Breast Cancer Screening



From Mercola

By Dr. Mercola – June 08, 2012

Download Interview Transcript

Visit the Mercola Video Library

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among American women between the age of 40-55, and the high prevalence has spawned a very lucrative industry; from mammography and other dangerous or invasive testing methods, to “preventive” double mastectomies and cancer drugs.

Much effort is placed on trying to detect cancer at an earlier stage.

Unfortunately, the conventional recommendation to get regular mammograms has shown to be more harmful than helpful, as research shows ten times as many women are harmed in some way compared to those whose lives are spared by annual mammograms.

Breast Thermography – A Physiological Test to Help You Monitor Your Breast Health

Gaea Powell is a Board Certified Medical Thermographer and film maker with a passion for educating women about breast cancer screening and prevention.

She previously served as Chief of Staff for Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to him becoming governor of California, and she also spent a number of years working in the film industry.

Gaea lost her mother to breast cancer in 1991. Her mother was only 49.

Losing her mother, and being told she was now at high risk of getting breast cancer herself, led her to Breast Thermography—first as a patient, and then as a practitioner.

Thermographic breast screening is brilliantly simple and completely harmless.

It’s as safe as having your photograph taken. It measures the infrared heat emitted by your body and translates this information into thermal images.

 Thermography does not require mechanical compression or ionizing radiation, and can detect signs of physiological changes due to inflammation and/or increased tumor related blood flow approximately 8-10 years before mammography or a physical exam can detect a mass.

 “[O]nce my mom passed away, my doctor was basically trying to scare me to death, letting me know I was at high risk and needed to have mammograms early,but I was determined to help myself prevent breast cancer in the first place,” says Gaea.

“I did a lot of research at that time… almost 20 years ago. What I realized is that a mammogram would just let me know I already had cancer. I was also concerned about the repeated radiation year after year, and then the compression [of the breast tissue]

Luckily, in 1995, I discovered thermography.

Thermography is a physiological test, so it allows you to look for physiological changes at an early stage. As we know, when you go to the doctor’s office, the first thing they want you to do is be weighed, have your blood pressure taken and have your temperature taken.

Those are physiological tests that can be monitored for stability over time. It’s the same type of process. Every single person has their own unique thermal vascular roadmap, and thermography allows us to watch that roadmap over time.

That was just a much better path for me. I wanted to be able to be empowered and be alerted to physiological changes, so I could try to make changes in an effort to help myself prevent disease,” Gaea explains.

From a Career in Film, to being a Champion for Women’s Health…

In 1995, Gaea was fortunate to locate a doctor in her local area who provided thermography screening.

She began having annual Thermograms, just like others would have their annual mammograms.

Each time, her doctor would review the results and recommend dietary changes or stress management, for example, to address any troublesome changes that were noticed.

After utilizing thermography for 17 years, she ended up becoming a Board Certified Thermographer four years ago, after she moved to the central coast of California where thermography was rarely utilized.

She knew firsthand how empowering her annual Thermograms had been to her and she wanted to make certain other women had access to thermography.

“I couldn’t believe it, most women haven’t even heard of the technology. It was like an epiphany in my life. I changed careers. I got trained, did extensive research and became a specialist in medical thermography,” she says.

She began offering thermography in the San Luis, Obispo area.

“I wasn’t anti-mammography or pro anything else. I just wanted women to be informed that they had another option, which is available to women of all ages, and not restricted by breast density, implants, or reconstruction.

Once I began imaging women, they started sharing these incredibly disturbing stories about their experiences with the more traditional option…Their stories were alarmingly common and similar.

I knew starting with a physiological screening like thermography was a much wiser option, and just made good sense. I was determined to educate women and doctors regarding its proven benefits.

As I continued down this path, I began sharing my Thermogram comparative case studies with doctors, who now utilize the technology.

These case studies clearly prove that women who were alerted to physiological risks at an early stage could lower their risk, some within just a few months, after they were given an opportunity to take action by partnering with a progressive doctor and utilizing preventative strategies.

I also have Thermogram case studies indicating the highest risk of cancer being present, confirmed by MRI then biopsy. These patient’s mammograms failed to detect their cancers year after year.

The culture that we’ve created is, basically cross your fingers and hope your mammogram doesn’t tell you that you already have cancer. To me, that’s insane.” says Gaea

Furthermore, it’s important to realize that a negative mammogram cannot be equated with a clean bill of health.

All a negative mammogram means is that IF you do have cancer, it hasn’t grown large enough yet to be detected.

Making matters worse, each dose of ionizing radiation from the mammogram in and of itself raises your risk of getting breast cancer!

How the Density of Your Breast Impacts Effectiveness of Mammograms

Another important weakness of mammography that needs to be taken into account is the fact that it’s very challenging for a mammogram to get a clear reading on denser breast tissue.

So it’s really crucial to know the density of your breasts.

Women with denser breasts tend to be younger, healthier women, which means healthier women are actually at an increased risk of getting a false result—either a false positive or false negative.

As explained on AreYouDense.orgi , dense breast tissue is comprised of more connective tissue than fat, which appears white on a mammogram, just like cancer.

Therefore, tumors can easily hide behind the dense tissue, evading detection despite regular screenings.

For more information about breast density, and how you can improve your chances of early detection of cancer if you have denser breasts, please check out their website.

[About] 40 to 50 percent of women have dense breasts,” Gaea says. “They really need to know that they should be utilizing an adjunctive imaging option to mammography.

To me, it just makes sense that all women should start with a Thermogram, a physiological test first, which you can utilize in your 20s. If you’re at a low risk, maybe have a Thermogram every three years or so.

But if you have family history or you already have fibrosis, sore breasts, or other symptoms… [such as] a hormonal imbalance… you can come more often.

My whole goal in doing this is to get women to engage early; don’t have a wait and see attitude.

Inflammation leads to disease, so why wouldn’t we want to know about that inflammation years before structural changes occur?

Most of the time, with a mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI, the cancer has been growing there for many, many years.”

Again, the reason why thermography is so effective as a preventive tool is because it can detect the potential for cancer, and can detect already formed cancers at a far earlier stage than a mammogram.

Essentially, it detects areas of high inflammation, which can be viewed as a “hot-spot” with cancerous potential.

“Obviously, inflammation is going to cause heat, so we’re looking for symmetry and stability overtime [in the images],” Gaea explains.

“In layman’s terms, if one of your breasts starts to develop a fever, it’s going to let us know at a very early stage, so that we can hopefully do something about it; work with a healthcare practitioner that respects your values, learns about who you are,

and helps educate you on what you can do to change your path and eliminate inflammation. Being that inflammation leads to all disease, we want to catch it early.

The human body is absolutely amazing.

If you break a bone, it can heal itself… If you are alerted to a possible “fever” in a specific region of your body – but we’re talking about breasts today – you can actually do something about it and help your body heal via vitamin D, which is so important, or lymphatic massage, or drainage, depending on your specific issue.

What’s really great about Thermograms is that they actually speak for themselves… [Women] can see their own Thermogram, and they can tell if one of their breasts looks a lot different than the other…

But even if it’s an overall inflamed, very prominent thermal vascular pattern, they can work with their doctor, and I’ve seen results in three to five months, where [the inflammation] is eliminated…”

What Thermography Can and Cannot Tell You

As mentioned earlier, thermography can indicate the presence of potential cancer nearly 10 years before it would ever show up on a mammogram. However, it’s important to understand that thermography does not diagnose cancer.

It allows you to track your unique temperature data over time, and changes in temperature and symmetry can alert you that changes are taking place, for better or worse.

Higher temperature readings indicate higher levels of inflammation, which can lead to cancer.

So, if your Thermogram shows areas of high inflammation, it doesn’t mean you have cancer, but it lets you know you need to address that inflammation to avoid deterioration, and in some cases that the area needs further evaluation.

“I have a spot in my breast, which I have been able to watch all these years that is about three degrees higher than it should be compared to the other side,” Gaea says, “but it hasn’t changed. So that’s just me… Maybe I injured my breast while I was developing. Everyone’s unique.”

One of the main things your evaluating doctor will look for is stability and symmetry over time, which is why Gaea recommends getting Thermograms at regular intervals.

That way, you’re collecting data that can be analyzed and evaluated over the years.

Gaea is pushing to get thermography recognized and used in adjunct to other screening methods, and to have it be as universally transparent as some of the other modalities.

For example, if you were to have a mammogram, an ultrasound, or an MRI, you can then send it to another location—say another doctor or specialist—and it can be evaluated.

She’s hoping thermographic images will at some point be accepted and used in the same way.

At present, most doctors’ are misinformed and their familiarity with thermography is poor, so they automatically dismiss it.

One of the problems with the traditional thermography report is that it is not standardized and the infrared images cannot be read by other physicians due to different software.

Gaea has started to address this by creating an elegant interactive report that provides both the rainbow and gray scale thermal images for easier understanding. 

This system also allows any doctor with the software, anywhere in the world to engage the temperature data and evaluation tools, so they can interact with the uploaded image.

It’s an interactive approach,” she explains. “Because I believe it’s very important to be open and transparent, so that anyone can give a second opinion, and the doctors can work together and help evolve the technology.”

Strategies that Can Help Reduce Breast Inflammation

If your thermographic image indicates that you have inflammation in an area of your breasts, what can you do about it?

Ideally, you’ll want to work with an experienced integrative practitioner who can guide you and make recommendations for the most appropriate lifestyle changes, depending on your situation. For example, the following strategies may be helpful for clearing inflammation.

Many, if not most of the strategies I list at the end of this article will also help reduce chronic inflammation throughout your body:

  • Balancing your hormone levels

  • Optimizing your vitamin D levels

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Lymphatic massage

While you can do lymphatic massage on yourself, if you have a high-risk Thermogram, you’d be wise to see a therapist trained in lymphatic drainage.

You can locate trained therapists through any of the lymphedema organizations, such as The National Lymphedema Networkii, and certified massage therapists.

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure…

While mammography can only tell you that cancer is already present, thermography can offer you up to a decade’s-worth of time to take control of and address your health.

This can be profoundly empowering, as opposed to getting a cancer diagnosis when it’s already too late to expect a few lifestyle changes to fully address your situation…

“I know how fear-based the [cancer] industry is,” Gaea says. “I was there with my mother when she was diagnosed… They’re expecting women to make decisions when they’re basically being chased by a lion.

You’re in the most incredibly stressful situation than you’ve ever had in your life.

Most likely because you are fighting for your life, fearing for your life, and now you are being pressured to make all of these life-altering decisions.

Well ladies, nobody wakes up with those decisions but you.

Not your doctor. Not your oncologist, radiologist, or surgeon.

It’s about taking a breath and not being forced into anything you’re not comfortable with—be it having a mammogram, a Thermogram, or anything that you’re not comfortable with.”

How to Find a Thermographer

Gaea recommends locating a Board Certified Thermographer through a not-for-profit thermography organization, such as the International Academy of Clinical Thermography (IACT).

Non-profit schools do not endorse specific IR cameras, software or require their students to utilize exclusive evaluation services.

This allows thermographers the opportunity to do their own research in regard to equipment and software, and to interview and select their evaluation doctors, which is important.

IR camera technology is constantly evolving and high resolution cameras are recommended, thereby offering higher quality images for easier evaluation.

 For-profit schools may require their students purchase a specific equipment package from them, which can be limiting and may or may not be the latest technology available.

“It’s also very important to be able to pick up the phone if you have a serious problem, and talk to the doctor that actually evaluated your Thermogram,” Gaea says. “Try to find out who’s actually evaluating your images so that you can speak to the evaluating doctor directly if needed.”

7 Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

  • Radically reduce your sugar/fructose intake

    Normalizing your insulin levels by avoiding sugar and fructose is one of the most powerful physical actions you can take to lower your risk of cancer. Unfortunately, very few oncologists appreciate or apply this knowledge today. 

    The Cancer Centers of America is one of the few exceptions, where strict dietary measures are included in their cancer treatment program. 

    Fructose is especially dangerous, as research shows it actually speeds up cancer growth.

  • Optimize your vitamin D level.

     Ideally it should be over 50 ng/ml, but levels from 70-100 ng/ml will radically reduce your cancer risk. 

    Safe sun exposure is the most effective way to increase your levels, followed by safe tanning beds and then oral vitamin D3 supplementation as a last resort if no other option is available.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight. 

    This will come naturally when you begin eating right for your nutritional type and exercising using high-intensity burst-type activities, which are part of my Peak Fitness program. 

    It’s important to lose excess weight because estrogen is produced in fat tissue.

  • Get plenty of high quality animal-based omega-3 fats, such as those from krill oil.

     Omega-3 deficiency is a common underlying factor for cancer.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, or limit your drinks to one a day for women.

  • Watch out for excessive iron levels. 

    This is actually very common once women stop menstruating. 

    The extra iron actually works as a powerful oxidant, increasing free radicals and raising your risk of cancer. 

    So if you are a post-menopausal woman or have breast cancer you will certainly want to have your Ferritin level drawn. 

    Ferritin is the iron transport protein and should not be above 80.

     If it is elevated you can simply donate your blood to reduce it.

  • Breastfeed exclusively for up to six months

    Research shows this will reduce your breast cancer risk.







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REAL NEWS June 25, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 24, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : June 25, 2012


Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers..


Published on Jun 20, 2012 by

Thank You TheYoungTurks for some truth about the Banking Cabal…

In 2008, Iceland didn’t bail out the banksters they Arrested them. Now there economy is growing faster then the EU’s. More arrests were made today.

Google: “Iceland arrests bankers” and learn about this.

Original Video:

What We Can Learn From Iceland

Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers






The Nightmare Scenario : Elite Control Thur Chaos and Death


From What Really Happened

By Mike Rivero

Let us start with some unpleasant facts.

1. The debt-based economy of the private central banks has failed and is collapsing.

By design private central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, etc. all create debt faster than they create money with which to pay the debt.

Under the rules of private central banking money can only enter circulation as the proceeds of a loan at interest.

All the so-called “bailouts” are simply more loans, plunging the subjugated populations deeper into debt.

The private central bankers cannot change the rules without admitting to the public the system was flawed from the start and governments that sold their populations into the slavery of private central banking cannot change the rules without admitting they were stupid (or corrupt) for falling for the fraud in the first place.

The “Eleventh Marbles” keep piling up and now the total debt for all the nations with private central banks has reached unpayable levels, and worse, economies are struggling and starving just to make partial interest payments and like the United States, are not able to pay down the principle, even as the borrowing continues.

A crash is coming. It is unavoidable.

The bankers and the governments know they cannot fix the problem, so they are desperate to find someone or some thing they can blame for the disaster.

War makes a great scapegoat for the greed of banking and the corruption of government, and it is a formula which has worked before. Economic crash?

“Solve” it by creating a war to blame the hardships and starvation on.

Crash of 1907, “solve” it with World War 1.

Crash of 1929, “solve” it with World War 2.

Crash of 2008 and the US and Wall Street are well on their way to “solving” it with World War 3, at present wars against ten nations on two continents.

Prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a World War.

2. There is not enough healthy and safe food to feed the present human population.

Between GMO mistakes, diversion of food farms to ethanol production, the Gulf Oil Disaster, and Fukushima, the already razor-thin surplus of food safe for human consumption has vanished, which is why you are being told that eating radioactive, oil-soaked, genetically damaged food is okay for you.

3. There is a surplus of human beings in the eyes of the bankers and governments.

It is easy to be glib and say there is a population problem because sex is more fun than dying.

But one can look at the vast expanses of empty land across the globe and realize that the issue isn’t too many humans for planet Earth but too many for the current infrastructure built to sustain them.

That infrastructure built to sustain human life and human enterprise is the one and only true function of government; the only purpose for which humans tolerate the intrusion and control of government.

Yet as history has shown, governments will neglect development of infrastructure as they turn towards corruption and as corruption progresses, allow the existing infrastructure to deteriorate.

Eventually, infrastructure that is not maintained reaches a point of decay where the cost of replacement and repair becomes huge, more than the governments can afford or bankers care to invest in at a time when most humans are no longer of use to the ever-more-automated factories.

Sooner or later, governments and bankers realize its cheaper and easier to murder off a few billion people rather than have to spend the money to build decent communities.

The pattern is a traditional one.

Europe under the rule of the Popes neglected the primitive infrastructure of the time.

As the public baths built by Rome began to crumble, the church, instead of working to sustain hygiene, simply taught the masses that bathing was a sin! And the public clamor to repair the baths subsided.

But eventually, population pressures on an ancient and unmaintained infrastructure pushed medieval Europe to the edge of collapse, when just at the last minute, the Black Plague decimated the population.

All of a sudden, there was ample food, room and buildings for the survivors, and the political structure didn’t have to spend a farthing to do it!

That was when the money-junkies realized the advantages of killing off masses of humans rather than have to take care of them.

All that is needed is a mechanism of mass death that obfuscates the real agenda.


Or plague.

Or both.

We got both in World War 1, a war notable for the Trench Warfare system.

This was a system of soldiers in trenches urged to run towards each others trenches into the fire of machine guns and the clouds of poison gas.

As warfare it almost seemed designed to kill the maximum number of humans while damaging the least amount of real-estate.

And when Germany collapsed, it almost seemed that someone somewhere did a calculation and decided that not enough humans had been killed, because all of a sudden, a lethal illness appeared during experimental vaccine tests at a US military base, Camp Funston, Kansas.

This illness, misnamed “Spanish Flu” to obfuscate its true origin, raced around the world, killing an estimated 30-40 million people, more than the 15 million killed by World War 1, and more than had died in the Black Plague.

So that is how it is. Got too much debt?

Got too many useless eaters who see the true nature of the banking system and the corruption of the government? Want to head off a revolution and skip that whole guillotine “inconvenience.”

Start a war.

Or a plague.

Or both.

But how to do it?

After a decade of wars, selling a newer and bigger war is going to be difficult. Knocking down a building and blaming Muslims for it is passe’! Been there, done that, do not want the T-shirt!

And, knocking over the World Trade Towers or blowing up the Golden Gate lacks immediacy and presence.

People living more than fifty miles from such an event view it at a distance; a tragedy but someone else’s tragedy.

But a biological threat that hits everywhere? That might be in the very air you are breathing right now?

The presstitutes in the media can fan that immediate sense of threat into a bland panic and lust for vengeance!

So here is what I suspect the money-junkies may be planning.

Recently the corporate media has been filled with stories about how scientists took the bird flu (which bears many similarities to the “Spanish” flu) and through a series of just 12 steps, converted it into a form easily transmissible by air!

This makes the new bug, which we shall call Captain Trips in an homage to Stephen King, a slate-wiper for all humanity.

Oddly enough, the press gave a great deal of coverage to the possibility that the scientists who created Captain Trips might publish their step-by-step directions, thereby handing to “Al Qaeda” (nudge nudge wink wink) the recipe to wipe mankind off of the face of Earth.

Osama Bin Virus

Some important items were left unsaid, such as who was paying these scientists to create such a horror, why the government did not exercise its legal authority to classify any materials deemed dangerous to the national security, and most important, why was the corporate media blatantly advertising the availability of the recipe for Captain Trips for all to see?

The US Government classifies all kinds of documents.

Even college term papers that touch on military subjects can be and routinely are classified. Yet this supposedly highly dangerous recipe for converting Spanish/Bird flu was indeed published, which means the United States Government wanted it published, and wanted it reported in the media.

Which means this is a propaganda operation.

I think someone is planning massive de-population. And here is what appears to be the scenario.

1. In 1974, a document entitled National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests was released by the United States National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger.

This document, National Security Study Memorandum 200, declared overpopulation, especially in the third world to be a strategic threat to the United States because of resource depletion and popular uprisings against US foreign policy.

2. In the 1990s, scientists exhumed the body of a victim of the 1918 flu pandemic buried and preserved in the Alaskan permafrost, and recovered the DNA of the virus.

The official reason given was to be prepared in case it came back, but we are the descendants of the people who survived the 1918 outbreak, and in theory have inherited their immunity.

Over time, we become immune to major diseases, which is why measles today is not the medical crisis it once was.

So an unaltered Spanish Flu virus isn’t a real threat today.

3. There then followed a series of mysterious deaths of notable microbiologists.

4. Back in 2004, we were being propagandized that Bird Flu was the next pandemic.

5.CDC was talking about recombinant viruses back in 2005. In 2005 it was admitted that scientists were intentionally recreating the 1918 Spanish Flu virus!

6. Gene studies showed that so-called Bird Flu appeared to be similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu. Other studies showed it was almost identical!

7. But the predicted pandemic didn’t happen because Bird Flu isn’t that contagious.

It needed to be blended with a more infectious form of flu, like swine flu (Used as a bio-weapon by the CIA against Cuba), to became a real slate-wiper!

8. In 2006, it was reported that scientists were intentionally creating bird flu and swine flu hybrids in the labs!

9. At this stage it is clear that US Government scientists have created the ultimate biological weapon to depopulate the Earth.

But too many people know the US Government has been playing with these viruses and in the current climate of distrust, a sudden outbreak would be presumed the work of the US.

So a fall-guy is needed.

Hence the corporate media announcement that “anyone” can now find out how to turn Spanish/Bird flu into Captain Trips.

10. Stealing a plot device from Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six” the US Government may be planning to spray the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics with the augmented flu.

The victims will fly home during the virus’ incubation period, unaware they are doing the dirty work of the US Government.

The virus then would erupt all across the globe, while the media points the finger of blame at those gosh-darned Muslims, so that those who do not die from the virus are then off to die in war, a WW1 in reverse with the plague preceding the World War.

I could be wrong. I certainly hope I am wrong.

But there are so many reasons for the money-junkies to want to kill off what they see as useless eaters, and absent some dramatic event, absent a world war, the bankers and the governments are looking at guillotines in the near future.






Resistance to Empire ~ 911 Truth


Published on Jun 22, 2012 by

From the Garden, Me and the Birds talk about 911..

Here’s something we can agree on.

They Lied about the whole Thing.

We all can definitely prove the Government Story is a complete Falsehood.

This event is the Basis of our foreign Policy and the oncoming Police State.

It’s time to settle this issue, and politicians who won’t touch this should be called to task.

This will sink the Empire…..






Laura Tyco ~ Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect


From Shift Frequency

 Posted on June 20, 2012 by 

2012 Indy Info | June 20 2012

Official version of events a conspiracy theory, says drills were cover for attacks

The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam.

He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Kennan Peace Prize, the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Society of Military Engineers Gold Medal (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors.

His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech.

He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country’s foremost experts on National Security.

Bowman worked secretly for the US government on the Star Wars project and was the first to coin the very term in a 1977 secret memo.

After Bowman realized that the program was only ever intended to be used as an aggressive and not defensive tool, as part of a plan to initiate a nuclear war with the Soviets, he left the program and campaigned against it.

In an April 4, 2006 interview with The Alex Jones Show aired nationally on the GCN Radio Network, Bowman (pictured below right) stated that at the bare minimum if Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were involved in 9/11 then the government stood down and allowed the attacks to happen.

He said it is plausible that the entire chain of military command were unaware of what was taking place and were used as tools by the people pulling the strings behind the attack.

Bowman outlined how the drills on the morning of 9/11 that simulated planes crashing into buildings on the east coast were used as a cover to dupe unwitting air defense personnel into not responding quickly enough to stop the attack.

“The exercises that went on that morning simulating the exact kind of thing that was happening so confused the people in the FAA and NORAD….that they didn’t they didn’t know what was real and what was part of the exercise,” said Bowman

“I think the people who planned and carried out those exercises, they’re the ones that should be the object of investigation.”

Asked if he could name a prime suspect who was the likely architect behind the attacks, Bowman stated, “If I had to narrow it down to one person….I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney.”

Bowman said that privately his military fighter pilot peers and colleagues did not disagree with his sentiments about the real story behind 9/11.

Bowman agreed that the US was in danger of slipping into a dictatorship and stated, “I think there’s been nothing closer to fascism than what we’ve seen lately from this government.”

Bowman slammed the Patriot Act as having, “Done more to destroy the rights of Americans than all of our enemies combined.”

Bowman trashed the 9/11 Commission as a politically motivated cover-up with abounding conflicts of interest, charging, “The 9/11 Commission omitted anything that might be the least bit suspicious or embarrassing or in any way detract from the official conspiracy so it was a total whitewash.”

“There needs to be a true investigation, not the kind of sham investigations we have had with the 9/11 omission and all the rest of that junk,” said Bowman.

Asked if the perpetrators of 9/11 were preparing to stage another false-flag attack to reinvigorate their agenda Bowman agreed that, “I can see that and I hope they can’t pull it off, I hope they are prevented from pulling it off but I know darn good and well they’d like to have another one.”

A mainstay of the attack pieces against Charlie Sheen have been that he is not credible enough to speak on the topic of 9/11.

These charges are ridiculed by the fact that Sheen is an expert on 9/11 who spends hours a day meticulously researching the topic, something that the attack dogs have failed to do, aiming their comments solely at Sheen’s personal life and ignoring his invitation to challenge him on the facts.

In addition, from the very start we have put forth eminently credible individuals only for them to be ignored by the establishment media.

 PhysIcs Professors, former White House advisors and CIA analyststhe father of ReaganomicsGerman Defense Ministers and Bush’s former Secretary of the Treasury, have all gone public on 9/11 but have been uniformly ignored by the majority of the establishment press.

Will Robert Bowman also be blackballed as the mainstream continue to misrepresent the 9/11 truth movement as an occupation of the fringe minority?

Bowman is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 15th District.






Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest Legal Firearms Dealers


From the Trenches

Posted on June 23, 2012 by Clark Kent

Godfather Politics  This has got to be one of the grossest miscarriages of law enforcement that I’ve read about lately.

Rick and Terri Reese, along with their two sons Ryin and Remington ran a federally licensed gunshop in Deming, New Mexico. 

They kept meticulous records of all the firearms and ammunition they purchased and which were purchased by customers.

  They performedthe required FBI background checks when necessary. 

Basically, they ran their gunshop by the letter of the law for 17 years.

Even much of their hired help was legal as the Reeses often hired law enforcement officers who were either retired or off duty, to work in the gun shop. 

This brought in a substantial amount of business with the law enforcement community and agencies.

In 2011, Terri noticed a customer that had made an unusually large number of purchases. 

The customer, Penny Torres, told Terri that they were having a family reunion at a ranch in the area and that they all liked to shoot. 

Terri was suspicious of Torres story and being the law abiding gun dealer she is, she reported her suspicions to one of her friends that worked with the Luna County Sheriff’s Department. 

Terri told him that she suspected Torres might be a ‘straw buyer’ (someone who purchased guns for illegal purposes such as going over the Mexican border to the drug cartels, kind of like what the US government did with Operation Fast and Furious).

The Luna County Sheriff’s Department officer Terri reported to was someone she trusted and who she always turned to if they had any need for law enforcement.  He told her that he would promptly report it to ATF and would let her know what happened with the case.

Torres was subsequently arrested, but ended up making a deal with the feds for leniency by implicating the Reese family as knowingly selling guns that were to illegally cross the border into Mexico. 

This launched an investigation by a recently formed federal agency known as Homeland Security Investigators (HSI), who set up a sting operation to entrap the Reeses.

HSI hired a confidential informant called Roman, who was seeking a reduced sentence for human trafficking and drugs smuggling. 

Roman agreed to go to the Reese’ gunshop, purchase weapons and drop hints that they would be heading across the border into Mexico but to do so in such a way as not to alarm them and cause them to refuse the sale. 

Roman was fitted with a wire to record everything that was said.  HSI figured that if the Reeses sold the guns to Roman, that they could then arrest them on gun walking charges.

Shortly after Roman made his gun purchases, the feds swooped in to arrest all four members of the family.

  HSI and local law enforcement raided the gun store and the Reese home. 

They came in helicopters, armored vehicles and too many heavily protected and armed law enforcement officers to count. 

Not only were the four members of the Reese family arrested, but the feds confiscated every gun, all ammunition from both their store and their home, then they confiscated the home, cars, bank accounts, coin collections and virtually everything the family owned.

Each member of the family was eventually taken to a different jail or prison facility to be held without bail until their trials. 

The prosecution argued that they were flight risks or might even stage a Ruby Ridge type stand off because their home had a well and solar panels and they had found guns on the premises. 

Can you imagine that? 

They actually found guns and ammunition in the house and place of business of federally licensed gun dealers. 

It was also noted by the prosecution that Rick and Terry Reese were part of the local Tea Party, which must have made them look violent in the eyes of the prosecutor.

Six months after being arrested, Terri Reese was allowed to post bail, but the courts continued to withhold bail for the father and two sons.

Recently, the first preliminary hearing was held for the four members of the Reese family.  According to a WND report, the prosecution revealed a number of revelations during the preliminary hearing. 

For one thing, Roman spoke little broken English and that most of the hinting of guns going to Mexico was said in Spanish, which none of the Reese family knew or understood. 

However, the transcripts that the court had to read had all been translated into English, so that it appeared that the conversation had taken place in English.

Additionally, the prosecution admitted that all of the Reese’ gun sales had been properly logged and all transactions appeared to have been legal. 

They also admitted that the Reeses has paid all of their taxes and that there was no evidence of any under the table transactions and that all banking and financial evidence indicated that all members of the family never received any money other than their normal paychecks.

When the defense pointed out to the prosecution that they used so many law enforcement personnel in their store, the prosecution replied that it didn’t matter because ‘a lot of them [cops and former cops] are dirty.’

Now the Reese family is awaiting the main trial which is scheduled for some time in July. 

Since all of their worldly possessions, even personal items accumulated over 25 years of marriage, have been confiscated, they have no money with which to use to pay for their defense. 

And if by some miracle they are acquitted of all charges, they have no home and no business to return to.

What galls me to spit in anger is that this family, even by the prosecution’s own statements in the preliminary trial, have never done anything wrong. 

Their lives have been raped by the federal government based on promises made to two convicts in lieu of lighter sentences. 

Roman’s statements should not be admissible since he spoke Spanish and the Reeses don’t. 

This is a horrible case of entrapment and what’s worse is that they are accusing the family of doing what the feds did in Operation Fast and Furious and NO ONE IS BEING PROSECUTED in that case!

We need to pray that the Reese family is exonerated and that the feds are forced to replace all of their possessions, guns, ammunition, house, cars, bank accounts, coin collection and pay for wrongful imprisonment. 

If anyone belongs in jail for gun walking, it’s Eric Holder, not the Reese family.






Congress sides with Monsanto over GMO battle


From RT News

21 June, 2012

Soybean Plant Specialist Nancy Brumley ties up a soybean stalk in the soybean greenhouse at the Monsanto Research facility in Chesterfield, Missouri  (Monsanto Reuters/Peter Newcomb)

Soybean Plant Specialist Nancy Brumley ties up a soybean stalk in the soybean greenhouse at the Monsanto Research facility in Chesterfield, Missouri (Monsanto Reuters/Peter Newcomb)

 Biotech giants Monsanto were awarded a victory by lawmakers in Washington this week after a congressional panel voted to let farmers plant genetically modified crops made by the agriculture company despite pending legal proceedings.

A committee made up of members of the US House of Representatives agreed on Tuesday this week to allow genetically modified crops manufactured by the Monsanto corporation and other biotech companies, including competitors Dupont Co., to continue to be used on American farmlands.

The ruling comes despite a trove of legal challenges that have hindered full-fledged approval of some genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Although the USDA has previously authorized Monsanto-created biocrops to be planted, an array of legal appeals have left the major agriculture company combating with opponents as of late.

Questions over the safety of the lab-made crops on human health and the environment, as well as opposition from small time farmers constantly being fought by Monsanto, has slowed the federal agency from fully approving some crops.

Now after the latest vote, Monsanto and its competitors will be able to offer seeds even as the Justice Department determines the legitimacy of the appeals.

Nine major agricultural associations asking for Congress to let the biocrops be planted sent a letter to Washington this week, saying that opponents of the industry giants were purposely hindering the approval process.

“Opponents of agricultural biotechnology have repeatedly filed suits against USDA on procedural grounds in order to disrupt the regulatory process and undermine the science-based regulation of such products,” the letter reads. 

“These lawsuits have also created tremendous resource constraints for USDA and have resulted in significant delays in approval of new, innovative products that will help growers provide Americans with an abundant and economical food supply while remaining competitive in the world market.”

The groups behind the letter, which includes the American Soybean Association (ASA) among others, had urged Congress to support a provision in the Fiscal Year 2013 Appropriations bill that would let growers use biotech crops that have already been approved by USDA even if appeals are still being heard and further litigation is all but certain.

“The inclusion of Section 733 is a positive step to ensure that US farmers and our food chain are shielded from supply disruptions caused by litigation over procedural issues unrelated to sound science or the safety of biotech crops.

This legislative solution ensures that national agricultural policy is not being decided by the court system while providing a level of certainty that is critical to ensure that our agricultural producers continue to lead the world,” they write.

Responding to the bill, long-time opponents of the biotech company The Center for Food Safety call the legislation aMonsanto profit assurance provision.”

Monsanto has garnered their fair share of opponents as of late, a result that many will argue comes from the company’s heated stance against small-time farmers.

The corporation has threatened lesser farms with hundreds of lawsuits for using genetically modified crops patented by Monsanto that have been carried onto their farms by wind and other elements of nature.

Recently, the corporation threatened to sue the entire state of Vermont because lawmakers there were considering a bill that would force manufacturers to label products that are created either partially or in full from a GMO.







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