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The Sovereign Being Reality Shift Parts 1 and 2

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 1, 2015


SOURCE: Gift From The Heart Share And Care


I in the ever present co-creative moment of now. Choose to form a spiritual court of equity. So I may find the true signature frequency of remedy and resolve. This choice in the ancient present now

I choose to form multiple overlaying spiritual courts of equity so the multi-dimensional selves can find remedy and resolve. I bring forth my entire universal Akashic record and offer it to all concurrent non-linear spiritual courts of equity. With this baseline we begin the final process of separation of densities.

I call forth all sentient and non-sentient observers or interceders that operates within one, two or three degrees of separation of me. In these non-linear concurrently running spiritual courts of equity I summon all DNA linage ancestors in full unity consciousness paradigm to bare sacred neutral witness in full multi-dimensional form of all entangled or un-entangled observers. We now all bare witness to this paradox of entangled and un-entangled observers meeting in this multi layered non-linear concurrently running spiritual courts of multi-dimensional equity.

I hereby state in no-time that all observers directly entangling with my multi-dimensional selves must state to all ancestors in your authentic signature frequency what universal place of space time did your soul spark come into existence. This is your un-entangled prof you are not entangling with me. Your true source frequency of time. This is the final process of separation of density if u have no true source frequency of time you are not real.

I bring together all source time codes of all sentient non entangled observers, I make this the master codex of all spiritual courts of equity in communion and union with unity consciousness source time beings and collective consciousness creations.



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I Am a Sovereign Being

Claim your Sovereignty with these simple statements from the Sacred Space of the Heart.

In this ever present co-creating moment, I call upon all of those who walk with me for my Highest and Greatest Good to assist in creating a unified proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that no longer serve me, including all fine print inserted during the pre-birth and birth process.

I bring forth all spiritual contracts that exist throughout time, space, and dimensions, with any part of my Soul Self and Soul Aspects.

I call forth the proper spiritual court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I call forth to the unified dream time societies of all of Earth to come to this spiritual court of equity to provide their complete wisdom to this sacred moment in which I reclaim my sovereign spirit authority.

I call the primary ancestor spirits of Earth to come into this spiritual court of equity to hold space for the reading and removal of all contracts which I hereby revoke.

I revoke all spiritual contracts, whichare not for the Highest and Greatest Good, including all contracts using domination and control as a means of energy harvesting, fear instigation or
reality manipulation.

I revoke all spiritual contracts which are non-beneficial to me, including those which are associated with:

-Earth based media systems

-the energetic exchange of value systems, including any banking system.

-every branch of government.

-educational and religious institutions.

-migration patterns of all soul family’s incarnating on Earth

-all sacred geometry systems that use my life force without direct consent from me and all of my soul family ancestors in complete agreement.

I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the Earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.

I no longer consent to my life force being used for any purpose that does not heal our great Earth Mother and promote unity consciousness among all sentient kind living and co-existing within and on Earth.

I invoke my natural rights as a Sovereign Being born of Earth.

I hereby declare that I am in alignment with I Am Source and Earth Mother.

I am infinite consciousness.

I am God Goddess incarnate.

I am a Sovereign Being.

I hereby reclaim my Divine power.

If I ever feel out of sorts, not myself, or under duress, I will stand tall and state:

I AM a Sovereign Being of my own free-will.

To further my spiritual path,

I agree to activate and set intentions into my MerKaBa field (youtube.com/watch?v=_FiEq3UTt8w), and to ask for assistance from all of those who walk with those who walk with me for my Highest and Greatest Good.

I Accept

I am Grateful

…and so it is

The above contract revocation is based on the work of Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian, coupled with our own wordings, understandings, and intentions.

The video has been taken from within the 5D Animator, a co-creation of Twistedsage Studios and Infinite Creations.

The Sacred Space of the Heart and Trinity Breath were brought in by The Elders Three.

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